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** The Valentines Meme **

with 20% more additional add-on categories
Relationships, Dates, Sexy Gifts, Sex Acts, all that mess you guys like!

So slap on some Al Green and get it on.

  • Leave a comment with your character, stating preferences and what have you.
  • Comment around to others. Obviously, some assumed relationship will probably factor into the threads, but you can specify if that's not what you want.
  • Roll for relationship and date type. OPTIONAL; roll for sexy gift type and sex act type.
  • Play out some sex.

  1. Love at First Sight: Think Disney, The Princess Bride. Usually, the conflict seems to revolve around a quest or rescue mission. They fall in love fast, but some outside force is keeping them apart rather than tension within the couple.
  2. Oops!: A strong-willed or career-minded character doesn't intend to fall in love, and happens upon it by accident with consequences that could destroy their dreams/career: undercover cop falls for a criminal, tabloid writer falls for subject of trashy interview, etc. Often, one character needs to choose between love and their career, or must find a creative way to obtain both!
  3. Forbidden Love/"Romeo and Juliet:" This one seems to fall into paranormal romance, human/vampire. Sometimes its as simple as simple as a high school jock infatuated with a "nerd" character, or an office relationship, notable age difference, even step-siblings.
  4. Love/Hate: The characters start off disliking each other, and we all know what that means!
  5. Childhood Friends: Characters have known each other since childhood. Sometimes the relationship is sweeter and involves a childhood promise.
  6. Best Friends/ Friends First: The characters all ready know EVERYTHING about each other at the beginning of the story. However, something is keeping them from realizing their true feelings.
  7. Rivals/ Protagonist vs. Antagonist: Sometimes this crosses into Love/Hate, if a protagonist character falls for the bad guy/girl.
  8. Love Triangle: One character has to choose between two suitors.
  9. Sorry, I'm Taken: Usually, this one involves a couple that seems perfect for each other, but one of the subjects already has a nasty/ boyfriend or girlfriend or spouse they can't let go of.
  10. In Disguise: Shakespeare came up with it first (though he came up with most romance tropes, didn't he?) Think of "Twelfth Night" which inspired a variety of movies and books in which a girl character is in disguise as a boy,causing quite the confusion situation for the male love interest! The "disguise" situation could also happen for "undercover" characters like detectives, reporters, etc.
  11. Different Worlds: Not necessarily forbidden, but this couple struggles with bridging the gap between their two worlds, sometimes causing friction when they don’t understand each other. The different "world" could be literal in fantasy and sci-fi, or could deal with "real world" issues such as class, race, religion, etc.
  12. Second Time Around: Two lovers who already knew each other (and lost contact or broke up), meet again and the sparks fly.
  13. Tragic Past: Two characters click well, but one character cannot get over the tragic past of losing a loved one, etc. Usually one of the subjects lost a lover or spouse who died years before meeting their love interest.
  14. Long Distance Relationship: One character is captured, goes away to war, college, and the chemistry between them is shown through letters or phone calls. Sometimes they are tested by temptation or other forces trying to tear them apart.
  15. The Unobtainable Love Interest/ One-sided: Usually, one character immediately knows who they want and why they want them...but the other character doesn't seem interested, or has a secret reason for not expressing their interest. Peter Parker and Mary Jane come to mind.
  16. Lovers in Denial: Borders on love/hate where the characters tease each other, but in a more respectful playful way. They are often good friends at some point in the story, and get in general conflicts and playful arguments but don’t dislike each other, and often have respect for each other. Usually, one or both characters have a pride issue that keeps them from confessing their love, or they don’t want to ruin their friendship or work partnership. They’re in love, and everyone else in the story realizes it except for them.
  17. Passionate Lovers: This revolves mostly around intense physical attraction/lust at first and sometimes develops into something more.
  18. Sweethearts Forever?: Lovers that just click, seem sugary sweet, and almost too perfect for each other, usually one or both is/are hiding something.
  19. Opposites Attract: Two different characters click and deal with each others differences at the same time.
  20. Similarities Attract: Characters act very much alike, causing both tension and infatuation.
  21. Partners in Crime: Two characters who work as a “bad guy” team and often do malicious things to those who get in their way, but are actually a loyal and devoted couple.
  22. Dangerous Drama: Passionate, twisted, intense, they always come back to each other, even though the couple needs therapy and the characters have done some pretty nasty things ranging from betrayal, vengeance, dangerous characters, to life-threatening situations.
  23. Arranged Marriage/Date: Two characters are set-up and forced to be together by politics or family pressure, sometimes crossing into other love/hate, love at first sight.
  24. First Love: The ups and downs of first love, the subjects need to figure out how to handle a relationship while trying to discover their own identities at the same time.
  25. Long-Term Lovers: The couple has already been together for awhile, sometimes married! However, something other than another love interest (kids, adventure situation, family drama) either them closer together or causes tension.
  1. Burlesque Show: Spend this Valentines Day getting sultry by taking your date to a burlesque show. These old-timey acts are more sexy than skanky (think feather boas, long gloves, fans and tasseled pasties). Talented performers often accompany the campy humor and killer costumes.
  2. Indoor Picnic: Skip the restaurant scene, where you'll inevitably be stuck with an overpriced pre-fixed menu and a seat that leaves you knee-to-knee with other star-crossed lovebirds. Spend your Valentines Day dinner enjoying an indoor picnic instead. Spread out the blanket, break out the fancy accouterments — and don’t forget the bubbly.
  3. Glamping: Let’s face it — camping isn’t always sexy (bug spray and outdoor toilets can be a romance buzzkill, to say the least). But "glamping" (glamorous camping) can make for the ultimate Valentines Day staycation. Pitch a tent (not that kiind) in the backyard or even the bedroom, whip up a batch of s’mores, light up the fireplace (on DVD) and get all cozy in that sleeping bag for deux.
