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mistletoe meme

the mistletoe meme

what it says in the gif. whether it's magic compulsion (feat. magical attraction or not), that you're trapped until you kiss, or just tradition and social pressure, you've been caught under the mistletoe and that means you have to kiss.

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[There's a great trick to avoiding an overdose of Christmas music, and that is to just plug yourself into your own music player everywhere you go from November to December. Maybe even through half of December. It's worked wonders for Minako's sanity over the years, and now that she's at a Christmas party, she's more than happy to be that one person singing and humming along with the background music.

It's what she's doing as she drops her wrapped package at the white elephant present table, not knowing there's mistletoe hanging overhead.]

Hmm mm nnn-- ♪ Oh here we go, here's a spot.
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[Well, at least this wasn't a mixer but man, did he really not want to be here. Naturally, his friends were the ones to convince him to attend this party. Mainly, so that way they would be able to chat with some girls. Of course, he wasn't one to turn down an invite out of sheer pride but now he wished he did.

So here he was. Awkwardly standing by the present table trying to hide from anyone, with his own white elephant gift that he brought.]

Here looks good. [He's muttering to himself as he sets his present down, accidentally bumping his back against a girl's.] Shoot! Sorry about that-- [His eyes glance over at the person and he instantly freezes up seeing that the person he nudged into was a cute girl. His own cheeks start to heat up with a blush. Gulp. Don't say anything stupid Mikorin, Don't say anything stupid!!!]

Looks like Christmas came early for me, because you are the best thing I've seen at this party.

[... DAMMIT!!!!]
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i inwardly screamed too because MIKORIN ♥ need to rewatch this anime asap

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[Minako's apology is right on her lips too, but then he says that corny one-liner and she's giving him a "are-you-for-real" smile, complete with raised eyebrows and hands on her hips. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately?) for him, she's not one to swoon so easily.]

Yeah? Glad to know I make someone's day just by existing.
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AHH THAT MAKES ME HAPPY TO HEAR ♥ I feel you I need to play p3p again...

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[MISSION ABORT, MISSION ABORT. What do you do when you attempt to flirt with a girl but they don't look swooned in the slightest? His gyaruge games never taught him how do this!!]

Y-Yeah. [PAUSE.] Y-Your prescence makes the whole room shine like the s-sun.

[Oh god. At this point, Mikorin has lost all of his initial uhh ... "charm" from earlier and looks like a stuttering blushing mess. You could practically see the steam emmitting from his ears. In almost an instant, Mikorin turns away, trying to avoid the glance from her pretty eyes because h e l p that is only making him more nervous.]

S-Sorry! S-Shit, that was beyond lame, the thing I said before was totally lame too!!
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please doooo, relive all those depressing december events :'D

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[Huh. This is kind of a first.]

Yeaaaah, I won't deny that. You won't catch anybody's attention with lines like those, sorry. Wait-- did someone put you up to doing this?

[It's the only thing she can think of, with such a drastic personality switch.]
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OH THANKS bc I want my heart to break once again (but I'll do it)

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[It was one thing to say it and feel embarrased, to but to actually hear that being said from another person was a whole new different level of shock. Well, he definitely couldn't deny what she said was true. Especially considering he would get flustered by his own dialouge. Could he just like, go hide in a corner somewhere and slowly melt away?

The red head turns back to meet her gaze, bringing his palm to rest on the side of his neck. The embarrassment was now ever more evident on his face.]

It's fine... I feel embarrassed saying things like that myself. [He speaks in a more soft tone, almost talking under his breath, before letting out a sigh. Her question takes him by surprise.] Sort of? Well, it's more like my friends dragged me to this party.

Are you uh... [How does one keep a conversation going? Especially with a cute girl?] here by yourself? [He's not flirting with you this time Minako! He promises!!]
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please share in my pain

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[Well, even if she doesn't quite understand him, she can at least sympathize with him for getting dragged here. That, and she's not getting creeper vibes off of him (yet). Minako shoots him a merciful smile and tilts her head off to the side.]

A couple of my friends are here, but they're off having an eggnog drinking competition, I think. I love the stuff, but I don't want to be there for the inevitable throwing up after, I am. Scoping out the white elephant present table.

["With a guy who just tried to flirt with me" goes unsaid.]
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SOBS we can cry together

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[Oh no. She was smiling at him and that smile was ... cute. The redhead's face immediately brightens up and he averts his eyes to the side. Trying not to make it obvious he was staring.]

Y-Yeah? [SHIT. DON'T STUTTER LIKE A FOOL, EVEN IF SHE IS CUTE. He nervously gulps and tries giving his best smile.] That's a smart idea. I wouldn't want to be a part of that aftermath, either. I'm actually trying not to be a part of... whatever my friends are up to. [He would say what his friends are doing but he didn't want to be assosciated with his friends who were most likely trying to chat up some other girls right now. Says the guy who just attempted to flirt with the girl standing right in front of him.

