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Oh no, what did I miss?
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So far the downward dog.
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I meant in politics, but that mental image was pretty amusing so I'll take it.
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Yeah, I know, but if I get into it again I'll never get to sleep. It's nothing you can't find out if you just turn on the television or look at a newspaper or use social media...it's everywhere. All the time.

Bruce turned me on to yoga. I can see why he likes doing it alone.
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I'm always scared to turn on the news these days.

[ Mostly because she can't help but wonder if it's all because of something she did on some time-travel mission or another. Did they somehow cause Trump to happen? ]

So. What's the current pose now?
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forgive me idk anything about her or her canon

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I know the feeling [-as much as any man out of time who fought in a world war can-] but we have to stay informed.

Plow pose. Hard to text like this.
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ooc: Nothing to say sorry for! Short version is she is a time traveling historian trying to keep history from getting FUBAR, with mixed success.

I know, I know.

Why are you even TRYING to text like that?

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sounds interesting and not at all stressful

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I might unplug every now and then but I'm always available in case something happens, like when someone's bored and keeps texting me back. Wouldn't want to miss that.
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most relaxed job ever

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Hey, no one is forcing you to reply Mr Downward Dog.
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he knows all about that

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That's Captain Downward Dog to you. I figure if you're also up at 3am you'd like the responses now rather than later.
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he does :(

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I just got home, now I'm just kind of winding down before hopefully sleeping for a decade or so.

Maybe I should give the downward dog a try too.
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