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In Heat/In Rut

not an alpha/beta/omega meme

There's no need for elaborate backstories for this AU. You go into heat, rut, whatever you'd like to call it. You've always done so since you were of age to do so. It's a socially accepted norm, and people have gotten used to the difficulties that come with the mating seasons. Life goes on.

Isn't this alpha/beta/omega, then? No, not at all. In this meme, there are no gender-variant genitalia unless your character comes prepackaged with those. No giant cocks - again, unless your character is already packing - or self-lubricating assholes or anal wombs, and no knotting. Unless that's your thing. There's also no set in stone roles with regards to dominance and submission, and some people do not even feel the inclination towards either. Still, there are a few similarities, mainly being that the pheromones of others can put someone into heat that was not in it before and the bond between mates. In addition, some humans/human-stand-ins have created packlike dynamics in response, but this is not universal.

In this meme, it's just regular old human...oids feeling the urge for sex. And by "urge," we of course mean all-consuming drive. If characters choose to ignore that urge, it will backfire on them. The more they put it off, the more they will lose their control, becoming more irritable and aggressive, and eventually be nothing but a rutting animal until the need to mate is satisfied. Not all heats call for mating, of course, and most people can just relieve themselves, but when you do mate, you feel the urge to stay by their side and essentially "nest." These desires don't always pan out into offspring, and mating isn't forever unless it's mutually decided upon. However, impregnating your mate is said to be one of the most euphoric experiences a person can have, even if some people only mate because they want to utterly possess someone, as mates are bonded for a while.

If there's anything that's to your fancy that's been left out, go ahead and add it in. Play it how you'd like!


  • Comment with your character and preferences.

  • Include what you're interested and not interested in.

  • Respond to others!


  1. first heat: Baby's first heat. YOU'RE A TEENAGER/LATE BLOOMER AND WHAT IS THIS?

  2. old hand: You've done this a million times, but it never gets any easier.

  3. happen to be here: You're not picky. You can't afford to be. You'll take anybody who's nearby.

  4. old faithful: You're going to the person you always go to in order to relieve your problem.

  5. worked something out: The two of you aren't involved. You just help each other out.

  6. unexpected: You never expected to rut with this person, but here you are.

  7. forbidden: AKA the obligatory incest or age difference option.

  8. volunteer: You've offered yourself up out of the kindness of your heart.

  9. tribute: This isn't your offer. You're the offer from others, a gift for someone powerful to sate their appetite.

  10. mating: You've decided to go one step further and make your relationship deeper.

  11. nesting: Aaah, (temporary) domestic bliss. And lots of fucking. Lots and lots of fucking. Like, you'll barely be able to stand.

  12. bonding: The bond, which is mildly psychic and intensely physical, makes sex even more intense.

  13. the natural conclusion: Heat calls for pregnancy. Get someone pregnant.

  14. already pregnant: Unfortunately, being knocked up doesn't abate your partner's desires. Or yours.

  15. mates for life: Now you're absolutely certain that you want to be with no one else. Of course, this means you'll be in synch with their heat for the rest of forever.

  16. save you: You've been saved from the advances of an undesired mate by someone who may be much more suited. Show your gratitude?

  17. cockfight: Two people want the same mate. That won't do. There are ways to figure that out, not always involving fists.

  18. increase in dominance: Exactly what it says.

  19. increase in submission: Again, exactly what it says.

  20. unexpected dominance: No one expects you to ever be dominant. Prove them wrong.

  21. protect: You want to protect your mate from others, and that means putting your scent all over them.

  22. set off by someone else: You were doing fine until you got a whiff of someone else's pheromones.

  23. resisting temptation: Your heart belongs to someone. You want to stay out of this "heat" thing. You want to rise above it. Whatever it may be, you just have to not take the bait. Easier said than done.

  24. all worked up: You're beginning to lose control and yourself. Quick, do something before you're jumping anything that moves.

  25. pack: As mentioned prior, some people, especially those far out from civilization proper, have formed packs that hold to the more traditional alpha structure. Of course, these packs come with their own rules when it comes to heat and mating.

  26. suitable partner: The desire for certain mates can come from a subconscious level, and you can find yourself aroused by someone showing how strong they are (they can protect you), how curvaceous they look (that must mean they're fertile), or any other number of traits that can benefit you.

  27. desperation: You'll take anyone! Anything!

