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You have my sword, you have my heart.

shipping meme

It's textbook, really. Or, more accurately, parchment, because you've either found yourself or always been in a time (it doesn't necessarily have to be medieval) where swords - and possibly sorcery - are the weapons and the mindset of the day; at the very least, the rough and tumble attitude that comes with a knife's edge permeates the land. And you know how to wield a weapon, be it a blade, your own body, or something else entirely, so you've put it to good use.

You've become a sworn sword to protect someone.

It could be out of the goodness of your heart, out of heritage, or stemmed from a desire for compensation or power. No matter what the cause, however, one fact remains the same, and that's how you cannot let emotions cloud your judgement.

Of course, that may be a little easier said than done. When you're so close to a person, in order to keep them safe, and when you put your very life on the line...

...ah, but you must persevere. Your duty does not allow you to falter.

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Fou-Lu | Breath of Fire 4 | OTA

[personal profile] only_half_a_god 2017-03-19 04:01 am (UTC)(link)
[As an emperor, he's likely the one allowing someone to protect him (since he's a god, too, with a very, very real weakness against fire) or I could AU him to swearing to protect someone else, which very well may happen anyway.

[Please note that regardless, he has baggage of a very real lost love simply because she bid him run, and run he did, at the cost of her life. He'll likely be slow to allow his affections show because of this, on top of his immortal nature.]
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/slides this terrible man towards you/

[personal profile] musubitori 2017-03-20 02:51 pm (UTC)(link)
[ ooc: I'm canon blind to BOF and I imagine you'll be to Katanagatari too? But the irony of an immortal fire bird ninja protecting/falling in love with a water dragon just struck me as poetic/disastrous - Houou is pretty full of baggage too, but he'd be an incredibly competent bodyguard and is easily duty/honour bound - he's canonly a blade for hire. Happy to AU! ]
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Yes good. :)

[personal profile] only_half_a_god 2017-03-20 05:30 pm (UTC)(link)
[Ahaha, nice! Yeah, Breath of Fire in general is boiled down to: dragon named Ryu person saves the world. Fou-Lu just adds the duality to this because while one dragon tries to save it, the other (Fou-Lu) decides after his love's death that he should destroy it (and turns from a playable protagonist to a playable antagonist.) That said, he's post-series with tweaks to the manga ending (he and Ryu remain split in half, but instead of going mortal, they retain their godhood.) So he's particularly soft again, although no less hurting. Time soothes all wounds eventually.

[I digress. XD I have no problem AUing his timeline point to be far enough ahead that honestly, certain races and details could have eventually just become folklore. Or even just a new world entirely where they don't exist.

[And so long as Houou treats Fou-Lu and other people well (AKA don't kill without proper cause) and lives honorably, Fou-Lu isn't likely to hate his actions in any serious capacity.

[ALSO Houou is actually neat, since Fou-Lu's other self, Ryu, is a fire/light dragon (meaning he has access to healing/support spells; Fou-Lu has access to an instant-death spell.)

[From what point would you like things to start? Just meeting, or already sworn in for some time? Something else?]
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Re: Yes good. :)

[personal profile] musubitori 2017-03-20 07:59 pm (UTC)(link)
[ Oh gosh yes, this is excellent.

Houou comes from the most tragic of canons where he's the head of a struggling ninja clan that gets mixed up in deadly sword high-jinx and he watches one after another of his family/clan fall to bad luck and general awful life choices.

He's pretty honourable in that he believes all ninja are born to die for their clan/cause and he's taken that to /really/ logical extremes - he's stolen from/aided the killing of his closest friend because of clan rivalry/survival - but he's no murderer, there's always a reason and especially now he's older, (200+ years?) he's more likely to talk/trick his way out of situations.

He has this pretty awful ability where he can take literal body parts from people and absorb their skills/extend his life time with theirs, but it's a bit of a head fuck for him so it's not something he does without necessity. Otherwise he's charming af and has that 'nothing left to lose vibe' about him.

Sworn in for some time for ease? We can roll them both into the obscurity of their futures - Houou would have been just glad to have something/someone to live for otherwise - so familiar enough for gentle snark, but still respectful enough that realising either of them could be in deep, makes Houou want to die because he's a professional /damn it/.

