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In Heat/In Rut

not an alpha/beta/omega meme

There's no need for elaborate backstories for this AU. You go into heat, rut, whatever you'd like to call it. You've always done so since you were of age to do so. It's a socially accepted norm, and people have gotten used to the difficulties that come with the mating seasons. Life goes on.

Isn't this alpha/beta/omega, then? No, not at all. In this meme, there are no gender-variant genitalia unless your character comes prepackaged with those. No giant cocks - again, unless your character is already packing - or self-lubricating assholes or anal wombs, and no knotting. Unless that's your thing. There's also no set in stone roles with regards to dominance and submission, and some people do not even feel the inclination towards either. Still, there are a few similarities, mainly being that the pheromones of others can put someone into heat that was not in it before and the bond between mates. In addition, some humans/human-stand-ins have created packlike dynamics in response, but this is not universal.

In this meme, it's just regular old human...oids feeling the urge for sex. And by "urge," we of course mean all-consuming drive. If characters choose to ignore that urge, it will backfire on them. The more they put it off, the more they will lose their control, becoming more irritable and aggressive, and eventually be nothing but a rutting animal until the need to mate is satisfied. Not all heats call for mating, of course, and most people can just relieve themselves, but when you do mate, you feel the urge to stay by their side and essentially "nest." These desires don't always pan out into offspring, and mating isn't forever unless it's mutually decided upon. However, impregnating your mate is said to be one of the most euphoric experiences a person can have, even if some people only mate because they want to utterly possess someone, as mates are bonded for a while.

If there's anything that's to your fancy that's been left out, go ahead and add it in. Play it how you'd like!


  • Comment with your character and preferences.

  • Include what you're interested and not interested in.

  • Respond to others!


  1. first heat: Baby's first heat. YOU'RE A TEENAGER/LATE BLOOMER AND WHAT IS THIS?

  2. old hand: You've done this a million times, but it never gets any easier.

  3. happen to be here: You're not picky. You can't afford to be. You'll take anybody who's nearby.

  4. old faithful: You're going to the person you always go to in order to relieve your problem.

  5. worked something out: The two of you aren't involved. You just help each other out.

  6. unexpected: You never expected to rut with this person, but here you are.

  7. forbidden: AKA the obligatory incest or age difference option.

  8. volunteer: You've offered yourself up out of the kindness of your heart.

  9. tribute: This isn't your offer. You're the offer from others, a gift for someone powerful to sate their appetite.

  10. mating: You've decided to go one step further and make your relationship deeper.

  11. nesting: Aaah, (temporary) domestic bliss. And lots of fucking. Lots and lots of fucking. Like, you'll barely be able to stand.

  12. bonding: The bond, which is mildly psychic and intensely physical, makes sex even more intense.

  13. the natural conclusion: Heat calls for pregnancy. Get someone pregnant.

  14. already pregnant: Unfortunately, being knocked up doesn't abate your partner's desires. Or yours.

  15. mates for life: Now you're absolutely certain that you want to be with no one else. Of course, this means you'll be in synch with their heat for the rest of forever.

  16. save you: You've been saved from the advances of an undesired mate by someone who may be much more suited. Show your gratitude?

  17. cockfight: Two people want the same mate. That won't do. There are ways to figure that out, not always involving fists.

  18. increase in dominance: Exactly what it says.

  19. increase in submission: Again, exactly what it says.

  20. unexpected dominance: No one expects you to ever be dominant. Prove them wrong.

  21. protect: You want to protect your mate from others, and that means putting your scent all over them.

  22. set off by someone else: You were doing fine until you got a whiff of someone else's pheromones.

  23. resisting temptation: Your heart belongs to someone. You want to stay out of this "heat" thing. You want to rise above it. Whatever it may be, you just have to not take the bait. Easier said than done.

  24. all worked up: You're beginning to lose control and yourself. Quick, do something before you're jumping anything that moves.

  25. pack: As mentioned prior, some people, especially those far out from civilization proper, have formed packs that hold to the more traditional alpha structure. Of course, these packs come with their own rules when it comes to heat and mating.

  26. suitable partner: The desire for certain mates can come from a subconscious level, and you can find yourself aroused by someone showing how strong they are (they can protect you), how curvaceous they look (that must mean they're fertile), or any other number of traits that can benefit you.

