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Either you need to know something or you do know something. Are you questioning a suspect? A spy? Your best friend? Are you tied to a chair by your captors? Sat in an interrogation room? Standing with your hand stuck in the cookie jar? Basically, this meme is to explore the idea of interrogation. Whether it's serious or not doesn't matter, here's your place to play it. Whether you're getting coordinates for an enemy base, cornering a criminal, or trying to figure out who stole your teddy bear, we're here for you! Try not to rough your quarry up too much, huh?

• Top level your character. Include any details you might think are relevant. Or don't. As always, we're not the cops.
• Reply to other people's top levels!
• If your thread is going to contain a lot of gore, consider giving a heads up in the subject line!
• Have fun!

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Ezera | OC

[personal profile] snakechahmah 2017-02-12 04:58 am (UTC)(link)
[She's biting her lip and trying not to smile too mischievously.]

Really, I have no idea what you're talking about at all.
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I'm sure you don't and that is why we have ample evidence that you, indeed, do.

[The woman sitting cross-legged on the concrete floor of some abandoned industrial building across from Ezera, who has been tied up with her hands behind her back and is guarded by an Indian looking man in a suit, rolls her eyes behind her pink, techy looking sunglasses, and rests her arms on her knees in a gesture of we can continue to do this all day if you want.]
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[personal profile] snakechahmah 2017-02-13 08:21 pm (UTC)(link)
She’s almost grinning now as she looks from the woman to the Indian man behind her. “I gotta tell you, this is super realistic. So, where’s the camera?” She whispers those last words. “What am I on? Punked? Candid Camera? Or are you one those independent Youtube type pranksters?” What? It was a legitimate question considering the alternative, which was that someone had actually effing kidnapped her just as she was closing down the club, thinking that she knew shit about shit she didn’t know. Wait, hold up. Did she know something…and not know that she knew?

“One year, for my birthday, my troupe surprised me with this stripper they hired to come “rescue me”. They tied me up then, too. Is that what this is? Ooo, is it you, sweetpea?” She shot a suggestive look at the guy. “Or you?” Looking back at’cha lady. “Oh, wait? Or is this about that driving ticket? Listen, I can explain. I plan to pay it, but c’mon, who hasn’t been inspired by The Fast and the Furious at least once, amirite?”

[ooc: Looooove old WoD]
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She's seen a variety of reactions during interrogations in the years that she is definitely not telling the rest of her cabal about, but this is new. Not in and by itself, but because this woman seems to be entirely genuine about it, at least judging by the readings that are flickering across the screens on the inside of her glasses, functioning like a lie detector for now.

Perhaps she really doesn't know that she knows something. Or someone removed it. She hopes not. Memory retrieval can be an ugly procedure, if it is possible at all.

"He's a monk." She gestures towards the man standing behind Ezera. "I doubt that he would work as a stripper. If he even knows what that is.

He is also a very good example of his people still being very in touch with their inner middle ages, so I'd try to remember quickly, in your position." She doesn't particularly approve of his Tradition, but hey, what are Chorists (well, this one in particular) there for if not to use them as a threat?

[Ehhhhhh awesome! Also I'm sorry for the long turn-around I'll try to be faster with my next tag]
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[personal profile] snakechahmah 2017-02-16 03:17 pm (UTC)(link)
"A monk?" Wait, I was kidnapped by a monk?" She says incredulously, not quite getting a handle on the seriousness of the situation yet, still thinking that this was some elaborate prank. "I repent my sins? Can I go now? Is this one of those fetish things?"

Ok, these people were really good actors. They were both all serious and gloomy. Maybe it was best to play along so this whole thing could just run its course. They had to be paid by the hour and that's all she could imagine anyone willing to spend on this...whatever this was.

"Listen, that's great. I love kink as much as the next person and you've already done a brilliant job at tying me up. And I can go on forever making position jokes, but I least gimmie a hint on what it is that you think I know? Oh, and the safe word."

