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It's a date


Here's how it works!

1. Comment to this post with your character. List the character's name, series, and any preferences you might have in the subject.
2. Using the RNG, pick from one of each of the two categories below. (Or if you'd rather pick them yourself, feel free to do that instead!)
3. The two of you are now on a date! The first list is where you took your date. The second list is your current relationship.
4. Have fun!


1. Restaurant. What better way to spend some romantic time than over food? Maybe you're at the fancy restaurant in town, or maybe you just couldn't afford anything nice, so you're at the nearest diner. Or maybe somewhere in between?

2. Games. The two of you are playing a game somewhere! You could be at a bowling alley, an arcade, a miniature golf course...the possibilities here are countless.

3. The Park. Of course, Mother Nature can provide an excellent atmosphere for romantic bonding! Perhaps you're taking a leisurely stroll through the lush grounds, or maybe you've laid out a blanket somewhere so the two of you could have a picnic.

4. Movie Theater. Or maybe the two of you are sitting next to each other in a dark room, sharing a bucket of popcorn while you're watching the latest film. Did you opt for a horror flick to keep your significant other latched to your arm -- or for you to latch to theirs -- or perhaps something they enjoy, like a sappy romance film or a cheesy action flick? Or maybe you compromised and went to see a sweet romantic comedy.

5. Skating. It's always nice to go skating, right? Are you at a roller skating rink, or did you find a frozen lake and decide to go ice skating? Which one of you needs help (you know at least one of you does)?

6. Beach. Ahh, the beach! Go ahead and set up camp wherever you like! Or if you don't watn to lay down and catch a tan, you can go swimming, or take a walk along the shore! Or if you don't want getting sand on your feet or in your shoes, go hit up the boardwalk!

7. Sunday Drive. Sometimes you don't really have a destination in mind. Sometimes you just want to drive and enjoy the scenery. Well, here's your chance to do that!

8. Amusement Park. There's plenty to do here! Take your date on the Ferris wheel, or the tunnel of love...or something more thrilling, like a roller coaster! Walk around with cotton candy!

9. Dance/Ball. School dance? Prom? Business gala? Whatever it is, you're there, and you've got a date.

10. Wild Card. Your choice! Feel free to pick something that's not here.


1. Blind Date. You had no idea who you were going out with until you arrived! Was it a complete stranger, or did it turn out to be someone you knew?

2. First Date. You finally worked up the courage to ask this person out, and they agreed! How awkward is this going to end up?

3. Steady. You guys have been going out for a while. This is just another one of many dates.

4. Proposing. This isn't just any date for you. You've brought your significant other out somewhere to propose to them! Make sure to warm them up for the main event!

5. Married. You're not just dating, you're a married couple! Whether this is a special occasion or you just decided to break from your everyday life, the two of you are using this as an opportunity to remind each other just how much you love one another.

6. Wild Card. Your choice! Feel free to pick something that's not here.

[Taken from an earlier meme]
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Viktor Nikiforov ❄ Yuri on Ice

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[ All prompts are ♡ ]
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[If you don't mind cross-canon, I rolled 6-6? I was thinking maybe somewhere between the first and second dates?]
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[ Not at all, but I am canon blind so I hope you don't mind that, too. Could you maybe set us up? ]
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[I don't mind at all! I'll do my best to be descriptive enough in narrative, but aside from the game he came from (Fire Emblem: Awakening,) I only just started playing the game that his icons are from (Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE. AKA Shin Megami Tensei and Fire Emblem mashed together. XD)

[I'll be replying here twice in total - this comment and my starter. Regardless of what format I use, feel free to change it up, and I'll follow whatever you're more comfortable with! After I get the starter up, though, I'm going to try to get some sleep, as it's almost 5:30am for me.]
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Chrom had never thought that he'd be doing something as mundane as dating, of all things. Despite the continued threat of Mirages, and his required attachment to Itsuki in order to even maintain a physical form, he'd found himself... wanting.

