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Arranged Marriage (for real this time)

Marriage for love is a such a modern concept. In the past, marriage was
recognised as a social contract. Unions were entered into for many
reasons: to obtain property, to unite families, to carry on a bloodline,
et cetera. Whatever the reason, congratulations, you're getting married!

❧ Post a comment with your character's name, canon, and any preferences.
❧ If there's a specific set of circumstances you like best, set the scene.
❧ Or leave your comment blank and let others use RNG to choose the scenario. Feel free to mix and match.
Please note the prompts below are merely suggestions and you're more than welcome to come up with your own situation.
❧ Have fun!

① Station → You come from a royal, noble, or otherwise distinguished family who has chosen a suitable spouse for you.
② Feud → You are being married to put an end to the bitter enmity between your two families.
③ Economics → Your economic state and/or your station will improve through the union, though one of you may be marrying down.
④ Empire → You and your spouse are merging your businesses and/or property to create something more influential or profitable.
⑤ Tribute → You have been offered as a gift or appeasement, alternately you're the spoils of war.
⑥ Bloodline → Carrying on your distinguished family name has fallen to you and the equally well-bred spouse of your family's selection.
⑦ Disapproval → Your marriage has been arranged to keep you away from the person with whom you truly wish to be.

① First meeting → This is the very first time you're meeting your future spouse.
② Courtship → To get to know each other and encourage affection, your family has approved of you going on dates.
③ Engagement party → Be it a huge, formal affair or a small, intimate get together, you're celebrating (or pretending).
④ Wedding day → The big day!
⑤ Reception → The big party!
⑥ Wedding night → Every meme needs a smut prompt, right?
⑦ Honeymoon → Where will you go with your new spouse and what will you do there?
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[ Luna feels extremely lucky, honestly, that Noctis has been so understanding. How she wishes that she could be a little more energetic like she'd been just a few weeks before all of this started, but that's just not in the cards right now. She's trying, though, for his sake, to be a little more livelier than she had been.

She offers him a gentle, knowing smile, because she knows that the events of the last few days have been on his mind. More so, the last few weeks... he hasn't asked her details on Insomnia's fall, and she hasn't given any yet, but she knows that must weight heavily on his mind, too. As cool and relaxed as he tries to act, she knows that right now he must be a bundle of nerves, and who wouldn't be in his position? He's been thrust into the limelight and he's got no other choice but to continue fighting on. ]

You aren't a downer at all, don't be silly. [ Reaching out, she lightly places a hand on top of his own and shakes her head. ] Try not to dwell on it too much... worrying about the past will do you no good. You have a bright future to look forward to instead.

[ It is her job not just as Oracle to try and inspire him, but now more than ever it is her job as his wife to gently push him forward and do whatever she can to make him as happy as she can in such a chaotic time. His question has her smile widening, though, because despite it all she knows he's been worried about her, too, now that he knows the toll these covenants have taken on her. The poor man's worries and emotions have been dragged all over the place lately, and she can't help but feel somewhat guilty because she knows she's partially responsible for it. ]

I feel better. A little tired still, but much better. You need not worry about me, Noctis... being stuck in this hotel room must be a bit boring for you. You should go spend some time with your friends, perhaps it would take your mind off of things for a while?
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[ The slight weight of her hand atop his own is a welcomed one. He's grateful that she would offer him such an escape but he hardly needs it. ]

It's really not that bad. [ The conversations they've shared have all been important ones, too. ] Honestly, I'm just pretty happy that we can finally be together. [ His smile widens then and he pushes himself away from the railing at last to go and fully take a seat next to her instead. ]

But if you want some alone time or whatever, I can make myself scarce. [ His tone of voice is mostly teasing. ]
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[ She's glad to see him smiling like that; just as much as he's been concerned for her she's been worried about him, too, and so just to see him actually smiling... a genuine smile at that, it's really more than she could have ever asked for. She seats herself next to him, flashing him an amused look at his words. ]

I'm happy that we are together at last, too. So happy, in fact, that I will now kick you out of our room. [ She's joking, of course, and she nudges him playfully with her elbow to further that point. ]

I can very much assure you that I don't need or want any sort of alone time. We have twelve years worth of catching up to do, and we've only just scratched the surface. [ She smiles fondly at him, the amusement from earlier still written all over her face. ]
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[ It's not hard to want to be cheerful in her presence. More and more, his brooding state seems to be fading away, replaced by something more naturally relaxed and congenial. The sight of her own smile fills him with an incredible kind of warmth and after a few moments of comfortable silence, he shifts a bit closer so that their knees are touching.

That's when he decides to take her advice and focus more on their future together. ]

What's the first thing you want to do when we leave Altissia?
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[ She's glad to see him cheering up, and his question simply has her smile growing wider. It's an odd thing to think about, really, not having to be confined to a palace in Tenebrae having someone tell her when she can or can't leave her quarters. It's an alien feeling, really, but it's one that she's glad for, especially because freedom means being able to stay at Noctis' side.

Her head tips sightly in thought, though, as she considers, before she reaches to gently take one of his hands in her own. ]

Anything, really... at the risk of sounding incredibly cheesy, so long as I am at your side I am fine with doing anything and everything. Although I wouldn't protest going to visit the chocobos Prompto speaks so fondly of. I'm embarrassed to admit I've never seen one up close before.
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[ Noctis doesn't hesitate to lace their fingers together. ]

Oh, you'll love them. [ Her request paints a rather charming picture in his mind's eye. ] The chicks are so small and fat. It's almost hard to believe they grow up into these big, majestic creatures.