[No worries at all.]
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[personal profile] virtualdefector 2017-02-16 05:20 pm (UTC)(link)
The disturbing thing about this is that this woman either is awakened and has some damn solid mental defences going on - or some equivalent of that - or, which would match the intel that she has, is just a regular human and actually serious. The first would be more troublesome and the latter way would bother her more.

Especially with the laughter happening somewhere behind her. If Ezera turns her head, she'll see that there actually are more people in the room - a fourty-something, vaguely indigenous looking woman that is half covered in cats - three can be seen right now -, who is laughing like this was the most hilarious thing that she's heard in a while; a decidedly uncomfortable looking elderly Russian woman in a knitted, queen mum colored jacket; a middle-aged, white man who just looks So Done with the whole situation; and another man of southern American descent and indeterminate age who looks like he's been stoned continuously since last year at the very least.

Meanwhile, Charley pushes the glasses up on her forehead to look at the laughing woman on the sidelines. "Dude, you're being SO not helpful here.

...Though, she thinks this is a sex thing. Robert, isn't that more your area?" The white guy looks even More Done and just buries his face in his hands. "NO. IT IS NOT. Didn't you say you know how to do these things?"

"Yeah." Charley looks at the woman before her and pulls a face. "But normally they aren't serious when they say things like these."
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[personal profile] snakechahmah 2017-02-16 06:31 pm (UTC)(link)
Awakened? Dude, she hasn't even had her coffee yet, something that she was deeply regretting now. The laughter did, in fact, make her turn her head, her mouth puckering into an "o" of surprise. What the?

Ok, the woman covered in cats? That's just her nightmare scenario come to life. Hopefully, this wasn't some kind of 'ghost of Christmas future' shit right here or else she might actually start twitching. The rest of the people didn't fill her with too much confidence either. "Um, did I miss something? Are you guys the panel for, like, Ukrainian Idol...or something?"

And when Charley mentions the sex thing, Ezera shakes her head vigorously, finding her previous humour very much diminished with so many people in the room and her tied up. "Nope. I don't think that. Nope. Nuthin' like that, not even interested...totally into the whole nun thing now. You know, nun of this, nun of that. Yep. Ha, ha. That's me."

Oh, crap. Charlie just said Robert's name out loud, no one was wearing a mask, and that was never a good thing if you go by every Criminal Minds episode ever.

What the everloving hell is going on?
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The Indian guy finally speaks up, sounding exceedingly pleasant and earnest, like a slightly axe-crazy Jehova's Witness knocking at your door with pamphlets.

"All religions are one. It's a mistake to think that there are more, so if you have realized that it does not matter which belief you count yourself to, that is quite a step on the way."

Charley and the woman with the cats as well as the white guy exchange long-suffering glances at those words, but don't bother to argue.

"What he says, I guess. If you want to, I can leave you to him later, he loves brainwashing- I mean, bringing people to see the truth and stuff."
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[personal profile] snakechahmah 2017-02-16 07:06 pm (UTC)(link)
"Oh. Um. Okay?" She manages weakly and kinda looks at him like he was growing six heads. So weird. This was so weird. The gleam in his eyes made her slightly uncomfortable.

Ezera turns to look back at Charlie, who from this entire menagerie, seems to be sane and the ringleader. "Nah. I'm good, thanks. Really. But, um. I'm starting to get the sense that this wasn't a set up by my friends." Which would be bad. Very bad. She half-expected them to jump outta somewhere laughing. And then she would punch them in the face (as best she could anyway, cause, yeah, not a fighter).

"Seriously. What do you want from me and who are you people?"
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Considering that she's ghoul to a Malkavian the "sane" part is a bit questionable, but...

"Oh, good." Charley pulls the pink glasses back down onto her nose and studies her for a bit, relaxing, which oddly enough ends up in a very business-like posture and expression. This seems to be more back on track now. Good.

