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mistletoe meme

the mistletoe meme

what it says in the gif. whether it's magic compulsion (feat. magical attraction or not), that you're trapped until you kiss, or just tradition and social pressure, you've been caught under the mistletoe and that means you have to kiss.

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[Rest assured that internally, Leon is screaming and leaping for joy at the fact that he's stumbled under the mistletoe with Sayaka.

Wait, who the hell are we kidding here? It's Leon. Externally, he may not literally be leaping into the air, but he's like, two seconds from it, and he does pump his fist up in a shameless display of victory when he notices where they're standing.]

Ha ha! Hell yeah! Check it out, Maizono . . . ! It's like, you and me and mistletoe makes three!

[This is the best part of Christmas and he doesn't give a fuck who knows it.

. . . Maybe that was a little uncool. It's not like he wants to look like a complete jackass in front of her. Leon clears his throat, cheeks pinking, and drops his hand to brush through his hair instead. Coolly. Just makin' sure he looks cool.]

I-I mean, I don't make the rules.
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Oh! Looks we really are under the mistletoe, huh? [Truth be told, it took some time for Sayaka to even realize there was a mistletoe at the party. Although the moment she started talking to Leon and then suddenly saw him pumping his fist into the air, it clued her in big time.

But she had to admit, that line about the mistletoe makes three did make her giggle. Leon you huge dork! You win a grin from the SHSL idol for that one. ♥ Besides, she didn't mind in the least. Leon was a bit charming in his own way.]

Hmmm... [As she's drawing out her words, she places her fingers against her chin. Pretending to ponder to herself in an attempt to purposely tease Leon.]

Well, it is part of the tradition and I'd be no better than the grinch if I broke it. But...

[At this point, she's trying her absolute hardest not to bust out in a fit of giggles, but the longer she stared at Leon, the more difficult it got to keep up the act. She wanted to mess with him for just a little bit longer, like the koakuma that she was.]
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[There's a big grin on Leon's face, and he starts nodding as she talks, all the way through no better than the Grinch (hell yes! it's happening! it's real! kissing Maizono is real!!!)

and up to but, and then he keeps nodding for a moment after that while his brain catches up.

Then he stops, still smiling, but in that way where his face just forgot to stop even though it doesn't really fit properly on it anymore.]

—Huh? But? But what? There's a but . . . ?
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Well... [A small, fake sigh escapes her lips as she looks at him with a facial expression that looks somber. Admittedly, this was a bit hard to pull off. She was taught to always have a smile on her face, so trying to fake a sad expression was somewhat difficult. Now she had a new found respect for actors and actresses.]

It's a bit unfortunate but I do have my idol career to worry about. Anything I end up doing could be seen as scandalous and I'd end up being on the front page of the magazines the very next morning. You never know who is watching. There might even be undercover paparazzi tailing me right now. [Her eyes glances around the room for a brief moment, and she brings up her fingers to her lips in a 'hush' motion.]

I wouldn't want to put you in danger either, Kuwata-kun. [She continues to stare at him for a few seconds, her gaze piercing right through his eyes as she retains her serious expression.]
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[Okay. At this point, Sayaka can no longer hold the serious expression and almost in an instant, she busts out into a fit of non stop giggling. When she stops her laughing fit, she glances up at Leon with a wink that was accompained by her pink tongue that was sticking out at him.]

Just kidding! ♥

[Except that now a part of her is worried she might have seriously scared Leon. Oops.]

I'm really sorry if I spooked you! I couldn't help myself. [She continues to send a serene smile his way and even walks closer to him, gently patting him on the shoulders.] I suppose I'll have to make it up to you then... right? It really would be rude on my behalf to break a tradition like this.
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Though, in all honesty, most of it was highs. It'd be a pretty shitty rollercoaster in real life. All the talk about paparazzi tailing her was a hell of a rush—like, dude, imagine if that'd been true? The magazines the very next morning, sporting pictures of Leon kissing Sayaka? Where's the downside?! He gets publicity and to be seen with an ultracute girl by everyone in Japan and he gets to kiss Maizono?! Is Santa real?!

(Someone doesn't actually know much about idol culture.)

