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Smut Picture Prompts Meme: Full of Ragrets Edition

the  smut picture prompt meme



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Dick Grayson | DC | m/m

[personal profile] flybybirdie 2017-03-19 04:45 am (UTC)(link)
kinkslist, kinky images are preferred
Edited 2017-03-19 05:15 (UTC)
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[Think Dick would care for another round with Scarecrow?]

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(( how could he resist? lmk if anything needs to change! ))

There's something in the room, something in the air, something that keeps his mind sluggish and his body docile. He knows this is wrong, he knows that he should be fighting back, but he can't keep his thoughts straight.

The note-- There had been a note. Not a handwriting he recognized, but an address he knew, and he thought-- He doesn't know what he thought. But he had gone and he'd been ambushed, and now...

At least he'd been allowed to keep his mask. His mask, but nothing else. He arches against the bed, pulling lightly at his arms: bound, as they'd been since he woke up. The movement causes the toy seated deep inside him to shift, causing it to nudge up against his prostate, and he whimpers, tossing his head as his hips jerk again.
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Scarecrow had given his men direct orders not to harm Nightwing, and not to remove his mask, under penalty of having their minds ripped apart by fear toxin. The goons feared their employer too much to disobey his orders.

Once they reported that Nightwing was captured and secured, like he'd asked, Crane told them to not disturb him for the next few hours or so. Not unless Batman or another vigilante showed up, anyway.

Crane entered the room where Nightwing was, smirking at the sight of him bound and with that toy inside him. He approached the side of the bed and looked down at the younger man. "Hello, my dear. How are we feeling tonight?"
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That much, he can recognize. Dick bites his lip, brow furrowing. "Wh-what..." What's going on? What did Crane do to him? Why is he here? But his tongue doesn't cooperate and his mind loses each question as quickly as he thinks them.

He strains against his bonds again, a weak attempt to free himself, but drops back to the bed with a loud moan as it, again, jostles the dildo. "Aah..."

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Crane looks down at the sex toy. He'd bought it through a website, since he couldn't well ask a henchman to go buy one and he couldn't buy it himself. The Scarecrow, buying sex toys. Imagine that.

He reaches between Nightwing's legs to pull the dildo out halfway. "Isn't it obvious? I admit, part of me thought you wouldn't come, or would have backup just in case." The Scarecrow leans in to brush his thread and burlap covered lips against Nightwing's cheek.
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The slow drag of the toy inside him makes him gasp and tremble in place, his muscles tensing and releasing in turn as he struggles to make sense of the words.

"They-- They'll come." He's so sure of it, even as he can't be sure of who the they he speaks of is. But he knows, somehow, that someone will be concerned, that someone will come for him.

For now, though, he whimpers wordlessly, lifting his hips as he tries to follow the toy that has left him feeling empty. It's still stretching him open but it's not--enough. Not like it was.

There's a heat beneath his skin, an itch that needs to be scratched, and he pants as he stares blearily through the lenses of his mask at the ceiling. There's a rough scratching at his cheek, a kiss, his drug-addled mind supplies, and it makes him moan, makes his head tip back.

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"Well, then, I guess we'll have to make the most of this then," Crane's hand, the one with the syringe-glove, brushes Nightwing's cheek. "Seeing you like this is quite enjoyable, don't you think?"

Scarecrow sits on the other end of the bed, hand going to the base of the dildo and thrusting it back in slowly.
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"N-no, oh," he tries, making an attempt to turn away from the faint scratch of sharp points that drag down his cheek. There's uncertainty and fear both, and it wars with the desire that burns inside him.

But then his back bows sharply and he cries out, a sound of protest and gratitude both as he's filled once more. His legs aren't tied, and he spreads them, mindlessly displaying himself as he tilts his hips to meet the thrust of the toy.

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"Before tonight is out, I will hear you scream. For me, or in terror, it is up to you," It was Crane's idea of trying to talk dirty, yet the threat was still there.

Scarecrow ran his scarred lips over Nightwing's hard, muscled stomach, thrusting the dildo in and out of him at a slow pace.
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He has enough sense of self to know to fear Crane's threat, and Nightwing weakly shakes his head, his lips parting in a breathy exhale. Still, despite his best attempts, his body is not his own, and he ends up planting his feet flatness against the bed as he spreads his knees wide, whining softly as he rocks his hips down in time with the toy.

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"Mine," Crane thrusts the toy in sharply, before resuming the previous slow, agonizing pace. His free hand went to the younger man's cock, wrapping his fingers around it and beginning to stroke it up and down.
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For all that he'd been slowly fucking himself down onto the toy that thrusts rhythmically inside him, he'd somehow missed how hard he'd grown. The touch makes him jerk with a shout, disrupting the rhythm and making the next thrust in feel as though it's extra hard, reaching deep inside him.

Panting, he writhes against his bonds, the sheets of the bed twisting under him as he struggles to rock down onto the toy and up into the touch--and he wants more.

