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fake married;

the fake married meme

be it for a job, in order to get your inheritance or to fool your nosy neighbours, you're pretending to be married. now the question is, do you want it to be real or can you hardly wait for it to be over?

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For Barry Allen | wearamask

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[Peter's used to ridiculousness. That's like, his entire life. Giant lizard men, disgruntled special effects artists who put fish bowls on their heads, blob monsters - the blob monster was his favorite. That crap doesn't wash out of spandex at all. And it happened twice. Twice. Like, come on, New York. Cut him a break once in a while, would you?

Peter knows he's probably the very last choice for this mission. Seriously, he's not good at infiltration or stealth ops in the slightest. If it weren't for Gwen, Peter would have been forcibly escorted from the Oscorp building. He lies about as well as he can recite Shakespeare - which, for a kid who went to a Science and Math high school, is not very well at all. But the Avengers had a mission, and no one to fill the position. They needed a young couple and - well, no one really fit the bill. 20-24 was the least suspicious, especially in an up-and-coming neighborhood like the one they were going to. He didn't make a habit of taking job invitations like this from the big leaguers, but he could tell it was genuinely important. A HYDRA agent was apparently living out of this apartment, and rather than storm in and arrest him - which would no doubt lead directly into the agent swallowing a poison pill and being completely useless - they wanted him to be followed and perhaps even bug the apartment. Not that Peter would need to bug it, if they were right next door - apartment walls were thin, and Peter had enhanced hearing. Still, if they could do it, cherry on top.

So here Peter is, waiting outside a coffee shop for his intended. They were bringing in an outside contact, same as they had with Peter - 'cept this guy had to be flown in. He snorted to himself, scribbling down another chemical equation in his notebook (what? His biochemistry thesis waits for no Avenger). Flown in just so he could put on a ring matching the one currently on Peter's left hand. He has the matching ring in his pocket.]
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[Barry had tried to ask Oliver when he became friends with the freaking Avengers, but it had been like talking to a brick wall. Pretty typical for Oliver Queen, even on his best day.

But as it turns out, the Avengers hadn't even needed Oliver. He was just a way for them to get into contact with Barry. Which, he isn't gonna lie, left him extremely smug. 'Guess one archer is enough, huh, Ollie?' (He'd headed home to pack almost immediately after that. He knows better than to stick around with an irritated Oliver Queen.)

They hadn't given him much information on the mission, just that they needed someone his age, and they needed him soon. He'd offered to run over, but they decided that his streak of yellow lightning would be a little too obvious for what they had planned. So instead, he got a free flight on a private jet- he doesn't even need to look to know that the outside has an obnoxiously large Stark Industries logo on it- straight to La Guardia.

As per usual, despite his super speed, Barry is about fifteen minutes late walking up to the coffee shop. His shoes are smoking faintly, but it's nothing a few stomps on the concrete doesn't fix.

It isn't until he's sure the smoke is gone that he realizes he has no idea who he's looking for. Someone his age, presumably, but he hadn't even been given a name. Great planning there, Clint.]
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[That's so atypical Avengers bullshit, isn't it? Need to know basis, except they never tell you everything you need to know. It's only natural they'd also keep tabs on every super known to man. Peter doesn't even know what would surprise him anymore, when it comes to the Avengers. He, at least, has the excuse of being terrible at keeping his secret identity - the only reason his Aunt doesn't already know he's Spiderman is because she hasn't straight up asked him.

The visible smoke is gone, but the scent lingers - at least, to Peter's enhanced senses. He sniffs again, frowning as he checks the horizon but - no, he doesn't see any burning buildings. It almost smelled like burnt rubber, what in the hell...

Peter scans the passerby, then, which is about when he notices Barry. No. Really? To be fair, Peter doesn't look like much himself, outside of the costume. Unless he's completely misjudging, here, and that's just a random guy. But Barry's the only new arrival in the past twenty minutes that looks like he could fit the profile of the person Peter is supposed to be waiting for.

Peter waits to make eye contact with the guy, chin in his left hand. He's hoping the ring is enough to catch his attention - if this is the contact he was waiting for.]
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[There isn't anyone who immediately stands out to him. The people sitting at the tables all appear to be perfectly normal people just enjoying their coffees. But there is one guy. He's definitely looking at him, and it's been longer than just a curious look. So Barry meets his gaze.

