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for auld lang syne

That's right, it's time for that kiss at midnight! Whether you're compelled to give it by some unseen force or you just really want to kiss the person next to you, now is the time to go for it! Maybe some other kind of fireworks will fly tonight, who knows.
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Zenyatta | Overwatch

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[ Any kisses will basically be "presses face against face where mouth seam is." ]
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[ that's.... so cute.... but will he robot blush? ]
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[ He is used to placing a comforting hand on a shoulder and such, but kissing is another matter entirely. His lights will glow brighter until he covers his face with his hands and try to recover from his embarrassment. ]
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too cute ok LETS DO IT

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[ Hana's face is very, very red. Not from embarrassment as she doesn't particularly blush easily. Not from anger -- who can be mad when surrounded by good music, the friends that are more or less family now, and celebration. The reason Hana is so flushed is because alcohol.

She's managed to grab a flute (or two) or champagne and is double-fisting the delicate glasses while avoiding the eye of Mercy. Or Soldier 76. Both of which would have something to say about her drinking.

But she's an adult, thank you very much.

In her avoiding, she bumps into someone. ]

Oops! Oh, hey, Zen! Enjoying this rager?
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[ Zenyatta has not been partying hard like some of his fellow heroes. However, someone placed a tacky paper New Year's hat on Zenyatta's head at some point in the night. He's still wearing it. No doubt he would have also been given some festive glasses if he had ears and a nose to keep them on his head. (Lucio and McCree are off in a debate as to how many pairs of glasses Zenyatta would need and trying to consult Genji on the matter... who will not confirm one way or the other.)

He spins around when someone bumps against him and gently places a hand against Hana's arm to help steady her. She won't have to worry about Zenyatta considering her a child and too young to drink. Omnic or not, there is just a year separating them, and she can be responsible for her own behavior.

I am. The atmosphere is very lively, and I have not celebrated in this fashion before.

[ His holiday celebrations are mostly quiet and filled with quiet reflection, so this is a new experience yet very enjoyable. ]
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[ No, Zenyatta doesn't seem like the type to put on a party hat and drink champagne to let his inhibitions run free.

Actually, can omnics even drink? She's never asked.

The hat suits him, though, in a funny way. The same way she was around handing out party poppers for the clock struck midnight, and the look on Soldier 76's (or the look she imagines behind that visor glare) face was priceless. The kind of way that made a grin spread across her face. The difference is she doesn't banter with Zenyatta the way she does with the old soldier.

It wasn't any lingering hard feelings against omnics, but the atmosphere around him was so mellow it even calmed down the lively D.Va. ]

Yeah, you don't seem much like a party dude. [ She takes a sip from one of her glasses. ] Do you normally, like, sit at the top of the mountain and meditate until the sun comes up? Reflecting on the year that passed, preparing for the year to come... I can totally see you balancing your orbs on top of your head!
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[ If the Numbani ads are to be believed, Omnics might drink oil in a fashion that humans drink liquids. However, it could also be marketing. Regardless, Zenyatta would prefer to keep a clear and open mind tonight. (It also allows Zenyatta to easily remember the silly antics of the other heroes and tease them about it later. Or help patch up injuries and fill in memories gaps should the need arise.) ]

I do. While every day is a new chance to self reflect and improve, the dawn of a new year is an especially inspiring time to do more of it. I normally keep my orbs orbiting around me, but do you mean like... this?

[ His orbs stop their gentle orbit and stack themselves upon his head. She can hear the smile in his voice. ]

Perhaps I should give it a try.
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i'm die i'm so sorry i'm a slow ass

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I knew it!

[ Hana laughs, pleased that her headcanon of the robotic monk is actually true.

Every day is a new chance to self reflect and improve, huh? Yeah, he's right. Although Hana takes it to improve the world instead of herself, first. She's pretty sure there's nothing to improve about herself.

At all. ]

You should! I wanna try, too! [ She finds a table to set both of her flutes of bubbles and then dusts her hands off. ]

In the army, we play games in our downtime. One of them is to see who can balance the most stuff on their head. It's nothing like being a three year champ at StarCraft, but I'm still undefeated.
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Don't need to move as fast as Lucio. Zen speed is fine o/

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[ He laughs and waves his hand gently to give Hana four of his nine orbs. They hover in front of her, ready to be picked up at her leisure. The remaining five stay balancing on his head. ]

If you wish to try to balance these, you are welcome to. Should I count my hat as an item or just the orbs?

