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it's always better when we're together

( because love takes many forms. )

1. a person attached to another by feelings of affection or personal regard.
2. a person who gives assistance.
3. a person who is on good terms with another; a person who is not hostile.
4. a member of the same nation, party, etc.

Old Friends

1. Just chillin’. You just enjoy each other’s company, and you’re spending time somewhere that the only thing that matters is both of you, doing your thing.
2. A friend in need is a friend indeed. Hey man, my car broke down. Also, I might have to come stay with you a while because my significant other kicked me out... One of you is in a pickle! Time to test how far this friendship can go.
3. Bros b4 hos, man. Chicks b4 dicks. I’m really happy for your success in finding someone who might be interested in seeing you naked, but you need to remember that your friends need time too. Jealousy and friendly concern regarding relationships go here.
4. We’re gonna paint the town. Inflicting your friendship upon society. Maybe you’re going out for a party, maybe you’re just driving around. DO something together! Try something new!
5. I get by with a little help from my friends. You or your friend is in need of some emotional support during a difficult time. Whether it’s a shit situation or just whining, a friend is obligated to deal and give advice. Or are they?
6. Get in, loser, we’re going shopping. Whirlwind adventure time! Kidnap your a friend from their mundane schedule and play hookey! Run away together!
7. I love you, man. Showing your appreciation and affection for your friend, be it in gifts, gestures, or just an outright thank you.
8. Gurl, hold my poodle. A fight has broken out, and either one or both of you are involved. Do you/the friend break up the fight or jump right in to defend? Or maybe you’re in a situation neither of you could avoid - perhaps it’s war instead. What sort of team are you?
9. Long-lost. You’ve been driven apart by distance or circumstances, but you finally have the chance to see one another again. What’s the reunion like?
10. Misery loves company. Commiserating together. Maybe you’re stuck at a really boring afair, maybe you’re complaining about men/women/work. You’re allowed to be as nasty as you want in front of your best friends!
11. E tu, Brute? Betrayal. Whether intentional or not, one of you has let the other down. They’re not the person you thought they were.
12. I only tell you this because I care. Advice, possibly unsolicited. Your friend has been doing something you don’t like and you’re going to let them know. Yes, that dress does make you look fat.
13. Thinking of you. So I saw this hat on my way through the mall and thought of you! I found this cool/funny video and thought I’d pass it on! I felt like baking cookies and thought you might appreciate some.
14. Why are we friends, again? Argument! Know someone long enough and you’re bound to get in a few! Is someone just in a terrible mood? Or is there an actual issue? Fight it out, big or small! Small to big?
15. Too good of friends. Make-up prompt. You two got into it, and now it’s someone’s turn to step up and be the bigger person to preserve the friendship. How do you show you’re sorry? Is forgiveness possible?
16. Obligatory wildcard. Pick your own!

New Friends
Icebreakers for new interactions!

Reasons (Optional):

1. Convenience. You work together and carpool. You’re neighbors. You have the same classes. It’s just easier to get along than ignore each other.
2. Through an Acquaintance. They’re a friend of a friend, so naturally, you’ve had to deal with them every so often. But maybe you want to see what they’re like when it’s just the two of you?
3. Hardship. They came to help you out when you needed it, despite being a stranger. Comrades in arms.
4. Intrigue. You seem pretty cool. Want to hang out sometime?


1. Party. So you should be friends with me, because I can drink a yard of beer and I’ve got the moves like Jagger.
2. Venue. Going to the movies, having lunch together, checking out the fair that came through town. It’s like a date, except getting to know them doesn’t come tied with a relationship.
3. Favor. Hey, I’m going out for a weekend. Would you mind feeding my cat? Can I borrow a little bit of money and pay you back later?
4. TMI. Um. No, I didn’t know you had a foot fetish! And I’m really not sure how I feel about it. I really don’t care how many cats you have. I’m not at liberty to discuss how much money I have.
5. Advice. Hey, do you mind giving a second opinion? Also, you never knew this about me, but I’m actually a ninja as a night job and I can give you some help with that self-defense issue you’ve been having?
6. Philosophy. Friendship’s first deep, serious conversation. What do you think of this current issue? What’s your religious standing?
7. Call me, text me. Hey, what’s up? NM here, just bored at work. Want to play Words with Friends? Casual conversations at a distance.
8. Forced association. Well, I’d better get going... nevermind, it looks like it’s flooding outside. Um. Usually the drive is ten minutes, but usually traffic isn’t a fifty-car pile-up... know any showtunes?
9. Upgrading. Roll from the Old Friends category and see if this friend is able to take the leap!
10. Wildcard Yep.

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[Coming to Tokyo was always fun! Instead of performing, Chika had suggested that they visit Tokyo to get some inspiration, to which, Yoshiko was definitely not opposed to. Visiting the city of sin would always be something she would agree too. Especially since they had the best black magic shops!

