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Frank Castle | The Punisher ([personal profile] thegoodbad) wrote in [community profile] bakerstreet 2017-03-24 12:00 am (UTC)

Even the way Danny says his name right now gets Frank going, all soft but unhinged with the weight of pleasure, while he stares up at him with that typical smile Frank is so fond of. It isn't like him to get sappy but it's different when being intimate, when he's ready to mate with someone, when that someone is a good friend.

He remains close but his eyes shut in pure bliss when he finally gives in and his body shudders, overcome by pleasure. There's a heavy knot in his chest that sits and festers until he feels it - that telltale warmth, the blossoming contentedness, the state of calm that will take over if he allows it. Frank doesn't stop moving though, hips rolling forward at a stuttered pace as he comes inside of his partner, the overwhelming urge to remain hunched over him and protect him at all costs hitting him hard. Between the trembling, Frank's breathless sounds turn into deep groans, lips kissing Danny's over and over again.

He's still hard and thick inside of him but his pleasure is clear, thighs shaking where he remains pressed up against Danny now. His body is so warm and welcoming, Frank never wants to leave, and he muffles his pleasure against Danny's neck next where he can gently bite and nuzzle into him.

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