  4. Roller Skating: Most dates will be hitting the ice skating rink come Valentines Day, so go old school by taking your date roller skating instead. Bust out your tube socks and short shorts — the roller rink makes for a super-fun Valentines Day setting. You can hang out in the arcade, buy your date a candy necklace, and get cozy for a couple's skate.
  5. Bowling: Bowling may not reek of romance, but c'mon, it's fun! Throw back a few cold ones, grab some junk food and settle in for some healthy competition this Valentine's Day. Make things a little more interesting by keeping score and promising the winner a Valentine's Day "prize."
  6. Comedy Show: Some say laughter is an aphrodisiac, and who are we to argue with that logic? Also, what better way to celebrate Valentines Day than to laugh your butt off? Grab a date and head to the nearest comedy club for an off-the-grid VDay experience.
  7. Hot Yoga: Flexible? Get steamy with a Valentines Day "hot yoga" class for two. The flow of the poses in the heated room will increase blood flow and boost your endorphins — plus your partner will look sexy in a sweaty downward dog. The best part? A shower is absolutely necessary after this type of class, so make it a shower for two.
  8. Concert: Skip the opera this Valentines Day and head straight for the ultimate rock-n-roll date: take your Valentine to see his or her favorite band. Or just hit up a local music venue for a live show. Seeing Jay-z or Fun. is a perfectly romantic Valentines Day gift.
  9. Sexy Scavenger Hunt: Design a sexy scavenger hunt for your honey this Valentines Day. Create clues that lead to special places you've been together and reward them with sexy prizes. (Try recreating your first kiss.) Bonus: This can be completely free, and you'll score major points for creativity
  10. Have a DIY dinner: Set up a taco bar with all the fixings or make homemade pizza. Creating something together is interactive, so it brings you closer.
  11. Visit open houses: Fantasize about buying your dream home. It'll help you look forward to what your relationship can be down the road.
  12. Hit a playground or an amusement park: Use the swing set, go on rides, win a teddy bear—you know, have fun like you did when you were a kid.
  13. Play around-the-world cocktails: Sample one specialty drink from a wine bar, one from a pub, and another from a Russian vodka room. Take a taxi.
  14. Pamper yourselves with a couples spa day: It's a relaxing, sensual experience that can put you in an amorous mood as well.
  15. Visit a psychic: You don't have to buy into her predictions, but at least you'll have a good laugh.
  16. Test your luck at a nearby casino or horse race: Bring only a set amount of cash that you can afford to lose.
  17. Costume party: Donning a costume and attending a party full of similarly attired guests can get you feeling naughty. A little bit of role-playing in character and you’ll be up for wider experimentation at home. Encourage her to choose an outfit that shows off your sex appeal and her creativity.
  18. Fancy dress event: Having an excuse to get dressed up is something nearly all women enjoy. Putting a little extra effort into your looks will make you feel more confident and, consequently, more likely to want to continue the evening long into the night. Throw in some delicious cocktails and, perhaps, a decadent dessert (one fork only!) and you will leave the event in an amorous state of mind.
  19. Drive-in movie: The drive-in movie was made for making out. Getting busy in a car is a novelty that doesn't seem to wear off. Pick a movie neither of you has much interest in seeing because you will miss most of it.
  20. Dancing: Dancing can be a very sensual activity. Of course, there's always extreme bumping and grinding, but keeping a little distance between you has its perks; the moves will be enough to put her in the mood for more.
  21. Pool party: Spending the night at a pool party gives you plenty of time to ogle each other in sexy bathing suits while maintaining a playful, carefree mood. And let's face it: Following a pool party, you have to take off your clothes.
  22. Chocolate fondue: Anything involving chocolate will get you in the mood, especially when you’re sharing it. Fondue can be very sexy and is easy enough to prepare at home.
  23. Upscale hotel room: Spring for a nice hotel room for the night. The unfamiliarity of the surroundings will have you feeling adventurous. Add a Jacuzzi tub and volunteer to give your lover a full body massage, and you'll be guaranteed a night to remember.
  1. Oh La La Lingerie: We're not talking about the classic teddy here. For a really sexy Valentine's gift, leave the pink nightgown behind and try something bold, like a black lace cutout with fishnet stockings, or a deep red backless babydoll. And don't forget the high heels!
  2. Boudoir Images: Give your love the naughty gift they'll never forget. Once they get a look at this provocative photo of you, the only thing that will make them want to put it down will be if you're practicing your poses in front of him. Get your pictures done with a professional or do it yourself at home.
  3. Sumptuous Bedding: Nothing says "I want you honey" like luxurious Egyptian sheets. This cotton material is world-renowned for its comfort and quality, and gets softer every time you wash it. Splurge on the highest thread count you can afford, and enjoy the silky-smooth feeling of imported comfort.
  4. Naughty Treats: For the ultimate sexy gift, use your creative juices to put together a bag of treats for your lover - not candy treats, but the adult kind. Buy a heart-shaped bag or basket and fill it up with toys and tricks you know they will like.
  5. Breakfast in Bed: Surprise your sweetie with their favorite morning meal in bed on Valentine's Day. Of course, serving them in lingerie/sexy underwear would make it that much better.
  6. Coupons: Create your own coupons such as 'BJ of the month' coupons or other erotic coupons they may like.
  7. Try a New Style Down There: If you’ve been sporting a Brazilian-style landing strip since your first night together, grow it out to a fuller triangle shape or go totally bare. Not only will you give them a sexy surprise, but it’ll also create new sensations in bed.
  8. Rent an Erotic Film: There's no better time than V-Day to pick up a new sex trick or discover a new position. Surprise your honey with a private screening at your place, then feel free to get inspired by the movie. Don't worry about finding out how it ends.
  9. Dirty Talk: Be specific for once! Let them know how much you "love" when his "tongue" makes you "cum." When it's their turn, you may be surprised to discover you've been dating a secret John Keats.
  1. Vaginal
  2. Anal
  3. Oral
  4. Handjob
  5. Bareback
  6. Mutual Masturbation
  7. Bukkake
  8. Intercrural
  9. Tribadism
  10. Fingering
  11. Roleplaying
  12. Pegging/strap-on
  13. Titfucking
  14. Food play
  15. Foreplay
  16. Snowballing
  17. Creampie
  18. Nipple/breast play
  19. Facial
  20. Orgasm denial
  21. Bondage
  22. Dom/Sub
  23. Crossdressing
  24. Feet
  25. Deep-Throating
  26. Groping
  27. Grinding
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Date : Mix of 2 & 3 maybe?