If you've got any starter ideas, shout, but if not we can trot out something deliciously cliche and fantasy au appropriate? :3 ]
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[personal profile] only_half_a_god 2017-03-20 10:28 pm (UTC)(link)
Oh man that's all awful. XD; Anyway, that works. :) Just don't be suicidal and Fou-Lu will respect Houou's idea of honor. <3

[I could probably whip something up in a bit once I get some food in me (it's on the stove) but right now I'm drawing blanks. But deliciously cliche and fantasy AU appropriate sounds great!]
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[personal profile] musubitori 2017-03-21 01:16 pm (UTC)(link)
[ooc: Np, I think I've got something - pm me if you'd like anything changed or I'm assuming incorrectly though! Thinking travelling without an entourage for the sake of keeping a low profile and unexpected forest/roadside pit stop? If you'd prefer something else - palace life etc - I can roll with that too though :3 ]


[ Their pace is easy, one made of frequent strolls, and so is the quiet; conversation slipping into companionable silence as the sun begins to dip below their backs. Houou had expected to break the tree line they've been following over an hour ago, but with the continued roll of the path before them and no sign of a town or deviation yet, he's more than a little suspicious.

Something's been tugging at his sense's for the latter half of their journey so far and he eyes the forest and the darkening sky with growing ire, as if he's expecting one or the other to break like a mirror or perhaps change colour.

The sky blinks first and the ache in his left arm makes all the more sense as the heavens open above them; temperate evening turning into a deluge of rain in barely a blink that makes his skin prickle moments before, as if his borrowed limb could sense the increase in moisture before it happened.

As it is, Houou stops in his tracks with a sigh and shields his eyes from the rain, casting his master a side long look of apology. ]

I suggest we take shelter further into the forest, Fou-lu-Dono... [There's a frown still pinching his eyebrows as if he's puzzling over something rather than being bothered at all by the rain.] I don't suspect the next town or inn will be within our reach tonight.

[...Especially not when Houou's now almost certain they've trigger some sort of fae or spirit trap. How embarrassing. ]
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Looks good!

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[It's relatively bland - this journey, but as the rain falls rapidly, Fou-Lu squints a bit as he looks heavenward, as if the rain doesn't bother him (it doesn't,) and he gives a slight shrug in reply at first.

[Fortunately, as a dragon, Fou-Lu is able to see and communicate with those of the fae clans. He's honestly not worried at all.]

Very well. Mayhap a cave is in easy reach, to better warm up.

[Deciding to lead the way, he wriggles out of his outer coat, and promptly plops it on his guard's head without explanation, in such a way that his head is better protected from the rain. He's seen how he squints, and this way, he thinks that it would better improve his vision in this weather.]

Don't lose that, [is all he says. Honestly? It's the closest he can come to shielding him without transforming. And transforming is distinctly high-profile.

[In the meantime, he keeps his eyes peeled for anything odd. He may not think that fae are responsible, as it hasn't even occurred to him, but rain makes movements slippery, should they be attacked by anything.]
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[The gesture startles a chuckle from Houou and he settles the coat over his shoulders as he follows obediently.]

I wouldn't dream of it.

[It's dryer under the shelter of the tree's but Houou focuses on his footing through the undergrowth, rather than being preoccupied with the new scent and extra warmth now enveloping him (he's failing badly though) and looks past Fou-lu's shoulder to their path ahead.

He's expecting the forest to elongate or perhaps an ambush? But that fear is never realised and they walk unfettered until roots and leaf cover tangle with rock and masonry - a ruin perhaps? ]

... How curious.

[ Houou voices his mixture of wonder and confusion as they approach the structure - the ground level of what could have been a sizable tower, with its fallen staircase spiralling up into the tree canopy, the rest still held together by roots and vines, providing more than enough shelter - and concentrates on the intent of the place. His left hand reaches out to brush stone and root alike, but there's no malice here, only age and the sorrow of something lost to time.]

We'll be safe here, though I know not the significance for us to be lead to such a place.
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[Perhaps the entities within the forest realized that the travelers meant no harm, or perhaps, knew not to try to fight when they could so very easily lose their lives. After all, supernatural entities could feel - or even see the bright life stream that emanated from Fou-Lu's body. Much larger and brighter than any mortal's could ever reach, simply through nature alone.

[However, Fou-Lu doesn't feel much from the place itself, leaving that to Houou. In response to the fact that Houou speaks, Fou-Lu turns to him, and has to resist the urge to shrug again - a trait he's picked up from mortal men, come to think of it.

