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Well, since it's already going you might as well join in.
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I'm not drunk, getting drunk would be a bad idea, and I don't think I'd enjoy being around dozens of drunks while I'm sober.

What would I even do?
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Bad idea how?

I don't know. What does anyone do in a parade? Shout a lot, do stunts, wave to people.
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Powerful magic, impaired judgement, and reduced inhibitions generally don't go well together

Who came up wit this plan with you, because I can't believe it was Locus
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That sounds like it would go very well together. At least in the sense of having fun. Which is what we're trying to do here.

Me, mostly. This is my plan. It's a good plan, don't knock it.
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HOW? [Sabriel's not entirely familiar with what people do for fun, but this really doesn't make sense]

fine. just remember, that means whatever goes wrong is your fault
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Chaos is fun! Routine is boring. That's like fun 101.

Everything's always my fault anyway. It's fine. Don't worry. Cops try to arrest us, I'll get us off.
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it's not often I get to say everything is someone else's responsibility

fine. i haven't gotten drunk or done... anything like this since before I graduated, anyway.

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Lesson the second in fun 101. Everything is always someone else's responsibility.

Then you are looooooooooooooooong overdue.
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All right, what's the third lesson?

My life got busy. Getting drunk isn't a good idea when you're hunting down the restless dead and stopping necromancers
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Get drunk often.

Isn't it? It could be a training exercise. Once you can take them down drunk, you know you can do anything.
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Please tell me you don't make a habit of fighting while you're drunk.
Edited 2017-02-17 23:04 (UTC)
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No. Usually sober. But if I had to, I could and I know that.
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Charter, I hope I don't regret this tomorrow.
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That's the next lesson. Make sure you have enough fun to make the morning worth it.
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Felix? Thank you.
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You're welcome.

For what?
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Convincing me to do this. it's been a long time since I've done... anything like this.
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Any time you wanna have fun, Sabriel, you let me know. One thing I'm good at is having fun.
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And if things aren't staying dead, call me. That's what I'm good at.