  28. final release: You've reached your breaking point and your mindless. At least you'll get relief.

  29. fighter: Part of your process is seeing who's worthy of you by testing their mettle. That, or you want to fight anything.

  30. off your meds: It's fairly rare, but some can get blockers for their heat. What if those blockers run out? Why, it makes your heat ten times worse!

  31. noncon: They don't want this. You don't want to stop this.

  32. dubcon: You say no, but your body says yes and you can't stop loving it.

  33. calm you down: Whether it's to fuck or to fight, you're going mad, and they have to bring you back down to Earth.

  34. territorial: How dare someone look at what belongs to you? You'll have to make things right.

  35. odd man out: For some reason, you don't go into heat. Never have. Being with you is pretty relaxing, and some find it appealing to not have to deal with pheromones that aren't theirs. You do have to learn how to appreciate their problems, though.


dannyrand: (pic#10238345)

[personal profile] dannyrand 2017-03-21 06:36 pm (UTC)(link)
He can't reply, can't even form words past low and needy sounds, his heart pounding so hard in his chest he's afraid it will escape the cage of his ribs. He's never felt this out of control before, this undone, but there's something different about it-- With Frank over him, surrounding him, skin to skin and breath to breath. He feels safer than he ever had before. Like he's allowed to be out of control, to feel everything, because as long as his partner is there he's protected.

It helps him let loose. Lets him arch and beg and writhe. Legs tight around Frank's hips as he pitches and rolls and pushes hard against each trust, taking him as deep as he can, riding out the pleasure as he's fucked open. Shaking apart.

And each time he pushes past his prostate there's a little more relief, the harder and deeper he goes the more relaxed Danny becomes, even while pleasure bubbles and coils in his core, building to release. But-- but he wants Frank to come inside of him first, even if he doesn't know why. There's no benefit to two males coupling but still there's the want and primal instinct. The need to submit, and take.

He rolls his shoulders, head falling back and hips pushing forward, seeking out a little more relief, his cock impossibly hot, painfully hard where it rubs up against Frank's own belly, smearing precum where it spills in copious amounts against his own belly.
thegoodbad: <user name="idec"> (amazed ☠ looks like he's about to kiss)

[personal profile] thegoodbad 2017-03-21 07:08 pm (UTC)(link)
Frank has no desire for kids. He had his family, his joy, and the pain endured when losing them was beyond comprehension. It was an amazing experience to be a father but the man he is today can't handle that. Is it selfish of him to not ask Danny how he feels about wanting a family? Maybe. But Frank also knows he won't live long enough to burden Danny forever. Mating isn't marriage. He can still pursue that.

This is for them. For now.

Frank shifts on his knees until thighs push up against the backs of Danny's, opening him up more with the weight. There, he can brace himself for smoother mounting, arms sliding down on either side of Danny's head, nearly folding him in place, but the legs still trapping Frank's waist stop him. There's consistent, low groans in Frank's throat, breaking free with curses and words of pleasure, of praise. Danny is his and his alone and he is so, so fucking good.

Already, there is the familiar tightness in Frank's gut. It makes him want to slow down and speed up at once, somehow. He wants this to last just as intensely as he wants to please his partner and complete their coupling. There's a tremble in his shoulders and growl from his chest, Frank's pleasure building with each hard, intent smack.

"I'm gonna come," he announces lowly, meant just for Danny, the desperation clear in his tone. One hand brushes along Danny's muscled arm and he slows down to a rolling, more languid pace, pressing their foreheads together. "I'm gonna..."
dannyrand: (pic#10238203)

[personal profile] dannyrand 2017-03-22 03:38 pm (UTC)(link)
Danny bends easily with the motion, breath panting out in near time with Frank's own, his own moans pitched high and needy, fingers sliding over his shoulders before he rakes his nails down along his lover's back.

It's perfect like this, blissful and agonizing all at the same time, like running cold water over a burn. But something inside him knows that Frank will take all that agony away, that he's the only one that can. The only one that Danny wants.

It's a heady sensation, that connection to some one, even brief encounters, but the more he and Frank are together, the better he feels. More and more often, like his presence feels an empty space in his chest that he didn't even know he needed filled. Except now, in moments like this, when he's begging and desperate, when his partner is buried deep inside him and the rest of the world is gone.