In any case, only the truly artistically inclined could see him, anyway. He was a ghost to many, barely even registered as a breeze upon one's cheek when he passed. He remembered that he was human before he became a Mirage. It ached that he couldn't simply be seen by all. Even though humans didn't have eyes that glowed like this - with light that drowned out even the natural iris and whites.

And so, he watched the world go around him, soon landing eyes on another type of artistry in itself: ice skating. He devoured what he could of the sport between battles in Idolaspheres, though he couldn't say that he understood even half of it. He realized that he seemed to learn more quickly by doing rather than watching.

It still made Chrom's heart pound - remembering when he carefully slid out onto some ice in his boots, and Viktor saw him (and then saw him fall in shock, which was neither here nor there.)

In Chrom's opinion, he made an utter fool of himself on their first date after that. All awkward words and unable to even tell basic things about himself beyond more recent topics, including things about ice skating that Viktor already knew. Or that he one day wanted to try eating bear meat grilled over an open fire. Preferably if he could grill it.

Although the only artistry he had was with his sword, Falchion, he'd been happy to show that off as well. Even though his mind forgot where he learned it, his body still remembered how to move.

The sand sunk beneath his boots, his body given enough form to impact the sand - at least to eyes who could see him. To everyone else, there was only one set of footprints: Viktor's.

The sun remained high in the sky, though the temperature was fairly mild, and the ocean cold. Still, even the smell of the sea made Chrom wish that he could recall the memory that his heart felt.

"Viktor, what do you think?"

During their first date, Chrom had peeled his mask down to reveal his nose and mouth, and so, it was much, much easier to see when he expressed himself. He still had every single layer on otherwise. Chrom himself didn't feel uncomfortable, so he supposed that the weather around him didn't affect him the same as everyone else.

Now, a shy smile danced upon his lips, even though it was impossible to easily say where those blue eyes were staring in particular, even when facing the skater. That also included when his pale skin flooded with a blush as he began to continue speaking.

"Is... having a date here okay with you?"
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It’s lonely at the top.

It was a painful truth that Viktor had known most his life, something he had had to come to terms with in his long figure skating career. He was often called a prodigy, and eventually a living legend, but what boost the accolades did to his ego also increased the distance between himself and others.

While he was always surrounded by any number of people—his long-time coach Yakov, Yuri and his other rink-mates and fellow skaters, fans, and the media—he always felt detached, alone. What started as being admired for his skills (and him returning the favour by constantly trying to do something surprising—an occupational hazard but one he thoroughly enjoyed) turned into putting him on a pedestal, and before long there appeared this unspoken but very present crevasse separating him from the rest of the world.

(If not for Makkachin, his beloved pet and companion, he would probably resent his fame more. Truth be told, Viktor would have probably only entertained the thought of dating to experience something new, something to break the routine, something to take his mind off everything that was expected of him and was starting to feel bitter about.)

For someone who lived for and loved taking people by surprise, Chrom was like a gift one received when they had forgotten it’s their birthday: totally unexpected but equally (or more) delightful. The attention (similar to his admirers’ but somewhat essentially different) was something that he relished, too. He could easily get it from any person with a simple smile, but coming from someone who had so utterly shocked him, that was something. Viktor, however, had no practical idea how to go about dating. It wasn’t difficult at all to strike conversation—he had been approached by countless strangers for interviews and whatnots and had faced no amount of awkwardness—but he had to admit that he was nervous and feeling self-conscious, what with Chrom being different and completely mystical, on their first date.

So what else was there to do than to go on a second date to see if this could go anywhere at all? And now he was walking alongside Chrom, his steps languid and unhurried, and he found himself shaking the sand off his slipper every so often as the sea gulls cried and flew over their heads.

