dannyrand: (pbnew6)
Daniel Rand ([personal profile] dannyrand) wrote in [community profile] bakerstreet 2017-03-20 06:19 pm (UTC)

Frank's touch is soothing on otherwise burning skin, and it's completely unfair how much better he feels for it, like he can finally breathe again. But it's not enough, he wants to be closer, wants to feel everything.

"It's uh, it's good, I'm good." He pants against his cheek, though it had taken him a moment to register the question. The hand splayed across the dragon was surprisingly grounding, so close to the source of his chi that it dragged everything into sharp focus.

His hands drag back up from the nape of Frank's neck to card through his hair, mouth sliding over his partner's own again, nudging and tugging a little in an effort to get him to lay back.

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