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random smut prompts meme

Baby, I Want You

(Random Smut Prompts)
1. Post as your characters (List any preferences you have!).
2. Others go to
RNG and roll 1-12 for a scenes then respond.
3. Feel free to make up your own scenes too!
4. Respect others' preferences!
5. Have fun!

01 † first time. Either you're literally a virgin or it's just the first time you've slept with this person. Either way, don't let any butterflies in your stomach stop you.
02 † while you were sleeping. Your lover looks so good right now, you can't even wait until they wake up to jump them. You decide to wake them up with a pleasant surprise.
03 † just an experimental game. This person isn't the type you'd normally sleep with either because of looks, personality, or gender, but you've decided to give them a try anyway.
04 † not my first choice. The person you're with right now is your absolute last choice, but they're there and they're willing to be used at least, maybe they're even letting you call them by your first choice name (willingly or not).
05 † need you back. You broke up, but that was a mistake. It's time to make things right and make love.
06 † tonight's the last night. Tonight is the last night you'll see each other for a long time, so make it count.
07 † meeting again. You've been separated for a long time because your partner had business or had to go underground running from the law (have fun, maybe you're sleeping with a ghost!) and now somehow you've wound up together again. Make it memorable.
08 † need you. You're desperate for the other, burning up for their touch. Neither of you can say no.
09 † rough. Whips, ropes, chains, or just good old fashioned angry sex.
10 † no is not an answer. Your partner isn't in the mood, but you are not going take no for an answer.
11 † break up. You're breaking up, but that doesn't mean you can't be together one last time for the road.
12 † accidents happen.
You tried to make everything perfect tonight, but unfortunately it's all going wrong. Laugh it off or get upset, how will you react?
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Ryou Bakura || Yu-Gi-Oh! || Open to All

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I actually rolled a 9. Maybe Yami Bakura can show up?

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[If not, I can reroll!]
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Cool, I have Bakura icons on this account, so XD

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[Ryou was at home right now, cleaning up his apartment, the Ring bouncing every now and then against his chest as he moved around the place in his endeavors. He briefly wondered if any of his friends would be coming over today. If so, he would have to hide some of the... "toys" that the Spirit had hidden around the house. He hoped that none of his friends would ever find out about these... "toys".]
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[Jou really had nothing to do today. Yugi was off doing something with Anzu and Honda, who knew what he was up to right now. She didn't even know if Ryou was home or if he had any plans for today. She hoped that she wasn't going to be too much of a bother. She was just bored.

She double checked her pockets for her Duel Monster's deck again and then knocked on the door.
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[He looked up when he heard the knocking, wiped his hands on a hand towel and headed towards the foyer, opening the door. And he's surprised a tad.]

Jou-chan? [A smile. Still nice Ryou.] Nice to see you again. You want to come inside?
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If ya don't mind. [She smiled at him as she scratched the back of her head. She needed to get a haircut soon, it was getting a bit too long for her own preferences.] I hope ya don't mind that I just came over.

[She pulled her deck out of her pocket.] I brought my deck. We can duel if ya want. Nothing else really to do today.

[And she could use any excuse she can to stay away from her own apartment.]
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[He let her inside, closing the door behind them.]

I don't mind at all. You just caught me cleaning up, but I shouldn't be too much long. [This was emphasized because it was a rare occasion when Ryou tied his long hair back. He usually did that when cleaning around his apartment, to let his neck breath a bit.]

Just need to dump the mop water out and then I'll get my deck. I hope that I don't scare you too badly with some new monsters I put in recently. [The horror monsters were always his favorite. He hoped he didn't scare Jou too badly with them.]
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[She smiled at him as she slipped off her shoes and looked around. Nice apartment. It was a lot better than hers since he didn't have to worry about a drunk father coming home at random times and making a mess.]

I'm not afraid of some new monsters. My Red Eyes can take care of them all! [Cocky? Always. Sure, her duels with Kaiba and Yugi always ended badly, but she had a descent deck and her skills were constantly improving.]
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[He smiles. That's Jou-chan for you. Still, goes about his previous task of emptying out the dirty mop water and putting away the cleaning supplies until the next cleaning day. Once done, he washes his hand in the sink, dries them, and then puts on some lotion. It kept his hands from drying out too bad after he was done cleaning.]

My deck is in my room, so I'll be back in a moment.

[Little known to anyone, but the spirit was taking over his polite host, the change subtle. Why not have a little fun with Ryou's little friends? Once back, still looking like his gentle host, the Spirit held up the familiar deck of cards.]

How about a little wager before starting? To keep the game interesting?
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[The spirit was good, keeping the changes subtle. She didn't notice it as she sat down at a table so that they could duel. She enjoyed friendly duels with her friends as well as the ones she did in tournaments that were worth a lot more. She looked up from shuffling her own deck when he came back in.]

