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mistletoe meme

the mistletoe meme

what it says in the gif. whether it's magic compulsion (feat. magical attraction or not), that you're trapped until you kiss, or just tradition and social pressure, you've been caught under the mistletoe and that means you have to kiss.

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[Okay, it's pretty obvious Sungwoo is walking Ji-woong into the others under mistletoe on purpose now. At least that means Ji-woong can be more relaxed and joking about it than startled and panicky.]

Hey, Kitae, show me how you give a good kiss then!
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[He doesn't want to be here. He also was not the type to go running around kissing people. So he was going to just stare at the boss like he had just lost a few extra marbles.]

Go kiss your princess.
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I would, and I have, and I do, but... [Ji-woong points to the mistletoe helpfully.] That's here and them's the rules.
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The rules can suck it. [He doesn't kiss. It's kinda his thing to not kiss unless he really means it. Sex is one thing because hey you can even do it without a living body but kisses are real.]
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[Okay, Kitae sounds a bit more annoyed about this than Ji-woong had expected.]

I was only playing, sorry kitty. Of course we don't have to! ...With Hyuntae I just kissed his cheek. How about that?
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...It's just it's special. Kisses are.

[He'll explain it a little, even as he shuffles his feet because he doesn't mean to make Ji-woong not feel like he could be trusted. He does trust the boss. He just doesn't like giving away kisses.]

But we can do that.
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No, yeah, you're right.

[No need to explain! Ji-woong has Sungwoo after all. And their kisses are special. Not meaning to gross you out or anything, but yeah. He gets it. Kitae wants to find someone special to kiss. It's adorable. Ji-woong won't say that out loud though because he'd prefer to get out of this without a stab wound or five.]

Gimme your cheek then.
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[He's got nothing to apologize for but he still has to because he was a little too nasty with his initial reaction. And Kitae just turns his head a little for Ji-woong to kiss his cheek properly.]
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[Ji-woong leans in to give Kitae a kinda sloppy peck on the cheek - who can resist giving a little bit of sloppy love to their kids? - and then reaches up to ruffle his hair.]

Don't be sorry, Kitae. I hope one day you find someone as amazing as I have.