[ He is game to play. However... Zenyatta has yet to mention it, but he is still channeling Omnic energy through his orbs and not truly balancing them on his head. Hopefully he won't damage her image of him once she learns more of his playful, trickster side.

He's dealing with a master of this game, after all. Would it truly be a crime to even the odds just a little? (He'll play without the aid of his Omnic energy once he is called out on it.)
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zen speed is perfect tbh and sneaky quiet

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[ Her hands hover beneath the orbs so they can settle in her palms. Seeing them up close, she can marvel at the designs. It helps that she's had a little something to drink but she would be amazed at them anyway.

She tosses one up and catches it easily before answering. ]

If you can balance your orbs on top of that hat, then even I'd call that awesome!

[ He's using Omnic energy; In other words, he's CHEATING. He's lucky that she doesn't notice or she just doesn't care enough to mention it. Or she's preoccupied with balancing one orb on top of her head to begin with when the room tilts a little on its own.

She can't hold her booze.

Although Hana has some kind of personal vendetta against hacking/cheating, she isn't in her right enough mind to recognize it or call him out. Besides, no matter what, he's a million times more cool than the worst of the omnics she's met. It would take a lot. One orb is balanced on top of her head with a LOT of wobbling and tongue peeking out in concentration and serious focus. ]

One down! Okay, okay. Next.

[ It's a bit more difficult. Very difficult. Hardcore difficult, but she's going to attempt it anyway. ]

Do I need to embrace the iris to do this or something?
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Crazy RL events + Lunar Festival = huge distraction from RP

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I believe embracing the Iris helps with many things.

[ While it is honest advice, he also says it with a bit of a humorous tone. He's fascinated by her determination and how it shows so clearly on her face. It is something an Omnic will never be able to show. ]

However, you are the expert in balancing things on your head. Perhaps you can teach me to do so by only relying on posture and gravity, and I will teach you how to focus your energy towards an orb in turn.

[ Zenyatta begins to look for something to add to his stack on his head. He does not know if his orbs would react to a human trying to will them to move, but if this fails, perhaps they can play some Yut Nori until the New Year arrives. (Hana probably taught him how to play as it is a Korean traditional game.) He finds a discarded party whistle and takes it between his fingers, wondering where he should set it. ]
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SAME its ok i'll backtag this forever ♥

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Will it help me win in any video game I play?

[ The quip is rhetorical but she's still a little curious, in between the effort it takes to balance two orbs together.

Being called an expert boosts her ego, bolsters her determination, and puts her in an even better mood. It's just short of being called a God or monk of balancing. She might admit that's what he is, later. ]

Oh. Yeah, here. Like this.

[ Taking a break, she tips her head down and catches the two orbs in her hands, then holds both with one so the other can reach forward and take the whistle from his grip. She moves onto her tiptoes and rocks forward, her face right in front of his and braces herself by touching his shoulder. ]

You have to find the center of gravity!

[ That's hard to do with an oddly shaped whistle but she's going to try anyway. ]

And align it... just right...
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[ Zenyatta is about to answer that the peace and clarity the Iris brings could help with video games. Becoming salty or tilted does not help the quality of one's performance. However, he does not get the chance to reply because Hana is helping him with the whistle. He goes completely still, even so far as to will some of his cooling fans to slow.

But, those fans don't stay slow for very long because in his stillness, it's too easy to notice just how close Hana's face is to his. The nine lights on his forehead begin to glow a little brighter, and the orbs on his head give an unsteady wobble before righting themselves again.

He's a little flustered, and he is surprised by the fact that he is.
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[ Hana would deny she ever gets salty or tilted, but she definitely does.

She doesn't realize how close she is or she doesn't mind. She doesn't realize that Zenyatta has gone a bit quiet, too. The whistle has her attention but she's not having any luck with balancing it. It's hard enough balancing herself.

Or notice how those orbs had nearly toppled. ]

Experience tranquility. [ It's said under her breath, eyes narrowing. ] Harmony is with us. Heaven, Earth, Human, and Omnic.
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[ A pause. She makes a whining sound. ]

Zee, make it stay!
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[ Lost in his own head, he almost misses the whispered words. Mantra? He must commend her concentration. But at the much louder whine, his body jumps slightly before going rigid again. ]

My apologies.

