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Kissing Scars

The Kissing Scars Meme
Despite the romanticism surrounding the emotion, it can be difficult to be loved completely — not just the beautiful parts of us, but also the sad parts, the injured parts, the hidden and less-than-pleasant parts. There are marks on us, both physical and mental, that we'd often rather forget. The mental ones can just be easier to hide. As for physical scars, they can be off of our minds some of the time, but that's exceedingly hard to do in more intimate, close moments.

Whether it's to your dismay or otherwise, your partner is not looking away and ignoring your scars. To the contrary, they're providing attention in a way most heavily associated with tenderness: kissing. It may be an accidental slip off target, or they may be trying to show you that what you've done and who you've been don't matter to them now.

Does the gesture touch you? Make the walls come up once again because of the memories that are dredged from somewhere you'd rather no go? A mixture of both?

The wound has long closed, yet the pains remain; these days, however, there's someone who may be willing to help you bear it.

  • Reply with the usual: canon, character, preferences, et al. You may also want to say if you're down for smut or not, since it's not a given.
  • Be sure to include what side you'd like your character to play. Mention if you can do both the kisser and the kissed.
  • Also, feel free to talk about your character's scars.
  • Reply to others.
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Going to go with some assumed!CR, let me know if you'd like anything changed

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[Peter's not sure when kissing masked vigilantes became his life, but, well, here he is. It started out as a joke, which escalated into a really bad game of gay chicken. Peter should have known not to engage in that kind of thing with Deadpool, despite the fact that their joking around had sort of grown on him. What part of him ever thought he could win?

It doesn't matter now, anyway. They may or may not have a...sort of thing. Peter doesn't know what to call it. Crime-fighting-make-out-sesh doesn't have a real ring to it. Friends-with-ass-kicking benefits? Look, just don't ask him. He honestly doesn't know.

So yeah. Business as usual. It's like three in the morning, they're on a rooftop making out because that's A Thing They Do Now, when Peter's mouth drifts a little lower, to the exposed part of Deadpool's neck. It's probably not a good sign that neither of them have actually taken off their masks completely yet. Hell, Peter's not even on a first name basis with the guy. To say Peter has attachment issues is something of an understatement (and yet, in some part of his brain, he knows he's already fucked).]
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all good!

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[Okay so who knew making a pass at Spiderman would work out so well. Wade went for it without expecting it to go well, but he had a healing factor so being shot down wasn't ever an issue. Even when it came to the big, hairy, claw-y ones. And the first time he brushes off as a one time thing, but it's happened a few more times since then and then here they are.

Wade's not sure what to make of any of it, but he's not the time to question a good thing. Only when it was too good to be true, and this is only just barely believable. This, though, is the first time he's had the other pair of lips wandering down from his mouth which has him pulling away with nervous laughter.]

I think I know where you're going with this, and I'm totally on board, but full disclosure my whole body looks like this. [He points at the exposed lower half of his face to make sure he's being clear about it.] And trust me, it's not something most people wanna see. Or feel. Just saying.

[Wade's always been chatty, but he's not alone in that regard at least. He figures if it's too bad Spidey'll find some clever way to shut him up.]
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[Once is an accident. Twice is a coincidence. Seven, eight, nine - Peter stops counting after a while and disassociates for a little while.

Peter's only a little ashamed to admit he jumps when Deadpool pulls away, because he was kind of really getting into it. His eyelids are that nice sleep-heavy and they're all warm-touches and Peter hasn't had any of that in a while, okay? He's lucky his cheeks are still mostly covered by the mask because he's totally blushing. What the hell is he even doing? Dear god. Peter clears his throat a little, flexing his fingers in his gloves.]

I wasn't. Uh. I mean I didn't - I don't want to - I mean not that I don't - [Jesus Christ. Peter's half-tempted just to jump off the building.] I'm not trying to have sex with you, Pool.

It's 3 AM and I have stuff in the morning, so I can't stay the night and cook you breakfast. [Peter rubs at his chin, and even with only his lips visible it's still possible to see the sheepishness.] And it's just bad form not to cook breakfast afterwards, so. Yeah.

I don't want to make you uncomfortable. [Wow, if you'd told Peter he'd be saying that to the man who introduced himself by slapping Peter's ass as he swung by on a web rope, he'd have laughed.] But, like. I don't...mind.
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[The rambling and stumbling over words is kinda cute, and Wade's head tilts to one side to watch the struggle. A decent human being would have tried to stop him and maybe offer understanding, but instead Wade just observes, chin resting on his hand with a dumb grin on his face. For some reason he can't really figure out the guy really likes him.]

So you wanna spend the night with me and make me breakfast in the morning, cause that's what I'm getting from this conversation right now.

[Okay maybe he could have done a bit better as far leaving something to the imagination, but it's something they're going to have to deal with at some point. So he goes ahead and pulls off his mask, looking over at the younger man for a moment, not sure what to expect. Before he allows a response he reaches his gloved hand out for a handshake, which may be stupid considering they were just making out a second ago.]