What kind of bet?

[She didn't mind adding a bit more to the game. She knew that he wouldn't put her in a dog suit like Otogi did. That was something she didn't want to relive.]
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[There was a small smirk there, a tip-off that this might not be the Ryou that she was expecting. Besides, it has been a long time since he's had a bit of... fun]

If you win the game, then I have to do whatever you want for the rest of the day. [More smirky smirk.] But if I win, you have to do what I want.

Sound fair, Jou-chan?
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[Those smirks didn't seem like what Ryou would do, but she kept her mouth shut about that. She spoke her mind a lot, but she did know when to keep quiet about things. She wasn't about to turn down a bet, even if she wasn't sure that she could win.]

You've got a deal, Bakura.

[She doesn't trust that smirk, but she was determined to win. She wasn't even sure what she would do with Bakura if she won. She'd figure out something.]
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[With one final evil smirk, he places his cards on the table, cuts the cards and then shuffles them.]

I wish you luck, Jou-chan.

[Several minutes of playing later, and the Spirit has utterly defeated her, the smirk getting darker as the game came to a close.]
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[The last time she was beaten this quickly was when she had first dueled Kaiba in Pegasus' Duelist Kingdom tournament. She also noticed the way he was smirking when she set her final card to the Graveyard. She swore under her breath and sighed. She knew when she was beat.]

It's been a long time sine I was beat that quickly.

[She had no clue what he was going to make her do now. She could possibly predict things that Ryou would want, but the Spirit was different.]
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Get used to it, sweetheart. [Yeah, this definitely isn't Ryou anymore. This is pure, unaltered Spirit of the Ring here. Even now, the hair has slightly transformed to give the unmistakable vision that is Yami Bakura.]

Now, as for our wager, there is something I want you to do with me. Something that my host will definitely not approve of me doing in his body.
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Don't call me that.

[She knew this was the spirit now. Still, she wasn't going to back down and leave. She tugged at the collar of her shirt a bit. Just what kind of things did he want her to do?] When have you cared what he approved of you doing?

[Ya, she's a bit snappy. She'll get over it eventually, but for now, she's not very happy.]

What do you want me to do?
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Oh, this is just a step above my normal cruelty. It's just something that Yadonushi had wanted to wait for until he found the right person...

[He reached out a hand, bringing it to her waist and underneath her shirt, touching the bare skin underneath.]

But I don't want to wait around that long, Katsumi.
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[She frowned at him as he talked about his cruelty. She flinched slightly as his hand touched her bare skin. It took her a moment to realize what he wanted and her eyes went wide.]

I'm not that kind of girl, but I don't back down from any bets that I make.

[Then again, the Spirit was a lot older than any of them and hadn't gotten any for lifetimes.]
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Don't worry. I won't say a word about this. It's just between you and me. [It's not like he was friends with any of Ryou's other buddies. Like hell he would let something like this get out.]

But, I am a man that will give alternatives. Either you fulfill your promise to uphold this little wager and do as I tell you. [A pause.] Or leave this apartment with your virginity still intact.

It's one honor against another, Katsumi. Make your choice.
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[She was proud that she hadn't started sleeping around when she was more of a delinquent, but she wasn't the kind of girl to back down from a bet. The fact that she backed out of something would bother her more than losing her virginity would.]

I won't back down.

[She just couldn't live with herself if she backed away. She could do this and keep quiet about it.]
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Then I won't back away either. [The hand that had been under her shirt slid underneath her bra, grabbing hard at one of her breasts. Meanwhile, he moved in uncomfortably close to her, pressing his nose into her hair, smelling her.]

Try not to make this too easy for me, darling.
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I'm not that easy either. [She winced a bit as he grabbed at her chest and her hand automatically went to his arm. She was't weak, she still had some strength even though she didn't get into many fights anymore.]

I still have some fight in me.
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Then prove it to me, Katsumi. [He was closer to her ear now, growling like a predator to his prey.]

Show me your fighting spirit... [His other hand went to the back of her head, right at the base of her neck, his fingers putting pressure on those muscles of her neck.]

Show me that you're not a weakling!
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[She was going to prove that she hadn't gotten weak spending time with her friends. If anything, she has gotten stronger and more protective of everyone. She pushed his hand out of her shirt and turned in his grip.

She pushed him back, knocking the chair she was sitting in over as she maneuvered them towards the closest wall. One arm went to his throat, not trying to choke yet, but she could.

Don't underestimate me.
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[The spirit grinned, showing his teeth to the young girl. That was certainly interesting...]

[But not enough to stop his advances. He gripped her arm near his neck with a tight grip, twisting it.]

Heh. So there is a little bit of fire in you. I'm impressed, Katsumi. [So impressed that he twisted them around again, Katsumi now facing the wall, and her arm behind her back with the Spirit pressing it and himself close to her.]

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