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Are you sure it's not a bruise?
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Haven't gotten in hand-to-hand situations since this weekend, no.
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Could anyone who doesn't know better mistake it for a bruise?
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That's what I'm telling people, at least.
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People are asking?

[a beat, then:]

I would apologize but I'm not all that sorry. Still, I should've been more careful. Can you get the picture retaken? I'm sure I can call in a favor, make it happen.
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Only one person. The nosy but sweet receptionist.

Steve Rogers, you forget, the wonder of photoshop.

I'm not sorry either.

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Great, now I'm going to act weird around her. Shy buy it?

You know it's against the law to alter identification documents. You've got enough black marks on your record because of me.

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Not one bit.

Well, your mouth can't seem to help itself.
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Worth a shot.

Wow. I got nothing.
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Well, I got a whole lot. 😉
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You gonna share?
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What should I share?