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the picture prompt meme

the picture prompt meme

I — Comment with your character.
II — Others will leave a picture (or two, or three...)
III — Reply to them with a setting based on the picture.
IV — Link to any pictures that are NSFW, please.
V — Be aware that this meme will be image-heavy.

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nostalgiabomb: (☆011)

[personal profile] nostalgiabomb 2017-02-20 11:33 pm (UTC)(link)
[ oh jesus. small child.

Peter's, like, not great with kids, which is a surprise, considering he's pretty much a child himself, but he's, like. Never quite sure what to— say to them. Because they are not adults. (He barely seems to know what to say to adults, either, but he manages to get by.)

So when— Floren, apparently, darts in front of him, Peter blinks, looks for a second like he might actually be dealing with a ticking time bomb, and—

... Oh.

Peter huffs out a laugh, turns his head a little to show the little metal device hooked over his ear. ]

It's a button. Here, watch.

[ He presses the trigger again, and blue light flows around his head again, solidifying into metal. The red lights of his mask's eyes flare to life as it forms over his face, and he turns back to face the kid. ]

Cool, huh?

[ not without a touch of pride. ]
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[personal profile] outruns 2017-02-20 11:44 pm (UTC)(link)
[ the little boy watches with rapt attention, and after peter demonstrates and the mask solidifies again, floren's face just lights up with a big, delighted grin to show off his pointy little teeth. ]

Uh-huh! Larreth, did you see, did you see?

[ he turns to the older girl, who just offers him a nervous smile and waves him back over. ]

Can we leave now?

[ the girl (larreth?) doesn't sound impatient, but...anxious. brae doesn't blame her; the faster they leave, the better.

brae looks over at peter, then glances down the hall towards that big, centered door.

f u c k. ]

...yeah, let's get you guys out of here.
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[personal profile] nostalgiabomb 2017-02-20 11:59 pm (UTC)(link)
[ Peter gets to his feet, catching Brae's gaze and following her eyes to the door down the hall.

She seems to have already drawn the conclusion for herself – Owen's not worth their time, right now. Not if they have to get these children back to safety, anwyay. Still, Peter offers a quick shake of his head as if to warn her off from any thoughts she might have the contrary, before turning back to the kids and clapping his hands together. ]

Alright, we're gonna do the buddy system for this. Everyone pair up, okay? Find your partner and grab their hands.

[ It's a vague memory from his early grade school days. It seemed to work – or at least, none of the kids in his class seemed to vanish during trips to the zoo, or whatever the fuck. ]

Brae leads the way— [ And he gestures at her with his thumb. ] —I'll be at the back of the line. No one gets ahead of Brae, and no one falls behind me. We got it?
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[personal profile] outruns 2017-02-21 12:29 am (UTC)(link)
[ brae can't exactly speak from experience on the buddy system or...whatever that is, but hey, it sounds like it'll work, and it'll keep the kids between them pretty nicely.

there's a few nods, little voiced agreements, and then the kids start to pair off, linking hands with each other and forming a neat little line.

brae can't help one last look at the door, but then she's moving to stand at the front of the line (passing peter one of the blasters on her way). ]

C'mon, guys, let's go.

[ and with all the kids in tow, brae starts to lead the way up the stairs. on the next floor, she tries to rush the kids past the still smoking carcass of the toothy creature (and fuck, at least that thing's already taken care of; she doesn't want to imagine dealing with that with the kids around).

up, up, up, back to the main door, where peter and brae had abandoned all their gear.

...which, of course, now begs the question: what's the best way to get all of these kids to the gibraltar while it's cold as hell outside?

she pauses, looking down at the kids, then back to peter. ]

Hey, uh, stay put, guys, okay?

[ she goes to the back of the line, and gestures in a quiet voice to their leftover coats. ]

Any ideas on getting them to the ship so they don't lose any toes, Star-Dude?

[ wrap them up one at a time in a coat, and just escort them back to the gibraltar? see if fallon can bring more coats down? because brae really doesn't think that any time out in that ridiculous fucking cold, as exposed as they're bound to be, would be a great idea. ]
nostalgiabomb: (-187)

[personal profile] nostalgiabomb 2017-02-21 01:43 am (UTC)(link)
I dunno.

