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Great God Emperor Fou-Lu ([personal profile] only_half_a_god) wrote in [community profile] bakerstreet 2017-03-20 05:30 pm (UTC)

Yes good. :)

[Ahaha, nice! Yeah, Breath of Fire in general is boiled down to: dragon named Ryu person saves the world. Fou-Lu just adds the duality to this because while one dragon tries to save it, the other (Fou-Lu) decides after his love's death that he should destroy it (and turns from a playable protagonist to a playable antagonist.) That said, he's post-series with tweaks to the manga ending (he and Ryu remain split in half, but instead of going mortal, they retain their godhood.) So he's particularly soft again, although no less hurting. Time soothes all wounds eventually.

[I digress. XD I have no problem AUing his timeline point to be far enough ahead that honestly, certain races and details could have eventually just become folklore. Or even just a new world entirely where they don't exist.

[And so long as Houou treats Fou-Lu and other people well (AKA don't kill without proper cause) and lives honorably, Fou-Lu isn't likely to hate his actions in any serious capacity.

[ALSO Houou is actually neat, since Fou-Lu's other self, Ryu, is a fire/light dragon (meaning he has access to healing/support spells; Fou-Lu has access to an instant-death spell.)

[From what point would you like things to start? Just meeting, or already sworn in for some time? Something else?]

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