Well then, I'm Wade, nice to meet you.
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[Deadpool is totally enjoying Peter's nervous stuttering because that's the kind of jackass he is. Peter wishes he could mind, the bastard, but Pool is smiling at him and he can't help but smile back, rubbing a hand over the back of his neck awkwardly. Why does he like Deadpool? Somewhere along the line, the guy grew on him. Like a fungus, but better (mostly). The first time they met, Peter wasn't having any of his shit but - then, Deadpool wasn't having any of his, either. Granted, Peter was of the opinion Deadpool could stand to take things a little more seriously - but plenty of people got fed up with Spiderman for the same reasons. The inane chatter. He's annoying and he knows it. At least Pool owns it better than he does.]

Joke's on you, 'cause I can't cook for shit. [He's a step above May, at least, but not by much.

The last thing Peter really expected was for Deadpool to pull off his mask. Don't get him wrong, that's kind of what he was building up to here, but for him to actually do it - admittedly, Peter thought it would take a lot more. It does ease some of his own nerves over the matter - you know, revealing the secret identity and all that crap. They're both kind of protective over it - yet another thing they have in common. Peter just stares for a long moment, but he's not openly gaping, so that's something.

It's...expected. He's been memorizing Pool's lips for the past month, it stands to reason the scar pattern would extend further. Peter bites his lip, waffling for about half a second before he decides, fuck it, and reaches up to shed his own mask before he chickens out. The gay chicken game was easier.]

Peter. [He blinks up at Wade owlishly, taking the extended hand and shaking it firmly.] ...I feel like we're doing this backwards. [But he's kind of cool with it.]
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[It's definitely no fault of his own that he's grown on the kid. He's definitely no different toward him than anyone else he has embarrassingly obsessive crushes on, but then again it isn't often that he feels that way about anyone. And in his defense, Spidey's even more adorable in person and not slapping his bum was going to be the biggest regret of his life so obviously it had to happen.]

Jokes on you, 'cause I can, so all you really need to do is spend the night. [Okay so that doesn't sound as 'Aha!' as he meant for it to be, but it's good enough to leave it as that.]

Peter? Interesting. [Wade laughs, reaching out to touch the kid's hair but pauses and redirects his hand to accept the handshake instead. For now.] Holy shit, please tell me you're at least 18. [The laughter grows into a nervous chuckle and then a whine as he considers the possibility now that he can look at him and see that he's about as young as he sounds.]

I mean. I'm not ageist or anything, but I really don't wanna go to jail. This cancer face is obviously too pretty for prison. [Wade will actually keep talking until he's stopped, but he manages to distract himself with Peter's face, leaning in to kiss him again when he doesn't seem too repulsed by how he looks. It's ridiculous but he's maybe a wee bit terrified that he'll pull away in disgust.]

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[Peter's just that obtuse. He didn't realize Wade was actually flirting. Granted, half the things that come out of the guys mouth aren't serious anyway, so can you really blame him? Peter does laugh at that, lips stretching into a warm grin.] With an offer like that, you're making it really tempting, Pool. [But he does have a lecture to attend in the morning that he really shouldn't miss. Damnit.]

Uh, yeah. [Peter's nose scrunches up a little, polite confusion coloring his expression. He knows he's kind of a babyface but it can't be bad enough that Wade didn't guess he was out of high school, right? Christ.] I'm in college, dude. [No, that whine wasn't cute. Shut up. Stop that.]

Out of all the attempted arrests we've resisted you think that's what the cops are going to get you on? [The mention of cancer doesn't escape Peter's notice, and he's going to say as much when Wade kisses him again. It's a distraction that usually works, and the same can be said now, as Peter kisses him back, one gloved hand brushing against Wade's exposed cheek.]
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[Maybe tempting means he can convince him to spend the afternoon, and he's tempted to ask again, but decides to wait until he's not ensuring that statutory isn't in his future. There were only so many lawyers that he knew, and She-Hulk definitely isn't going to do anything to get him off on anything.

He tilts his head to one side in thought, blinking a few times as the word college finally registered. He's safe from prison, praise the lord, but there's too much space between himself and Spider--Peter. That's going to take a while to get used to.]

You're in college? So that's what this is. You're experimenting. I can teach you everything I know about sexuality.

[He's just teasing Peter at this point, but tugs him closer by the waist, pretty much pulling him onto his lap so there's not so much distance. Yes, he's ignoring the resisting arrest thing and will continue to ignore it as he has better things in mind. Wade is going to show this guy the true definition of clingy, but first his head tilts to one side to rest his face against Peter's hand. It's a weird sensation to him now since he hasn't felt anyone touch him that way in so long.]

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What? No - [Whatever Peter was about to say cuts off in an indignant squeak (he didn't even know he could make that noise, why does Peter get the feeling this is going to involve even more facepalming than it already does ohmygod) when Wade pulls him practically onto his lap. Like it's zero to sixty up in here and okay, it may not seem like it but they are both in skintight costumes so. Yeah.] ...this isn't an experiment, just to clarify. [Not that Peter has a better word for it, but even he knows it means more to him than a throwaway thing. Ugh. He's so bad at this.

