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If I ever try, please shoot me.
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aw but president carter has such a nice ring to it

[ as does "first man daniel sousa" ]
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I rather suspect I'm not eligible for the presidency -- pesky British passport and all. Which is just as well, because they could never pay me enough to sit through that much scrutiny.

[ nor pose for that many photos -- even with 'first man daniel sousa' on her arm. ]
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anyways the last time a brit got close to the white house, they torched it
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Oh. I see. So that's how tonight's going to go, is it?

[ nerdy and adversarial. her favourite. ]
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how what is?

[ what is she going to do? kidnap his men to recruit into the british army? ]
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You, taking cheap shots. Hardly sporting.
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unlike the stamp act

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As arguments go, that one's gone off. Moldy. By about nearly two centuries.
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we have long memories
tends to happen when your country gets invaded

[ by lobsters, no less ]