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[ The Vampire meme ]


Vampires are appealing creatures. They can be dark, mysterious, sexy, or just downright violent. They can even be hunky and sparkly in the sun! Vampires come in so many different varieties, it's hard to choose just one type. Whatever your brand of vampire, it's just hard to resist the draw of one of the oldest, most unsettling figures in horror to date.

So why not try your hand at playing one yourself? Or offer your character up for bait if you're more inclined to do so.

- Post your characters.Name/Series/Preferences in the subject field as usual along with whether your character is a vampire, outsider, or hunter(Unless you'd like to roll for individual threads!).
- Others respond after going to RNG.Roll 1-3 for what your character is and then1-3 again for what type (if you desire).
- Choose or roll for a scenario. You could make up your own after you roll for what your character's role will be if you want!
- Have fun!

1 - Sire
You're old enough to have created vampires of your own. Maybe one, maybe many, but they're all special to you in their own way.
2 - Sired
You were once normal, human, but then you were changed into something more. Do you thank your creator or hate them for changing you into a monster?
3 - n/a
Your creator is neither here nor there at the moment. You're just a vampire on the hunt or trying to fit in.

1 - Victim
You're a victim, someone to drain and leave behind. Maybe they'll take pity on you and allow you to join, be one of them.
2 - Willing
You've got the hots for vampires or just a morbid fascination. You're willing to let them drink from you and maybe so much more.
3 - Pawn
You're being controlled somehow by a vampire. Mind control, blackmail, whatever.

1 - Born
You come from a long line of vampire hunters.
2 - Moral Objection
Vampires are abominations that deserve to be wiped off the face of the planet.
3 - Vengeance
A vampire took someone dear from you or possibly made you into one of them. All you can think about is getting vengeance.
















1 - hunted prey.
You're starving tonight and you're out scoping for just the right nighttime snack.
2 - newly made.
You're a newly made vampire or you've encountered someone who's recently been changed. How do you deal?
3 - mind control.
Some vampires have the ability to control humans' thoughts or actions and tonight is the night you have to do it.
4 - overpopulated.
Vampires have taken over the world and now humans are treated like livestock or pets that you can feed off of when you feel like it. Not all vampires think this is cool though...
5 - injured.
Not a lot can injure a vampire but there are those that will drain them for their blood or those that hunt them and know tricks that actually leave a mark. Do you help them? Or if you're the one injured, do you seek help?
6 - unaccepted.
You were changed or you've met someone who was once dear to you and changed... you're not sure how to accept them.
7 - close call.
It's too close to sunrise and you have got to find refuge with someone.
8 - player's choice.
For anything that's been missed!

1 - trail of bodies.
Humans are nothing but food and you've gone on a spree lately.
2 - hunted.
You're being hunted or you're hunting.
3 - outnumbered.
A bar or a club full of vampires doesn't bode well for humans...
4 - ravenous.
You've been starved or drained and you're going after the first person you see or you've stumbled across an extremely hungry vampire.
5 - entitled.
You're entitled to this person's blood, whether they want to give it or not.
6 - self-defense.
You have to defend yourself from those that want to hurt you.
7 - vengeance.
Someone is after vengeance...
8 - player's choice.
For anything that's been missed!

1 - real love.
You know this is real, even if the other person is reluctant. Maybe it's not even a worry between you two and you just feel like being together.
2 - confession.
It might not be the smartest idea, but you need to tell this vampire or human exactly how you feel for them.
3 - forever.
It's time to make your lover into some a vampire or maybe it's time to ask your vampire lover to do it for you.
4 - making it work.
There are obviously some problems, but you're going to overcome them.
5 - forbidden.
Either no one can know about what you're doing or you just receive dirty looks for doing it.
6 - not exactly normal.
Your attraction might not be normal or the circumstances surrounding your relationship might not be and it's time to discuss if you have a future or you're just kidding yourselves.
7 - defense.
Someone hurt your lover and now they have to pay.
8 - player's choice.
For anything that's been missed!

1 - blood offering.
There's nothing like a vampire feeding on you that gets you in the mood more. You offer them your blood in exchange for something else.
2 - coerced.
Some vampires have mind control capabilities and some have blood that's like a drug that will make you crave more.
3 - no sex better than vampire sex.
You're both vampires or one of you is dead set on becoming on tonight and you'll do anything to convince your lover it's time.
4 - pet.
Similar to another option except that a 'pet 'entails so much more than being treated like livestock or cattle.
5 - touched the monster's heart.
You're actually in love with each other even though you weren't sure it was possible. You just want to make love and show your vampire how you feel.
6 - so much stronger.
The human or weaker vampire might not want it, but thankfully you're strong enough to take whatever you want from them.
7 - mine.
It's time to claim what is rightfully yours and make sure they know it.
8 - player's choice.
For anything that's been missed!

from here.
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(It's okay. But in that case I'd prefer it if her death happened long before the time of the movie, if that's okay with you!)


[ He's beautiful like this, she thinks.

In truth he's always beautiful, but at times she very much prefers him as he sleeps, lean body spread and handsome face relaxed, free of the usual shadows haunting it during his waking hours. It is not a vulnerable look, not truly, but it's almost sweet, almost free of its usual melancholia, almost, almost.

And she loves him all the same, completely, completely. ]


[ A gentle call. She falls neatly and effortlessly, body twisting and filling the empty spaces by his side. There's no pulse to find, but her mouth still goes there, kissing and staining the pale skin red, warm breath and perfume calling him back to the real world. ]

Darling, it's night already.

[ A hint of laughter, the weight of a soft, small hand on his hip. Green eyes stay fixed on his face, patient. ]
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[Oh yeah, definitely. I wouldn't want to play out such heavy grieving. I'm cool with you using brackets, btw, but I use prose.]

Adam's whole body relaxed when he slept, even his facial expression. It was the one time anyone could see him without a frown, scowl or just a look of indifference. He was vulnerable while he slept. Very vulnerable, but she was allowed to stay, and only her. Oruha was all right. For a zombie.

"Mm. It still feels like midday," he replied with a stretch. Then he reached out to stroke her hair. "Good evening."
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(I have no problems with that!)

[ Ah, but the woman did liked his scowls when they came. Specifically, teasing him and creating them wasn't a particularly bad hobby to had, as far as she was concerned. In her heart of hearts, Oruha is rooting for reactions - even if they are angry ones, to her eyes they are still better than him feelings not much of anything beyond melancholia. ]

My, old age sure is unkind.

[ She closes her eyes, the weight of his hand familiar, and comforting. She moves to sit, hands primly knitted over her lap. ]

Ian called me this morning, and said he had what you requested last week ready. Should I tell him to come later tonight before or after your supper?
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"Old age, hm?" He smacked her arm gently. "You haven't seen true old age."

There were vampires much older than him around. He knew, though he never saw any other vampires. He was a reclusive creature. Sometimes he could be convinced to go out to bars or clubs, but very rarely. As long as he had a blood supply, he was content to stay home.

"Before breakfast is fine. He has some new instruments for me."