As distracting as the circus on the sidelines is. Not that Taifun is much less distracting, but at least his brand of crazy is an useful one in this situation.

"As I said, you know something - or used to know something - that we would like to learn about. And who we are doesn't matter."
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[personal profile] snakechahmah 2017-02-16 08:02 pm (UTC)(link)
Izzy waits a beat. Her brows slowly lift up and then she realises that she's still waiting. "And that...would be about what, exactly?" She quizzes, quickly looking around at them again but trying to take notice of things like, you know, the door. A lot of good that would do her when she's tied up like this.

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[personal profile] virtualdefector 2017-02-16 08:11 pm (UTC)(link)
There are two doors around, on each end of the storage hall, the kind of big ones that lorries can drive through. There are also stairs up to a kind of gallery running along the inside of the building to her right.

But, alas, she's tied up pretty securely.

"Does the name Brian Norstein mean anything to you?"
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[personal profile] snakechahmah 2017-02-16 08:22 pm (UTC)(link)
Yeah, she gets that after she tries the knots, wiggling her fingers and realising that she couldn't move her wrists at all.

"Brian Norstein." She thinks a moment. A lot of nameless people come through her club. "No. I really don't know who that is. Should it?" Oh, God. Kidnappers don't like it when you don't know something and think you do. "I've never heard of that name before. Who is he?" Keep them talking. And don't forget to breathe.
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[personal profile] virtualdefector 2017-02-16 08:48 pm (UTC)(link)
"You would likely have met him through some kind of activism. He has infiltrated a lot of political grassroots organisations.

Possibly under a different name, though. Tall, Latino, bleached hair, tends to wear earrings."

Still nothing... eugh. Does this mean they will have to do actual digging?
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[personal profile] snakechahmah 2017-02-16 09:19 pm (UTC)(link)
Wait. How do they know about her involvement in various causes? This was getting a bit creepy now.

"Have, have you been spyingon me?" She asks angrily. Anger somehow feels better than fear. "And, yeah, that sounds like everyone and anyone that I know." Ok, not all of her friends were latino but that's not the point. "Why are you so interested in him and what the hell made you think that I could tell you anything about him?"

[ooc: have at it. Twist whatever plot you want/do whatever you want as long as doesn't leave her with permanent damage in the long term.]
Edited 2017-02-16 21:20 (UTC)
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[personal profile] virtualdefector 2017-02-17 09:02 pm (UTC)(link)
"No, I did a simple google search." ...Well, perhaps not a google search, but for someone of her abilities, it was about that simple. Considering that she's very skilled at getting information, that probably doesn't say as much about Ezera as it says about her, though. Point is, if this woman feels the need to smartass her she's not beneath smartassing her back. It feels so nice to not have to be professional.

"Because he told us that he left information with you before he had an unfortunate accident, so we couldn't get said information from him directly." She'll leave it at this - it sounds ominous and will hopefully make Ezera believe that it was their fault that Brian is dead. Which it isn't, at least not directly.
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[personal profile] snakechahmah 2017-02-17 11:03 pm (UTC)(link)
A Google search? Whatthefuckityhell? Ezera is now just looking from one person to another. Is this shit for real? Like seriously for real? Because it feels like she just stumbled upon a joke, maybe even tripped over it face planting onto the floor.

She doesn't react to the news of Brian's death because she didn't know him. At least she doesn't think that she did unless he really used a fake name. However, the insinuation that they hurt him sends a shiver down her spine. But it didn't make sense either, if they needed to get the information from him, why would they kill him? And why would he say that he gave the information to her? Oh my God...waiter, check please.

"Listen, no one has given me anything in the last few days except for a migraine and an ulcer. No mail, no email, no parcel, no word of mouth cloak and dagger bullshit. Nothing."

She fought and struggled against the knots unsuccessfully. "Was this really freakin' necessary? You could have just, you know, asked."
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"So someone did remove it. Well-"

She gets up and gestures for the Indian man. "Please help our guest up so we can move this downstairs."

