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I wanna hang out soon... The cat doesn't talk back.
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You have a cat?!?!?!

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Oh. I do. she's a calico. Here.

[ attached picture ]

Her name is Emi.
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SO CUTE!!!!!!

She's the same color scheme as you!!!
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She does. Sort of. She's got white and grey, too.

Next time you're in Tokyo, you can meet her.
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I wish my parents weren't allergic. A pet would be so cool... I mean, we have fish, but you can't walk those!

[So clearly Kenma should send him more pictures.]
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You don't really walk cats, either. They kind of... do their own thing a lot.

[ Attached is another photo of her just...sitting there, in way of his game while he's trying to play. Making his point right now. ]
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Ahahaha she IS like you!!!

You make that face sometimes! (^_^)
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I do? (´・_・`)

I don't really think about the faces I make.

[ He sends a picture of her yawning, but it looks like she's smiling with her mouth open and eyes closed. ]

You make faces like this.
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Do I?????

Don't worry, you make pretty cute faces too!

[This is how you flirt, right? RIGHT???]
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[ Exactly how you flirt!! ]


Thanks. I ... think she'll like you! She only likes people that I do.
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So you like me?????? (^_~)
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No I just go on dates with you and spend time with you and stuff
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[Definitely doing the shimmery eyes thing now...]
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(ΦωΦ)i pretty much like you and maybe two other people and my cat

[ just to emphasize the point ]
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[As for Minami, he likes lots of people. But it's different coming from Kenma. Probably because Minami knows how much more reserved he is.

Seeing that typed out makes his breath catch.]


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Well, I hoped so.
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Oh, should I tell you more?

Because I like you I like you I like you!

[Now he's being ridiculous. And also does not care.]
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I like you, too.

I know you like me, Minami. Unless you're a weirdo who spends time with someone he doesn't like.