[ The orbs lift and hover above his head, creating a gap where the whistle could be placed and then pinned in place. ]

Would this help?
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work and sickness killed me a little :((( but i wanna keep going if u do

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[ He's totally cheating. It doesn't register. She's just happy to get the stack going in her favor. ]


[ It's easy to put it where it needs to be then, and she watches with pleasure as everything is balanced on his head.

There's also no move to find her own personal space again. ]

A tower of epic!

[ Around them, the members of Overwatch seem to be counting down. Wrapped up in their balancing game, she hasn't noticed the time slip by. From one year into another. One more year of the omnic in the sea not attacking. That means she has one more year... before it does again. ]

Why can't all omnics be cool like you, Zenya?

[ Her body slumps, her weight leaning against him and her face somewhere in his neck. Thirty seconds left. ]
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And then life went crazy on me, so if you are still game for this, I am

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[ This is now a team effort; no longer is it a competition against each other. It is a competition against gravity. But not against Zarya. She would win. ]

"Cool?" I should write home and tell the others. Even among my brothers and sisters, I was thought as an oddity.

[ He chuckles at his memories of the monastery and all the trouble his eccentricity caused, but his voice lowers to a more somber tone when she leans against him. His forehead lights pulse brighter too but for other reasons. The counting of the rest of the party goers falls to the background.

Time is an illusion, after all.

However, it is my hope that you will be able to befriend more Omnics. A single kindness can open the door to a new friendship if one is willing to take a chance.
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YES i am still, life is crazy it's true

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[ Overwatch IS a team game. No matter how toxic some people can be. That's too meta, even for her.

Hana laughs with him, still somewhere in his neck. Muffled against metal. Echoing the tinny sound of his chuckles. It's not the most comfortable place to be, but it's not bad either. If she can close her eyes for a second, even better. ]

You are odd, but so is everyone else so it's okay. The more odd, the more cool you are. Tell them you have the D.Va stamp of approval.

[ It's her hope that all humans befriend omnics. That might stop this war. ]

Maybe I should try and befriend the titan omnic, huh? [ The one that keeps coming out the sea. Keeps attempting to attack her country. The one she has to fight back, come next year. ]

It can be like that one movie with the giant robot and the kid. Only Hana is a much better name than Hogarth.
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Life needs to "chill out"

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[ A D.Va stamp of approval... He is honored and will carry that stamp in his core. ]

If you would like, I could accompany you when you try to befriend the titan Omnic. I have some experience with befriending troubled beings, and I can be quite stubborn about it. Simply ask my brightest pupil.

[ He's about to laugh again when fireworks go off, and cheers increase all around. Zenyatta jumps a little from the sudden increase in volume. He calms quickly enough once he realizes what caused commotion. ]

Oh! It would seem the new year is upon us. Allow me to be the first to wish you a Happy New Year's Day, Hana.
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but there is a reasonable scientific explanation for all this

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[ He needs to wear her stamp on his person too, obviously. By wearing her merch. Hoodies for 29.99, but she can get him a free one.

Thinking about the person who puts "zen" in Zenyatta accompanying her to confront the titan Omnic is both terrifying to think about and reassuring at the same time. She doesn't want him to get in the middle of a huge battle like that. The chances of them actually being successful aren't great, are they? Her job has always just been to put her fingers on the trigger and shoot it back to the sea, no compromise.

However, thinking about a stubborn Zenyatta not giving up when making that attempt... pumps her up to try. If he doesn't give up, why should she? Why give up from the get go? That's not her. That's not D.Va.

Hana's question of green cyborg ninja dude was troubled what do you mean is drowned out by the fireworks. Her head turns and she looks upwards at the sky. It's almost like numerous mechs are exploding in an array of colors.

She resists the urge to say "NERF THESE" but just barely. ]

Aw. Ditto! [ The size of her grin makes her eyes squint. ] Happy New Year! New Year kiss!

[ What.

If he was flustered merely by Hana's proximity before, how will he react to arms being thrown around him? How will he react to Hana placing her normally pouty mouth right on his metal cheek in a sloppy drunk and not very experienced way.

Because that happened. ]
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We need to science the heck out of it

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[ That's really cheap for a hoodie! Have you seen the price of popcorn in Hollywood? That's an absolute steal!