[Funny, how he's come to be accompanied by one (as far as he knows.)]

Once it's light out, we can take a look around. See if anything of use was left behind.

[He could feel a bit of magic from this place, but not much else.]

Although I have doubts. Still, it's something interesting, is it not?
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[personal profile] musubitori 2017-03-22 09:54 am (UTC)(link)

[ Houou's moved closer, under the shelter of what's left of the floor above and the curve of the stair case, trailing sharp claws as he goes with a look of interest. Satisfied in his inspection, he's slowly divesting himself of the borrowed coat and his own cape and pack; the rain he doesn't actually mind, but the feeling of damp cloth against his skin is another matter entirely. ]

I can start a fire if you'd like, or I've a small lantern if just light is preferable..

[ There's an enigmatic twist to his lips as Houou squeezes water from the ridiculous length of his hair - short parts of it already curling around his face in reaction to the moisture - as he makes the offer. It's the first time they've been caught in the open like this and he wonders if Fou-lu's aversion to the element extends this far; after all a fire in a grate is one thing, but this could be another thing entirely.]
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[personal profile] only_half_a_god 2017-03-23 09:12 am (UTC)(link)
You look like you could benefit from the fire the most.

[His reply is half-teasing, and he sets to work at peeling off some of his own layers.]

Start it, and I'll look for something to prop our clothes up to dry. Should be a decent stick or three somewhere.

[Even Fou-Lu can appreciate a warm fire in this cold - if only to dry his clothing. Even so, his body barely registers the rain as cold - it just "is". His clothes are clingy as a result, making it a little harder to move, but that's all. By the time he strips down to a more comfortable level, he's just in a skintight shirt, boots, and pants (he's learned, after all this time, that his typical jumpsuit is annoying to get out of compared to a set of separate garments. Even his weights, safe at home, are too much for him to want to wear all the time. His current garbs are more fit for travel, and wear and tear (though it's only the shirt that self-regenerates.)

[The shirt itself has become partly transparent, better showing off a small aspect of his naturally fit physique.]

Even so, resting with wet hair is a pain. Once it dries more, would you like me to help you comb it out?

[The same could be said for Fou-Lu's, as he wore it halfway down his back. Some tendrils of it had moved forward during his disrobing in order to curl against his neck and halfway over his shoulders.]
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[ Houou nods and does as requested; flipping his damp pony tail back over his shoulder and moving to retrieve the blessedly still dry flint and tinder from his pack. This far into the forest there's wood good enough to burn left to be found and he's quick and methodical in his work - clearly the practice of a life time in unconventional resting places - though his hands still at the offer. ]

As you wish.

[ It's non-committal, but said with that same half smile that speaks of agreement without signing himself up for something he cant squirm out of later. It's been some time since Houou's had physical contact with anyone one - besides combat or the given day to day casual interactions - though he remembers, at some point, enjoying anyone's attention to his hair in particular.

Houou himself looks smaller without the layers of his cape, lithe and compact and oddly young looking in just the white of his tunic and pants. Scars show here and there and his left arm is bandaged from sharp nails to shoulder; obscuring the mess of discoloration and damage he woke up to, now so many years ago.

The strike and flare of flame between them disguises the sudden flush to his cheeks and there's a benefit to an often lowered or closed gaze, because it masks where he's been looking....or at whom.

Had this been anyone else, at any other time, Houou's regard would be obvious and overtly flirtatious - ah but how long ago that side of him seems to have existed now.. ]
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[personal profile] only_half_a_god 2017-03-23 10:29 am (UTC)(link)
[Fou-Lu merely smiles in approval, glad to be able to do something for his guard. He's always had his people in mind, especially the few close to him, no matter their life span.

[For now he busies himself in the tower, finding a few fallen branches nearby (he never strays far from Houou, for the latter's peace of mind more than his own) and soon manages to arrange some sticks in a stable enough configuration in order to hang their clothes up to dry. He may or may not have arranged them so that Houou's gets the brunt of the warmth, because he may or may not have noticed that the other man gets kind of irritable(?) when his clothes are wet.

[And anyway, it makes him happy to please him, despite the drastic difference in rank.

[Once satisfied, he sits down next to him, close to the fire, completely unaware of where Houou's gaze has wandered, as well as the flush, since the firelight masks it so well. Sure, he might have noticed the odd too-long glance, but Fou-Lu himself, first and foremost, is slow on the uptake to some emotions. Attraction is one of them. After a moment of consideration, he pulls his hair over one shoulder so that it, too, can dry off.

