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mistletoe meme

the mistletoe meme

what it says in the gif. whether it's magic compulsion (feat. magical attraction or not), that you're trapped until you kiss, or just tradition and social pressure, you've been caught under the mistletoe and that means you have to kiss.

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[It's a Hope's Peak holiday party, and Kiyotaka has been putting himself into overdrive as part of the party planning committee. He's not normally one for parties, but he appreciated this task because of the hard work that it would require of him. Truly it was something that he would learn from!

But so far he's only been learning new levels of stress. Throughout the evening, he had been fretting over every last thing. And now, he's pacing back and forth in one corner of the ballroom as he tries to think of preparations that he may have overlooked. A Santa beard hangs loosely around his neck, and he's entirely unaware of the mistletoe hanging above his head. He's lost in his own stressful world right now.]
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[Throughout the evening and whenever Sayaka had a chance, she kept a watchful eye on Ishimaru. She heard that he was part of the party planning committee and if she knew him well enough, she had a feeling that her classmate was probably stressing out and trying to make sure everything was just right.

Now that she was done conversing with Naegi, she happens to spot him pacing in the corner. Okay. Now was her chance to finally go talk to him! She just had to check up on him and wanted to make sure that he was okay.]

Ishimaru-kun! Working hard like always? The party has turned out wonderful! [She greets him with a bright smile, handing him a cup of juice and a plate full of goodies that she stocked up from the food table.]

Have you eaten anything, yet? I made you a plate. [Like Ishimaru, she also doesn't notice the mistletoe that was hanging above their heads just yet.]
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[continued here?]