[personal profile] mouthymercwade 2017-02-14 06:21 pm (UTC)(link)
To say Wade was nervous was an understatement. That their first date just happened to be on Valentines Day...well it was luck and a curse he felt like. He shifted a bit, tugging his hoodie a bit higher as he approached the other man's door before knocking, glancing around the hall.

He had a couple of bags with him and a basket, having planned their date out without giving Peter any actual details. He just hoped the other man enjoyed what he'd planned. He smiled to himself, biting his lip some and sighing as he thought about everything he had with him, running through the list in his head a few more times just to be sure. An indoor picnic and then, if everything went well, a small indoor campout type thing. That was if Peter was comfortable with him staying.
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[personal profile] spideyguy 2017-02-14 07:16 pm (UTC)(link)
Peter's been freaking out about this since...maybe twenty minutes after it happened. Okay, scratch that - first he went home to pass out and heal, and then he freaked out about it. He'd had to run around doing things that day, too, like attending his lectures, so he couldn't even freak out in peace. But it's been - hell, it's been a while since Gwen and he's still not over it. Maybe he never will be. Maybe she took some piece of him with her that he can't get back. But Wade - he's different, in a way. He's a vigilante too, he gets Peter without him having to go through the whole spiel.

The fact that Wade apparently can't die certainly helps Peter's anxiety.

