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So you wanna go on an adventure? Let's help you out. It's time to save the world! Or not. Something's gone horribly wrong and it's your job to fix it! Or, you know, make it worse. We're not the cops. You could fight a dragon, cure a disease, or rule with an iron fist. The world's your oyster. Tag in with your name and series, post your preferences, and play away! We're running out of time, adventurers!


1. FANTASY Sorcery, demons, monsters, knights in shining armor, magic rings you need to throw into a volcano...
2. FUTURE Technology is rampant. Maybe you have to overthrow your dystopian government or learn how to feel again.
3. SPACE Will you explore the final frontier or are you in a galaxy far far away? Those synthetics don't look very friendly.
4. MODERN Sometimes the scariest things are right outside our front door.
5. SUPERHEROES So you wanna be a superhero? Do you have what it takes to save the day?
6. APOCALYPSE The world's already ended. You're just picking up the pieces.


1. OVERTHROW An evil empire is calling the shots. A corrupt government is making your friends disappear. Fix it.
2. CONSPIRACY No one believes you but your best friend, but things are going wrong and someone in particular is behind it.
3. MEDICAL A disease is killing off people at a horrifying rate and you're trying to find a cure.
4. ZOMBIES Holy shit, is that person EATING someone? You have to escape the zombies, and FAST. Remember: aim for the head.
5. EXPLORATION There's nothing pressing about to kill everything, but you're exploring new territories. Maybe you'll find a new threat.
6. DOWN TIME A break between missions. Heal, regroup, and take care of yourselves.
7. WE NEED WHAT? You're looking for the item to end everything. The BFG, the one ring, the conduit. Whatever it is, you have to find it first.
8. WE MIGHT DIE TOMORROW It's time for the final battle. Are you ready? Are your friends, troops, loved ones? Make your speech or find someone to spend your last night with.
9. MY ARCH NEMESIS You know who the villain is. So does everyone else. They're the Ganon, the Sauron, it doesn't matter. You have to win.
10. THE WORLD WE'RE SAVING HATES US You're trying to save the world but everyone hates you; you're doing it anyway because you need to, it's the right thing to do even if no one cares if you live or die.
11. WE HATE THE WORLD WE'RE SAVING You hate EVERYONE. You hate the world and wish it would go down in flames but you live here too, or you have to because nothing you do to stop trying works. Whatever.
12. WHY WOULD I SAVE IT? You're the villain in any of the above scenarios and then some! Go wild!

As always, these are just suggestions. Make up anything you want, as long as you're having fun!

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newt scamander — fantastic beasts & where to find them

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"I have never been to Arizona." Tina commented with excitement as they found themselves on the steps leading up to a large hotel in Phoenix. Dark eyes roamed the street taking the view all in. "I've seen photographs, but never been."

She knew this trip meant a lot to him upon his return to America and she had anxiously awaited to be able to take him here.
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Wanda Maximoff | MCU | ota

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Nora Valkyrie ♥ RWBY

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[ helloooo, v4. ]
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(Combination of 1-Location and 5, 7-Scenario sound okay? 'Cause seriously, they're totally trying to find a BFG item needed to save the day by now! Still haven't seen the latest ep but hoping to by the end of the week!)
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Gansey ( The Raven Cycle - OTA )

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Otis Zvonecek | Chicago Fire

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Shang Bu Huan | Thunderbolt Fantasy | OTA

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Grace Ford | OC

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T'Challa (Black Panther) | Marvel

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Link | Legend of Zelda, Ocarina of Time| OTA

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[Adventures are what he does. Side-quest time?]
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Rigon Dotsk Hopebringer | D&D 5e | ota

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[fantasy adventures are her ish. ask her about her dragon scars.]
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Tsubomi Hanasaki | Heartcatch Pretty Cure! | OTA

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Ellen Kurokawa | Suite Pretty Cure | OTA

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Ruby Rose | RWBY | OTA

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[ooc: I'm majorly canon blind as I'm one of the few people who hasn't seen season 1 let alone after that, but I'm interested. Do you have something particular for these two to do?]

(no subject)

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Wesley Gibson | Wanted

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Eiji Hizu | Saike Mata Shitemo | ota

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Nate Heywood - Legends of Tomorrow - wide OTA

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1ish (past) + 1

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[Bennet rubs his chin, considering the strange man with his strange story before him. In a future yet to come he might one day be known as the powerful meta Exodus, but here and now, he is simply Bennet du Paris, crusader knight. He is here in these lands with his brothers-in-arms on a quest, and while he is not adverse to helping one in need, there is still much about this Nate Heywood and his story that he does not understand.]

Tell me more about this ship of yours, stranger. You say you need my aid to retake it from your enemy that holds it, but surely you realize we are hundreds of miles from the nearest port. Even if we take it back, what then? We have not the manpower to return it to the sea.

[Heywood already mentioned once that his wasn't, strictly speaking, a normal ship, but Bennet would still appreciate some clarification.]
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Rory Monroe ★ OC

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porpentina goldstein { fantastic beasts and where to find them }

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76 | overwatch

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jack cooper ; titanfall 2

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Lily Luna Potter | Harry Potter

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[Probably attempting to fight the dragon tbh]
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Carl Grimes | The Walking Dead | OTA

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Morrigan | Dragon Age

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(No Wardens, please.)
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Weather Report ☁ JJBA

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