Frank's speaking and he feels the rumble in his chest more than he hears the words, the sound of blood rushing in his ears deafening. But then their foreheads touch and he blinks his eyes open, smiling for him. "Frank--"
thegoodbad: (neutral ☠ lying down)

[personal profile] thegoodbad 2017-03-24 12:00 am (UTC)(link)
Even the way Danny says his name right now gets Frank going, all soft but unhinged with the weight of pleasure, while he stares up at him with that typical smile Frank is so fond of. It isn't like him to get sappy but it's different when being intimate, when he's ready to mate with someone, when that someone is a good friend.

He remains close but his eyes shut in pure bliss when he finally gives in and his body shudders, overcome by pleasure. There's a heavy knot in his chest that sits and festers until he feels it - that telltale warmth, the blossoming contentedness, the state of calm that will take over if he allows it. Frank doesn't stop moving though, hips rolling forward at a stuttered pace as he comes inside of his partner, the overwhelming urge to remain hunched over him and protect him at all costs hitting him hard. Between the trembling, Frank's breathless sounds turn into deep groans, lips kissing Danny's over and over again.

He's still hard and thick inside of him but his pleasure is clear, thighs shaking where he remains pressed up against Danny now. His body is so warm and welcoming, Frank never wants to leave, and he muffles his pleasure against Danny's neck next where he can gently bite and nuzzle into him.
dannyrand: (pic#10238345)

[personal profile] dannyrand 2017-03-24 12:37 am (UTC)(link)
It's something different to feel Frank come inside of him, a strange sort of heat and pressure, and it's a little like claiming, like leaving something behind. It leaves Danny shaking, even as the thrusts slow and he can finally focus on the pleasure, the slow drag that sends stars across his vision every time Frank thrusts into him.

He's close. He's so close, muscles tense and balls tight, but there's more than just the physical release he's close to. There's something more intense about the moment, more than just sex and relief has ever been. It's new and strange and he can't help but finally relax into it, sighing against Frank's mouth between kisses, baring his throat in complete offering once his lips wander.

Danny rides out the pleasure until it finally peaks, intense but not as jarring as they had been, some of that desperation soothed, and he can finally focus on how good it feels rather than how relieved he is it's over. It's nice.

There's a sticky mess between them as he comes, untouched, hips jerking up and body tightening around Frank's cock, any sound he would have made muffled against his partner's shoulder as his arms wrap around his head, pulling him close so he can bury his face.
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[personal profile] thegoodbad 2017-03-24 01:00 am (UTC)(link)
If he thought Danny smelled amazing before, it's nothing compared to now. All of Frank's senses are heightened and he wants nothing more than to completely surround himself by Danny's, well, everything. Frank thrusts through when his partner orgasms and the clench around his dick makes him groan even lower, mouthing over the piece of skin now sporting teeth-shaped marks, pulling blood to the surface.

"Jesus Christ," he murmurs and nuzzles up against Danny's pulse again to take a deep breath, shaking on the exhale. The motion of his body slows again but he doesn't completely stop moving, the slickness aiding the slow pace he sets for himself to keep them both on edge. It can become oversensitive but he's careful, slow, and patient.

And, God, he just wants to stay like this.
dannyrand: (pic#10238345)

[personal profile] dannyrand 2017-03-24 01:29 am (UTC)(link)
Danny takes a moment to catch his breath, throat bobbing with a hard swallow and the sting of Frank's teeth against his throat is surprisingly satisfying. He expects his lover to stop, but he doesn't, each thrust slow and easy, rubbing against already raw nerves but it's too damn good for him to protest. Instead he just clings to Frank and moans, his own hips moving back against him, taking as much as he can.

He knows he'll be hard again in minutes if allowed, even with the intensity of being in rut, he's still the Iron Fist, and his body is far more resilient than most, his stamina endless. Sometimes it's as much of a curse than it is a blessing.

But for right now everything is perfect.
thegoodbad: (neutral ☠ kid in a candy store)

[personal profile] thegoodbad 2017-03-24 01:46 am (UTC)(link)
Danny's moans are going straight through Frank's body, warm and pliant as he is beneath him, their bodies meeting with a satisfying, slick press each time. Danny is his. He's been his for a while, but this is just more... official now, isn't it? The thought brings out a pleased rumble from Frank's throat and he lowers onto his forearms to press even closer, lazier rocking of his hips just rubbing and grinding flush against Danny now, deep as he can be.

