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mistletoe meme

the mistletoe meme

what it says in the gif. whether it's magic compulsion (feat. magical attraction or not), that you're trapped until you kiss, or just tradition and social pressure, you've been caught under the mistletoe and that means you have to kiss.

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Heeeeeeey, Sayaka-chaaaaaan!

[That is the only warning Sayaka gets for the fact that there is one Ibuki Mioda incoming with an attempted tackleglomp. Which might seem like Ibuki just being Ibuki, except that assuming there's no deviation to their path, they're about to land themselves under a conveniently-placed sprig of mistletoe.

Assuming there's no deviation. Safe to say she hasn't planned too far for what happens if she manages to miss.]
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[A familiar voice catches the attention of Sayaka and she quickly turns to the source of that voice— Ibuki Mioda! The idol greets her fellow musician with a smile and waves at her. That is until, she happened to notice Ibuki getting closer ... and closer, until she was suddenly greeted with a tackleglomp.

It does take Sayaka by surprise at first, and for a few moments, she's trying to process what's going on. None the less, She's soon giggling and returning the hug right back to Ibuki.]
Mioda-san! [It hasn't dawned on Sayaka that due to being pushed by the sudden glomp, the two girls were now standing under a mistletoe.]

It's so good to see you! Are you having fun at the party?
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Ibuki always has fun at parties. That's what parties are for, right?

[And flinging herself at friends in overly-affectionate gestures is certainly one way to ensure that she has that fun.

And speaking of that, Ibuki can't help the sly glance upwards as she continues.]

Although, there's one thing missing right now that would make tonight even more fun. I wonder if Sayaka-chan can help with that.
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[Sayaka lets out a small giggle at her.] Very true, Mioda-san! You speak the words of truth.

Oh? Something is missing? [At first, the idol was honestly a little confused. That is, until she takes a small glance up.

Oh. That's what she's talking about. She was so taken aback by the hug, that it took her a moment to even realize they were standing under a mistletoe. How sly, Ibuki. Sayaka decides to feign innocence for just a little bit.]

Are you talking about the presents?
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Well. It's true there aren't too many of those around. And Ibuki supposes she could consider this part of her Christmas presents.

[After all, she knows there are people who would pay good money for some mistletoe time with Sayaka. So doesn't that mean it counts as one of her presents? She's going to assume so, anyway.

And so she leans in again, moving to link arms with Sayaka in case she tries to back away because losing her "gift" at the last minute would totally suck. Even if she's not exactly in a hurry to claim.]

But I wonder, what does Sayaka-chan want for Christmas?
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Let's see... that's a difficult question! [She giggles and places her fingers against her chin, looking as if she were in deep thought.]

Truth be told, I haven't really thought too much about what I want for Christmas. I suppose some new stage outfits would be nice? [In her mind, you can never have enough spare outfits, especially when you are constantly on stage.] Although, a part of me has always secretly wanted a copy of DDR to play in my spare time.

Oh! [Sayaka sends a bright smile at Ibuki's direction.] I would love to see you perform more often, for sure.

What about you Mioda-san? Is there anything you want for Christmas? Maybe I can help.
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Oh maaaaaaaaan, personal DDR sessions would rule! Santa-chan better be listening right now.

[She's only not commenting on the rest because the rest are things she has easy ways to take care of, considering she's used to making stage outfits and she can easily wrangle getting Sayaka to her performances.

And all she wants in return...]

Well. Maybe you can, but we'd better be quick. Ibuki doesn't think anyone's noticed us yet but she would hate for Sayaka-chan to get caught up in a scandal.

[She looks deliberately upwards, then, in a manner that's trying to be subtle but is way too obvious to actually be subtle.]
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Right?! [Sayaka is practically beaming at the thought of playing DDR with Ibuki. There's no doubt in her mind that the musician would give her a run for her money in rhythm.] Let's hope that Sanata grants this wish, I'd love to have a DDR date with you.

Oh? [Even though Sayaka noticed the mistletoe earlier, she still decides to play dumb and glance up in the direction that Ibuki was looking at. Seeing the mistletoe that was dangling above them, the idol lets out a giggle, winking at Ibuki.]

My, my, Mioda-san. You are so bold. [There's a grin on her lips as she steps closer to her, leaning in further towards the other girl's face.] Looks like we should uphold the Christmas tradition. Thank you for being so concerned about my career. I'll try to be as stealthy as possible.~ [She continues to chuckle, before she closes the distance, giving Ibuki a peck on the lips. There's a hint of a blush on her cheeks when she pulls away to gaze into Ibuki's eyes.]

I hope that was a good present. ♥
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Right? Man, that would totally be the best date ever!

[Cute girl company and DDR? That's enough for Ibuki to be happy for quite a while. Even if they have to go to an arcade to see it through, Ibuki's okay with that - and if they want privacy, she's pretty sure that between them they have the clout to get the arcade to themselves.

Right now, though, there's another present that has her attention. She's grinning enough even before the kiss; afterwards, even for as brief as it is, her grin is so broad that it almost doesn't fit her face any more.

She knows they're supposed to be stealthy. But she can't quite stop the quiet squeal she gives in response.]

Oh my! Ibuki will never wash these lips again!
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It really would! We'll have to make plans for it to happen.

[It would definitely be a day Sayaka would be looking forward to! She couldn't wait. What better way to spend time than to hang out with Ibuki and have a DDR date? She didn't even mind if they were constantly being stopped for autographs. Although, it would be nicer if they were alone.]

Mioda-san, please! [Sayaka's beaming and giggling non stop. The grin that Ibuki had on her face nearly matched Sayaka's, and together, they were definitely not acting like stealthy ninjas at all. Not that she minded, it was more fun this way! She would much rather enjoy the kiss that they shared then have to pretend like it never happened.]

Although, I suppose I understand the feeling. [The grin on her face would not disappear.] It's a shame it was so quick but I enjoyed it. That kiss made me feel warm and fuzzy inside.