However, instead of visiting a black magic shop, Yoshiko decided to visit a nearby Internet Café with her laptop in hand. Recently, there was an update to her favorite mmorpg—Starry Night Online and it added a ton of different features a new dungeon, new monsters to destory and even new armor! Due to her busy schedule since becoming a school idol, she hasn't had much time to check it out but now since the Aquors had some free time to do whatever they please, this would be the perfect chance to finally sit down and play.

After getting comfortable in one of the chairs, she eagarly loads up the game. Her character—Joanne, whose class was a Black Mage and was outfitted in a complete gothic lolita witch outfit with black devil wings. She makes sure to equip her character with potions and extra armor, she heard that the new boss at the end of the dungeon was beyond tough. It was recommended to fight in a party, but she didn't see any of her online friends on at the moment. No matter! She would brave this challenge all by herself! She was the fallen angel Yohane, after all!]

I wonder which fiends are going to have the misfortune of running into the black mage Joanne. [Yes, she's talking to herself.]
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[ Weekends are the best.

Especially with Kuro being busy with his exam studies lately, Kenma has found a lot more time to bum around in the house, trying out games that have been collecting dust in his cupboard. He's been trying out many kinds of genre, those that he doesn't usually play, thinking maybe there'll be some kind of breakthrough happening. At least, that's what the Internet has been telling him to try out.

So he tries a sports game out ー it reminds him of club activities, so he stops halfway. The next one he tries is first-person shooter game ー nah, not his thing. Racing game ー too easy, boring. Action game ー it's just mashing buttons, boring. Stealth game ー okay he guesses, quite interesting, but lacking something.


He gives his PC a look.

Well, he hasn't touched one of his MMORPGs in a long while. He's got the notification about some updates on his phone earlier on, but he didn't bother to check. He guesses online games give a little more excitement in the plays, in its own way. Trying it out again won't hurt, right? What did he pick for his character's class, again?

Unable to remember, he decides to just start up the game and log in. Thankfully, he still can remember his user ID and password, so that goes without a problem.

'Welcome back to Starry Night Online, Pomme.'

Ugh. What kind of name is this? Kenma narrows his eyes. He can't remember why he picked this name but it sounds so... weird. Doesn't sound like one he'd pick. He presses enter. ]


[ His eyebrows twitch.

Strange. Normally he'd pick classes like Mage, or the ones of long-distance combat group, but why is he a... ]


[ Huh.

Oh well, he really can't remember. He'll just proceed like this. Maybe reading the guides or just running through the main information of the game will be better, but somehow, he just feels like trying it out without checking. The last time he logged in was apparently over six months ago. Pretty long. But it's really strange, even so, usually he'll at least remember things about his character, or how the maps are like, or the settings... But he doesn't remember anything. Plus, it's not like he plays for a second and quits, he's level 42. All the more it's strange.

Now that he sees his character at the last point before he logged off, it looks just slightly familiar. He knows this passage leads to a dungeon, but apart from that he can't remember anything else.

Whatever, time to get a move on. He clicks.



Paladins are pretty heavy. If Kenma wanted to try something new, he would've at least picked the assassin or thief class, as they're light-weight and it's so easy to avoid troubles. Really strange. The outfits are rather loud too, making quite a bit of noises whenever he walks.

Aimlessly, Kenma starts moving deeper into the dark dungeon. ]
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[Okay. So, maaaybe Yoshiko should have listened to the game advice before entering the dungeon all by herself. The first floor wasn't too bad. While it mainly had bat enemies that would swoop on the players, it was still managable, and she was able to defeat the bats using her character's dark magic skills.

Now, when she got to the second floor. That was the problem.

Like, literally as soon as she stepped onto the second floor, groups of monsters start swarming her. It took Yoshiko by surprise, she didn't recall reading that that monsters would pop up that fast. So, what gives?! Of course her bad luck just had to follow her into her video game life. Why was the life of a fallen angel so cruel and unjust?!

At first, she tried to fight them off. She was able to defeat a few of them, but there were just too many and at this point, she had no choice but to run away. Granted, she did have some potions, but she didn't want to waste them on the early levels. There was still the boss in the end they had to defeat! Ugh. Why didn't she wait for one of her white mage friends to come on?

Somehow, Yoshiko is barely able to escape the mob of enemies. She lets out a sigh of relief as she continues to explore the dungeon. Despite the frustrations, she had to admit the new dungeon had a very excellent design! It was dark, creepy and had almost a gothic element to it. It was just her style! As she continues to admire her surroundings in the game, she could hear the sound of very loud footsteps in the distance. She immediately gulps.

