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Romantic Tropes

Romantic Tropes Meme

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  1. School Romance: Oh, I hope senpai notices me...or the cute class president, or the head of cooking club, or -
  2. Childhood Crush: You've known each other for a long time, but one of you had to leave when you were kids. Now you're back together, and the dynamic is totally different. This also often involves a "childhood marriage proposal," where the naive party promises marriage and the other takes it seriously.
  3. Love Note: The note you left the object of your affection might be a bit passive, but you can't confess face to face!
  4. You're Like Family to Me: The two of you have been close forever, so you've never seen each other like that...until now.
  5. Tsundere: G-geez, idiot, it's not like I like you or anything! I was just worried...worried, okay? Don't make me slap you!
  6. Kuudere/Ice Queen (King): I have no interest in things like "love" or "romance." They are the least important things in this world.
  7. Yandere: You don't like me anymore? How...? Oh, that's alright. I'll make you LiKe Me.
  8. Unlucky Friend: You lost the person of your dreams to someone else, perhaps because of their allure or perhaps because you never spoke up. What can you do now?
  9. Red String of Fate: That person? You know you're totally meant for them! So what if you've never talked? You have the red string of fate!
  10. I'll Cheer You On: Always supportive, always by your side, they're the person you can count on. Why do they care so much, though?
  11. Harem: One guy. Lots of girls. Craziness ensues.
  12. Reverse Harem: One girl. Lots of guys. Craziness ensues.
  13. Head Patting: Apparently a great way to show you care, both for dogs and for humans.
  14. Indirect Kiss: Your lips touched that. Their lips touched that. OH MY GOD IT'S LIKE YOU KISSED.
  15. Slap-Slap-Kiss: I could kill you for what you just did! I could - I could KISS YOU.
  16. Confession in the Heat of the Moment: You're about to go defeat the ultimate baddie. How about confessing your feelings to the person you love? Seems legit.
  17. Food for Thought: I made you lunch. Want to share?
  18. Repaying a Debt: You broke a vase, ruined somebody's priceless something-or-another, and now you have to be their servant until you pay it off!
  19. I'll Be Your Dog: Or you don't owe that person anything, you just wait on them hand and foot and hope they'll appreciate you one day.
  20. The Kind of ____ You Like: You want to change yourself to the type that the object of your desire wants.
  21. One-Sided Love: Sadly, still a trope here. As always, a heart will be broken. But maybe, just maybe, the love isn't unrequited. Maybe the other person isn't aware!
  22. Jerk/Sweetheart: The pairing of a stoic jackass and a manic pixie dream.
  23. Misunderstood Delinquent: You're not what you seem. You just want to give flowers to that cute girl, not run her over with your motorcycle!
  24. Fight for You: I won't lose the hand of my girl/guy to the likes of you!
  25. Sudden Kiss: Kiss from nowhere! There are lots of reasons for this: to stop someone from crying, to make them be quiet, or just to explain yourself when words can't.
  26. Kiss on the Forehead: It's a sweet way to say "I love you."
  27. Physical Difference: Usually size difference - and then, it's usually big guy/tiny girl, though big girl/tiny guy is explored as well - though this is present in a lot of different ways.
  28. Class Difference: You live in a culture that is still greatly stratified by class, whether it be wealth or power structures.
  29. Oh, My Goddess!: Uh-oh, you accidentally summoned an angel/demon/alien/god/goddess. And now they're bound to you forever! But at least you can stay just friends...or something like that.
  30. Teach Me To Become Human: A robot, an alien, a god, a demon, or anything beyond our human knowledge wants to know more about our emotions - from you and your love.
  31. Single-Gender School: For all the yaoi and yuri fans out there, don your uniforms and remember that Maria is watching.
  32. The Silent Protector: In love with his/her charge, but never able to act on it.
  33. The Perfect Waifu/Husbando: They are so graceful, so lovely, so kind, you've really lucked out!
  34. To Make My Beloved Happy: You will do anything for the person you love, even if that means not being with them.
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modern!Rapunzel [ Tangled ] F/M

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( Canon 'Punzie lives at [personal profile] daydreaming. )
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[I really like the idea of mixing 2, 17, 27, and maaaaybe 25. Maybe he's her neighbor, has a bit of a thing for her, occasionally sneaks over despite her strict parents scaring the hell out of them both ...]
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Marie Kreutz l The Bourne Series l OTA

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Emma Swan| OUAT | OTA

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Life-threatening situations, ones in which the entire population of the town is at risk, are common occurrences in Storybrooke. By now they're nothing new for Killian, or for Emma either.

Soon they'll be facing that situation again, well aware that not everyone might come out the other side of it. Before they do, he feels the need to remind her of everything she has to fight for.

"Swan. Emma." He catches her wrist and pulls her over to him. "Don't ever forget that I love you. More than I ever thought possible."
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Re: 16

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Emma knew what she had to fight for. She looks at Killian quizzically, not sure where he is going with this. "I know that, but what aren't you telling me Killian?" She asked, clasping her hand over his. "You're holding something back."
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"I'll tell you." He presses a kiss to her forehead. "Once this fight is over and we've won." So now she has some incentive to make it through.
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