Of course you'll want to learn how to ride one. I don't want to brag -- [ He's grinning sideways at her now ] -- but I'm pretty good at it, so I can definitely teach you.
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[ She gives his hand a gentle squeeze, humming in agreement. After all the photos of the birds that Prompto has shoved into her very willing face, she can only imagine that they're even better up close. ]

In the photos that Prompto has shown me, they all seem to have such kind eyes. He says they're quite intelligent as well.

[ A brow arches up, and she can't quite stop herself from grinning in return at his words. ]

Is it hard to ride them? Of course, considering that I will have the best teacher available to me, I'm certain that I'll be able to learn in no time at all. That is, so long as my teacher is up for such a daunting task and can pencil me in for an appointment.
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I can probably find time to squeeze you into my busy schedule. [ His attempt at a serious demeanor breaks down into laughter. ]

... Actually the basics aren't so tough to learn. Especially if you get a friendly bird, they practically do all the work for you. It's racing that requires a little more finesse.
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Then consider me your ever grateful student. [ She offers him a dramatic bow, but by the way her shoulders are shaking it's pretty easy to tell she's giggling right along with him. ]

I think I will leave the racing to you... something tells me I'd be eating dust otherwise. [ Or with her luck she'd get an uncooperative bird. It's that thought that has her blinking. ]

...What if they aren't friendly?
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[ He admits: ] Some of them aren't.

I mean, in a way they're kind of just like people. Different personalities, specific likes and dislikes -- that sort of thing. It can take awhile to really build up that trust.

But I'd say all the ones that you can rent are probably gonna be pretty mellow. So I wouldn't worry too much about it.
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I see. Yes, that makes sense...

[ Unfortunately for both of them, her mind is already going over some very tactical ways in which to get these chocobos to like her. Pryna and Umbra enjoy food, and while they are certainly not birds, perhaps a little peace offering of vegetables or something might be in order. ]

Do you think if I brought them a salad or something they would appreciate it? [ There's another pause, and her shoulders fall somewhat as she suddenly considers something else. ] Wait, they are herbivores, correct? Or... or do they like meat?

[ Because if they like meat she'll have to figure something else out. She just really wants these birds to like her. ]
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[ Noctis doesn't mind indulging her newfound interest in them. Frankly, it's adorable. ]

Yeah, they mostly eat leafy greens. There's a couple of different kinds that you can get right at the post so we'll buy them all just to be safe, how does that sound?

[ He probably won't need to bribe Prompto to take lots and lots of pictures of this little outing. ]
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[ The fact that they are literally going to have every single thing that they need to bribe these birds to be her friends is a pretty amazing thing to her, and she visibly brightens, quickly nodding her head. ]

That sounds perfect. I have to confess that I am ridiculously excited to just be able to see them up close and personal...

[ Which probably sounds a little dumb, but he doesn't seem to mind that she's more than a little hyped. ]

But what about you? What is the first thing you want to do when we leave Altissia?
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Honestly? [ He looks thoughtful for a moment before shaking his head. ] I just want to get behind the wheel on the open road. [ Ignis as their chauffeur is so engrained into the group dynamic especially now that he's more willing to drive at night but Noctis still enjoys taking the Regalia for a spin every now and again. And as beautiful as Altissia undeniably is, the endless amount of water and the reliance on boats to go everywhere makes him feel caged sometimes. ] Or maybe go camping. [ Though Prompto will likely bemoan the trade of a comfortable hotel room for a tent. ]
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[ She smiles at his answer. Truthfully, she'll be glad to leave Altissia behind them as well; it's a nice place to visit, but there are definitely far more interesting things in the world to see than just water. ]

I wish for that as well. The world is our oyster, after all.

[ For the most part, at least. With an amused smile, she leans in to press a feather light kiss against the poor man's cheek. ]

Besides, Ignis has told me horror stories of your driving abilities. I want to see if they're true. [ To be fair, those stories mostly took place when Noctis first got his drivers license, but she can't help but tease him about it even just a little. ]
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[ His eyes close for a moment as her lips first come into contact with his cheek. It's these little moments that he savors most of all.

Although, at her next words, Noctis can't help but to pout a bit as he looks back over at her. ]
You must be mistaking me with Prompto.
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[ She is more than glad that he doesn't mind her affections. She hums quietly, simply pressing a second kiss closer to his ear when he pouts. ]

He called you, and I quote, "Hell on wheels". So now clearly I need to see the proof in his words.

[ She smiles, lifting a hand to gently tilt his head towards her so that she can casually peck his lips. ]

Although I have also heard Prompto's driving is extremely unlucky. Hebsays every time he takes the wheel the car breaks down.
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[ The second kiss leaves him squirming a bit with how ticklish it feels but he easily relaxes with the third. ]

I hate to disappoint but my driving's improved.

[ Smirking, he nods along with what she says about Prompto however. ]

Or there's some animal that happens to be in the road. Or there's a dust storm right after we got the car washed. It's freakin' uncanny, really.
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[ Poor Noctis. She giggles and finally lets up to give him his space back; as much as she enjoys kissing him she doesn't want to overdo it either. ]

At least you can drive. Either way, I still want to see for myself.

[ She snickers; Prompto had already owned up to his hideous luck behind the wheel, but Noctis confirming it is almost too much. ]

He's such a sweetheart, and yet it's both unfortunate and hilarious to hear that. I almost feel a little bad for laughing.
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Don't feel too guilty. Prompto can definitely give just as good as he gets.

[ To some extent it's relieving when she pulls away because it feels like he can freely draw a breath again. But he also finds that he misses the intimate press of her into his personal space. ]

Hey, I was thinking... if you're feeling up for it... Maybe tomorrow I can take you fishing with me. It's not exactly a strenuous activity.