But this - making out with Wade on a rooftop - that, Peter knows how to do. He shifts a little, fully embracing the fact that he's all but seated on Wade's lap, and lets his fingertips trace gently over the scars on Wade's cheek. Wade's leaning into it, so Peter's just going to take that as a go ahead. He kisses Wade for another moment before he lets his lips trail off just a little to the side of his mouth, half catching Wade's lips and half catching one of the divots on his cheek.]
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[Wade's the touchy feely type. Even if it's not about sex he likes to be close to the people who'll let him. Clearly Peter is one of those people. His arms wrap around him to keep him close and his hands moved up and down his spandex covered back, only going as low as his lower back. Because, come on, he has a LITTLE class. They're on a rooftop and government satellites or drones could be watching. Maybe God. Definitely Satan.

His thoughts run away from him for a few minutes until he feels Peter deliberately touching the marks on his face. At first he thinks he's imagining it but then he realizes the kid's definitely making a point to kiss and touch the parts of him that he found ugly. It makes his breath stop and his hands just sort of grip at his hips wordlessly. Yeah, go fucking figure. Speechlessness was an actual thing that could happen to him. Not that anyone else would believe it.]
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[Peter hasn't been touched by anyone in quite some time. Platonic or not, the only person in his life nowadays is May, but their schedules don't permit them to see each other as often as Peter would like. Besides, he can't get sick anymore - and when Prter was sick in the Parker household, it was kind of awesome. May would come home and put Peter's head in her lap and pet through his hair until he fell asleep (Gwen used to do the same thing when he came to her injured, but Peter's resolutely not going to think about that right now). Point is, maybe he's a little touch-starved in his own right and maybe he doesn't mind the manhandling so much. Besides, Peter could give as good as he got - he's a lot stronger than he looks after all.

Peter hums softly, lips drifting a little to the curve of Wade's jaw. It's an interesting texture, and he drags his lips across the patterns, fingers searching the other side of Wade's neck. Peter knows what feels good to him, so he's going to try it for Wade. Unless - that wouldn't hurt, would it? Do his scars hurt? Peter pauses for a moment, head tilted just under Wade's jaw - and that's when he notices Wade isn't moving. Shit.]

I, uh. [Peter pulls his head back a smidge, eyes wide.] I'm sorry. I was trying to - I didn't think - does that hurt?
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[For a moment he feels paralyzed. He wants to say something, or do something to let Peter know it's okay, but what comes out is an awkward cracking of his voice before he clears his throat and forces himself back into the real world. If anyone had said he could be making out with Spiderman on a rooftop five years ago he would have laughed at them (and then shot them, let's be honest). Now he's in the middle of some heavy kissing and having to explain shit he never thought he'd have to explain to the guy.]

Does it hurt? No. Well, I mean..jumping off a building hurts. Getting shot hurts. That time you slapped me across the face, that hurt, but mostly my pride. This, though. This doesn't hurt. [As he speaks he puts his hand over the one on his face to show that it's fine and he doesn't have to worry about that.]

Yeah, don't worry. I just....zone out pretty easy. And maybe. MAYBE...you might have surprised me just then. A little.. [His attempts to downplay being flustered only makes the situation worse, but he leans forward to pin Peter down on his back as a distraction.] You got any scars?
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[The response Peter gets from Wade is troubling for a moment there. He's in the middle of considering whether or not he broke the merc when Wade starts talking again, an anxious jumble that Peter takes a second to catch up to. He offers a waning smile, letting his thumb brush a soft circle into Wade's skin when he puts his hand over Peter's. Okay, good. Cause...it kind of looks like it might still hurt, they're red and irritated. Peter just didn't think before he acted.] To be fair, you deserved it.

Well that's a first. [Peter snorts and lets Wade set him down, eyebrows flying up into the wild mess he calls hair.] Don't hurt yourself, Wade.

Uh. [Peter actually has to think about that for a second.] Right now or in general?
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[He does feel it, but in comparison to other types of pain he's experienced before it's not a big deal. At least he doesn't want to make it a big deal. Not if it will keep Peter from touching him. Wade forgets where he's going with his line of thought as he remembers the slap and shakes his head in protest, only to follow up with a shrug.]

Okay, I may have deserved it, but that was a lifetime ago. [Or more accurately: a couple weeks back.]

...Right now. On your person. Physical scars, not emotional scars. I'm not trying to get too deep right now. Well, I mean I would love to get-- [He stops himself before he can let himself finish that thought and just nods, looking down at Peter.]

You probably don't. You're all...young and nimble. So you probably heal up really well.
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Revisionist's history. [Peter snorted and shook his head right back at Wade, tilting his chin to the side in contemplation. His hand is still on Wade's cheek and it's warm, a point of contact between them that Peter can't help but focus on.]

No, I, [Peter laughs at the emotional scars comment because, you know, they all have baggage. Peter's pretty sure you don't go running around in spandex fighting bad guys if you don't.] ...well, actually. I do, sorta.

I heal fast. [He used to have more scars, ones he had as a kid. But his healing factor did heal practically anything - even scar tissue, even if it took some time.]