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It is Pocky Day!


It's that time again!! For supernatural reasons that mere mortals could not comprehend, you and someone else are compelled to play this strange game of chicken, where there can only be one victor. You can be trapped, or just doing it as a friendly yet weird gesture! So don't be shy, this might even be the day you get your first kiss, you loser!
RULES: Post with your character and their name/canon on the subject, mention if the thread is open for all or closed to someone in particular, and if you have any preferences as needed-- but most importantly: have fun!
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how unfortunate of him

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Yo! Ikemen!

[Voice loud and clear across the corridor, complete with stomping sounds, Yuzuki makes her way to the red-haired boy, tapping him lightly (read: smacking) him on the back.]

We were playing a game and I lost, so you come with me.

[What is common sense.]
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mikorin's life is nothing but suffering

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[That familiar horrifying voice immediately causes Mikorin to jump, and he nearly fell over the moment Yuzuki smacked on on the back.]

S..Seo... [His voice is dripping with fear mixed in with annoyance when he says her name.]

[Wait what.

What's going on? What game?

Why does he have to follow the she devil?!?!]

H-Hold on!! Why do you make it sound like I don't have a choice?! [Yet he's following her anyway.]
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[Nope, not listening, Yuzuki's already pulling Mikoshiba by his arm, dragging him with her horsepower.]

Don't worry, don't worry, it's not a big deal! Just come with me and you'll know.

[Sorry Mikoshiba, you'll never have a choice when it's come to Seo Yuzuki.]
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[What is wrong with her? Not a big deal?! WHAT IS GOING ON, SEO?!]

Hey! You can at least explain to me what's going on— [A small yelp leaves his lips as he's being freaken dragged by her. Man, she's strong. (Or you are just really weak, Mikorin.)]

Where are we even going? Hey! Are you even listening to me?!

[This poor unfortunate soul...]
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[Nope, definitely not listening. With her Mach speed, they finally arrive in a classroom. Dun dun dun. It's a surprise, Mikoshiba.]

Look who I've caught. [Oh, she's enjoying this very much, especially with how everyone starts laughing and cheering. This is going to be a field day for everyone! (Except Mikorin of course.) 'Good job, Seo!' they say. 'Nice choice!' they say.] Right? I can't get a hold of Waka, so, why not get the Ikemen since he's so conveniently there in the corridor? It's not like you have any other plans, right? [She nudges Mikoshiba's side with her elbow (roughly), totally disregarding Mikoshiba's say in this.]

Okay, so I brought the victim, [Victim?!] what game are we supposed to play? [You don't know?!]

[Now the murmurs and discussions start amongst Yuzuki's classmates ー they seem really serious about it. 'How about this?' 'No, but this one sounds fun too!' A little too serious for supposedly 'fun' topic. Meanwhile, Yuzuki just hums her boredom out, hand grabbing Mikoshiba's wrist so he doesn't escape. After a minute or two, one of them finally stands up and says, 'We've decided! Do the Pocky game!' And everyone cheers once again.] Huh. [Yuzuki turns to look at the poor redhead.] What's Pocky game? Do you know?
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[Mikorin didn't know what to expect from Seo to begin with. The result, was definitely more horrifying than what he imagined. He was in a classroom full of people, with no one that he knew except for Seo Yuzuki. Not only that, people were actually laughing and cheering the moment he got here?! This was horrible! Why couldn't Nozaki or Sakura be here instead?

Despite Mikorin's internal struggle, he nervously greets the people in the classroom with his best smile.]
Y-Yo! [He's trying his best to act cool because in the inside, he's definitely panicking.] Looks like I arrived just in time. The party doesn't start until I walk into the room. [One of his hands start to run through his red hair, but deep down, he's dying from saying something so stupid. It's only made worst when he hears some girls giggling at him.]

[VICTIM?! Mikorin's right eye twitches at that, and now he's looking for anyway he could sneak out of the room.] You don't even know what game we are playing?! [Oops, he lost his cool for a moment there. But then again, who doesn't get annoyed when Seo's involved?