Viktor hummed in the positive as he turned his face toward Chrom. “Anywhere is fine, but here is great,” he replied with a bright but a touch bashful smile. “But you can’t be comfortable in those.” He gestured vaguely at Chrom, taking in his choice in clothing for their outing. It was cool enough that he could feel the breeze through his light shirt but something thicker than a shirt and longer than his shorts would probably be warm. “How about we find someplace to sit and grab some drinks?”
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Chrom couldn't help the utterly perplexed expression that crossed his face, only for realization to dawn. "Oh, no, it seems I don't experience the weather like you do, but drinks sounds good."

Even so, the warrior did indulge Viktor, reaching for some of his layers and letting them return to the ether in which he himself came - or whatever it was. Chrom didn't know, but it was fine. Once he was satisfied, with many layers stripped, he'd shed his cloak, pauldron, overcoat, mask, and gloves. Chrom's skin was relatively pale, bared at the neck, clavicle, and shoulders, and a strange birthmark was easily seen on his right shoulder.

"Is this better?"

Of course, he kept his sword at his side. There was no way he'd go without it.

"I don't mind staying like this in the slightest." The swordsman's smile was sincere. "It's kind of nice, actually. Not so heavy." His smile turning a touch more relaxed as he surveyed the area. There was a cluster of smooth rocks not too terribly far from a drink stand, and he gestured in that direction.

Instead of, you know, a section of benches just to the stand's left.

"The rocks look like an interesting place to sit. Might be able to get a better view of the ocean from there, I think?"
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Viktor watched with rapt attention as Chrom shed his clothes like an enchanting magical snake. When Chrom was done, Viktor nodded and smiled through his wonder, so many questions unasked so as not to unnerve Chrom if it was something he was not comfortable to talk about. See, contrary to Yakov's claims, he could be considerate.

"Must be nice," he still remarked. "St. Petersburg can get awfully cold."

Another smile flashed on his face once he spotted the rocks Chrom mentioned. He clapped his hands together and held them close to his chest as his eyes sparkled in delight. "Perfect!" He then grabbed one of Chrom's wrists and started dragging him toward the drinks stand.

"What would you like?" Viktor himself wanted a cocktail but he would settle for a refreshing fruit drink like Starwberry Lemonade. "My treat!"
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Chrom just laughed as he was pulled along, knowing very well that he could easily stop the skater if he truly wanted to. But he let the eccentric man lead with a great amount of joy, a warm smile curling his lips.

The person working at the stands looked at Viktor funny for a few seconds when he spoke to someone that they couldn't see, only to stiffen up when Chrom tapped one of the displays near him. Looks like it was another person who couldn't see or hear him unless he impacted the world around him.

"I'll take the mango-raspberry punch. It looks good."

To make sure that the worker could see what he was trying to order, he tried to wriggle it. It didn't make the matters much better, the worker looking rather unnerved as they prepared the drinks they wanted once Chrom's message reached them.

It only took him picking up a pen and writing on a napkin. Of course, the worker only saw a floating pen, and that pen being used, but it was enough to prove that something sentient was there (and with rather formal handwriting, too.)

They were seriously serving a ghost!?! A thirsty ghost, apparently. With champion skater Viktor Nikiforov...!!

Once served, Chrom brought his straw to his lips, letting out a low groan in pleasure at the taste.

"Mm. This was a good choice! Try some?" He tipped the drink towards Viktor in invitation, his expression gentle and warm. He wasn't thinking about how, unless Viktor peeled the lid up, they'd be sharing the same straw.
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[ ooc: So sorry for the delay! I got so caught up in the new year’s preparation and celebration. No pressure tagging back! (Also, happy new year! ^_^ ) ]

It was amusing to watch the person manning the stand be flustered at every little thing Chrom did. Not that Chrom was visible, it didn’t seem so, which made it even more funny. Truth be told he wished other people could see Chrom like he did so the curious (and sometimes even downright discourteous) glances would stop, but this was fine, too; it made him feel special in a way that he never felt with the whole world’s attention to him. To think that he had something else other than skating that other people could only dream possible.

In any case, he still smiled in a somewhat apologetic manner (even though he couldn’t help but chuckle softly to himself) at the worker as he took his Strawberry Lemonade and walked away with another (probably) floating drink alongside him.