"You feel okay, baby?" He murmurs out against the spot he'd marked, staying chest to chest and hip to hip, keeping Danny pinned beneath him.
dannyrand: (lovey)

[personal profile] dannyrand 2017-03-24 02:05 am (UTC)(link)
Danny drops his head back for a moment, breathing hard, though it evens out slowly, the tight grip he has on Frank loosening until he's just petting along his skin, up his back and along his shoulders, before finally finding his way into dark hair.

He's blissed out, more than he can ever remember being before, eyes closed and lips parted. Every inch of contact between them feels good, and it's been a long time, forever, since he's ever felt so satisfied. So complete.

"Uh huh." because that's the best he can manage as he moves to press his mouth up against Frank's own, this time slow and lazy because he just wants to enjoy it.
thegoodbad: (neutral ☠ skyline)

[personal profile] thegoodbad 2017-03-24 10:56 pm (UTC)(link)
Slow and lazy is a given right now and Frank melts into the kisses easily, tipping his head and sliding one hand up along Danny's jaw just to touch. He almost smiles against the kiss but is too distracted by the sensuality of it, the sweetness, his body pouring out endorphins in waves. He is content. He is happy.

The movement of his body comes to a full stop just to indulge in the moment as long as he can. Danny is warm beneath him and Frank can feel his steady heartbeat against his chest. That alone has a fresh wave of joy swell in his chest, skin prickling along the backs of his arms and down his back. This was a good choice. It feels like one.

Lips draw back after one last kiss to the bottom, then the top, tugging at Danny's lip slowly. When they part it's with a heavy, long exhale and Frank finally lets himself smile. "We don't have to stop."
dannyrand: (son)

[personal profile] dannyrand 2017-03-25 06:01 am (UTC)(link)
Euphoric is a word for it, every nerve lit up, but not to the point of overwhelming, this time it just feels good. There's pleasure, sure, but also a sort of peace too, something that he feels like he's striven for, for so long. And this, right now, was the start of it. All the wariness and pain and frustration of his life seem to melt away. Like the perfect drug fix, however temporary.

He leans to bump their noses together again, slanting foreheads, a little damp with sweat now that his fever has broken. Frank is heavy against him, inside him, and it's one of the most contenting feelings he's ever experienced.

"Good because I don't think I really want to stop." He's calm now, but it doesn't mean he isn't still craving.
thegoodbad: (angst ☠ looking up)

[personal profile] thegoodbad 2017-03-25 07:33 pm (UTC)(link)
Frank's body is still very much human but the fact that he's mating is forcing him to push his limits, the sensitivity not even bothering him as much as it normally would. He has to stay like this, has to protect his lover and keep him safe, has to make sure he's feeling good and happy. That's all he cares for right now.

Fingers gently rake down Danny's jaw and neck until Frank can drag nails down his side instead, over his hip, before passing between them to get a hold of his lover's cock. The sticky wetness of his come slicks up Frank's palm as he slowly palms at him, not minding the mess whatsoever.

"You smell so good," he mutters quietly, almost wistful, rubbing his nose against Danny's and his cheek. "Stay."
dannyrand: (pic#10238335)

[personal profile] dannyrand 2017-03-26 03:26 am (UTC)(link)
He draws in a sharp breath as Frank's palm rubs up over him, it still feels good and he's already half-hard again, even after all of that. It's easy to respond to him now, his body knows him, how good and familiar his touch is. Big, warm hands that he's so terribly fond of.

"You do too." He turns his head back, eyes slipping closed, just breathing him in. Scent, of course is tied to memory, pharamones eliciting nothing but pleasant feelings from him, leaving a warm and fuzzy feeling settling in the cage of his chest. Danny's never quite felt like this before. Happy, yes, but not like this, not this level of peaceful and content. He wouldn't even begin to know what to call it.

And of course he'll stay, body relaxed and pliable beneath Frank's own, shifting just enough to press closer. Muscles flexing briefly as his hips lift experimentally to keep his partner buried deep.
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[personal profile] thegoodbad 2017-03-26 10:28 pm (UTC)(link)
The way Danny's body lifts to meet him and keep him close is enough to draw out another deep moan and a wiggle of his hips, the slick warmth practically obscene but perfect at once, at least for this moment. They're mated - still in the process of mating. By the end of the night he'll be Danny's and Danny will be his, and there's no going back.