She was sure she lost those enemies!! Have they come back for her? Well you know what? This time she was going to fight them head on! Yoshiko clicks on her character, getting ready to have her magic charged up until she finally gets closer to the source of the noise. It was a Paladin by the name of Pomme, with a decent level of 42.

Maybe, the heavens where she originally fell from might actually be looking out for her. As much as she wanted to best this dungeon herself, she really needed an extra hand. They weren't kidding when they said the new dungeon was going to be the hardest one in the whole game.

Pomme? That's kind of a weird name. (Not that Yoshiko had any room to talk.) But oh well! Beggars can't be choosers and she desperately needed help right now. She clicks on Pomme's character, sending him a private message.]

Hello, Paladin.

Would you like to form a contract with the Black Mage?

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[ Surprisingly for Kenma, it wasn't as difficult as he thought. It's true that he needs time to get used to the settings of Paladin, but the controls are pretty much the same as most MMORPGs he has played in the past, so it's not something totally new.

The enemies were alright ー they weren't too weak, so there's a worth in playing against them. Though he can foresee himself getting bored if they're all at this level. Surely as he moves up to the next floor it'll be more challenging, right?

True enough, a huge group of monsters show up like nobody's business. While they're just slightly stronger than the ones in the previous floor, there are too many of them. Had Kenma been a mage instead, he would've handled this in a matter of seconds. Okay maybe one minute or two.

Darn it, he needs to change his strategy.

Slashing through the ones in the middle, he uses their fallen bodies as the way out through the mob, clicking as fast as he can so his character can flee to another area. To hell with the EXPs, he doesn't want to die over there and waste time with small fry. Ugh. It's tough having such a heavy character that can't move all that fast, not to mention how loud his steps are ー had this been some stealth mission, he would've lost it. Seriously, why did he choose Paladin? Kenma can't recall the moment he did the character setup, nor can he think of any reasons to doing that. Maybe to challenge himself, but... Nah, not possible. He doesn't really do that until he's sure of the nature of the game.

As he gets further down, his thought process is interrupted as he notices someone else standing by, as if waiting for him there. Enemy? There are some monsters that have the similar form to the characters to trick players, after all. He stops clicking, keeping a safe distance from the unknown being, and hovers his mouse over them.

Ah. It's a player. Okay. He decides to move along, but a private message pops out on the side of his screen. Ugh.

The initial inertia he felt drowns when he reads the message, though. Black Mage, huh. Kenma zooms in to have a look at the character design. Well that's pretty cool. All the more he doesn't understand why he didn't just pick mage over paladin. He'd notice that she's a mage earlier if he paid more attention, but he just wanted to get the heck away so he didn't. But now that he does, he thinks.

It's true that it might be pretty useful to have a mage with him, especially on situations like earlier. But it's not like he can't handle the dungeon on his own, and who knows how much he can trust this mage? How good is she with the game, anyway? ]

What will I get from doing so?

[ And sent. ]
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[At first, Yoshiko wonders if maybe this Pomme guy was away and idle. She was about ready to click away and move on, until she receives a message back from him. Her eyes narrow at her screen when she reads the new message, and an instant pout forms on her lips.

Who does this paladin think he is?!]

Well, well, aren't you quite the impertinent mortal.

[She frowns, thinking to what sort of reward she could offer to Pomme for helping her in this dungeon. Because as much as he hated to admit this: she couldn't just ask him to help without offering something

Oh! There was that one sword that she earned from completing that dungeon that was filled with dragons. It was widely known as one of the best swords in the game. She still had memories of that horrible dungeon, while luckily at the time, she had some online friends that were there to help her, but that was one dungeon she did not want to go through again. It even made her dislike dragons for a little while.

Yoshiko scrolls through her item list and temporary equips the red and ivory sword on her character, so that Pomme would be able to see it.]

Since I'm a Black Mage, I don't have much use for this but it's the Dragon's Edge Sword from the Dragon's Cove dungeon. It's all yours if you help me.

[Her fingers continue to type, sending him yet another message.]

I also have some speed boosting spells to help you move faster. [Yoshiko wasn't too familiar with the Paladin class, she was always more interested in the spell casters. From what she's read, she heard that since they were heavy, they were quite slow which made it an instant no for her when she was checking out the classes.]
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[ That's unexpected. Is this Joanne person a new player? So readily accommodating like that, she'll probably get cheated somewhere along the way. Or maybe she's lying? Oh well, Kenma doesn't actually expect much, but regardless of whether he can hold her words true or not, there's no harm trying this out for a round or two. If he senses anything strange with her, he can just teleport somewhere, he's pretty sure he has the item needed for that in his inventory when he checked earlier. And if she really means what she said, he can use some speed boost. That'll be very useful.

