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And what exactly is wrong with cheap hot dogs? They're cheap and they're hot dogs. Win-Win.

I would help you fill in the blanks but I lost track of you after shots. I remember you saying something about needing more ice.
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They stick all the parts they can't use elsewhere in cheap hot dogs. That's what's wrong. Nevermind the fact that all-beef taste better.

I didn't get picked up for public indecency so it couldn't have been anything too terrible.
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Still meat. Still tastes good. Don't care what's in it, I just care how it tastes.

Either that or you dashed before they could do anything about it.
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That's a distinct possibility. Either way, I don't think I'm missing much not remembering.
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All I know is that your pants were hanging from the ceiling fan and we ran out of ice.
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Should've mentioned the ice earlier. Now I have to backtrack to pick up a bag.
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We don't need ice.

Why would we need ice now? Parties over.
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[personal profile] atms 2017-02-17 06:43 pm (UTC)(link)
Because some of us like to have cold drinks even when there's not a party.
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Fine. Point.

Did you get my jerky? No pants if there's no jerky.
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Yes, Mick, I got your jerky. Cool your jets.
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Just making sure you know your priorities.

I kind of want hot dogs now too.
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[personal profile] atms 2017-02-17 07:56 pm (UTC)(link)
If I'm getting hot dogs, I'm getting my life d of hot dogs.

Do we have mustard in the fridge?
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I think the mustard is a little off, we could risk it?

Though you need to get ketchup anyway. We're out, I drank what was left last night.
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What were you doing drinking ketchup?
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There wasn't that much and I had a great idea of adding it to a cocktail.

Didn't work.
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Should I be picking up tomato juice and celery or are we leaving cocktail ideas behind?
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I'll stick to beer. I know I like it.
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Good call.