When it turns out to be a joke, even that crash is brief. Santa might not be real after all, but then Maizono's little pink tongue makes an appearance, and it's like all of his elves and definitely also Rudolph are real. His body is shifting to face her even before she puts her hands on his shoulders, his heart picking up in his chest—god, he hopes she can't hear that. He knows that's dumb! Of course she can't! But it feels like she can!]

R-right . . .

[No! Too meek!!]

—Heh, right, yeah! You took the words right outta my mouth! You totally gave me a scare, so . . . now you've gotta kiss it all better.

[s m o o t h]

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[Was it just her imagination or did he sound meek for a brief moment? Well, not that it mattered, because his line aftwards catches her attention.

Very smooth, Leon! So suave and cool. Maybe it was the Christmas spirit, but his cute one liners have had an effect on her today, because she's been giggling non stop at him.]

Oh my. How awful of me to scare you like that. [Not that she feels seriously bad about it. Sayaka please.] Since you said it like that, then I most definitely have to make it up to you. [She removes her hands from his shoulders and pushes some of the loose strands of her hair behind her ears. Sayaka lets out a small exhale, staring at him with a slight flush of pink on her cheeks and half lidded eyes.]

Be sure to treat me well, okay? [A cute wink is sent in his direction.] I am a tad bit nervous about this. [Admittedly, she hadn't kissed very many people in her life because of ironically, her idol career. There was always that tinge feeling of nervousness whenever she was in a situation like this one. Soon enough, she takes a step closer to Leon, delicately examining him from head to toe.]
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There's no way this's your first . . . right?

[Is it?! A girl like Sayaka?! Maybe it's not that unheard of; he does at least have some idea of the no-boyfriend thing going on with idols, though not the extent of it. And more than that, she definitely comes across as the pure-hearted type of girl. It's just, that makes her so damn hot that it's hard to believe no other guy's ever felt the same way and managed to sneak one in . . .


He's not sure where to put his hands, and finally settles on her shoulders, watching every little adorable perfect girly move she makes. The wink, the hair, it's all like she's using a cheat code on him or something, appealing to all his tastes perfectly, aaaand he's not exactly complaining.

He is beginning to lean in, though slowly, because he wants to hear the answer to this.]

Don't worry . . . I'll take good care of you.
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Hmmm.... [She briefly tilts her head to the side and makes a sound like she was pondering to herself. Finally, she looks at him with a hint of a devilish grin forming on her lips.] Well, what do you think, Kuwata-kun?

[The moment she feels his hands being placed on her shoulders, she could feel her heart starting to race, as if it wanted to beat out of her chest. The red blush on her cheeks was becoming more evident the longer she stared at him. Now, she can't help but wonder if Leon could hear the sound of her own beating heart. It was a weird conflicting emotion, there was still that tinge of nervousness in the back of her mind but she was also becoming more comfortable at the same time? It was a indescribable feeling but she just hoped that the bashful side of her wasn't too obvious.

She moves closer to him, and she could feel his body heat from how close they were. Sayaka gently places one of her hands against his chest. When she finally talks, it's more of a hushed tone of voice, made for only Leon's ears to hear.]

I'm pleased to hear that. You have my full trust, then. ♥

[Like Leon, she slowly takes her time leaning close to him. Her eyes were locked onto his, and it looked like she was actually going to kiss him but.... she decides to tease him by lightly brushing her nose against against his.]
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. . . Is how that feels, inside, but he manages to hold it back, because if he ruins this one chance his life is over. You don't get a second chance kissing Sayaka Maizono. It's only luck being on his side tonight that he's getting a first chance, dammit! He has to make the most of it, which means not fainting away like a maiden or something!

He's got his emotions and reactions on lockdown, so of course when their noses brush instead, his body has no idea how to react, and his throat comes out with a weird strangled noise that never should have seen the light of day.]


[Ugh. That was not cool. It's like there was so much tension in him, feeling the heat of her body, her hand on his chest which might actually kill him, the tone of her voice . . . where else was there for it to go? Nowhere. Shit. Did he ruin it?! Did he ruin it?!

Hell no, he can't let that be the end of things! He'll never get this chance again. Once that embarrassment of a reaction is out of his mouth, he shakes his head, trying to will it out of existence, and closes his eyes and leans in to actually kiss her. If he doesn't just do it, he's never going to. He's either going to drop dead or make a damn fool of himself and get rejected . . . !