More importantly, why does she talk like someone with a chuunibyo syndrome? 'Mortal', she said. Kenma rolls his eyes. ]

Alright. What's your objective?
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[Yes!!! At the cafe, Yoshiko is practically grinning to herself as she pumps a fist into the air, earning several strange glances from and bystanders.

Once again, the fallen angel Yohane has claimed victory. She always knew that she was a smooth talker. It was all thanks to the power of the dark arts, after all. Maybe she was able to cast a black spell on Pomme through the internet?]

Most magnificent. I thank you for your assistance!

I'd like to get to the end of the dungeon. Apparently, one of the rewards for defeating the boss is this powerful staff for mages. I'd like to acquire it for my character.

[Yoshiko clicks her on her character's list of spells, and casts a speed boosting spell on Pomme.] You should be able to move faster, now. Let us venture onwards! I just ran away from a ton of bats, so we'll probably run into them.

[Just as soon as she says that, the hoarde of bat enemies that were chasing Yoshiko earlier were suddenly flying towards the direction of Pomme and Joanne. Why was her luck so terrible?!]
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YOHANE so cute omg

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[ The way this Joanne person speaks really gets Kenma's eyebrows twitching. Ugh, she really sounds like someone with heavy chunibyo and DQN problem. Probably some shut-in girl. Or even some guy pretending to be a girl. Yeah, that happens a lot in MMORPG, since marriage system exists in a lot of them. They will try to attract guys who easily fall for it, get married, get all the items and helps in leveling up, then flee. Though Kenma's not really sure if this particular one has that system. ]


[ Anyway, he really doesn't trust her just yet, so he's not going to ask her if there's any rewards for paladins. That will give her the information of how unfamiliar he is with the game and a chance to trick him. Besides, he can easily check that with his phone now. His right hand quickly navigates through his phone to see the dungeon details, but before he can really read up on it, the sound effect grabs Kenma's attention back to his computer screen. That Joanne girl has given his character speed-boost spell. Tsk. He doesn't really need it right now. Whatever, he'll get going then. He can worry about the rewards later. ]


[ Kenma's reply becomes short as the enemies start coming out and attacking them. Now that he can move more freely, slashing the bats is definitely a lot easier. Huh. Seems like his attack hit is pretty high, too. Looking at his stats, the top three highest ones are STR (Strength), CON (Constitution), and DEF (Defense). Sounds like what Kuro will dー

Wait a minute.

Didn't Kuro use his PC for quite some time earlier in the year? He wanted to play some MMORPG and then... right, Kenma did tell him to use his account and play around with it as he hadn't really done anything with it. So that's why! Still, strange. Paladin isn't usually Kuro's first choice.

While being lost in thought, the first batch of enemies are dead in the hands of Pomme. That's fast. They're done with this area.

Onto the next one, then. ]

Let's move on forward.
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KENMA IS THE BEST, I love everything about this thread tsupuppy ♥

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[As her character was charging up, Yoshiko immediately stopped when she saw that Pomme was slicing through the bats like they were nothing. Her eyes sparkled as she watched what unfolded in front of her. While she wanted to say that her speed-boost spell helped, she knew that deep down, it was because Pomme was more than likely a talented gamer.

Because wow. Pomme was good. Like, really good. Did he even need her help?? How long had he been playing this game?]

That was splendid! You made fine work of those awful bats.

But yes, let us venture on.

[Yoshiko found herself pouting when she read his messages. He wasn't one for conversation, was he? Oh well. Not that it mattered, she just needed the extra help to get through this dungeon and get her most desired weapon. This wasn't the time to be making friends, it was a life or death situation in this game! She did not want to think about the consequences that she would face if she were to die in this dungeon. Her precious items and in-game money would all be gone...

What was making things worst, was the fact that she could barely see what was in front of her.]

This darkness here is tainted and it's too much to bare. [Joanne stops for a brief moment, looking around her surroundings until... aha! There was an empty torch placed on the wall that was nearby them. Yoshiko clicks on the torch, picking it up and using one of her fire spells, causes the torch to radiate a glow.]

This should aid us on our quest.

Oh and what luck. I see the stairs to the next floor!
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i'm dying yohane

[personal profile] zumezume 2017-02-02 11:13 am (UTC)(link)
[ This darkness is what...? Kenma squints judgmentally at his screen. Ugh, the way this player talks is kind of really... Whatever. But she's right, it's really dark, their screen is pretty much black right now. But there'sー ah, she got it. Pomme stops on his steps as Joanne picks up the torch, and resumes when she gets her fire spell going. Will Kenma bother to reply to her message?

(No? Not even a 'thanks'?)



Without a care, Pomme progresses through the flight of stairs, whacking the zombies that coming down towards them. Well there's quite a number here... Hm. ]

Throw your torch and move back. Use your spell.

[ a.k.a back him up. They don't need the torch here, anyway, there are some light sources. ]