He sets aside his confusing feelings to detangle when he wasn't in crunch time and got to work as soon as he got home for the day. He had to whip his crappy little apartment into shape - it wasn't disgusting or anything, but it was kind of a mess, papers scattered haphazardly all over the place. Mixed in with photo projects and red string theories he had going on for the various gang activities he was tracking.

The knock on his door comes faster than he expected and Peter curses under his breath, shoving a binder precariously onto an overloaded shelf. He opens the door as he skids to a stop in the doorframe, cheeks flushed and a smile stretching his lips. "Uh, hey. Hi. What's up." Peter adjusts his glasses, askew on his face, before realizing he's blocking Wade's entry into the apartment. "Uh - come in, please."
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[personal profile] mouthymercwade 2017-02-14 07:23 pm (UTC)(link)
He smiled down at Peter when the door opened, standing there for a moment before stepping inside and looking around. "Better than my place. Not that I really care about my place. Just for sleeping really." He said with a shrug before moving to carry everything into the small kitchen. "Sorry if...this seems kinda like a lot."

He sat everything down, pushing the bags around a bit before he started explaining. "Basically...okay so, I thought we could do...kinda like an indoor picnic with movies and then...I mean, I don't have to stay or anything, but if you were comfortable with it after...maybe indoor camping. I brought one of those little...indoor tent sets and a..." He hesitated, blushing a bit. "A two person sleeping bag. Pillows...some extra blankets, stuff for s'mores..." He said as he started looking through the bags. "Movies too. And the picnic, of course."
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[personal profile] spideyguy 2017-02-14 09:51 pm (UTC)(link)
"Yeah pretty much. Too busy running patrols." Peter scrubs a hand back, through his hair, trailing after Wade into the kitchen. He, he brought a lot of stuff, didn't he? Peter smiles and shrugs, leaning against the doorframe as Wade started unpacking. He couldn't help how his gaze wandered, surprised at how different Wade looked out of his suit. Peter - hadn't seen him out of it before. Getting used to the masklessness would take a hot minute.

"That sounds great, Wade." Peter nods, glancing at the stuff he's brought. "I've never been camping, indoor or outdoor." The mention of a two person sleeping bag gets a soft laugh out of him, with Peter ducking his head a little. "...didn't even know they made those."

"Just tell me how to help?"
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[personal profile] mouthymercwade 2017-02-15 05:18 am (UTC)(link)
"Yeah it...its supposed to be a couples thing." He said looking a bit sheepish and making a face before shaking his head and instead just turning and reaching out, pulling Peter in close. "Hmmm first I want something. Been thinking about this since the other night." He said before leaning in and pressing his lips against Peter's slowly.

He let one hand slowly cup his jaw while the other hand moved down to his hip. He hummed into it, tugging him close.
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[personal profile] spideyguy 2017-02-21 08:18 pm (UTC)(link)
"Oh? Are we a couple now?" Peter can't help but tease, resting his hands against Wade's chest. He raises an eyebrow, blush still lightly coloring his cheeks. His chuckle is fond, as Peter complies and leans in, shaky, fluttering feeling settling in his stomach. It's...not a bad feeling. "You could just ask - "

Peter moves his lips easily in tandem, shifting closer to Wade as he does so. Peter's thin, tall, and Wade is certainly bigger than him in both directions, taller and bulkier. His hands smooth up to Wade's shoulders, fingers searching lightly against him.
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[personal profile] mouthymercwade 2017-02-22 02:25 am (UTC)(link)
He continued that kiss, hands settling at Peter's hips for a long moment before sliding around his back, pulling him closer. One hand moved up his back, hesitating before his fingers dipped under the back of his shirt, just brushing at his lower back. The other hand stayed at the small of his back, even if he wanted to grab Peter's ass.

When he pulled out of the kiss he didn't let go of Peter, staring down at him and smiling. "Something wrong with me hoping we could be a couple? Maybe?"
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[personal profile] spideyguy 2017-03-09 07:02 am (UTC)(link)
The fact that Wade doesn't immediately go for his ass is...well, it's kind of sweet, in a way. Especially considering now, of all times, is when he might actually have a viable excuse for a grab at him. But it's the thought that counts, right, and Peter appreciates it in a weird way.

"No, not at all." He snorts lightly, echoing Wade's smile. "Just think you're skipping a few steps there. Do the kids not do third dates nowadays?"
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[personal profile] mouthymercwade 2017-03-18 06:32 pm (UTC)(link)
He laughed, shaking his head. "From what I've seen nowadays I'm taking it pretty slow. The kids nowadays go straight from talking to fucking in the same day." He pointed out, shrugging a shoulder. "I'm just talking about wanting to be a couple. I wasn't even thinking about sex...okay well I mean maybe thats a little lie, but I'm not going to pressure you into it."

