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The E X P A N D E D Heart Meter Meme

You know the drill:

Comment with your character.
Copy/paste the appropriate hearts to reply to other characters.
Fill in alternate text as desired.

Now with updated code! Hover over hearts to view messages.


"I love you."

"I could fall in love with you."

"I have a crush on you."


"I would have sex with you."

"I would date you."

"I would kiss you."


"I would hug you or hold your hand."

"You’re my family."

"I would fight by your side."


"I respect you."

"I would rescue you."

"I would confide in you or ask for your help."


"I consider you a friend."

"I would hang out with you."

"I would like to get to know you better."


"I am amused by you."

"I am confused by you."

"I am frightened or unsettled by you."


"You annoy or frustrate me."

"I would tease you or make fun of you."

"I would use or manipulate you."


"I would physically or emotionally hurt you."

"I hate you."

"I would kill you."

Also, check out this awesome generator to make your very own heart meter!
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Viktor Nikiforov ❄ Yuri on Ice

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[ You just had to be all suave and call him VITYA. ]

Yuuri! [ He says it in a sing-song way, like he always does. Yuuri will find a wild Vitya sliding beside him. He'll run a hand on his back and pull him in an embrace. He will rest his chin on Yuuri's shoulder and whisper, low and inviting. ] I think you have something of mine. I'm here to claim them. [ All the kisses. All of them. ]
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[Of course he did~ He knows how to play the game a bit better now, after all.

Yuuri can't help but chuckle softly as Viktor arrives, allowing the other to pull him close and outright shivering a bit at the whispered words.]

Do I?

[There was a mock innocent tone as he looked thoughtful for a moment, setting his phone down before he smiled.]

Your jacket? [Why yes, he is wearing your infamous red and white track jacket, Victor.]
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[ Viktor’s not at all averse to Yuuri already wanting to take his clothes off for him but he’s a man on a mission? ]

Well, that can come off later [ A smirk and a wink. ] but I wasn’t talking about the jacket. [ He scoots closer and angles his face so he can properly look at Yuuri and pointedly looks at his lips. ] Come on, Yuuri. [ He whines like the brat that he is, and pouts because his lips are getting lonely. ]
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[Someone has a plan for where this is going, don't they?

Yuuri bites his bottom lip to keep from laughing, a grin fighting it's way into existence as he gives up looking thoughtful. It's always hilarious to him to see Viktor resort to whining and as much as he doesn't want to reward bratty behavior...]

I suppose you have been good.

[And then he's leaning in to kiss the other, a hand lifting so he can curl it around the back of Viktor's neck.]
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[ Plans are great if they involve less clothes.

Victory for Vicktor! He would whoop but he doesn’t want to break the kiss just yet. So he just smiles, maybe a snicker or two escape, and shows Yuuri how much he loves him through his lips. His hands wander, one cupping Yuuri’s cheek, the other snaking around his waist and pulling him even closer.

Eventually, he leans back because he’s still human and needs to breathe. He tries to keep his eyes on Yuuri’s but they flit back to his lips again and again. ]

You say that as if I’ve ever been bad.
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[It's moments like these that he loves more than anything else. Just those simple little moments of indulging in being in a relationship.

Yuuri absently licks his lips when they finally break apart, eyes cracking up just the slightest bit as a smile works it's way onto his lips.]

You have your moments, Vitya.
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[ There's a massive difference between simply reading text on his phone and actually hearing Yuuri call him by his nickname; his smile now could only be described as dazzling. ]

What do you suggest I do to make up for those moments?

[ The hand cupping his face slides toward his chin so he can run his thumb (eyes following its trail) on Yuuri's lower lip. ]
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[A slight shudder goes through Yuuri at the gesture and it takes all the willpower he has not to lick his lips again.]

Well, another kiss is a good start.

[His voice is softer when he says it, eyes lidded as he gives his fiance a smile that initially seems shy but there's definitely a playful, sly edge to it.

He's learning~]
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[ Viktor watched out for every minute changes in Yuuri's body language and he didn't get disappointed at all. He relished the shudder and the uncharacteristic but very suitable look on Yuuri's face before leaning back in for another kiss, one he draws out as long as he can. He's being good, after all, so he has to be obedient. Besides, like he said, all Yuuri's kisses belong to him so he's only collecting what's his.

It always feels so good kissing Yuuri that it doesn't take much to work Viktor up. He deepens the kiss but doesn't do anything more than slide his tongue on Yuuri's lower lip once. He has to keep Yuuri wanting more of course.

Viktor pauses and rests his forehead against Yuuri's to catch his breath. ]

Do you think that makes up for them yet?
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[He will happily give you everything you ask for, Viktor.

His lips start to part when he feels the other's tongue slide against his lower lip but then Viktor is pausing and their foreheads are pressed together. It leaves Yuuri wanting, though he doesn't press for more just yet, his grip on the other's hair relaxing slowly.]

..It's a good start, but I think a little more may be needed.

[The words come out in a breath as Yuuri leans in enough to bump their noses together.]

Just to be sure.
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If you think so.

[ Viktor has no objections at all. It's a great suggestion and he goes right on to it, with much more fervor this time. His hand on Yuuri's waist pulls him closer, and the other mirrors Yuuri's and finds its way to the back of Yuuri's neck, caressing his ear on its way there. All the while, soft sighs escape him, and not for the first time he thinks he'd be the luckiest man ever if he could continue having moments like this with Yuuri for the rest of his life. ]