memegasm ([personal profile] memegasm) wrote in [community profile] bakerstreet2017-03-12 12:51 pm

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I'm walking in a winter wonderland wait no this was a mistake.

  1. You're underdressed for the weather and you're gradually freezing your ass off!
  2. You need to get that one last thing before the Big Snowstorm of '17 hits but all of the stores are slammed!
  3. Someone felt artistic and built a giant snow sculpture and that's great except they did it right in front of your door and now you can't get inside!
  4. You're just going to say fuck it and go sledding!
  5. You're stuck somewhere and can't leave because of snow but you really want to!
  6. You just hit someone with a snowball! (Added bonus if you don't know who they are.)
  7. This isn't actually a snow meme, it's the aftermath ice and slush meme, and you have to get across town somehow! Good luck.
  8. You're actually smart and have hot cocoa, a warm blanket, and can wait it out!
  9. You're actually smart and have hot cocoa, a warm bl- and then the power went out...
  10. Something else!

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