  27. desperation: You'll take anyone! Anything!

  28. final release: You've reached your breaking point and your mindless. At least you'll get relief.

  29. fighter: Part of your process is seeing who's worthy of you by testing their mettle. That, or you want to fight anything.

  30. off your meds: It's fairly rare, but some can get blockers for their heat. What if those blockers run out? Why, it makes your heat ten times worse!

  31. noncon: They don't want this. You don't want to stop this.

  32. dubcon: You say no, but your body says yes and you can't stop loving it.

  33. calm you down: Whether it's to fuck or to fight, you're going mad, and they have to bring you back down to Earth.

  34. territorial: How dare someone look at what belongs to you? You'll have to make things right.

  35. odd man out: For some reason, you don't go into heat. Never have. Being with you is pretty relaxing, and some find it appealing to not have to deal with pheromones that aren't theirs. You do have to learn how to appreciate their problems, though.


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Wanda Maximoff || MCU || F/M

[personal profile] scarlettwin 2017-03-19 12:06 am (UTC)(link)
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[personal profile] darksongs 2017-03-19 02:48 am (UTC)(link)
[Willing to try a depressed vampire musician?]
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[personal profile] scarlettwin 2017-03-19 02:59 am (UTC)(link)
[ooc: Could give it a shot. Any ideas on prompts?]
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[personal profile] darksongs 2017-03-19 03:03 am (UTC)(link)
[Maybe bonding and mates for life? If you're willing to do some assumed CR. (I also play Loki, btw. Hi!)]
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[personal profile] scarlettwin 2017-03-19 03:07 am (UTC)(link)
[ ooc: sure, and hi!! Would this mean Wanda be a vampire as well? Or just as she normally is? And handwave CR? ]
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[personal profile] darksongs 2017-03-19 03:11 am (UTC)(link)
[He would be more comfortable with her as a vampire, but either can work. I was thinking she could be his fledgling. Assumed CR being that they've obviously met and developed enough of a kinship for her to stay with him (if she'd want to)]
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[personal profile] scarlettwin 2017-03-19 03:18 am (UTC)(link)
[ She could be a vampire and keep her powers? That's one option. Would she have been his fledgling because he wanted to save her life? Just tossing out ideas.

Having a kinship would work. She wouldn't bring it up, not wanting to rock the boat. ]
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[personal profile] darksongs 2017-03-19 03:23 am (UTC)(link)
[Both of those work. He could have been desperately hungry, nearly killed her and chose to save her life, then kept her around to teach her to survive. I don't even mind the Avengers being involved as long as they're willing to give him all the space he needs. Which is a lot.

Adam might not express it in words if he felt a kinship with her, but she would know by his actions.]
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[personal profile] scarlettwin 2017-03-19 03:27 am (UTC)(link)
[That would work! So then...start with Adam doing those actions and then lead into them going into heat?]
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[personal profile] darksongs 2017-03-19 03:31 am (UTC)(link)
[First I wanted to ask if you would prefer Tony give him his own floor in Avengers Tower to keep her near her friends or did you want them to stay in his kind of run down house in Detroit? Adam is pretty harmless unless provoked, so they'd have no reason to kill him.]
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[personal profile] scarlettwin 2017-03-19 03:54 am (UTC)(link)
[ooc: Giving him his own floor in the Avengers would be fine. She would close to him to make sure he was fine, and keep him company.]
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[personal profile] darksongs 2017-03-20 12:57 am (UTC)(link)
[Sorry it took me a bit for this, and that I've been slow in general. I've been really tired lately, and we're getting the apartment ready for a new feline family member.]

Adam had been very much against moving into the Avengers Tower at first, but with fans starting to hang around his house in Detroit, he figured things might be easier. Especially when Stark offered him his own floor to do what he pleased with. The Avengers weren't exactly happy with the fact that he had made Wanda a vampire, but they were grateful that he had saved her life.

His floor was completely secure from sunlight by thick drapes, at Adam's insistence. Stark had wanted to use panels on the windows to block out the light more efficiently, but Adam was too old fashioned. His dressing gown was over a century old.

It gave him more space, at least. There was still clutter here and there, but now he had an entire room dedicated to his music. He had a massive library, and a large bedroom. Nobody was allowed on his floor unless they got permission, and each permission was only good for one visit. Wanda was the only one who had permission to come and go as she pleased.