[Either way, for Fou-Lu, the silence is comfortable between them. Trying to speak up now feels... awkward, though part of him wishes to.]
Edited (dammit extra spaces. Also as a note, it's 4:30am for me, so gonna sleep soon.) 2017-03-23 10:30 (UTC)
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gO SLEEP oh my god /fusses at you/

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[He's aware of every step and scuff of movement, hyper aware as is his duty and grateful that familiarity has bred such habits of proximity; there's nothing worse than a charge who's wilfully ignorant of their bodyguard.

Houou has orientated himself as if to offer his left side to the fire, allowing his bandages to dry, but truly, he's set himself between Fou-lu and their unguarded flank; his own back at an angle to the dark of the forest and his master bracketed by stone elsewhere. To an on looker, it seems as if Houou's just turned enough to partly face his companion and, once satisfied, he visibly relaxes where he sits.

The fire is warm and idly he reaches to remove the pins and tie to his hair - two toned fringe falling across his right eye and full length of his pony tail slipping down to trail the ground around him. Were Houou to stand, it would fall to below his knees, but he seems largely unperturbed as he finger combs the length forward to puddle in his lap.

He breaks the silence with laughter in his voice as he eyes the difference between his own tangles and Fou-lu's even spill of hair - damp as it is - eyes catching the fire light as he addresses his master quietly.]

You are most welcome to try, though I would not begrudge you backing down from such a task.
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I just really wanted to tag back one more time. >w<;;;;;; Nini for real.

[personal profile] only_half_a_god 2017-03-23 11:36 am (UTC)(link)
[In turn, Fou-Lu raises his brow at the task before him, and then lets out a soft, low laugh at the amusing idea that he'd back down. Green-eyed gaze glinting playfully, he guides Houou's hair towards himself in order to very gently brush against the strands, fanning them out a bit to better help dry them before he proceeds to untangle them, little by little, only to pause and repeat the process a little higher up.]

It may not seem so at a glance, but I enjoy touching you.

[There's nothing inappropriately-implied in his tone, either.]

Yours makes mine seem cropped short! But its condition is good as well. That you have the patience for this much is awe-inspiring.

[Slowly, but steadily, his fingers nimbly continue their tasks despite the slight distraction of conversation. He secretly enjoys the sensation of his hair against his fingers.]

If I may, why have you let it grow this long? Would it not be more convenient to shorten it?

[As an Unchanging One, Fou-Lu could not change the length of his hair, to be honest. It could be cut, but it would grow back much faster than a mortal's hair, provided that he had no injuries to recover from first.]
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aaaah ;//v//; sleep tight!

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Tradition? Ahh who knows anymore..

[ That first comment gets a raised eyebrow, but the next has both of them raised and Houou is certainly preening at the praise- he's a vain old thing. He shrugs a shoulder, smiling as he watches Fou-lu's progress and shifts to draw his left leg up; chin propping on his knee as he elaborates. ]

It was shoulder length when I was very young, but the growth of it has always been slow - I suppose it reached a point where I didn't have the heart to wipe away so many years-- [He tugs gently at the shorter parts curling near his bare ear.] --what can I say, I'm a creature of habit.

[ He feels...warmed, and not just by the fire. Their interactions have always been polite, as befitting their stations, and more recently companionable, but this reminds Houou of the belonging he'd felt before - a feeling he'd thought lost - and his guard cracks that little more. ]

...Though ask me in another fifty years or so if I feel the same-- I'm sure by then I will be due a trim, least it become a hazard to those around me. [ The addition is thoughtlessly amused and his laughter genuine, even if it is at his own expense. ]
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[Steady, slowly, Fou-Lu continues to comb through his hair, carefully using his fingertips to try to dry wetter strands, though it's mostly a futile effort.]

I as well am a person of habit. I think many are.

[He cracks a smile.]

For the meantime, once I work through all of this, would you object to having it braided? It may keep from developing further tangles during the night that way.

[Even so, Fou-Lu imagines a younger Houou, and can't help but smile.]

I'm certain, even if in fifty years that it's tremendously longer, there are ways to pull it back and keep it out of the way.
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Your patience is admirable, Fou-lu-dono..

