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when it comes to envy y'all is green.

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Everyone feels jealous at one point or another, whether it's justified or not. What's important is how we deal with it... do we discuss it, fight about it, or plan epic revenge to carry out?


- Post with your character's name/series in the subject as well as any preferences.

- Others go to RNG and roll from 1-10, then respond!

- Play it out!



1 wandering eye.

You think your lover has been looking at other's a little too often or flirting too much in your company. You can't keep quiet any longer about it.


2 simple life

Your friend, family, or lover has always had it so much easier and you can't help but feel a little put off.


3 don't you forget about me

Your friend or lover has found someone new they want to spend almost all their time with and you can't help but feel a little cheated.


4 cheated

Forget just a sneaking suspicion. You've caught your lover in the act of cheating and it's driving you nuts. You have to confront them about it.


5 for the glory

You did all the work, or at least you feel like you did, so why do they always get all the praise?


6 moved on

You broke up or had a falling out with someone close to you and it's killing you to see how they've seemed to let go and you're stuck standing in place.


7 because i want you

You're jealous of any attention they get because you're secretly in love with them. Time to make it known!


8 always the favourite

Everyone always praises them or they were clearly the favourite child or just more popular with friends. You can't help but hate it.


9 more experience

they're more experienced, either in the bedroom or in the office. Any activity, they outshine you. Who wouldn't feel a little inferior?


10 your choice!

Didn't see something listed? Use your own idea!

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percy weasley | harry potter | ota

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7 | That verse

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[She and Percy had been spending a lot of after hours in the TARDIS, all perfectly innocent really, but she enjoyed the time she spent with him; she enjoyed revealing the TARDIS to him bit by bit. It was all going brilliantly when Patrice from accounting started flirting with him. That had caused some sour feelings that Rose had to spend some time exploring. She didn't like anyone else flirting with Percy, spending time with him, despite the fact that it was hypocritical of her.

That's why she'd sent him the text asking him to meet her here outside the TARDIS. She wanted to...well she didn't know what she wanted exactly. She just wanted Patrice to stop flirting with him.]
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[Percy was sensible enough to admit, to himself at least, that maybe he liked Rose as a little more than just a friend. But he was also sensible enough to recognize that he didn't stand a chance as long as the Doctor was there, even if he wasn't really there. It wasn't great, but it was reality, and he was willing to accept it.

So when Patrice had started flirting with him, he flirted back. It all seemed to be going fairly well, and he had no reason to suspect anything was wrong when he got the text from Rose.

Now that his shift at UNIT is finished for the day, he heads down to the now-familiar hangar where the TARDIS is stored, making his way to the blue police box, and he lifts a hand in greeting.]

Good evening, Rose. Is everything all right?
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[She's got a bottle of water with her, fiddling with the top and she's leaning against the TARDIS. Her moods keep swinging wildly between anger, flat out jealousy and resignation. Really, she's got things to do and there's no time for anything, including a friendship but definitely nothing more.

She runs her tongue over her teeth, trying to figure out what she's going to say. She's been trying to figure that out for hours now.]

Yeah. Everything's aces.

[She presses her lips together hard, because that's not exactly true, but she has no idea how to verbalize what she thinks is wrong.]

Talked to Patrice in the lunch room today. Nice girl, yeah?
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Very, yes.

[Rose might notice the way his ears turn pink at the mention of her name.]

She's quite kind.
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[The way he blushes just makes Rose angrier.]

Yeah, well I think she's got teeth like a horse.

[Someone is very jealous. She's just not sure how to handle it.]

If you like that sorta thing. [Trying to approach it the right way.]

Or maybe you liked somethin' different and you didn't realize it 'til...'til it was rubbed in your face.
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[He's genuinely shocked at her words, taking a step back, trying to figure out where this sudden hostility towards Patrice came from. (Part of him, the part that's stupid and stubborn, hopes that maybe it's because Patrice has been flirting with him. He shoves that down, though, because of course it isn't true.)]

Is this why you texted me? To insult my co-workers?
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Don't be daft! Of course not. [She's doing plenty of insulting all over the place right now. She's building up to something.] Come on, Percy. You're bright. Brilliant even.

[Insult-compliment. Is it time for an insult again? Or maybe she's ready to say something helpful.]

Patrice has a horse face and I know it's ridiculous and 'm not justified or whatever in sayin' this or feelin' this because no matter what 'm not goin' to stop lookin' for the Doctor, but I like you and Patrice isn't good enough for you. 'm not even sure I am, considerin'...
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[That is a little bit less offended and a little bit more shocked.

