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Love yourself above all others

We all masturbate, it's nothing to be ashamed of. It's also something most prefer to keep private. But sometimes, people forget to knock while we're in the middle of things, and awkwardness ensues.

* Post with your character's name and fandom in the subject line
* Others reply, stumbling in on you.
* You pick a reaction from the list below. (Or roll 1-10!)


EMBARRASSMENT Yeah, someone just caught you in a very private act and you kind of wish the ground would swallow you up. Now.

ANGER How dare someone barge in on you without knocking! You'll give them a piece of your mind right now.

EXCITEMENT/EXHIBITIONISM happens to be a major turn-on for you, so you'll just continue. Maybe even ask them to give you a hand, you never know...

APATHY Big deal, it's not like they've been living in a bubble where they never knew masturbation existed, and if they were they had to find out about it sometime.

SQUICK Either it was a family member who just walked in on you or you just feel so utterly dirty at having been caught doing something so personal.

DELAYED reaction You didn't even notice they were there until after you finished.

DERAILED REACTION Oh no you've been--what is that on their head? Wait, the world's ending now? D-did you just see that unicorn? Worry about being caught later, figure out what the hell is going on first.


RELIEF Thank GOODNESS someone came by! Otherwise you'd have had to stop and go grab that toy/pillow/remote for the annoying stereo yourself. Also they could maybe swap discs because this movie isn't really doing it for you. What do you mean it's inappropriate? It's not like you're asking them to watch.

WILDCARD! You know the rules!

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