[ He's teasing, enjoying the mental image of his hair trailing along behind, years from now, in whatever elaborate way is found to keep it under control. ]

And I have no objections.

[ The task and - he's a little ashamed to admit - the attention, are soothing and offhandedly Houou offers the same. ]

Would you like me to return the favour?

[ Fou-lu's hair is much shorter, but thicker and still very damp looking, even with their time by the fire. Houou wonders for a moment if it would set a wave to the fastidiously smooth strands and disguises a smile behind his fingers. ]
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Yo! Sorry for the wait. Brain be like "buah"

[personal profile] only_half_a_god 2017-03-26 08:18 am (UTC)(link)
Only if you wish to.

[Smiling playfully, he wriggles a bit to better expose his hair to Houou's reach, and guides some of Houou's hair into his lap in order to continue combing through the strands.]

Do as much or as little as you like. Just mind the horns when you reach them.

[The base of both of them was just too damn sensitive.]
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np! :3

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Of course.

[Houou shifts closer so as not to pull at his own hair and presented with most of Fou-lu's back, he gently draws the length over his shoulder and down his back. It's definitely less of a tangled mess than his own and Houou runs his fingers through the silvery strands, gauging the texture and minding his claws; though they still graze Fou-lu's scalp and neck as he works - even gods can appreciate head scritches though right? ]

The unchanging nature of your features includes your hair, does it not?

[ Houou's musings aloud mostly, but he's also intrigued, especially now he's closer - he doesn't remember this length shifting an inch in their time together so far. ]
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[The little scratching draws a purr of approval, some of his muscles relaxing at the attention to his neck and scalp. The strands are fine, despite the thickness of his hair, and silky rather than outright soft.]

Mmhm. I could cut it right now, but it would grow back by morning. The only time it slows in returning to this length is if it is shortened while I'm injured.

[So if there are any knots that refuse to budge, all Houou needs to do is cut them right out.

[Although Fou-Lu does have servants, he preferrs to leave them to matters such as cooking or other sorts of outside work, at most letting them fill his bath in the evenings. He tends to be the one tending to his hair, as it's a luxury that he can't always afford, even if he doesn't need it, strictly speaking.

[For now, he's forgotten about Houou's hair, because his scalp is that sensitive.]

I rarely let anyone touch my hair at all. But.. your touch feels good. I should permit it more often.
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[There's a pause to the movement of his hands, as Houou considers those words - though given he's entrusted with Fou-lu's life, his hair isn't entirely a long stretch, but perhaps the proximity is?]

Is that so?~

[He's being playful now, but also curious because he can't help himself but to push when presented with a reaction - though it's still technically in the boundaries of what he's been allowed - and if Houou repeats that he may even believe it.

It doesn't stop him from ignoring the few tangles in favour of trailing his claws from Fou-lu's crown - being very careful of his horns - along his scalp and down to the back of his neck though.]
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[Both an answer and a non-answer, Fou-Lu just sort of lounges at the attention he's given, his body rather pliant as he allows the caresses to continue. His instincts telling him that he's not close enough, he hardly thinks about it when he wriggles back a bit more against Houou. With sluggish fingers, he keeps working through his guard's hair, in order to distract himself from the drowsiness in response to such fond touching.

[He figures Houou will get to grooming his hair properly later. He's just hungry for touch just enough to continue to permit this. Yeah, that's what it is. Or so he tells himself.]
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[personal profile] musubitori 2017-03-26 09:23 am (UTC)(link)
[ He huffs with surprise but, encouraged, continues to draw his fingers through Fou-lu's hair and more importantly his scalp. It's soothing, almost meditative and Houou's other hand joins to press from a silvery temple, back behind the sharp point of his masters ear - a move to dispel tension - and petting gently at the soft patch of skin below said ear.

It's self indulgent, truly more so than Houou should be, but he can't bring himself to stop, with Fou-lu so at ease under his usually lethal hands. ]
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[The purring sort of sound continues, further proof as to his immortal heritage. It's the space behind Fou-Lu's pierced ears that the base of his horns occupy, the pale skin yielding to red bone. It's actually what makes his ears stick out wider than they normally would.

[So even though he warned him of touching near them, even the lightest brush close to where that change originates is enough to make him groan almost lewdly.

[Even this much feels too good; his focus is shot to hell and he can't for the life of him draw his attention back to what he was doing - other than mindlessly stroking the strands of Houou's hair that he is still touching.]

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