Not easily, anyway.

He's being more affectionate than usual after sex and it shows. Hell, he likes the way Danny's clinging to him, how he wants to stay close and connected, and it's different than other times he's helped Danny out because the feeling is more mutual than ever. Frank presses his next kisses against Danny's temple and forehead, and then down the bridge of his nose, passing along to his cheek.
dannyrand: (pbnew5)

[personal profile] dannyrand 2017-03-26 11:22 pm (UTC)(link)
His mouth turns up at the trail of lips, his next exhale deep and contented. It hasn't had enough time to fully kick in, at least not beyond what his instinct seems to know and recognize-- but he does know that this feels right, that that ever-present knot of uncertainty and confusion (and loneliness) has all but disappeared. He may not belong anywhere, but he finally does belong to someone, and that's something.

"I'm really glad." He doesn't have to elaborate, he just needs Frank to know there isn't an ounce of regret, that the decision he made hadn't been hasty or in the heat of the moment.

Danny tips his head to take a quick kiss, then moves again, this time more firmly up against him, wanting a little more friction. Maybe he's not quite really for another go, but he's getting there.
thegoodbad: (fight ☠ stunned. literally.)

[personal profile] thegoodbad 2017-03-29 03:14 am (UTC)(link)
It can be a slow process they ease into and Frank is more than fine with that. It's been so long for him since his last mating, it's probably best to draw it out. This is more than just the physical understanding of what they are doing after all. Danny is his friend, his companion, and someone Frank trusts more than most. He doesn't want to let him down, doesn't want to hurt him.

One firm push up though and Frank's attention falls south all over again, body buzzing with renewed interest, perked up in knowing his partner - his mate - wants more. Some of the mess from Danny's cock is on his palm now and Frank brings the hand up to clean it off with his mouth, a deep sound of pleasure following at the heady taste of him, before his hips snap forward again. And again. And again. Until the steady pace is built and he can feel himself growing harder and harder.
dannyrand: (lovey)

[personal profile] dannyrand 2017-03-29 05:06 pm (UTC)(link)
There's something strangely hot about watching Frank lick his release from his fingers, tasting him, and Danny leans in to press their mouths together again, just in time for the first snap of hips to draw a sharp sound from him.

He lets his head fall back, shoulders sinking into the couch cushion as he lets his thighs fall open for him again, knees drawn up and hands reaching until they can curl around the back of his partner's neck, drawing him down instead. d

This time he isn't so desperate, he just wants, head clear enough that he can enjoy the sensation of Frank's cock swelling inside him, thick and deep and slicker with the mess he'd left from his last orgasm.
thegoodbad: <user name="idec"> (amazed ☠ looks like he's about to kiss)

[personal profile] thegoodbad 2017-03-29 11:46 pm (UTC)(link)
Legs spread and Frank fits easily between them, grinding forward in slow rolls of his hips until Danny's pulling him down, lips melting together, and the rock of their bodies starting all over again. Danny's body stretches perfectly around him and a deep moan presses between their lips, muffled and rumbling, until he's snapping into him harder and faster, knees drawing up on the couch to gain leverage as he fucks Danny with a deep need. He wants to make his mate feel good but to also take, to claim him all for himself, to make him whimper and squirm and come again and again, to feel it from the inside out.

"Wanna make you come," he repeats the thought out loud against an open-mouthed kiss, pressing in deep and staying there with a sensual grind. "Until you can't anymore... I want it so bad."
dannyrand: (pic#10238345)

[personal profile] dannyrand 2017-03-30 05:22 am (UTC)(link)
He means to answer with something besides a moan, but Frank's voice drives heat through him, and he's almost sure his lover could probably drive him to come with words alone.

Danny grips his shoulders tight, hips snapping up helplessly, though he's already buried so deep it only leaves him pushing back against him, as if he could take more. It's unfair how quickly he's brought him to the edge, he'd barely recovered from his last orgasm and already he feels the pinpricks of spreading heat and tight, knotting pleasure in his groin.

He pushes in for another kiss, drawing back with teeth against his mate's lower lip before his head's falling back, throat bared and adamsapple bobbing with a hard swallow. "Oh my god Frank--"
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[personal profile] thegoodbad 2017-03-31 11:28 pm (UTC)(link)
Frank's mouth immediately heads south to the exposed neck, kissing and biting along sweat-slick skin, tasting him and feeling the vibration of moans against his lips. It's a wonder how they've lasted through any of this and Frank's nearing a crazed edge himself, unsure whether to blame it on a rut, mating, or just the fact that this is Danny he has pinned down right now.