Even though he really, really does not want to be around her, he had no other choice but to stick close to Seo, considering she was the only person he kinda sorta knew. Not like he can escape anyway, since you know, she had an iron grip on his wrist. It hurts by the way!!! His fear only continues to grow when he hears that they would be playing the pocky game. WHAT. He's never even had his first kiss yet!!!]
You never heard of the pocky game before? Two people bite on the ends of a pocky stick and try to meet each other in the middle. The first person to pull away is the loser and the point is to well ... kiss your partner.

[That's so embarrasing to say outloud. How was he able to play through his games that have the pocky game as part of a girl's route...]
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[The grin on Yuzuki's face widens as she flings an arm to smack Mikoshiba's back, letting go of her 'iron grip'.] What's that, you're actually excited about this, aren't you? [See? Yuzuki can tell his deepest will, what a sensitive girl she is! She watches Mikoshiba with a very satisfied smile and nods proudly at herself.]

[Huh, Mikoshiba knows the game? Great, that'll save a lot of time then! She listens intently (read: 'intently') to his explanation, but as the time goes, she looks more and more puzzled. She turns to her classmates.] So you guys want me to kiss him? [Huh. She lifts an eyebrow up.] Oi oi, I'm not in drama club, you know? I'm in choir. [Oh, could it be...] Did you guys get choir and drama mixed up? Wow, I didn't know that kind of mix-up is possible! I feel so sorry for you all. [The worst thing about this is she isn't being sarcastic.]

But I guess it can't be helped... Whatcha gonna do, Ikemen? [She looks up at the taller guy, nudging his waist with her elbow.]
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[If his wrist wasn't being squeezed, then he was being smacked around by her. He lets out a small yelp as he nearly keels over once again. What was he to her? A rag doll?] Will you stop that?! [This time, he looks at her with a expression that's aggravated while also confused. How and why did she even get that he was excited about this?! WHAT GOES ON IN HER MIND?] I'm not excited about this at all!! What is wrong with you?!

I definitely don't want to do this! [Mikorin's about ready to make a run for it, until one of the girls in the back says. "But Mikoshiba-kun! We were so excited to have you here." then another girl says "Please stay, Mikoshiba-kun!" He's stopped right in front of the doorway, as if he were frozen in place. After a few seconds, he lets out a sigh before turning back to the classroom with a smirk.]

Oi, oi, if you lovely ladies are begging me to stay, then I guess I have no choice. Especially if it makes you all happy. I'd do anything to please you. [He winks at them, causing all of the girls to practically squeal in delight. Mikorin looked proud at that moment ... except that on the inside he was internally DYING. Why couldn't he just be honest and run the hell away?? One of the girls runs up to him, giving him a pocky stick. He's trying his best to smile as he turns to Seo even though it's difficult.]

Let's... get this over with. [He could feel his left eye twitching as he takes a bite of the side without the chocolate. Normally, he would take the chocolate side but since he was in front of so many other people, minds well play the role of the gentleman and let the.... lady have the chocolate side.]
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RAG DOLL i died poor mikorin

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Heh. See? They're cheering for you! [What did she just say? You're actually very excited about this right, you bastard! And no Mikoshiba, she's not listening to any of your complaints.]

Alright, bring it on!! [Totally forgetting what this is all about, she rolls up her sleeves (you're not going to do arm wrestling...), eyes burning with excitement now that she can see 'how fired up' Mikoshiba is about this! She can tell, Mikoshiba! You don't want to lose too, right? Too bad! She will win this!

Getting seated face to face with Mikoshiba now, she holds the Pocky in between her lips, and once the 'ready... go!' cue is given, she starts taking bites like an excited shark. (BGM: Jaws)]
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JAWS THEME, I can't stop laughing at that.