He woke a little after sunset, still feeling the newness of the place. She was lying next to him, still sleeping soundly. He brushed her side lightly with his fingertips, deciding to wait until she woke before getting up.
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[personal profile] scarlettwin 2017-03-20 01:17 am (UTC)(link)
[ ooc: no worries! Congrats on the new kitty! I know how that goes. :) ]

Wanda still wasn't used to her new life as a vampire. She had gone through the stages of grief, grieving her old life and the things she took for granted. Sun light, roaming about in the day and other things. She had been very angry with Adam for what he'd done. There was a part of her who wanted to find a way to reverse what happened, but it was a futile effort. Now, she had grown used to her life. To how her powers were affected by her vampirism.

And of course finding herself wandering into Adam's floor and falling asleep next to him. He had given up his home and moved into the Avengers Tower. For his protection and made it easier for her to go to him if she had questions. Or if he needed anything from her, she was close by.

She was still asleep when he woke up. There was something that felt right in being next to his side. It was hard to tell if it was because he sired her or if there more beneath the surface. Regardless, she began to curl up against him before opening her eyes. ]

Hey.... [ Wanda murmured, rubbing her eyes a little. ] Time?
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[personal profile] darksongs 2017-03-20 01:29 am (UTC)(link)
It wasn't an easy adjustment to make. Though Adam had been alive for hundreds of years, he still sometimes missed the sunlight and wandering freely through the daytime. He didn't blame her for being angry with him, which was why he'd been so surprised when she'd returned to his home in Detroit with her friend Tony Stark, inviting him to live at Avengers Tower. There was often a connection shared between sire and fledgling. Sometimes he could sense that she felt that connection. Having her there was a good remedy for his loneliness, even though he hadn't meant to turn her. Now whenever she crawled into bed with him he draped his arm over her side.

"It's after sunset, but you could sleep in in if you want."
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[personal profile] scarlettwin 2017-03-20 04:32 am (UTC)(link)
To say Tony was a friend of Wanda's would be a stretch. He was more of a work acquaintance than anything else. She thought he tolerated her, but she was thankful he agreed to let Adam stay with them. It was an adjustment period for everyone; learning they had to have permission from Adam constantly if they wanted to visit. Whereas Wanda could come and go as she pleased. Most likely due to the connection they had as sire and fledgling. A connection she felt at times that made her feel suddenly very self conscious around him at times, and at others wanting to take great care of him. She was still trying to navigate their "relationship" if it could even be called that.

Wanda shouldn't want to sleep in, considering they had been sleeping for half of the day. Yet, it was so nice and cozy to have his arm draped over her and be by his side. The Avengers had things to do and she couldn't get anything accomplished if she was in his bed.

"No, I shouldn't. I don't want to take up more of your time..." Even if she found her mornings to be more peaceful by his side.
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[personal profile] darksongs 2017-03-20 05:12 am (UTC)(link)
"You should if you're still tired. You're not used to this life yet. You need time to adjust."

Adam stroked her hair fondly, wondering if she realized why he had given her permission to come and go whenever she wanted. Touch was very important to vampires. Not as much as blood, of course, but it greatly supported their well being. A lack of touch may have been why Adam was so prone to episodes of depression. Before Wanda, he was completely isolated.

"I can bring breakfast if you want."

He could get by with just two sherry glasses a night, but she was a newborn. She needed more than that. He also had the urge to spend more time with her that night. He wasn't sure why, but he wanted to be close to her.
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[personal profile] scarlettwin 2017-03-20 05:22 am (UTC)(link)
"How much time?" Wanda murmured, unable to make herself open her eyes. Rather, she stayed curled up beside him, breathing in his scent and resting her head on his shoulder. She was ready to bury herself in the crook of his neck and drink in as much of him as she could.

Having Adam stroke her hair relaxed her further, trying to lure her back into a state of sleep. She really should be training, learning how to handle her new body. To find out how her powers worked now and if it strained her. Plus, there was the aspect of drinking blood... Tony was working on developing something synthetic that she could have. Something that could help her if she wasn't able to reach Adam or hunt.

It didn't dawn on her why Adam let her come and go as many times as she wanted. She just thought it was because he was her sire. He allowed her because he wanted to take care of her, help her. But, his touch soothed her and made her feel safe in his arms.

