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Arranged Marriage (for real this time)

Marriage for love is a such a modern concept. In the past, marriage was
recognised as a social contract. Unions were entered into for many
reasons: to obtain property, to unite families, to carry on a bloodline,
et cetera. Whatever the reason, congratulations, you're getting married!

❧ Post a comment with your character's name, canon, and any preferences.
❧ If there's a specific set of circumstances you like best, set the scene.
❧ Or leave your comment blank and let others use RNG to choose the scenario. Feel free to mix and match.
Please note the prompts below are merely suggestions and you're more than welcome to come up with your own situation.
❧ Have fun!

① Station → You come from a royal, noble, or otherwise distinguished family who has chosen a suitable spouse for you.
② Feud → You are being married to put an end to the bitter enmity between your two families.
③ Economics → Your economic state and/or your station will improve through the union, though one of you may be marrying down.
④ Empire → You and your spouse are merging your businesses and/or property to create something more influential or profitable.
⑤ Tribute → You have been offered as a gift or appeasement, alternately you're the spoils of war.
⑥ Bloodline → Carrying on your distinguished family name has fallen to you and the equally well-bred spouse of your family's selection.
⑦ Disapproval → Your marriage has been arranged to keep you away from the person with whom you truly wish to be.

① First meeting → This is the very first time you're meeting your future spouse.
② Courtship → To get to know each other and encourage affection, your family has approved of you going on dates.
③ Engagement party → Be it a huge, formal affair or a small, intimate get together, you're celebrating (or pretending).
④ Wedding day → The big day!
⑤ Reception → The big party!
⑥ Wedding night → Every meme needs a smut prompt, right?
⑦ Honeymoon → Where will you go with your new spouse and what will you do there?
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Before Leopold opened the door he gave his son a last look. With a little smile on his lips and a bow he welcomes his guests and family in law. "Welcome Mr. Crawley. I hope you've had a pleasant journey" He turned his attention to Mrs. Crawley "Welcome madame. I hope you enjoy your stay in Vienna". "Welcome Miss Crawley. Finally you are here. Wolfgang couldn't wait for this day until he would finally see his beautiful wife".

Wolfgang had a hard time keeping a straight face when he heard how his father talked. /You couldn't wait for this day, father/. Before Leopold would realize that he had to lecture his son in front of his new part of the family Wolfgang remembered his good manners and introduced himself to his soon parens in law. There was not a hint at how much he wanted to disappear from this place.

When he stood face to face to Mary he quickly examined her from head to toe. His father hadn't lied about the fact that she was beautiful. But still she couldn't beat Constanze. Perhaps that would never be the case. He reached out for Mary's hand and placed a kiss on the back of her hand. "Welcome Miss Crawley. I am Wolfgang Mozart but I am sure you already know who I am". At this point he heard his father breathing in sharply, therefore he continued "It is a pleasure to finally meet you face to face. I hope that we get along" he smiled at her, hoping that it wouldn't look as fake as it felt.
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[fyi - she's nobility, so she's referred to as Lady Mary. :)]

Hearing that he thought another woman was prettier than her would probably anger her, especially knowing that it was the opinion of her fiancée. Mary was not the type of woman to settle for second best.

She allowed him to kiss her hand and gave him a once over. If he was expecting her to fawn over him because he was famous, he would be disappointed. "I am pleased to meet you finally as well, Mr. Mozart." Mary had a tendency to be cold, but she had told herself that she would try not to be an ice queen for this meeting. Their marriage was a foregone conclusion and being cold wouldn't accomplish much.

While their parents conversed, Mary and Wolfgang were allowed some time to talk between themselves. They were out of earshot, but not completely unchaperoned.

"Your country is very beautiful," Mary said. Not as beautiful as Yorkshire, sadly.
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[Sorry. I will edit the last post. btw: I decided to make him as old as he had been when he had married]

A bit helpless he gazed over to this father. Couldn't he just invite them into the living room where they could at least sit down? It occurred to Wolfgang that his father was doing all this on purpose, to let him feel how it is to get disappointed.

A Part of him was slightly amused about this thought. He had endured greater disappointments than his father. Bitterly he thought back at the time when he had traveled with his mother. If one place in the world hat taught him what disappointment and pain means, than it was Paris.

