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Stolen Moments.

the stolen moments meme.

Time spent with the person you care the most for is a precious, invaluable thing. Most people take it for granted, though, as they can be with their beloved as much as they'd like. But not you. You and the one you love are kept apart - be it by the people you know, the merit of what you are causing your relationship to be taboo, your true destiny and calling, or even something as relatively mundane as your job.

Today, though, you get a rare private moment with them. This is the first time in quite a while, and may be the last time in months, if not years. What do you do? Comfort each other? Hold each other tight? Have sex? Argue? The specifics are up to you; mix and match your canons, tag someone new to see how this stolen moment plays out.

★ Comment with your character and preferences. Feel free to either leave a blank comment or some brief info about your character and their situation(s).
★ Reply to others.
★ Be creative! Go out on limbs and try new things.
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Wanda Maximoff || MCU || F/M

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Elizabeth Bennet | Pride and Prejudice | F/M

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[AUs, cross-canon or canon all welcome. I'm happy to play modern-day or mix up things however folks like.]
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Karen Page | MCU/Daredevil

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Ruby Rose|RWBY|ota

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Richter Lawrence Alcross | OC | M/F

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Prompto Argentum | Final Fantasy XV

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jughead jones | riverdale

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I always like a little potential murder mystery with my shipping.

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[ Most people wouldn't consider going to the garbage dump a date. That's well enough; this isn't a date. Of course it's not. But, in the end, the results are the same: somehow, Rena Ryuguu, mistress of all things cute, broken, and cutely broken had convinced someone - namely, Jughead - to accompany her out to the junkyard while she scavenges for something she'd like to give a new home. To her, this place is a treasure trove of items looking for a new lease on life. Who wouldn't want to sift through so much potential?

Speaking of potential, there is probably a picnic lunch at stake here. It'd been a promise to be fulfilled at some point, maybe even now given how she's finally approaching back over a mountain of broken toasters, discarded pots and pans, and particularly precarious busted, possibly stolen, shopping carts.

At the precipice of a trash cliff, she waves to get his attention. ]
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richard campbell gansey iii ( trc )

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[POC!Adam. How about non-magic canon AU, years later. They haven't spoken to each other in years after a bad fight at graduation.]

Wherever he went, no matter where his ambition took him or how hard he fought to get what he wanted, everyone he met seemed to just immediately know that he was poor. Even now that he had his law degree and a position as a junior member of a law firm, in his second-hand suit with the stain on the elbow, clients and coworkers alike treated him like he was a second-class citizen.

Adam kept his head down and worked hard, pulling twice the hours of anyone else on the staff. Whenever the rest of them went out to two-hour lunches and came back smashed and laughing, Adam stayed, and worked, and excelled, and they still only ever gave him the cases that no one else wanted. He'd been a "junior" member for two years longer than any of the other junior attorneys, with their shining smiles and their complete lack of student debt. But he still had a job, and every day he was grateful to be out of Henrietta and away from the hell of his childhood. It was fine. It was his life, and one day, somehow, somehow, he would finally belong in it.

Or, at least, that was what he told himself, until the day that the Ganseys walked in through the doors of the law firm. The whole family, golden and laughing, with their impossibly easy companionship, and Adam almost didn't recognize them until he heard Gansey laugh.

Making a sharp right turn down a side hallway before they could see him, Adam ducked into the men's bathroom. It was the only place with proper walls in the gleaming glass and chrome office. The only place he could hide.

They were probably here on something mundane and glorious, seeking new legal representation--or had Adam always been working for their lawyers and he'd been so oblivious that he'd simply never seen their name on the list of clients on retainer?--to fix a minor legal loophole keeping them from some new golf course.

Adam's head spun, remembering and regretting everything about his friendship with Gansey, all the fights, and the last one most of all. He wished he could take back everything he'd said.

But he couldn't, and it wouldn't matter. Gansey's life was no doubt better without him in it. He was probably married by now. Maybe he'd even married Blue.

Adam had just resolved himself, yet again, to the fact that he was out of Gansey's life forever, when Richard Gansey III walked through the bathroom door. Caught standing in plain sight by the sinks, Adam froze, staring at Gansey and praying that his old friend wouldn't recognize him.
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tj hammond ( political animals ) m/m

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mettaton ex | undertale | m/m

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Sherlock Holmes || Sherlock BBC || m/m

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Rey || Star Wars: The Force Awakens || F/M

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aoba seragaki | dmmd

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( ota, pm if you wanna hash something out or hit me with whatever. )
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Hunter | Beastly | M/M

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sam murphy (original) f/m

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Reverb | The Flash

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Jesse’s getting used to catching the now-familiar blue glow of a breach out of the corner of her eye. Usually it’s while she’s out, going about her day, or in her apartment. Sometimes, though, it’s in S.T.A.R Labs. And that terrifies her. Because she knows he can take care of himself, but she also knows how her dad feels about him. How most of Central City feels about him, to be honest.

And she knows how he feels about her dad. So she does her best to keep the two of them from ever crossing paths. She knows they will never get along. The heat death of the universe will come first. But she doesn’t expect that of either of them. She just doesn’t want them to kill each other. Because she cares. A lot. About the both of them.

So she keeps them apart as best she can, to keep her dad from doing his best to shove that pulse rifle of his somewhere unpleasant on Reverb, and to keep Reverb from using his powers to murder her dad in an extremely painful and possibly way.

He hasn’t because of her. She knows it, without him ever needing to say anything. Not that he would, of course. She still knows. But she can’t help doing everything she can to protect her dad and her... Paco.

Which is why, when she sees the flash of blue she is simultaneously pleased and panicked, making a casual, totally-not-running-anywhere-in-particular-why-do-you-ask beeline towards the corner where she knows she’s going to find him.

She can’t help but smile even as she quickly curls her hands into his jacket and backs him farther into the corner where he’s less like to be found.
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Sometimes, he just sends out pulses to let her know he'll be coming by at some point. Sometimes, he just drops in on her at random. Like now. He slips through the breach into the lab easily and is nearly immediately accosted by a very eager Jesse. Not that Paco is complaining.

He lets her back him into the corner, groaning softly in approval, hands already roaming down to her hips to tug her in closer. "Mmm...hello, to you too." He smirks at her when they finally break for air. "I could get behind having more greetings like that, you know."
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He is really, really distracting, in all the best ways, and she just sort of loses herself in the moment, in him, for longer than she probably should, given where they are. But his hands are on her hips and he’s pulling her closer and she’s just glad to see him. To be able to kiss him like this. He smirks at her and she can’t help but lean forward and kiss him again, intense and lingering.

“I think I could do that,” she tells him quietly. “We should probably move this to somewhere a little less… out in the open, though.” Because she can’t let him get caught here. Can’t let him be seen. Between the way her dad clearly feels about him, and what he’s best known for to the general public, anyone catching sight of him would be really… bad.
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He's never minded the opinions of the masses, he is what he is, and though it's toned down a lot in the wake of Zoom's defeat, he still has a reputation-- and he plays into it a lot, which doesn't help deter the ideas people have about him. Lets him lead a much simpler life that way. People don't bother him like they would they didn't fear him.

"Aww, come on, half the fun's in the idea that we might get caught." He grins wickedly and raises his eyebrows suggestively.
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Mulan | Disney's Mulan

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