But no, no. Instead he nuts up and just, presses his lips to hers. Not too hard. Not too demandingly. He doesn't want to chase her away. But he doesn't pull back, either; he touches her lips for the one second it takes for him to praise himself for ha ha I fuckin' did it! eat that, nerves!! and then for the next few seconds of letting it sink in that . . .

Oh my god. It happened. He's kissing Sayaka.]
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Sayaka was grinning from ear to ear when she brushed her nose against his, she was about to make a sly comment until she heard some ... indistinguishable noise coming from Leon's throat? What was that? She's never heard a sound like that before in her life. Was it even possible to make a sound like that? But this is Leon that we are talking about.

If anything, it was cute. He kind of reminded her of a confused adorable little puppy from that reaction. None the less, she was still worried about him.

She was about to ask if he was okay, but before she could open her mouth to say something, she felt a very warm and soft pair of lips being pressed against her's.

Her face was heating up because, "Oh my. It actually happened." Not that she had any doubts, but it was still a bit surreal that this was happening right now. She was kissing Leon Kuwata. Like, actually kissing him, locking lips with him for real.

At first, she's frozen in place, a bit unsure at what to do. But it doesn't take long for her to melt into the kiss. Her eyelids slowly shut and she returns the kiss, gently placing her palm against the side of his cheek. Kissing Leon felt, really pleasant, he felt warm and it even made her forget all about the cold weather.

She liked it a whole lot more than what she initially thought she would.

Of course, all good things had to end, especially since they were in a public setting. With a bit of reluctance, she slowly pulls away, not wanting to cause too much of a scene at the party.]

I think that was just a tad bit longer than a mistletoe kiss.~ [The tone in her voice was a bit on the breathy side. She's giggling and winking at him, but the red blush on her cheeks was contradicting her words because her heart would not stop racing at this very moment.] Not that I mind!
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[HOT DAMN SHE'S CUTE. She's so cute! She's soooooooo cuuuuuuuute! Leon can feel his own cheeks bright pink and hot, and he'd be embarrassed as hell about it, but he can't even dwell on it right now; he's too busy looking at hers. She looks perfect all blushy and flustered like that. It's a rare look on her, and it's his fault!

He could not ask for a single other thing this Christmas, he thinks, while also thinking of like a dozen more things he wishes would happen right here and now.

Leon's hand lifts to touch Sayaka's cheek in a mirror of her hand on his, though on his part, it's more of a playful poke. Gentle and teasing, tapping her heated, blushing skin. I see that!]

H, heh, really? You reeeeeally didn't mind? 'Cuz . . .

[He could be crude here, and the temptation's pretty strong, but by now he knows Sayaka better than to torpedo his own chances like that. It's an internal struggle, but he wins it. There are girls that some terrible joke about riding his sleigh all night or something would work on, but she is not one of them.

He rubs the back of his neck, letting out some of his tension with a cheerful, flustered laugh. It'd be a giggle if Leon Kuwata giggled, which he does not.]

I-I mean, there's more where that came from.
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[Oh no he's cute....]

Kuwata-kun, you are so pink! [Not that she has any room to talk, considering that her own face was looking like a tomato. Seeing Leon up close and like this was really quite adorable and it made her heart melt like snow. She felt so tempted to playfully poke and pinch his cheeks from the adorable sight.

Except that, he beat her to it, by touching her own cheek. A soft giggle escapes from her lips at the poke, and she playfully sticks her tonuge out at him. She returns the gesture with a mischevious poke to his nose. The smile on her face curved into a grin and she removes her finger from his nose and moves to poking his cheek.]

Yes, yes! Really! It felt nice.

[Hearing his laugh causes her to erupt into a fit of chuckles and now she was giggling, non stop. It wouldn't surprise her if they got some stares from passerbys because of their laughs, but not that it bothered her. Her giggling will more than make up for Leon "does not giggle" Kuwata.]

Oh my. [She lets out a small (albeit fake), gasp.] Aren't you being quite bold? Color me intrigued.

[Maybe it was the eggnog that she had earlier that was making her feel extra jolly, but she couldn't help but feel a little curious from his words. At least he didn't say anything about making this a "Not-so Silent Night."]