He turned his attention towards her. "Everyone who has the tiniest appreciation of beauty must admit that Austria has the most beautiful city in the world. Forgive me Lady Crawley, but I am deeply connected with this city even though I wasn't born here. I hope you won't have so much troubles understanding me. English was never my best langauge. I am more fluent in French or Italian".

Up to this day Mozart never really cared for learning a third foreign language up to the point where he could easily communicate with others. Since he was never successful in any country where English is required he had focused even more on French and Italian. But now he saw himself confronted with that language. Wasn't it too late to learn a new language at the age of 26?
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[ooc: it's fine. She's probably younger in this AU if we make this her first marriage and disregard her canon marriage lol.]

There was another problem. Her fiancee didn't even speak her language very well. Why on Earth were her parents doing this to her? She heaved a deep sigh, trying not to look as mournful as she felt.

"My French is quite limited, unfortunately." The governess had taught her, of course, but she'd never had a head for languages. Numbers were a different story. Math always made sense to her.

"Vienna is quite beautiful, though I must admit that I am partial to London, and the English countryside as well." Mary was never one to hide her opinions, even if they went contrary to another's and she wondered how he would react to that.
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((ooc: I remeber that I have had somewhere a sheet for all the royal way to adress a person. I am sure one day I will find it back. So this is the thread of ignored canon marriages (I am currently constantly ignoring his marriage *cough*))

Wolfgang looked thoughtful at his bride. It would be complicated to communicate that was for sure. Especially since he thought that it was already enough that he was fluent in three languages. Well four, if he was precise, since he included music, since music was able to express emotions better than hundred of words could.

Mozart laughed when she answered him to his remark about Vienna. /At least she isn't trying to give me an answer that would please me/ he thought and imaged how boring a life with a wife would be, that would always agree with him and wouldn't even try to have a different opinion.

"London ... I was there once, when I was a little boy. I don't recall much of it besides from many concerts in living rooms of rich people". He swallowed down another comment since he reminded himself that he shouldn't anger her. At least not on their first meeting, instead he asked "What are your past time activities?"

He caught himself gazing over to his father. While the minutes passed he rubbed his neck and tried to distracting himself with a more or less intensive marveling over the sinfonia he was working on.
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Fortunately, Mary liked music. She had a pleasant singing voice, the best one out of she and her sisters. That meant that she didn't have to learn an instrument, which she was rather grateful for.

His laugh was the best response she could hope for. Mary hoped that meant that he had a sense of humor and could take the fact that she was opinionated. Both of their lives would be miserable if he could not.

"Ah, I like to ride horses and I like to read." Upper class ladies didn't have a lot of hobbies. They were supposed to host tea parties and attend charity and social events and make sure that the help was doing what it was supposed to do around the house.

She went back to his previous statement about London. "Was that... strange? Performing at such a young age?"
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"I see Wolfgang replied and was slightly mad at himself for not finding any other answer. What should he say about how he likes to spend the time when he was not composing or having a concert? While he looked at Mary he thought that she, just like Constanze, wouldn't be fond of the fact that he liked to play cards. It was an old habit from his youth, and no one, from his father to Constanze had never appreciated the fact, that luck had always been on his side. Well, most of the time. Wolfgang saw nothing bad with a bit of gambling here and there. Afterall it was a fun way to get a bit of money.

"Did you had music afternoons too? When I was in London I have played on some, but not always alone but with my sister, Nannerl. Back then I was always played the violin and she played the piano. Speaking of Nannerl, you will meet her soon and I am sure you will like her. She is a sweet heart"

He made a short break before he continued "She was always so nervous when he had to play in front of others. I could never understand that. For me it was always fun and I liked to show the talent I have. Keep in mind I was an eight year old boy who saw this as a game, and not a fight for money to survive"

Out of the corner of his eye he saw that his father was about to close the conversation./Finally we can sit down. What is the use of having a conversation while you stand around in your hall as if you were on a market place?/ he was asking himself.

Leopold stepped forward, telling them that it was about time to go into the dinning room. They took their seat at the table and waited for the soup to be served.

The sudden silence at the table began to feel awkward and Wolfgang had a hard time not to utter a remark. He knew himself and his humor too good and he didn't want to give a wrong impression.
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Mary actually did play cards and didn't mind a bit of wagering on it so long as it wasn't excessive.

"Not every day," Mary replied about music at the house. "But my sisters and I would perform sometimes. I sang, Edith played piano and Sybil played violin."