Zenyatta would be all for helping set up a mission to talk to the Titan Omnic. They could even try sending an invitation. (Zenyatta would help make a huge card to give it if they would not accept a digital request.) The continuous battles have not solved the problem, so a change in approach could be beneficial. And if he was afraid of danger, then he would have stayed in the mountain temple.

Zenyatta doesn't think much but a warmth in his core when Hana throws her arms around him in an embrace.
He has given and received hugs before. However, what quickly follows...


[ The lights on his forehead glow much brighter at the kiss. Possibly as bright as the fireworks outside. Zenyatta has heard of the tradition and sees others among them participating, but he had not expected to take part himself. He's not entirely sure what he is supposed to do. The tradition seems to require both to exchange kisses. Although... he is not really equipped to give kisses, but he doesn't want to keep her from receieving her New Year's Kiss either.

So, once Hana pulls away to give him a chance, he'll press his face against hers in an imitation of a kiss. He quickly pulls away, covering his face with his hands from embarrassment. His hands do little to block just how much his lights are glowing.
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this is as adorable as i was expecting AAAAA

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If it's a huge card, Mercy may need to get involved to write on it with her staff, a la Fortune Highlight Intro.

As the time to fight back the Titan draws more near, Hana mulls over her training more. How fighting back the way they have has done nothing to solve the bigger picture. That maybe a different approach is needed.

Not that she doesn't enjoy fighting off omnics because she definitely does.

Thinking about serious, world-changing topics can come later. Zenyatta's cheek was so cold against her lips, it's almost like kissing MEKA. Which she does, and pets her, and hugs her. MEKA doesn't glow after a kiss... well, she does. Only when Hana kisses her hand and plants it on the ceiling above her before ejecting and watching her pink robot erupt in a green burst of power.

This kiss is just fine with her, honestly. Her eyes are still squinting with her stupid grin and wrinkled nose when Zenyatta goes for gold.

Her nose ends up smooshed against his face plate and she blinks her eyes open in surprise just to see him pull away and cover his face. There's silence for a short second and then Hana giggles sweetly. ]

I can't wait to announce on stream that an omnic monk kissed meeeee.

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He's so flustered

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[ But he's a wandering monk... He does not have a lot of money. ( ´ ︹ ` )

It can be a team effort. Maybe they could make it a banner to hang off the Orca and do a flyby. (And make a hasty retreat if the Titan Omnic isn't in the mood.)

Zenyatta peeks through his fingers, opening them slightly to look at Hana, before closing the gaps again. On stream? Hana has so many viewers. His lights flicker in a seemingly random pattern but remain just as bright. His orbs are also circling around them in a quick, haphazard arrangement.

I... Oh my. I hope I have not crossed a line. I wonder what they will think. Will there be harmony or discord?

[ Mondatta was the one who dealt with crowds. Massive audiences are not Zenyatta's expertise. He prefers small groups, one-on-one dialogues. ]

Or perhaps they will think it a joke. It is something monks of the Shambali have not done in the public eye. I have never tried to engage in kissing someone before. It is not something I have practiced or learned. What will my brothers and sisters think? Do any of them watch live streams of video games? Have any of them kissed anyone? I cannot imagine my brother Mondatta doing so...

[ He's babbling. Iris, help him. He needs to find his center or slow his systems down. ]
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crawls back here, FOR FLUSTERED ZEN.....

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[ Okay, she'll give him hers... she's generous.

(Titan Omnic won't be in the mood.)

Dopey grin on her face, she hasn't taken her eyes off him. Crossed a line? Hmm, nah. Some of her fans might be jealous, some extremists might be angry, but she thinks it will be a good message to put out there. Her audience is so wide and diverse, it's her responsibility to show that even though she's fighting off an omnic from terrorizing her country, not all omnics are the same.

Just like not all people are the same. Just as there are bad omnics, there are bad people. Right? Talon, for one. ]

A liiiittle of both harmony and discord, methinks.

[ Arms out at her sides, she shrugs and spills a little champagne on the floor on accident. ]

Hey, hey, relax! [ IT'LL BE OKAY, ZEN. ] Your brothers and sisters should be totally jealous you kissed the one and only D.Va.

If it makes you feel better, I haven't practiced or learned to kiss before either. I'm a total noob... and I don't say that often!
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Maybe, maybe not

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i would buy the tix

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breaking records, STOPPING WARS

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