[ He pitches his voice low, though he keeps his stance upright, hands on his hips. Doesn't want the kids thinking either of them are unsure, probably. ]

Could tuck some of the smaller ones into the jackets with us. Take 'em back two at a time. Or one of us can go back, see if Fallon can move the ship closer, bring back more to bundle them up and protect them.
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[personal profile] outruns 2017-02-21 02:33 am (UTC)(link)
I don't think I wanna leave any of them alone long enough to just run them back to the ship or something.

[ because while it would only be three trips, this place still gives her the creeps, and she's honestly not entirely sure what (or who) is still around. ]

Leeeet's do the second thing.

[ she reaches up to tap the comm in her ear, waiting until fallon's voice filters through.

"you find caine?"

brae's jaw clenches for a moment, but her voice comes steady.

"found something else instead. some of the artaxian kids are still here, and we need to get 'em out of the bunker. get pam to fly the ship as close as she can get it, and then bring some coats or...whatever the hell we have."

a very silent, drawn-out pause is fallon's reply at first, and then:

"there in a minute."

brae sighs, reaching up to close the channel again, before she turns to just look at the kids, standing a ways off, quietly murmuring to each other. she glances at peter out of the corner of her eye, her voice still low. ] think he's still hanging around somewhere?
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[personal profile] nostalgiabomb 2017-02-21 03:08 am (UTC)(link)
Doesn't matter if he is or isn't.

[ And this, at least, he says with certainty. ]

If he is, then I hope he can hear us, and I hope he realizes that we're gonna track him to the ends of the galaxy and beat his ass into a bloody pulp, hook him up to life support, and make him talk.

And then we'll beat him up again.

[ And all of this comes out brightly. The other Guardians may be rubbing off on him, a bit. ]

If he isn't, then he's a fuckmook who left kids locked up in a jail cell. He couldn't know for sure that we were coming, or when we'd be coming. In which case—

Everything I said just a second ago still holds true.

[ He shrugs. ]

Either way, he's got a seriously violent ass-beating in his future. And you wear some heavy boots, so I hope he realizes how much that shit's gonna hurt.
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[personal profile] outruns 2017-02-21 03:29 am (UTC)(link)
[ brae can't help a short laugh, and she just pushes her bangs back, looking up at the ceiling instead of at him for a minute. ]

Y'know, I kind of hate how much sense you make sometimes.

[ because fuck, when did peter become the rational one? (not that brae's ever been exactly rational, but that's what she had fallon around for.)

but it's only a moment longer before she can hear the gibraltar's engines outside of the bunker, and another couple of minutes before fallon is letting himself in with his arms filled with coats.

he, of course, is not wearing one, in favor of having brought his own for the kids (which could probably fit three of the tinier ones, really). ]

...dude, seriously, wear a jacket.

[ brae sounds completely exasperated as she goes to help him distribute the coats to the kids. ]

Just 'cause you can't feel it, doesn't mean you're not getting frostbite.

[ fallon gives her a flat look, but holds a jacket out to floren, who is just gawking at the terran as he towers over the little boy. ]

How'd you get so big? You're like...a ginormous Terran.

[ fallon offers him a smile, and helps the kid put his arms through the coat, then zips it up for him. ]
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[personal profile] nostalgiabomb 2017-02-21 03:57 am (UTC)(link)
[ Sometimes, Fallon terrifies Peter.

Like, you know, in moments like these, when he comes barreling into a bunker, coated in white snow, bearing a bundle of coats in his arms like a really terrifying Santa Claus.

But he keeps that thought to himself, in favor of grabbing up another coat and helping one of the children into it. Once the kids are bundled up, or as bundled up as they can be, Peter and Brae slip into their own gear. A couple of the kids trip over the bottoms of their coats, which doesn't bode well for a trek through knee-high snow. Peter holsters his gun, scoops up two of the smaller children and rests them against his hips. ]

Hang on tight, you guys.

[ One of the children happens to be Floren, and he whispers to Peter, ]

He's huge.

[ Peter doesn't bother to track Floren's gaze; instead, he just nods and whispers back, ] Gigantic.

[ He glances around, nods to Brae. ]

Think we're good, here.
outruns: (072)

[personal profile] outruns 2017-02-21 04:22 am (UTC)(link)
[ brae nods right back, looking over to fallon, who seems content to head up the rear. ]

Then let's get outta here.