Her fiancee probably had hundreds of fascinating stories about performing for royalty across Europe. She knew that he was quite popular and famous. A man like that usually brought all sorts of women out of the woodwork. She hoped that he was not the type whose eyes - and hands - wandered.

Mary sat next to Wolfgang at the table, noting the awkward silence in the air. He looked like he was trying to hold himself back from saying something. "Your... house is quite lovely," Mary said to Leopold in an attempt to start polite conversation.
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For the first time Wolfgang was all ears. At least his future wife would have some connection to music. He asked himself if she would be still interested in singing. After all he had already experience enough with being a teacher. Suddenly he remembered the times he wrote songs for Constanze's sister Aloysia who was now a local star in Vienna.

"I hope that one day you will sing something for me. Maybe I have something .. ehm fitting for you" While he smiled a bit helpless his inner self was glaring at him. Yes, he had to stop playing the musician who was too fond of himself. /Maybe she just thinks I was just searching for the right word. It might be an advantage, especially in situation like this, that I am not good at English. At least for the first time I can use this as excuse/ he talked to himself in his thoughts.
"I am writing a lot" he added

"Thank you. I am sure you will like it even more when you have seen the rest of the house" Leopold replied. Wolfgang ate the soup in silence, having the feeling that this would be the longest dinner he had attained in a while. Five people on a table on which should sit at least three more people: his sister with her husband and his beloved mother.

Like so many times in the last weeks Wolfgang asked himself if she had allowed this marriage but he was also asking himself, if she would have said yes, would she like his future wife? She made a nice impression. A bit cold but beautiful.

"After dinner I can show you the house. Only if you want. I can understand if you need some rest from your journey" Wolfgang said to Mary, unsure if he should already address her with her forename or not.
Wolfgang caught the approving look from his father, which he replied with a questioning look. For Mozart it was clear that this was what his father would have ordered him to do, once the dessert would be served. Since Wolfgang knew his father it was too easy to guess what he was up to and so be took a step forward so Leopold couldn't add another point to his score in this game.
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Against her will, Mary had blushed at his suggestion that he might have a piece of music for her. Her voice was pleasant, but she wasn't going to be on the wireless any time soon. The idea of someone so famous writing something for her was immensely flattering. Before she could respond, they were being called in to dinner.

Dinner itself was very formal, in the way that it is when the people at the table are essentially strangers. Any comfort Mary might have felt around her parents were diminished by the presence of Wolfgang and Leopold.

After dinner, Mary took Wolfgang up on his offer of a tour of the house. It would give her some time to speak with him, to maybe go over some of the more important aspects of a marriage. She hoped that they would be in agreement about at least some things. If not, her life might be miserable.

Mary slipped her hand into the crook of his elbow. "Pardon me if this is a stupid question, but is this your house or your father's?"
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When the maid came to take away the empty soup bowl Wolfgang was relieved. A sign that time was slowly moving forward. He asked himself why urgent messages never came when you need them. He had never felt comfortable with being all serious and correct. If he would have wanted to cause some trouble all he had to do was mention some of these stories.
For some reason he thought that they would show that he was just a simple young man at heart, something the world didn't wanted to see in him.

He planned out which places he wanted to show Mary first. It should be something to impress her. At first he thought about either the library or the small art collection but that could wait. He hoped that he had made the right decision, when an unexpected touch brough him back to the here and now.

"It is my father's house. He worked hard to build it" was all he was able to answer. How many times had his father told him how he had made a fortune as famous Kapellmeister and teacher. He had even wrote a book about the right way to teach the violin. The book got translated in many languages and is widely known as standard reference for everyone who is going to teach music.

One day it would be his house. A house which has too many rooms and where he often had the feeling that he was lost. Even back in the days when his sister and his mother had lived here. That wasn't the feeling of freedom he wanted to expire.

"You told me one of your sisters plays the violin. Can it be that the teacher had used the book my father wrote to teach her play the violin?" Mozart asked interested. He knew that his father's book has gotten translated into French and Dutch as soon as it got published Maybe English was one of the other languages.

Leopold looked perplexed at his son. He was irritated that son his mentioned his book. He never told Wolfgang that he and his sister had been the reasons why he even wrote that book. Leopold had taught both of his talented kids and wanted to share his methods with the other music teachers.