He stops at the dip between Danny's adam's apple and his clavicle, breathing hard against his skin as he thrusts forward at a particularly good angle, sliding perfectly into the sweet heat of his lover's body. Shoulders shake from both exertion and pleasure, skin prickling with goosebumps all over, sweat rolling down his lower back. One hand slips down between Danny's back and the couch, holding him closer and giving him some leverage to move, to snap his hips harder against him until the rhythm is one big mess of lewd sights and sounds, his own mess helping lubricate the way to a second orgasm. Almost... almost...
dannyrand: (pb14)

[personal profile] dannyrand 2017-04-03 12:47 pm (UTC)(link)
His moans pitch higher, more desperate, nearly begging because he's so damn close-- it makes him arch up, muscles drawn taunt and body twisting each time a deep thrust leaves white dotting across his vision. The angle is perfect though, and his hands drag down to grip Frank's ass instead, digging in just to hold, feeling each flex of muscle that drives that thick cock deeper, and god he's pretty sure he can feel every inch of him, hyper aware of every point of contact between them, dizzy with the heady scent of him.

"Please--Frank I can't---" His toes curl and his spine bows, thighs clamping tight against his partner's hips as his body spasms with his second orgasm, head thudding back against the couch cushions.
thegoodbad: (neutral ☠ seated)

[personal profile] thegoodbad 2017-04-07 11:59 pm (UTC)(link)
If Frank could bottle up an entire moment, sensation and all, it would be this right here: Danny clinging onto him, voice sweet and desperate, gaze begging, his body slick but still so damn firm and hot beneath his own. If only moments could be frozen in time, lingering in this crescendo to a fantastic, pleasurable fall.

His mate's body tightens around him again, leaving Danny trembling with orgasm, and all Frank can do is help him ride through it, gaze soft yet heated as he watches him. Hips continue to roll and snap forward, sinking deep while Danny's limbs cling on, the slap and squelch of their bodies louder than the pounding of his pulse in his ears. Frank is breathing so hard, sweat rolling down his neck and back, as he leans in to rub their noses and lips together into a new kiss, murmuring lowly against them: "Want me to come in you again, huh?"
dannyrand: (pb14)

[personal profile] dannyrand 2017-04-08 02:56 pm (UTC)(link)
This one feels like it goes on forever, rolling through him in waves, still sharp an intense, every thrust sending stars across his vision until he's squirming, nails biting grooves into Frank's shoulders where he clings to him.

"Yeah, god yes." He pants against his mouth, pressing up to kiss him again, then again, slanting to muffle his own moans with the next messy, deep kiss.
thegoodbad: (angst ☠ guiltiest potato)

[personal profile] thegoodbad 2017-04-08 04:55 pm (UTC)(link)
Fuck, but it's all so, so good, and even that doesn't seem like the right word to use. It's an endless loop of pleasure he doesn't want to end, hips snapping forward in a demanding pace, Danny's hands and lips distracting, his nails a pleasant sting. There's still the intense heat and need to protect and claim that fuel Frank onward, along with the tightening in his gut, the tingling pleasure...

And then, finally, he feels his pleasure mount and he growls against their kiss, shuddering as hips jerk forward and he comes, the mess between them made even worse in the process. Danny's body is so welcoming and warm and tight, he wants to stay here forever.

But that's unrealistic.

Instead, Frank bucks forward until he can't anymore, sensitivity overwhelming his pleasure so he stills and presses his face into Danny's neck instead, breathing him in.
dannyrand: (pbnew23)

[personal profile] dannyrand 2017-04-08 06:12 pm (UTC)(link)
He does his best to wrap around the other man, even if his limbs feel weak and heavy, shifting under his weight to wrap his legs back around Frank's hips, keeping him close while he soothes fingers up the back of his neck and through his hair.

Danny can feel his partner's heart hammering in his chest, almost in tandem with his own, and he inhales deep in an effort to slow it, to bring them both down from the amazing high.

He'd actually be okay if they could stay like this for awhile, despite how hot and sticky they both were. "Is it just me or was that kinda better than anything ever?"

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