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 Otherwordly Meme

Sometimes all you need is a word to spark off an idea.

1. Post a comment with your character's name, canon, and any preferences you may have (no shipping, no smut, etc.)

2. Leave the comment blank or post a word or two in the body.

It may also help if you list scenarios you would like to play.

3. Reply to other people, either with words you picked out, or words they posted as prompts for a thread.

( A cleanup of the previous Otherwordly Meme. )

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hope this is okay!

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[ the kid's a little worse for wear; it doesn't take a genius to see it.

logan's no stranger to grief, and when spider-man makes his dynamic comeback weeks after the incident in the belltower, the kid's still wearing it like a glove. charles explains that what he needs is a guiding hand — logan argues that neither of his have ever proven particularly capable at guiding much of anything. ( unless it's a beer, or a swift, bloody death ) but arguing with the man has always proven about as useful as a neighborhood dog with no bark.

so, he takes the trip. the kid calls it a superhero team-up. logan's own reaction is a touch more colorful. together, they pursue all signs that lead to the vulture's arrival in town. it doesn't take long before they have him cornered, but logan finds himself caught between a rock and a hard place ( a building he doesn't have time to scale and another that's taller than he can contemplate ). inevitably, it's spider-man who saves the day and the crooked bastard's brought to justice. logan leans against the latter of the skyscrapers and lights a cigar.

the abandoned warehouse that logan keeps himself in for the time being does not a hotel suite make, but he arrives after all is said and done with a bag of burgers and fries, and two drinks that seem to have tipped over, leaking sticky soda over their sides somewhere along the way. the overhead balcony sports a rusty card table, two wooden chairs, and several, empty glass bottles that litter the floor.

he sets the food to the table, collapsing in one of the chairs. the seat grunts underneath his weight, and he reclines slightly, legs spread in front of him, and body turned awkwardly to start dishing out the makeshift meal.

You did good out there, kid.

[ it's about as close to a compliment he's come since arriving in parker's side of town. ]
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Perfect! (:

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[After...everything that happens, Peter doesn't know what to do with himself. Sitting around grieving isn't productive in any way, shape, or form, but at this point it's all he really has left anyway. The decision to get back out there in the suit isn't even the hard part - people need him, they need Spiderman, and how can he let those cries go unheard? He's just. He's so tired. One thing he knows for certain, though - if something happens to May, Peter knows he's going to lose his goddamn mind.

Peter makes up for the hollowness in his chest with extra patrols. It's not hard to throw himself nearly full-time into the superhero shindig. He's not exactly doing much else with his life. Classes are...slow. Dull. It's winter break now anyway, all he has is makeup work from the time he took off for the funeral and that's easy, spread out an hour or so a day - not nearly distracting enough.

Then Wolverine shows up, and Peter honestly doesn't know what to do with that. He may be a vigilante outcast but he's not stupid. The hell is he doing in Queens? Not that Peter's going to stop him. Like he said, he's not an idiot, and he's been impaled enough to know it's not an experience he'd care to repeat. It takes a day and a bank robbery for Peter to become a little less wary, to suggest they combine forces against the new winged-asshole in town, and with that comes the usual chatter. Logan, bless his soul, takes it way better than Daredevil.

It says something that Peter sticks around after the fight, but the promise of free food is pretty enticing. Plus, you know, the whole wolf-spider teamup deal was kind of fun, he won't lie. (He should really be more discerning about who he follows back to abandoned warehouses. It wasn't even that hard; his self-preservation is at an all-time low).

Peter perches up on a steel support girder, crouched on the balls of his feet. Not a terribly comfortable position for anybody that wasn't part spider, but Peter didn't have to pretend in the costume.]

Not so bad yourself. [He tilts his head, bug-eyed lenses staring at Logan.] You're what, sixty?