The man behind Ezera leans down and hauls the woman before him to her feet and grabs one of her arms while Charley leans down and uses a laser cutter to cut the rope at her feet, already stepping back when the material falls to the ground.

The woman with the cat makes sound as if she is going to start protesting,Are you seriously-, but Charley just raises an eyebrow at her. "Yes, we are seriously. It will be plenty more civilized than your lot's tendency to cut people open so they'll give you the information you want. And much more effective too, in this case."
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[personal profile] snakechahmah 2017-02-20 01:19 am (UTC)(link)
Move this downstairs? Oh, no. That didn't sound good. Finally the fear caught up to her anger. This wasn't a joke. This wasn't her crew enjoying a few shits and giggles at her expense or some raunchy escape.

"What? No. No! Let me go! What are you doing?" Oh, Christ. Ezera struggled again. When Charley cut her bindings and stepped away, she kicked out anyway at the same time that she twisted her entire body in the hopes of throwing the Indian man off-balance because none of the conversation that she was hearing was filling her with confidence. "HELP!" She screamed simultaneously. It echoed out sickly through the building. "Help!"

Ezera also tried throwing her weight back, hoping to shove the Indian man a few steps away from her so that she could run.
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The Indian man struggled with keeping her down, though not too much - the way he held her, he clearly had some training in all of this. Over the echoes, Charley's annoyed voice could be heard.


The Scottish man sighed and stepped forward, coming over towards them... and then Ezera could feel her mind growing sluggish as her whole body fell into a deep sleep of exhaustion.

She woke again in a pitch black room, this time tied to a chair, her feet to one leg each and her arms behind the back of it.

Somewhere in the dark, Charley's voice could be heard. "It's called regression. We will return you to the point before you were relieved of this memory."

It wouldn't be an easy task, but at least they could pool their abilities.
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[personal profile] snakechahmah 2017-02-21 09:46 pm (UTC)(link)
Ezera groaned as she woke up, groggy and heavy from whatever they did to her. Although she tried to adjust her eyes to the dark, she came to the understanding that there was nothing more than the dark. Even when she blinked a few times, nothing changed. She tried moving. Shit. Tied up again.


"I liked it better when I thought you were into BDSM." She croaked out weakly, the clouds lifting from her head. Hey, what do you want? Humor was her defense mechanism. "Whoever tied these knots definately has a secret fetish."

Ezera took a few deep breaths. "You're not going to mess me up...are you? Cause I have this thing tomorrow know, I need to be...alive."
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"We aren't in the habit of killing people. ...Well, not unless someone is particularly grouchy, which at the moment I don't think anyone is."

That kind of tying someone up, huh? "So you have experience with being tied up?" It might sound like a joke, but there is actually something serious behind it - if she gets tied up a lot, this woman might be good at getting out of such things, too.
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[personal profile] snakechahmah 2017-02-23 03:21 am (UTC)(link)
"So, you're going to let me go?" She didn't even sound like she believed it.

You best believe that she was trying the knots. But it wouldn't do the trick because she couldn't see the end of her nose much less the door. Besides, clearly, they had some kinda stuff to knock her out.

"Maybe I was doing the tying." She retorted back, reflecting on this bizarre turn of conversation and wondering if there was a 'wrong answer'.
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[personal profile] virtualdefector 2017-02-25 09:04 pm (UTC)(link)
"Once we've got what we wanted, and assuming this p- technique works."

It's not that her cabal doesn't know, by now, so slip ups in terminology aren't that bad, but she should still really get better at avoiding them.

"And you do that a lot?"
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[personal profile] snakechahmah 2017-02-26 04:45 am (UTC)(link)
"And...and what does this technique entail?" She asks slowly. She trying to use her little finger to determine how much space is between the knots. That would make them easier to loosen.

"Why? Are you interested?" She shoots back before her brain catches up with her mouth and suggests that maybe, just maybe, that wasn't such a good response.

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