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Roaring 20s Meme

1920s AU Meme

It’s the roaring 20s, skirts are short, the music is fast, the economy is booming, and there’s a party to be had.

1. The Jazz Club - Some nights the jazz here is slow and crooning, some nights it’s fast and hot. It’s the hippest place in town. Maybe you’re in the audience, maybe you’re on stage—hey, maybe you even own the place.
2. Hollywood - The movie industry is new and exiting, and it isn’t yet being taken seriously as an art form, even though the popularity of the silver screen is booming. Are you an actor, here to play a role in the moving pictures, or perhaps you’ve got a dream of becoming a director of your own?
3. Gangsters - Somebody’s got to make and move all the gin that this society demands. Get your gun and your best suit, there’s crime to be had out here.
4. Daredevils and aviators - Airplanes, airships, and hot air balloons! Everything flies in the jazz age, and even if you go down in flames, at least you’ll die young and beautiful. There are records to be set, and lots of money in it if you’re willing to try some crazy daredevil stunts. Want to fly around the world? Get your goggles, let’s go!
5. The Most Glamorous Party — Long Island, Paris, Venice, Monte Carlo? Wherever this party is at, it’s huge, and glamorous, and all the most interesting and beautiful people have been invited. Champagne is flowing and all the inhibitions have been thrown out the window.
6. Wildcard! Choose your own 1920s adventure!

Post with who your character would likely be in the 1920s, along with any preferences!
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Ezera | OC

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[This is her jazz joint that you've just wandered into, sweetpea. You drink her gin from teacups and listen to her favourite songs being purred out from the stage by her singers and her band. Everyone is mostly half-seas over (shitfaced). This place is the cat's meow and everyone loves being here in this den of luscious depravity. But the proprietress will tell you that keeping this joint hoppin' is no easy feat. The mob also likes this place and the coppers are always sniffin' around.]