No, no he doesn't. This isn't right, is it? The drugged fog is slowly dissipating, but not nearly quickly enough. Nightwing gasps, pants, his flexibility on full display as he tries to spread himself open further in a bid for more.

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[personal profile] doctor_terror 2017-03-19 10:10 pm (UTC)(link)
Crane smirks as he sees how Nightwing is responding to his touch. He keeps pumping the length of flesh until precum comes out, which he spreads in a thin layer over the younger man's cock.

He stops thrusting the dildo, his eerie blue eyes locking with Nightwing's. "Would you like something better than a piece of silicon?"
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The moment the motion stops, he's shaking in his bonds, struggling as he tries to regain some of the friction. His mask prevents Crane from seeing the way his gaze is bleary and how his pupils are blown wide, but his expression is clear from the bright flush on his cheeks and the way he pants, lips parted as he tries to squeeze down on the toy.

"P-please..." It's hard to say whether or not he's agreeing with the doctor, or if he just wants more. It's hard for him to know, but he thinks his skin will split if he doesn't get some sort of relief soon.

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Crane smirks again, relishing how he has the vigilante in his hands like this, begging for more. "Since you asked so nicely..."

He slowly removes the toy, inch by inch, so Nightwing can feel every bit of it leave him. Leaving him empty for now, Scarecrow takes some nearby lubricant he'd obtained along with the dildo and unzips himself. Crane takes his cock out, already hard from watching Nightwing writhe like this, and slicks himself up.

Scarecrow positions himself above the younger man, prodding his opening to make him ache for it more, until finally pushing inside of him.
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The way the toy drags out makes him claw at the ropes holding him still, the young hero sobbing in dismay as he left open and empty, hips humping desperately as he tries to find some form of satisfaction. But with the toy gone and Crane's hand no longer on his cock, he gets nothing.

"Please," he begs, and something inside him knows this is wrong, but he can't be bothered to care, not when there's a fire burning him up from inside. There's a slight pressure against him, and Nightwing knows he shouldn't be begging like this, but it's just a tease, making his aching emptiness all the more apparent. "Please, please, god-- I need it, I need it!"

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[personal profile] doctor_terror 2017-03-20 12:52 am (UTC)(link)
"Yes, beg me for it," Crane thrusts into the younger man, letting out a low moan as he does so, his cock surrounded by warm flesh. "You want me. Admit it." He gave a hard thrust of his hips, gripping the younger man's waist with both hands.
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One hand has the sharp prickling sensation of cold needles against his over-heated skin, and Nightwing moans for it. He folds up slightly, abdomen tensing as he wraps his legs around Crane's hips.

"A-ah, please! I want--you, oh," the words and sounds come out in time with the thrusting as he's rocked back and forth on the bed.

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"Yes," Crane starts to thrust a little faster and harder, leaning down so he can lick Nightwing's neck, tongue pushing out between the threads on his mask.
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Nightwing whimpers, his head falling back.

He can't-- There's something-- What...

Between each half-formed thought, there's a sudden burst of pleasure as he gasps and begs, filth falling from between his lips as he tries to drag his partner closer.

The night. The ambush. The fire that burns within him. The overwhelming terror. The pricking of needles. The friction that keeps him hard and dripping.

"Crane--" he breathes, "Ah, Crane--a-ah... Oh!" It all comes back to him in a rush, just in time for a particularly harsh thrust that makes him shout.

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Scarecrow's masked face grazes Nightwing's cheek, trailing along until his burlap-covered lips touch the vigilante's in a strange kiss.

"I could fill your lungs with toxin, make you imagine me as your worst fear. Wouldn't that make for an interesting evening." The hand that didn't have the needles stroked Nightwing's thigh.
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He tenses, but all that does is make him clench down around the hard cock rocking inside him. His thighs are spread wide, keeping him open and vulnerable, and he's so hard he's leaking down onto his stomach.

"D-don't, ah, ah...!"

The thing is-- He knows that it isn't an empty threat. Crane's done it before; got some sort of perverse pleasure out of wringing wanton pleas and orgasms from Nightwing even as he wept and shook in terror.

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"You would rather look at this face while I have sex with you then?" Crane runs a finger down his mask, tracing the stitches. His fellow rogues had suggested he get plastic surgery to fix the horrific mess under it, but Scarecrow had brushed them off.

The hand at Nightwing's thigh slides up, between their bodies, to grab Nightwing's cock and start giving him a handjob again.
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He shuts his eyes. It's not that he finds Crane horrific, he's just-- This isn't the first, second, or even third time they've ended up fucking. It's just that each time, he can't justify it to himself, can't convince himself that it's okay.

The Scarecrow is a villain. Every time they meet, it's because Nightwing is there to stop some sort of scheme Scarecrow has hatched.

But then Crane takes his cock in hand, and Nightwing bites down hard on his lip to try and hold back the needy sound he makes.

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