At the offer, Viktor paused a beat before leaning forward to dip directly from the straw. It was indeed a good choice but he had other things on his mind as he straightened up.

“Yum!” Viktor exclaimed and then winked at Chrom. “But you know, if you really wanted to kiss, you could have just asked instead of this indirect kiss thing.” He was already laughing before he could finish his statement but while there’s obvious delight on his face, his eyes had a look that could be mistaken for a challenge.
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[No problem! Life stuff happens, and celebrations are important! :D I'm not about to balk over a few days' wait. <3]

"Huh??" Completely taken aback, Chrom frowned as he tried to figure out what Viktor was referring to. Glancing between his cup and Viktor's face, however, it soon dawned on him, his cheeks turning bright pink.

"I, ah... I wasn't thinking of kisses, and I forgot that an 'indirect kiss' was something of this... of this culture. I haven't fully learned things about this country." He'd purely just wanted to share it.

Still, he watched Viktor thoughtfully, lips curling up slightly. If Viktor wanted him to be direct, now that he thought about it, kisses had been something he'd wanted, but dared not ask for. Not with how he looked. Not with what he was. He hadn't wanted to ask for more than Viktor was willing to offer.

But with this blatant invitation...

He stepped closer to him, right, gently, into his personal space, and - although shyly so - used his free hand to grasp onto Viktor's chin. It was just as gently, everything easily broken should Viktor show the slightest distaste. Chrom knew that he had quite a bit of strength, and did not even want to risk using it untowardly. Perhaps his sense of care was a little excessive right now, so maybe in time he'd ease up on his own worrying.

"May I kiss you, Viktor? Properly, this time."

Despite the suave nature of his movements, his cheeks still burned, the glow of his eyes almost appearing brighter as well.
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Now wouldn’t this be a sight? However, Viktor couldn’t care less that people around them would be seeing him making doe eyes and kissy faces at thin air. The media and social networks would probably have a field day but it didn’t matter. For once he wasn’t thinking about his perfect skater image he had developed for a long time.

Not that there was anything wrong with this. Not at all. They just wouldn’t see Chrom, and that idea actually put him at ease. As someone who had been in the limelight at a young age, he knew what kind of unwanted attention Chrom would get once word got out that Viktor, dubbed as the most eligible bachelor in the skating world, was dating someone.

He met Chrom’s enthralling eyes and grinned. He was vaguely aware of the coolness of his drink in his hand, but the rest of him was tinged with a pleasant warmth. "You may, but we may have different definitions of 'proper.'"
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"Nn!" Flustered, Chrom seemed to glance away, perhaps? It was hard to tell, but it was highly likely.

"Proper, huh... No, I merely meant... like this."

Leaning in closer still, he lightly pressed his lips to Viktor's, only to pull away a hair's breadth, and then press in again, a little deeper this time, his tongue lightly flicking against the skater's lower lip, in askance, never demanding. His thumb traced little circles on the man's skin, Chrom's touch just barely warmer than Viktor's own.

Chrom's kiss tasted of mango, primarily, the scent of his skin muted with the scent of soap, but something almost ethereal along with it.

Properly, in Chrom's case, meant "thoroughly" on top of something far less fleeting than an indirect kiss. Even though Chrom wasn't sure if he had EVER kissed before, it felt like his body remembered how (so, therefore, he must have kissed someone else before? But no, right here and now, Viktor was the only one that Chrom wanted to kiss.)
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Giddiness made Viktor’s shoulders lightly shake. If not for his self-control (chiefly spurred on by not wanting to upset Chrom) and the gentle but passionate lips on his, he would probably have burst out giggling. As it was, he still snickered softly when he opened his eyes and they drew apart. But they were still close enough that it was so easy to lean forward and—

Viktor’s free hand that had gone up to hold Chrom’s arm gripped tighter, and in his stomach the butterflies fluttered joyously as if he had just successfully landed a quad flip. The kiss this time wasn’t any longer than the one Chrom had initiated, nor was it any deeper (he didn’t even use any tongue—even he can get nervous okay!), but somehow his breath had picked up a bit.

