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mistletoe meme

the mistletoe meme

what it says in the gif. whether it's magic compulsion (feat. magical attraction or not), that you're trapped until you kiss, or just tradition and social pressure, you've been caught under the mistletoe and that means you have to kiss.

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[Of all the people to get stuck under a sprig of mistletoe with, it just had to be the Devil. That's Peter's life in a nutshell, really. God just kind of likes to laugh at him. Peter's pretty sure the guy hates him, or at least he did, the first time they met. Nearly had his head taken off by that friggen' nunchuck the guy carried around, chased him all the way back to Queens. And he wasn't even doing anything besides following a trail - but, apparently, once it crossed into the Kitchen Peter had better back the fuck up.

They've gotten better, since then, but it's still a rocky relationship at best. They've got a better working relationship, at least, but could it hurt the guy to be a little friendlier?

Well, they're about to get real friendly. Peter can't seem to get more than five feet away from the Devil before whatever's holding them there pulls him back.], we're a little bit stuck. Just, you know, the normal amount of stuck.
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[It wasn't that he didn't like the Spider. He was a good kid, but he was just that a kid. Matt could hear how fast his heart beat was and smell of youth He shouldn't be mixed up in this whole heroing thing. But he'd manage to work with him when he needed to and now they were apparently stuck together for magical reasons. He sniffs the air trying to catch the scent of the person holding him and he had to do it without revealing he couldn't see where they were. His low pitched voice carried a note of annoyance.}

Where are we right now?

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[His heart was beating kind of fast right now because of the situation. The Daredevil costume wasn't really helping matters. Peter couldn't make anything out in the opaque eye sockets - how did he even see out of that? Peter had damn good vision - enhanced, even - and he couldn't even make out the shape of the dude's eyes.]

Warehouse 15, I think. [Peter knows the docks pretty well, likes to slip in and out of them when he needs to avoid someone. They're right on the edge between the Kitchen and Queens, actually.] And there's - uh - I mean, you know. [He gestures upwards towards the unexplained mistletoe.]
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[Matt gives a long suffering sigh. Looks like his secrets might not stay as secret as he would like. He can guess in what direction the Spider is pointing, but he can't see or smell what he's pointing at.]

Use your words Spider that would be helpful.

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It's Spiderman, actually. [The correction doesn't come out nearly as annoyed as it would with pretty much anyone else, mostly because Peter does not want to get into an altercation, however inadvertently, in this close quarters with the Devil. With room to swing, he could spar with the best of them but...well, he didn't have any training at all, so he was kind of at a disadvantage there.]

It's mistletoe, dude. [Three little white berries in a little bunch of green, tied together with a bright red bow. Peter can't fathom for the life of him what it's doing in a warehouse on the docks.]
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[Matt just manages to bite off the swear word the bubbles up and starts to flow out of his mouth. Seriously the kid does not need to hear words like that. Mistletoe...goddammed mistletoe...and mystical at that. He swears he can hear someone laughing at them from god knows where.He seriously fucking hated magic.]

Great caught in a mystical trap with someone who is playing match maker. I swear if I ever find out who did this I will break one of their limbs.

[He decides to spell things out so that Spiderman can't miss why he's so pissed right now.]

We can't get loose unless we kiss.

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[Peter actually backs up, a little, until he hits the invisible wall keeping them trapped there together. The aura of irritation rolling off Daredevil is almost physically repelling - well, it sends a shiver up his spidey sense, if you catch his drift. The next words out of the vigilante's mouth do nothing but confuse Peter - and he makes a note to never end up on the Devil's bad side, because jeez.

And then it all becomes clear.

Peter's mind goes blank for about three seconds before it all rushes forwards in a hasty, panicked wave of word vomit.]

What? You've got to be kidding me. You're not kidding me! Holy crap! This is my life! This is my actual life! This is a thing that is happening.
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[Matt resists the urge to hit the younger hero because seriously this wasn't helping the situation.]

It's not like we need to make out Spider...just a quick kiss should do it I hope.

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[Peter reluctantly peels himself away from the invisible barrier wall and manages to stay just within speaking distance of the Devil.]

You hope. Come across magical pieces of mistletoe often?

[Peter deals with a lot of shit, but at least he's managed to keep magic out of his world this long.]
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[Matt is glad of the mask hiding his eyes, because he was rolling them so hard right now they might have fallen out of his face seeing or not.]

Mystical ninjas more than mistletoe but this seems like their idea of fun. Trap us together while they cause mayhem.
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[Even if Peter can't see Matt's eyes, he can almost feel the judgement. Which, rude. Peter is not cool with being judged by a guy running around calling himself the Devil.]

Mystical ninjas. Why am I not surprised? [He's strongly resisted the urge to bonk himself in the head right now.] ...can you even kiss without jabbing my eyes out with the chiseled cheekbones on that mask?