It's expectant, which means it's probably safe to assume that this is the guy he was told to meet. He closes the distance between them, dropping into the chair across from him.]

Sorry I'm late.

[Definitely one of the things he says most in his life.]

Are you Peter?
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No problem. Flight treat you well?

[Peter digs into his pocket, pulling out the ring box. A small velvet square, with the matching ring inside of it, so insignificant - but is it just Peter, or does it look huge on the table. He pushes it towards Barry with a wry smile, adjusting his glasses with his other hand.]

At your service. Barry, right?

[Yeah, that burnt rubber smell is definitely coming from Barry. Wouldn't even be perceptible if it weren't for Peter's senses. He tamps down on the curiosity, but it's still there, bubbling beneath the surface. Who is he? His other identity, Peter means. He wonders if he's heard of him before.]
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I offered to run, but they thought it would be too conspicuous.

[Which is fair enough. Especially since he'd have to run halfway across the country.

He picks up the box, eyeing the ring. It's kind of sudden for a proposal, so...]

Why do I get the feeling you were told more about this mission than I was?
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[There's a clue there that Peter stores for later before his attention is immediately taken up by Barry's followup question. Peter can't help the way his mouth sort of...drops open a little, brow furrowing as he watches the expression on Barry's face.] You're kidding. They left it for me to - of course they would, it's Tony friggen' Stark.

It's an infiltration mission. [Peter leans in a little, keeping his voice low.] They've discovered a HYDRA agent living out of an East side apartment building. He's got a job at Hammer Industries - probably pretty low level, but it's the first time we've found one without barreling right in. They have these suicide pills, always manage to take them before we can stop them.

It's one of the up-and-coming sort of neighborhoods, though, so anyone older than their late twenties is going to look suspicious. [Peter leans back, closing his notebook and gesturing between the two of them.]'s also right next Chelsea, on the border by Hell's Kitchen. [He sighs and belatedly adds, realizing Barry wouldn't know what he means: ] Which is a prominent LGBT neighborhood.
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[Barry still isn't sure how he feels about Tony. He's very...eccentric. Barry is used to billionaires being more, well, brooding. Not that Oliver would appreciate the term. But it's better than "angsty", which is probably more accurate.

The speedster had grown up on stories of Captain America and his fight against the Red Skull during World War 2, so he's familiar with Hydra. The suicide pills are news, though. Good thing he's quick on his feet. They shouldn't be a problem.

It's clear he's still waiting for an explanation on the wedding rings, until Peter mentions the LGBT neighborhood. Oh. Oh. So Ollie sent him halfway across the country because he's young and bi. The vigilante is going to be in for an earful when Barry gets home. But there are lives on the line here, and the Avengers asked for his help. He isn't going to turn his back on them.

So he pulls the ring from the small velvet box and slides it onto his finger. He should probably be creeped out that Tony Stark knew his ring size, but he pushes the thought away. There are more important things to deal with.]

Tony said he'd make sure my stuff got to where I'd be staying, which I'm guessing is that apartment building. So I'm ready when you are.
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[Peter is both a fan and not a fan. He's a total science geek, so when it comes to Stark Industries and all of the cool things they're doing in clean energy and technology in general, Peter can appreciate it. He's never missed an Expo, not since his Uncle started taking him at the ripe age of 6 1/2. Tony, however, and his theatrics - Peter could do without. Although, the handful of chances they've had to fight together, Peter does enjoy getting on his nerves.

If they've stopped putting the false teeth in. Peter's never actually seen a HYDRA agent, so he's in the same ballpark there, but perhaps they're just have to see. Barry is definitely the best shot at stopping one of them giving up the ghost.

Peter offers a thin, sympathetic smile, and raised his hand to show off his own ring. What a way to meet somebody, though.]

Yeah, I came back after class yesterday and my apartment had been ransacked. [So lucky he doesn't live with Aunt May anymore, or he'd have a hell of a lot of explaining to do, he's sure. Peter gathers his crap and stuffs it into his ratty backpack, slinging it over his shoulder.] Let's go.

Is there like, a time difference from the flight? [Peter asks, as he starts leading the way down the sidewalk. They're not far from the apartment building, at least. Peter's never been outside of New York before, so suffice it to say, he's genuinely interested in where Barry's from and his journey to New York.]
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[There's no argument from Barry, though he'll have to make sure he gets food soon to counter the run from the airport to the coffee shop. He can make it until they get to the apartment.]