“Mango raspberry was indeed a good choice,” Viktor uttered his thoughts from earlier, smacking his lips and then grinning widely, triumphant.
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Chrom hummed at the kiss, eyes drifting closed, and in that moment, his humanity was a bit more noticeable, even with the persistent glow behind his eyelids. Even so, for a chaste kiss, Chrom's breath was taken away, his cheeks flushing from pleasure. Slowly blinking open his eyes when he heard Viktor's comment, he couldn't help but chuckle.

"So was the strawberry lemonade."

There was a friendly, playful crinkle at the corners of his eyes as he watched him.

"If I'm not careful, I'd get carried away tasting it on you."

With that, he took another sip of his own drink, not daring to look away from Viktor yet. Other words came to mind, but it was not easily within his nature to speak such lewd things. Especially not in public.
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Viktor’s eyes follow Chrom’s movement with obvious interest before responding. “It’s not like you would have to worry about being seen.” Viktor suspected that this could be an uncomfortable topic for Chrom but he hoped the lopsided grin on his face and the twinkling in his eyes showed he was teasing him good-naturedly.

“I wouldn’t mind,” he said with a shrug, making light of his thought but he wasn’t kidding. Oh, Viktor wouldn’t mind at all. He was so used to all eyes being on him whenever he took the ice, alone in his performances. He might not be as outrageous as his friend Chris but he was flashy in his own way he always thrived as the centre of attention, and this sounded so exciting to him.
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Chrom's expression still flinched, very slightly, at the comment. It definitely was uncomfortable, knowing that he couldn't be seen. As useful as it was, at times, it wasn't something that he reveled in. Even so, Viktor's smile softened any blow that could have been dealt, and he let out a soft chuckle in reply.

"No, that's not what I'm worried about. I mean, I can't really explain it, especially with so many of my memories missing, but..." Frowning, he tapped his lips with his fingertip, thinking, trying to pull free the right words. His lips formed a slight "o" as he figured it out.

"I'm a private person, from what I can glean from... what I probably like, and my gut feelings. Whether or not I can be seen is-- well, regardless, I wouldn't want anyone looking, or interrupting. I feel like something like that happening would bother me."

A beat, and he continued on, "I would-- want to be the only one to watch you react to me in an intimate situation. But, I think I would be okay with.. talking things over, if you really wanted to do something.. in public." The blush came back, just the slightest bit.
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Viktor’s expression grew brighter and brighter as Chrom spoke until his grin was so wide it threatened to split his face in two. They may be talking about a sensitive topic but he was glad that Chrom would talk to him about his memories (or the lack of). He could be cruel sometimes with his jokes--he would admit to his rinkmates' claims--but his intentions were always amiable. (Besides, he only ever wished to be honest.)

He snatched Chrom’s free hand and held it between them, his face relaxing into a gentle smile. The flinch from earlier didn't escape his notice so when Viktor spoke again, it was soft and even as he was trying to sound comforting. In his mind, words don't always convey feelings so he also wrapped Chrom in an embrace, careful not to spill any of his drink on Chrom's back.

"As thrilling as it would be to do something risqué, it wouldn't be great at all if someone is uncomfortable. So don't worry."
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Chrom was a little surprised by the embrace, and without all of his armor on, it made his figure all the more obvious, despite its comparably less flexibility compared to Viktor's. He let out a soft, amused sound in reply, though it was tinged with relief. Carefully, he returned it, being careful not to spill his drink, either.

"That's why I said we talk about it first. If I can understand why it makes you tick, for you, I think I could get into it wholeheartedly. Provided this relationship turns in that direction."

He wouldn't ever assume things would go that way. Even if it was just little moments like this and nothing else, Chrom knew he would accept that. Viktor was beautiful, in more ways than just looks, and Chrom knew that some people needed more... visible people to be happy.