"No...I'm not hungry..." a lie for the moment he mentioned breakfast her stomach rumbled softly, reminding her she needed to eat. She was still fighting the urge to consume great amounts of blood, thinking she could go on with only a few sips. Wanda shifted against Adam, finding herself yearning to have his hands on her, which scared her for a moment. Was she going into heat? Did vampires go into heat at all? When she was human, she did--all humans did...but vampires?
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"Only a few more hours. You need to adjust to your new schedule," he replied, continuing to stroke her hair, then up and down the indent of her spine. Though it may have seemed odd to others, Adam had a keen nose, and he could tell that she was going into heat. Vampires couldn't breed, but they still went into heat or rut like humans did. Her heat would drive him to want to take her, and he didn't mind the idea. The thought was actually a bit arousing.

"But you should eat first. I can go get us both something"

Adam didn't like the idea of her drinking some kind of synthetic blood. Who knew what the long term effects could be? He preferred keeping her on the O- that he got from hospitals and blood banks. It was good for her. Synthetic blood sounded like the equivalent of junk food, whereas real, clean blood was very nourishing.

"Don't leave while I'm gone. You can't skip out on your meals."

With that he got out of bed, completely nude, and sent to his kitchen to grab breakfast for them. His skin was pale and without tan marks, and his shoulder length brown hair was as messy as always.
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Wanda wanted to know the overall length of time it would take for her to get used to her new sleeping schedule. As new as she was, she wanted--no needed to get back to a normal routine. As normal of a routine that an Avenger could have. There was still training to do. She didn't want to be a weak link if they had a mission.

"Doesn't sound appealing.." needing a few more hours of sleep, whereas her younger self probably would've enjoyed it. A shiver ran down her spine feeling his hand move further down. Though Adam slept in the nude, Wanda still had her clothes on. Something to remind her that she was human. Something that kept her sane as she navigated the various mine fields of her new life.

"Adam..." Wanda murmured, forcing her eyes open to see him get up and out of his bed. She looked away from his nude form, shaking her head slightly as she forced herself to get up. He told her not to leave, and while his word felt like law to her, she was trying to find loop holes around it. She sat on the edge of his bed, focusing her attention on bringing a hair brush to her. The item floated in the air and came into her hand. Small things like moving small items were still easy enough for her to do.

"I'm not skipping out on my meals. I'm doing fine. There isn't a reason to worry," she called out to him over her shoulder. She started to work on brushing her long dark locks, trying to make herself presentable before she went up to her room to change. Wanda still felt sluggish, from lack of blood and needing more sleep, but she was going to try and push through it.
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[personal profile] darksongs 2017-03-25 09:57 pm (UTC)(link)
A part of Wanda seemed to be trying to hold back, wanting to reject this new life he had given her and return to her old one. Another part of her seemed to want to rush through the adjustment process. Regardless, he didn't think she liked the stage in between. The Avengers, with all their strength, couldn't take care of her the way he could, and that made him a bit of a thorn in everyone's side.

When he stepped into his kitchen he found a sherry glass for himself and a wine glass for her. Then he got into his blood supply, which he still kept hidden from everyone. Old habits died hard. After he had filled both glasses nearly to the brim, he replaced the blood and returned to his bedroom with one glass in each hand. He stepped up to her and offered the wine glass.

"Careful not to spill it," he reminded her.

For vampires, drinking blood created a feeling of bliss. Sometimes it was so intense that they had to lean back or lie down. Whether or not they were drinking from a glass or a human didn't matter. Their fangs still descended.

It was a very intimate experience for vampires to feed from one another, and fledglings often desired their sires, but Wanda had yet to show any signs of wanting him as anything more than a mentor. But as her heat got more intense, that might change.
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By the time Adam got back to the bed Wanda was already seated up right, and on the edge of it. She had fallen asleep in her pajamas rather than in the nude as Adam had. There was a part of her that was trying to push through what she was feeling. Torn between wanting her old life while trying to accept what happened to her. In having Adam live at the Tower, she thought she had accepted what happened and could move on. Mentally, that seemed to be the case, but her body needed more time to adjust.

She let out a soft sigh, her eyes focused on the wine glass filled with blood--unsure if it was animal or human. Her fangs lengthened and she had to be careful not to run her tongue along them. She had pricked her tongue too many times on her own fangs that it became annoying after a while.