Yeah, but only an hour. Central City is on Central Time.

[Though he's found that running across the timezones definitely leaves him more jetlagged than flying across them. At least then his body has a bit of time to adjust.]

I don't want to assume or anything, but are you with them? The Avengers, I mean.

[Peter is even younger than he is, but Barry has watched the Avengers fights closely. There are several masked heroes who could theoretically be this young, but only one that he knows of operates out of New York. That's assuming that Peter is a superhero at all. Maybe he's a younger sibling or a cousin or something, and just looks the part for the mission.]
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Not too bad. Missouri, right? Have you traveled a lot?

[Peter shakes his head at the question. He pushes his glasses back up onto the bridge of his nose from where they've started to slip (he should get better fitting frames, if he's going to keep wearing glasses he doesn't need) and shifts his backpack higher up on his shoulders.]

Nah, not uh...not a full-fledged member or anything. We have...rapport. I usually work solo.

[That's not to say he's completely against the idea of teaming up, obviously. He's not the Devil, he's not going to growl and pout because someone else is helping him. Besides, if the Avengers sent Barry, Peter's at least reasonably confident he's going to be able to legitimately help in some way.]

I can show you, when we get back to the apartment. If you want. Are you...? [Takes a minute for Peter to find the right word, because saying 'superhero' has always seemed a bit embarrassing to him.] ...enhanced?
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Not much. I have a few friends in Star City, but other than that, I stay close to home.

[Works alone, huh? That narrows it down. But he doesn't have to do much more analysis if Peter is going to tell him anyway. So he lets the thought go.]

Uh, enhanced is one way to put it. I was hit by the particle accelerator that exploded a few years ago. We call people that were effected by it 'metahumans'.
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That's really cool. [Peter leads them down a side street, taking a shortcut.] Me too. NYC born and bred. Is this your first trip here?

[Peter can't help but wonder what Barry's powers are, too. Maybe it had something to do with that weird rubber smell? He's trying to think of something other than Mr. Fantastic on fire.]

Woah, wait, the one Dr. Wells was working on? [Peter's a complete nerd, of course he followed stuff like that. Everyone was worried it would have been a huge disaster, they were lucky it hadn't done worse damage when it blew up. He's wondering if that was, in part, because of Barry and whatever powers he got out of it. Perhaps he absorbed the brunt of it?] That's a good word for it. People keep thinking I'm a mutant.
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Yeah, actually. I've never been this far East before.

[And New York certainly lives up to the splendor he's seen in movies.]

That's the one. Turns out he was an evil speedster from the future, who purposely tampered with the particle accelerator to give me my powers.

[If anyone would understand, it's a fellow hero. Though he isn't sure how much time travel plays into his daily life.]

Yeah, mutant sounds a little harsh. At least meta-human still includes the human part.
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Nice. Maybe I can show you around when we have time to kill.

[Which they will. They only have to be home when the agent is; the rest of the team will be surveilling them throughout the day. In fact, they're encouraged to get out of the house and go about 'business as usual'. No reason to be suspicious of the new neighbors.]

...well, that does tend to put a damper on things. [Peter snorted, barely batting an eye at the mention of time travel. There are portals to other worlds opening over Manhattan nowadays - why wouldn't there be time travel?]

I guess it stems from the idea of superpowers being a genetic mutation.
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I'd like that. There's so much to see here. I'd hate to waste the trip.

[And Cisco had demanded about a million pictures, so he'll have to get on that if he doesn't want crap from his best friend.]

He's not the worst I've dealt with. But it definitely made me hate my powers for a little bit. Just knowing they'd been given to me by someone so evil.

[He hadn't been the only one to feel that way. But they'd pushed past it. Taken the evil that was done to them and made it better.]

It makes sense, it just feels...mean.
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We'll get you a tourist t-shirt and everything, it'll be great.

[Pictures? Oh say no more, Peter can hook you up with pictures. He can't remember the last time he had cause to go out and do something cheesy, like the Statue of Liberty tour.]

Yeah that's...that's the kicker. [Peter's lips quirked softly, a wry, if sad understanding of where Barry was coming from. Guilt and superheroes were inextricable in most instances.]

Well, you're not wrong. They don't mean it as a good thing.