He'd step aside, if he had to.

"I don't want to turn away any part of your needs, if it's within my power."

Nuzzling closer, he pressed another kiss to Viktor's cheek.
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The action pulled a short laugh from Viktor as he drew back, but his hand was still touching his arm. To think that someone would not only humour him but also seriously consider his crazy whims… he must have done something right to have met Chrom.

If they paid any attention they would have noticed several passers-by pointing their phones and cameras at them (well, Viktor, since to most, if not all, of them Chrom was invisible), but Viktor's entire focus was on Chrom and his kindness and sincerity.

"You're amazing," Viktor breathed out, the sparkles in his eyes as bright as before. “Other people would probably have looked at me funny or even ran as fast as they could with the mere suggestion.” He smirked and then nudged Chrom’s shoulder with his own. "You’re going to spoil me!"
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"Mn. I can think of far scarier things compared to spoiling you. Which is to say, the idea of spoiling you is far from frightening. I think I'd like it."

Grinning, he tilted his head, considering something, only to pause when he heard some shutter sounds from cell phones. He turned slightly, meeting eyes with almost none of them, since they couldn't see him, and then managed a gentle smile. Kneeling down, he set his drink into the sand, and held his hand out.

"Seems you're popular. Want to see how your fans react to you being carried by someone they can't see? Well, minus about one or two people there who can."

Chrom's not sure where the inspiration came from.


Probably Viktor.

But the urge to pick the pale-haired man up and let the guy ride his shoulders is a burning one.
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Viktor’s eyes widened at the suggestion, his level of excitement going through the roof in an instant, and a hearty laugh escaped from him. Chrom was really doing a fantastic job keeping him entertained and engaged, it was as if Chrom could read him like an open book.

"That may be the second best thing to making out in public," he joked, chuckling. He then finally cast a look around and saw a number of people looking their way. Some were being subtle, just glancing every few moments, but some were actually taking photos or videos. It wasn't someone new to him and he was even more amused at all the attention. "50 Euros says someone faints." Another laugh and then he raised both arms. "Up!"
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As if purely by the command, Chrom swept up Viktor in his arms, kneeling in the same movement in order to promptly place the guy astride his shoulders, as well as pick up his drink in the process. Standing upright afterward, his free hand helping to hold one of Viktor's legs against his body, he was about to ask him something when one of the fans very well did faint.

"Well," Chrom began with a wry smile. "it seems like you're 50 Euros richer."

Of course, some of them were still snapping photos and filming. Others were talking amongst each other, and comparing photos.

'Eh?! There really is a person there?!!'

"How's your balance? I can always default to piggyback if you feel like you're going to fall."
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To say that Viktor was having fun was an understatement. He let out the biggest laugh yet, full and long, and it extended when one of the crowd actually fainted. "I should have wagered a larger amount!" Not that there was an actual bet. Besides, he was having plenty amusement--this was enough payment already.

"I'm great," he replied, meaning it. It wasn't lonely at top when like this, who would have thought? "If I knew being lifted felt amazing I would have switched to pairs skating." He laughed again because that would have broken all kinds of rules and made the ISU lose their mind, wouldn't it? Especially if his partner was a man, too. He looked down at Chrom, pinched both cheeks gently, then said with laughter, pointing his free hand forward, "Away!"
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In reply, Chrom lightly patted Viktor's leg, as he didn't dare move in a way that might jeopardize Viktor's balance, even when his cheeks were pinched.

"Yeah. I can do that. Hold on tight."

With a slow start, Chrom broke out into a run. His movements were a little hampered by the sand, but he honestly didn't mind so long as Viktor was having fun, too.

"I should lift you more often, then."

If he knew how to skate on a similar level... Chrom couldn't help but imagine what that would be like. But he knew it for the idle fancy that it was, and besides, he had skills where it mattered: he could protect Viktor whenever they were together, be the threat mirage or otherwise.

And besides, his skills or lack thereof aside, this was enough to bring him joy in turn.

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