[ because she sure as shit is willing to bet the kids would rather not have to look at this place ever again.

out the main door they go, brae at the head of the little line of kids trekking through the feet of snow. the taller artaxians seem to manage just fine, mostly using the trail fallon left behind to get back to the ship.

they're nearly to the gibraltar when something in the ground trembles. brae stops short, looking uneasily around them as the shaking increases, as the loud whirr of an engine fills the air amid the blustering winds, and she turns to see— ]

—oh, you fucking prick.

[ the noise from owen's ship is way too goddamn loud for the kids to hear her, fortunately, but brae just watches as the ship emerges from a small hangar on the side of the rockface that had been completely invisible with the swirling mass of snow.

a roar and kick of the engine, and the ship disappears in a rush of heat and gales that actually knocks larreth right over.

brae rushes to help her back to her feet, pulling larreth up and only glancing once at fallon and peter. ]

C'mon, in the ship, go.
nostalgiabomb: (☆003)

[personal profile] nostalgiabomb 2017-02-21 04:59 am (UTC)(link)
[ Peter feels it rather than hears it, the bitterness of disappointment, that cold wash of rage, and instead of watching the ship take off, his gaze snaps to Brae.

He frowns behind his mask, worried, but rather than argue, he hurries toward the Gibraltar, murmuring for the kids on his hips to hang on tighter.

They make it back aboard, closing the bay doors behind them, shutting out the whipping winds and freezing snow, and Peter sets the two kids down on their feet. He lets Fallon set about helping the other kids out of their cumbersome coats, catching Brae by the elbow. ]

We going after him? [ Pitching his voice low again. And he sounds uncertain. Like he's trying to get across without so many words, It's not a good idea. ]
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[personal profile] outruns 2017-02-21 05:04 am (UTC)(link)
[ unlike the usual way contact will settle brae down, peter's grip on her elbow does incredibly little for the vibrant spikes of nerves jolting through her, warring with that flat, cold-as-goddamn-ice fury that wants to take the forefront. ]

I can catch him, I know I fucking can. I fly better than he does, I can catch that stupid ship—

[ her words are hissed out, quiet enough to avoid drawing the kids' attention, but still running together as she tries to quell the shaking rage that accompanies feeling this fucking close.

god, he'd been right in that bunker, he'd been right fucking there. ]
nostalgiabomb: (006)

[personal profile] nostalgiabomb 2017-02-21 05:27 pm (UTC)(link)
[ He hisses in a breath as that rage focuses, as that coil of anticipation sharpens, but he keeps his hold – light, though. He’s not trapping her, just trying to keep her attention.

For a second, he just lets that knot of fury twist before he concentrates, dredges up a sense of calm. He doesn’t know how this connection works, but if they can feel each other like this, it would stand to reason that she could feel this, too. ]


[ Soft, warning. ]

You can catch him. I don’t doubt that in the slightest. But right now, we’ve got a ship full of kids, and we have no clue where the hell that guy’s going.

[ The mask flits away from his face when he hits the trigger, metal receding on blue light, and he ducks down to catch her gaze. ]

Do you want to risk it?
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[personal profile] outruns 2017-02-21 06:12 pm (UTC)(link)
[ it speaks volumes how much she trusts peter that she isn't trying to shake him off right now, that she isn't trying to put physical distance between them (because that's what she'd do with fallon, with literally anyone else in this situation). she feels a measure of calm attempting to cut through the fog of her anger, and though it doesn't temper everything completely, it sands down the rough edges of that persistent rage.

she looks him dead in the eye, her breathing a little harsher, a little less steady.

yes is the honest answer. yes, she'll risk whatever the fuck she has to to get her hands on owen, but—

she cuts a quick glance at the kids, at fallon as he kneels down next to floren, letting the little boy compare the size of his hand to fallon's. larreth is trying to keep the other little ones corralled, her voice soft and too reasonable for someone so young (in a way that makes brae ache with familiarity, if she lets herself think too hard on it).

she looks back at peter, her breathing still shaky, but she's not pulsing with that tremulous restraint, not so absurdly close to just bolting for the cockpit and going after owen.

fuck. ] We should— we should get the kids back.
nostalgiabomb: (215)

[personal profile] nostalgiabomb 2017-02-21 09:13 pm (UTC)(link)
[ Peter just waits.

Because whatever Brae decides, he’s with her – even if she makes the kind of shady decision. Peter figures if that’s the way they’re gonna go, then he needs to keep up his own focus. Play babysitter and bodyguard, along with Fallon.

But he’s gratified when she seems to back off from that edge, seems to screw her own head on straight without his prompting, and he’s a little proud of her that she chooses the safer option.