He smiled at that, looking a little sheepish and shrugging a shoulder. "Not gonna lie. You're hot. You know I think you're hot. Been flirting with you long enough and making the sexual innuendos, you know that I'm interested."
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[personal profile] spideyguy 2017-04-10 08:17 am (UTC)(link)
"Yeah, Tinder wasn't what I thought it would be." Peter smiled, raising an eyebrow at Wade. "The third date is the one where you give me your letterman jacket and I give you my class ring and we go steady, dude. Have you never seen a sitcom?" Yeah, because they were a prime pair for that sort of 'romance'.

"Um." It's not the compliment that takes him off guard - not that Peter thinks of himself as 'hot', come on now - but Wade's expressed it enough that it doesn't surprise him Wade thinks that. No, it's the matter-of-fact tone that brings a hint of a blush to the tops of Peter's cheeks. "...well there's a difference between sexual innuendos and genuine interest in, like, a person. We've only just recently established that both are present, that's all."
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[personal profile] mouthymercwade 2017-04-10 08:25 pm (UTC)(link)
"Well you know I don't have a letterman jacket...but if that is what you want, then I'll certainly figure out how to make you happy." He said softly, biting his lip and shrugging. Then he leaned in and pressed his lips lightly against Peter's temple. "Anything you want, Peter. I promise." He murmured softly before pulling back.

Then he tilted his head a bit at his words. "Well you should have known that it really was the truth. I've been interested in you for a while."
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[personal profile] spideyguy 2017-05-01 08:30 am (UTC)(link)
"Guess we'll just have to swap masks and call it a day then," Peter smiled, eyes fluttering shut for a moment when Wade kissed his temple. He could feel the flush oncoming at Wade's murmur, unsure if he was supposed to have heard that or not - it was always hard to tell, with enhanced hearing.

"I'm bad at signals, my dude." Peter offered a helpless sort of half-shrug, ducking his head a little.
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[personal profile] mouthymercwade 2017-05-01 09:01 pm (UTC)(link)
"Hmm swap masks, huh? Might look a little weird on our costumes." He teased, holding him close. Then he tilted Peter's head up, fingers under his chin before pressing their lips together again in a soft, sweet kiss. He sighed into the kiss, smiling a bit into it as well.
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[personal profile] spideyguy 2017-06-06 02:34 am (UTC)(link)
"I think the color scheme matches up well enough, don't you?" Peter hummed quietly into the kiss, flush high in his cheeks as he reciprocated, slowly and carefully. Making sure he could feel each movement, each part of it. He hadn't been this close to anybody in quite a while, it would take a minute for him to catch up completely - but so far he liked what Wade was putting down.
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[personal profile] mouthymercwade 2017-06-19 03:52 am (UTC)(link)
Wade made a soft sound into the kiss as he pulled the younger man closer by his hips. He sighed before he started to pull away, staring down at him and swallowing hard before smiling. "God, Petey..." He breathed out, bumping their noses together before pecking his lips.
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[personal profile] spideyguy 2017-06-21 01:24 pm (UTC)(link)
Peter offered a soft smile back when Wade pulled away, looking up at him through his lenses fondly. It's new, different and exciting somewhere near the pit of his stomach, and he tamps down on the feeling, not wanting to get ahead of himself. "Come on, you. We've got a date to start."
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[personal profile] mouthymercwade 2017-06-22 12:11 am (UTC)(link)
"We do, don't we? So...where do you wanna start then?" He asked a bit excitedly, tilting his head before taking a step back so he wasn't tempted to kiss the younger man again. Not yet anyways.

"We've got food and movies. Could set up our little indoor camping experience. Hey, I make a mean pillow fort." He teased.
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[personal profile] spideyguy 2017-07-22 02:51 pm (UTC)(link)
"We should probably set up base camp." Peter grinned, leading Wade into the little living room. He nudged the rickety little coffee table and sent it skidding across the floor with just an ounce of his strength. This did, however, free up the smidgen of floor space they had.
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[personal profile] mouthymercwade 2017-08-13 08:55 pm (UTC)(link)
He watched this before raising an eyebrow. "Good to know you're durable." He teased as he also pushed the couch back some, giving them even more space. Then he grabbed everything he'd brought, also grabbing any extra pillows and blankets from around the apartment that he could find.

Once he had everything he started setting up a really nice pallet on the floor big enough for the both of them. He also set up pillows and things around the edge to give it a more intimate feel. Once he was done with that he got everything ready to start a movie.