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Simply Together

Simply Together

Can you ever get a moment of peace?

You're never able to relax around people; instead, you're constantly on edge, with the very presence of others feeling somewhere between grating and unsettling. Or, at least, that's how it used to feel, like you were about to fall off that edge at any moment. But not any more. You've found the one person you enjoy spending time with and can be comfortable around. What are they to you? A lot. More than you can say. Still, you don't see the need for labels. Both of you are just enjoying being here together. It's that easy. It's that comfortable. They're one steady point in this crazy world, and you never have to put on airs around them.

Whether you need someone to comfort you, decompress or share hobbies with or simply offer a shoulder to lean on in silence, relax. They've got you covered, and, for once, you don't have to keep your walls up. Take the edge off.

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[ "a shoulder to lean on in silence"...? check. ]