Wait. He never did introduce himself. Was he being rude? Or would it be too soon to say his name? SOMEONE HELP.]
Um. If you don't mind me asking... what's your name? I'm Mikoshiba Mikoto. [HE DID IT!!! He actually introduced himself to a girl!!]
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sounds good, misery loves company after all ; _ ;)b

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Sounds like the both of us need to get better friends.

[Minako has a sort of fondly exasperated look on her face that she launches over her shoulder, though, so it's obvious she doesn't really need better friends. Even if they throw up after glutting themselves on eggnog.]

Arisato Minako. Nice to meet you, Mikoshiba-san. [She's apparently forgiven him for all that stuff earlier, because she glances at his gift and adopts a thoughtful look.] Sooo...what did you bring for your white elephant gift?
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That saying is beyond true ;u; suffering together is the best kind of suffering

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You too? [A small sheepish grin forms on his lips.] Sometimes I feel like that too about my friends.

[PHEW! She seems to have forgiven him for his earlier attempt at flirting earlier. Did he just clear a part of her route? He just prayed to any diety that was out there that he wouldn't mess up in front of her again and make the wrong choice.] It's nice to meet you as well, Arisato.

Well... [He pauses, glancing over at the flat package that he brought. His face turning a light shade of pink, remembering the silly gift he brought.] It's a video game I received as a gag present from a Christmas party last year. I thought this was a good chance to get rid of it. [He lets out a nervous laugh, hoping that she doesn't see him as some closet otaku even though he was.

It was an otome game, if he had to be specific and it was filled with... vampires. God. Mikorin never played anything so embarrasing in all his life. What was up with the story? It was nothing in comparision to his precious gyaruge games like Doki Doki Parfait. NOTHING.]

What about you? What kind of present did you bring?
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RIP us

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No judgement here! Gag presents are only funny for like ten minutes before you have to wonder if you're going to throw it away or toss into the back of a closet.

[She does make a mental note not to choose his gift later, though, because she lives in a school dorm and any video game that's deemed as a gag present can't be good for her friends to see. Especially Ken.]

Mine is the newest Innocent Sin Online artbook. Have you heard of it? It's an MMORPG.
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That's good to hear. [A sheepish, nervous grin forms on his face as he scratches the side of his cheek. Oh good. She seemed very nice! At least she didn't seem to think he was weird because of his game. He promised he was not into Otome games! Just gyaruge games.] Yeah, isn't that the truth? And then you forget about it for several months until you clean out your closet.

Innocent Sin? The name sounds familiar. [While he did play RPGs, he wasn't super into MMORPGs. Because, how do you interact with people? WAIT, if she was into MMORPGs, was she into video games as well?!] If you played it, is it any fun? [There's a bit of hesitation in his voice, but he was still curious, if he could share his otaku hobbies with someone else then...!!!] I, uh, do enjoy RPGs...
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did you get my ping on plurk about the musebox thread btw? :3c

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It's been pretty popular for a while. It's the one they advertise during news breaks.

[She hums a few bars from the commercial before nodding.]

Oh yeah, definitely! It's a lot of fun. I don't play that often, since I'm so busy all the time, but I got hooked a couple months ago and haven't gone back since. Level 57 Dark Fire Mage~! I think it'd be nice to get into RPGs too I said. Too busy.

[Minako sighs and shrugs in a "what can you do" sort of way.]
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Yes I did!!! Thank you so much for the lovely starter!!! ♥ I had fun tagging it~

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Oh! [When she says that, it's like a light bulb appeared over his head.] Now that you say that, I know exactly which game you are talking about. The advertisements look pretty slick. I like the choices in classes.

[His face is brightning up at their talk about video games.] That's really cool! Your mage is at a really high level! I'm sure your monster kill count is high to achieve that level. [Talk about being impressed, Mikorin... there might be some stars in his eyes.] Yeah, I know that feeling. There are so many games I want to try out but homework and school get in the way.

[He nods in agreement to that, his gaze shifts over and suddenly his his grow wide at the side of something hanging above them.

A mistletoe.]

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I'm glad you like it! ♥

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There's still some time before winter break ends! You should join and see how you like it. It's more involved than a normal RPG, but it's easy once you learn the basics.

[She pauses to follow his gaze, and then her face immediately scrunches up in mild exasperation.]

You're kidding me...when did that get there?
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[It was really nice. Even though he just met her, he felt glad to meet another person that he could chat with about video games.] Thanks for the suggestion. I'll be sure to check it out before the winter break is over.

I-I have no idea. [But oh god was he turning red right now!!!] I didn't even realize that was here!

S-Shit... isn't there like some saying you'll have bad luck if you don't kiss under the mistletoe? N-Not that I want to or anything!
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[She groans.]

I don't need anymore bad luck...but more than that, I think the bigger problem is that we are literally stuck under the mistletoe. I can't move my feet at all.

[Minako scowls down at them, as if glaring will make them move. She's super pissed off now!]