Did she just say she liked him? Is that an 'I like you' as in 'we're friends and she's not right for you' or as in 'I like like you and I don't want you to be with someone who's not me' and he can't help but feel like he's back in tenth grade trying to phrase the perfect note to Penelope Clearwater again.]

What do you mean?
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Oh bloody hell. Alien, human, you're all thick.

[She's going to grab him by the lapels, pull him a bit roughly toward her and lean up to give him a really good snog. Maybe that'll get the idea across.]
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Things just got really awesome really fast.

Percy's too shocked to react at first, then his hands move of their own accord to her waist, resting them on the gentle curve there.]
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[This is working so much better than talking. She breaks the kiss breathlessly, but doesn't move from where she's at. She's still got a handful of his shirt clenched in her fist.]

So no more flirtin' with Patrice?

[because clearly that's more important than 'so dating?']
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No more flirting with Patrice.

[It's echoed a bit breathlessly, before he really realizes what he's saying. He shakes himself after a moment, though, trying to put thoughts to words.]

Then, are we - ?
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[Rose considers that a moment. She's considered it before. In fact, she's given it more thought than she probably should have.]

If you want.

[It's said a bit rushed, still a touch breathless. She takes a deep breath, steadying herself before she speaks again because the next bit is important. It's not fair to him if he doesn't know. She broke Mickey once before this way and doesn't want to do it again.]

'm not ever gonna stop lookin' for the Doctor.

[So this is temporary. When she finds him, she will leave everyone including Percy behind. He has to know that going in.]
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I know.

[He always knew. He'll never be the Doctor, and he'll never be the one her heart truly belongs to. It kills him, but - he tries to tell himself - isn't a little better than nothing?]

I won't, either.
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[His response makes her soften and tumble a little more over into that 'like' territory that she's gotten into with Percy. She knows it's not fair to him (or anyone), but that he's willing to look for the Doctor too means more to her than she can adequately express. She bites her bottom lip and goes up on her tiptoes, pressing a kiss against his mouth.]

Yeah, wanna lay off tonight, get a bottle of wine and not do work?
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I'd love to.

[He reaches out hesitantly, taking her hand.]

Here? Or - somewhere else?

[Saying 'would you like to go back to my flat' seems a bit ... forward.]
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[Rose hesitates because it is a bit forward for him to invite her back to his flat and she still (pathetically) lives with her mother. She curls her fingers around his tightly. Holding hands has always been one of her favourite forms of affection. She glances to the TARDIS and back to Percy. There are so many 'people' in this relationship. She shakes her head a bit.]

Your place if it's all right. [Then a nod to the TARDIS] Haven't actually talked to her 'bout this yet.

[And as far as Rose is concerned, she and the TARDIS are in this thing together. She deserves to know, to give Rose a chance to see how she feels about it before she starts having wine and flirting with Percy in her rooms.]
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Of course. It's not a problem at all. Just let me get my things. Meet me at the car park in five minutes?

[His heart is beating far too fast, considering the circumstances, and he feels like a stupid, overeager fifteen year old.]
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[She was so brave when she was angry at him over Patrice, but now her stomach is starting to twist and she's wondering exactly what the hell she's doing here. She smiles a little and then nods.] Yeah, just goin' to make sure things are shut down and locked up here. Be right there.

[And she will. She won't leave him stranded out there but she's going to get a grip on her own nerves, stroke bits of the TARDIS for courage and lock her up tight before she heads toward the car park to meet him.]
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[And he goes, quickly, back to his office, to calm his randomly-firing nerves and wipe his hands on his slacks before she can touch them again and see how clammy they are. Once he's gathered his papers and briefcase, he gets his keys out and heads to the car park as well, spotting Rose by the entrance.]

I'm parked over this way.
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[ She's there, worrying her lip between her teeth while she waits; his arrival is met with a smile. There's also relief on her face. She knows a relationship with Patrice would be infinitely easier than anything he's going to experience dating her. She had worried that he'd change his mind. She still does; he still could.]

All right. Yeah. I just...usually ride the tube. [God, she sounds more pathetic every time she speaks.] I mean, I haven't got a car parked here. Or...right. Sorry, I'm a bit...nervous

[As if he couldn't tell]

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It's all right. Normally I don't drive in, either, but I, uh, actually had to do some shopping today anyway.


It won't take long.
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S'all right. I can--[what? Walk around until he's done?] Go back in. Do some work and you can pick me up when you're done if you want?

[Wow. She had no idea this would be so awkward when she made the suggestion.]
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No, it's just some grocery shopping - er - you can pick out the wine.

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