He glances over at the kids as they examine the ship – though they stay close to Larreth and the other older child, clinging and whispering to each other. Some of them still look frightened, and Peter doubts that’ll change anytime soon. Wide eyes and unfamiliar surroundings, dragged out of their homes, away from their families, scooped onto a strange ship.

Terrified. Confused. Wishing the nightmare will just end.

Peter looks away from them before those old memories can drag him down. He rubs at the back of his neck, mind racing. ]

I’ll get in touch with my team. See if they can get the kids where they need to go.

[ Considering Brae and her crew were currently wanted, wandering anywhere close to civilized space would be as good as arresting themselves. Better to meet with the Guardians, let them pretend they busted the kids out. ]
outruns: (061)

[personal profile] outruns 2017-02-21 11:35 pm (UTC)(link)
[ brae just manages a nod, because it's the better option, really. the guardians can actually get the kids somewhere specific, somewhere with peacekeepers around, whereas the crew would... probably get arrested on sight.

that would make going after owen even more difficult than it's already going to be. ]

Yeah, that's... yeah. Do that.

[ she scrubs a hand down her face, breathing out slowly. ]

Maybe we can meet them somewhere close.

[ the closer they stay to the system, the better chance they have of catching up with owen.

if there's any chance at all. ]
nostalgiabomb: (185)

[personal profile] nostalgiabomb 2017-02-21 11:55 pm (UTC)(link)
Yeah. ‘Course.

[ Peter starts to move away, but he pauses, reluctant, hesitant. He places both hands on Brae’s shoulders, ducking down again to catch her gaze. ]

We’re gonna find him, okay?

[ He has little doubts about that, but Brae needs the reassurance. He doesn’t mind giving it. ]

Remember what I said? Turning him into pulp? That’s all still gonna happen, alright? It’s just not the right move right now. That’s all.
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[personal profile] outruns 2017-02-22 02:49 am (UTC)(link)
[ it catches brae off-guard when peter gets on her level again, just looks at her with a level of intensity and reassurance she didn't expect — but also needed right now. the contact helps, too, makes her ease a little more, gets her to just breathe as she considers him. ]

I... yeah.

[ he's right, and she wholeheartedly knows that — but it still drives her a little crazy: just sitting on her hands, going the opposite direction when owen is objectively so damn close...

but it's not the right move.

and taking care of these kids is.

she hesitates, and then: ]

...thanks. For, y'know, being here. Kinda shitty you got dragged into this, but.

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[personal profile] nostalgiabomb 2017-02-22 03:48 am (UTC)(link)
I won't deny that it's been a shitshow from scene one, but. That's fine. That's how most of my work goes, anyway. And, you know, besides all that?

[ The corner of his mouth tugs upward in a small smile, and he shrugs his shoulders. ]

Anything for you.

[ He leans down, presses his lips to her temple before finally pulling away, hurrying off down the passageway to contact the team.

And he calls back over his shoulder, ]

You've got stuff on your face again, by the way.
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[personal profile] outruns 2017-02-22 04:10 am (UTC)(link)
[ brae's left a little stunned by the kiss, by the warmth of those words, because fuck, that's not...something she's really ever experienced before. she has her crew's loyalty, knows they'll follow her to the ends of the galaxy, but she fucked peter over. she ruined both their lives for months before she came crawling back with her tail between her legs at the worst possible time, and still, here she is with a glowing kiss on her face, with those warm words ringing in her ears.

anything for you.

another day, she might be a grinning mess, might be a tangle of butterflies and other stupid, sappy things, but for now? the fact that he gets her to smile is big enough.

...and she tones it down a little bit when she calls after him: ]

Yeah, well, your lips are stupid and glowy too!

[ better than anything else she could've said, with the kids around.

the children in question are staring at her, a mixture of baffled and a little bit of awe with the glowing on her face.

floren tugs at fallon's sleeve, pointing over at brae. ]

Is that...a soulmatch?

[ fallon glances up at brae, a vague smile on his face. ]

Yeah. That is.

[ floren wrinkles his nose. ]

Her face looks funny like that.

[ and fallon just laughs, while brae rolls her eyes, and then it's off to get the ship ready to depart. she runs the scanners while she's at it, trying to get a lock on owen, to register that signature of his ship before he's too far out.

she's lucky, really, because she picks up just enough that when it comes time to go hunting, she'll know what to look for.

fucking good. ]