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Frank Castle | The Punisher ([personal profile] thegoodbad) wrote in [community profile] bakerstreet 2017-03-21 12:40 am (UTC)

"I know," he repeats with hushed words, free hand stroking along Danny's side and then down between his legs to palm at his dick, though Frank knows that isn't what's going to relieve him completely. Still, he strokes him slow while settling on top of him on the couch, angling them both to lay horizontally. "I know."

The cap is popped off and Frank gets a generous amount of the lubricant on his fingers, quick to spread it and then rub up between his partner's cheeks. He can sense the physical discomfort so he doesn't dilly-dally, slipping one thick finger inside of his too-hot body. It's enough to make Frank go dizzy already.

"I'll make you feel better. I promise." Lips trail down from Danny's lips to his jaw and neck, nose brushing up against his pulse where his scent radiates in pleasant waves. The finger doesn't stay idle, working his lover open enough to slide in a second too, knowing the desperation removes half the tension.

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