"Thank you," Wanda murmured before taking a few slow sips of the blood, feeling it glide down her throat. It was better than she imagined it to be, sweet and savory, perfectly filling...but the human part of her was recoiling from what she was drinking. She silenced that part of herself, drinking more until she was almost half way done with her glass. Her stomach settled and a warmth started to come over her.

That warmth also intensified the heat in her core. While she would've forced herself to get up and excuse herself, instead she stayed seated on his bed. She carefully licked her lips, making sure not a single drop of blood was wasted.

"I haven't been skipping my meals...just cutting back..." she told him, finding herself more open with her sire. Once he was next to her, she leaned in closer, resting her head on his shoulder. "I know i shouldn't...but I felt I had to."
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"Why do you feel that you have to? I have plenty of blood for both of us."

He wasn't sure if she was ready to know that it was human blood, though he thought that would have been obvious. All that mattered was that she got proper nutrition, which was even more important for a fledgling than an older vampire. Adam would be able to live longer on less blood, even if only for a few days.

When he saw that she was drinking he brought the sherry glass to his lips and slowly drank, savoring the warmth that spread through his body. His fangs extended, and as he emptied the glass he felt a kind of high coming over him. He wrapped his arm around Wanda's shoulder and eased back onto the bed as the feeling temporarily overwhelmed him. It was only like that if he fed while he was relaxed. In other situations he could act normal - even keep his fangs from extending.
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"I want to still feel human...." Wanda murmured, one of the two reasons why she cut back on the amount of blood she needed, essentially starving herself. She didn't want to become too dependent on blood, which was stupid considering it was the only way she could feed herself. But, she fooled herself into believing it. She couldn't confess that to Adam, no she didn't want to seem weak--or weaker than she already felt.

Wanda fell back onto the bed, some how managing to keep her wine glass up right and not spill a drop of blood. She propped herself up just to down the rest of the blood, the euphoric feeling coming over her and intensified the ache she had between her legs. Tapping into her power, she moved the wine glass over to his nightstand. It wouldn't do either of them any good if the glass broke.

"Are you upset with me, Adam?" she asked in a soft voice, curling up against him, pressing her face to the crook of his neck and brushed her fangs over his skin. It was utterly tempting to sink her teeth in and drink from him, give in to the urges and accept what she was.
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"You aren't human anymore," he replied bluntly, still feeling a little euphoric, though it was fading quickly. It never truly lasted long.

He felt a building heat in his lower abdomen, and his rising erection was difficult to miss. Adam hadn't bothered putting on pants yet, though he normally would have. Being able to sense her heat probably had a lot to do with that. He may have slept naked, but he didn't wander around that way. He let his sherry glass fall to the floor. It was too sturdy to break.

Adam didn't think of Wanda as weak. Most fledglings reacted the same way to their new lives. They wanted to reject it. They wanted their humanity back. If he could have, he would give Wanda her humanity back, but no one could do that. She needed time to adjust, and if she couldn't, he still wouldn't think of her as weak. If she knew some of the things he had done, she might think of him as weak.

"No, of course not," he assured her. Why would he be? He would just have to impress upon her the importance of certain things.

When he felt her nuzzling against his neck he tilted his head back, encouraging her to bite. It was such a deep bonding moment between fledgling and sire. That combined with her touch would have him completely hard in no time.
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She knew she wasn't human, but she wanted to continue to cling onto whatever shred of humanity she had left. She was being stubborn about it, but in time she would have to let go. Least she want to make herself sick and have Adam lecture her on the importance of drinking all of her blood. Though, he wasn't upset with her which was a relief in an of itself.

She pressed her lips to his skin, feeling some warmth from his morning drink. The blood rushing through his veins, calling out to her, telling her to indulge herself. It didn't help that Adam was encouraging her, tilting his head and offering up more of his neck. Wanda took a deep breath, inhaling his scent before giving in. Her fangs brushed against his skin once more before she fully bit down.

Blood rushed into her mouth, sweet and potent. Her heart was beating wildly while bliss and adrenaline started to course through her. This was something intimate, something profound. Something she would only be able to share with her sire. The intensity of feeding from him sent her into her heat. Her body aching and craving his touch.

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