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Secret Admirer


You're in love with them, but they don't know it and you have no real intention of changing this. Whether it's because you don't want to admit anything to yourself, can't handle rejection, don't think you're good enough, or have no real experience with this kind of thing, your lips are sealed...for now. And maybe forever, if you're contented to love them from afar.

That is, if the object of your affection doesn't figure you out first.

  • Comment with your character, preferences, and whether they'd be the admirer or the admired.
  • Reply to others.
  • RNG it or not.


  1. Meeting: How do you meet? Is it love at first sight?
  2. Falling: You learn to love them, even if you never have before.
  3. From Afar: You're not too close to them - they may not know you at all - but you still admire them. Whether "afar" means something like a different school, a different team, or a different world or walk of life is up to you.
  4. Notice Me: You actually do want to be noticed. Please, senpai!~
  5. Right in Front of You: The two of you are friends or allies, yet you're hiding your emotions in plain sight.
  6. Denial: You? Love? No! Especially not with, you weren't looking at them!
  7. Jealousy: They don't know you're attracted to them, so you shouldn't feel mad when they're getting attention from others.
  8. Too Shy Shy: The words just won't come out. Besides, you're too flustered by their presence in general.
  9. Don't Deserve Them: You wouldn't want to subject them to you, anyway. They're too good.
  10. Favors: Your love may not be known; still, you can do things for them or get them gifts, and they'll wonder who's doing all this. Their happiness is all you want, not their recognition.
  11. Bad at This: So, about all those gifts or favors? You're not the sort to know about kindness and because of this, your shows of affection tend to be you offing their rivals or giving them stolen items.
  12. Adorkable: You're awkward but it's endearing!
  13. Never Expect the Quiet Ones: You barely speak, much less show how you feel. How could they know what you really think?
  14. Lash Out: It's frustrating to have a crush you can't act on, so you've decided to act out...towards the one you love, perhaps to push them away.
  15. Admission: Finally, you've decided to admit what you've felt all along.
  16. Outed: Someone else has told your secret.
  17. Caught: Maybe you were caught looking at them too much, speaking about your love out loud, or leaving them a gift. No matter what, the jig is up.
  18. Content with Secrecy: You can admire them without saying a word. You're not conflicted in the least with living this life!
  19. Requited: No more harboring secrets, as your feelings are returned.
  20. Unrequited: ....ouch. Just ouch.

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