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... I guess I can't let them down. [Wtf, NO! He's not excited about this at all, Seo!! Dammit!!! When will this nightmare be over??]

[No seriously. What was her deal? Was this some kind of sports competition to her? Come to think of it, she did mention a 'Waka' earlier. He couldn't help but wonder if it was the Wakamatsu that he knew. If that's the case, he wanted to curse him for not being around and now he was the replacement. THANKS A LOT WAKAMATSU.

At first, the red head thought that maybe this wouldn't be too bad? She was a pretty attractive girl. Before he could get any sort of sense of comfort at the thought, in typical Seo fashion, he sees her biting into the pocky like a crazed girl. He hadn't even moved an inch and was frozen in place as she's just chomping away.

Currently, Mikorin's mental screaming sounds like this in his head.]
You are moving way too fast!!!
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screaming mikorin is the best mikorin

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[Yep, totally a sports competition and she's not gonna lose! She might be attractive when quiet, but look at this, she opens her mouth and all the grace drops like dried up flower petals.

Alright, she'll gives him a pause, since he's freezing up and complaining and everything.]

What's up, Ikemen? Giving up already?

[Looking refreshing while saying that, too. Beat that, Mikoshiba. Aren't you supposed to be the refreshing ikemen here?]
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TRUE I feel like he's always screaming internally

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W-What? No way! I'm not giving up!!

[Yes, he does want to give up. He wants to break the pocky stick right now and run as far away as he can from Seo AND NEVER LOOK BACK.

But no, there are people watching and he doesn't want to ruin his image.

With reluctance, and an annoyed expression, he slowly starts biting into the biscuit, his face heating up at the fact that he was already in close contact with another girl. Even if it was Seo.]

You should be careful. Such a delicate [PFFFFT] looking lamb like you might get bit along with this pocky stick. [NO NO NO, WHY DID HE HAVE TO SAY THAT? TO SEO OF ALL PEOPLE?! Now he could hear the chorus of screaming girls in the background.]
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[Oh Mikorin, why would you waste such a chance to save yourself? But this just makes everything even more fun.

Yuzuki herself doesn't really think much of it (when does she ever) ー a smirk forms on her lips when she hears that Mikoshiba doesn't plan on backing down. That's more like it! Though the next line has her raising an eyebrow. What lamb? She briefly looks around from the sides of her eyes, genuinely confused. What the hell is this ikemen talking about? Is he trying to distract her? Ah, she gets it now. Bring it on.

But that only means... The Jaws commences yet again.

Crunch! Crunch! Crunch! Crunch!

"Oooh!!" The excited murmurs and cheering spread across the classroom as Yuzuki takes bigger bites, they're about an inch away from touching lips with each other. If the Pocky stick weren't inside her mouth, she would totally cackle evilly here. But since it is, you can see her smirking wider than ever instead. What are you gonna do, Mikoshiba in Distress?]
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BURIES FACE IN HANDS also I have no appropriate icons for this

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[Each crunching sound is like a countdown for impending doom for Mikorin as he's locked eyes with the she devil that stood right in front of him. Once again, he stands completely frozen and totally afraid to take another bite. Especially considering they were within an inch of each other and he could even feel her breath tickling his lips from how close they were.

It was like she was Medusa and he was a victim that was turned to stone. It didn't help that he was once again internally screaming when he sees that horrifying smirk on her lips.

"Hey, is it just me or does Mikoshiba seem scared?" He could hear one of the voices from his fellow students say. One of his eyes start to twitch. "Yeah, he hasn't really been doing anything from the start." Excuse you? "He's not as cool as what I thought." Okay, that was the last straw!!!

He'll show you, all of you!!!! Especially you Seo.

Suddenly, Mikorin gently hooks a hand behind her head. With pink cheeks and closed eyes, he leans in, closing the gap between them and bringing his lips to meet her's for a quick kiss.

Oh god.

What has he done?????]
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[What have you done, Mikoshiba.

Yuzuki is in a complete maze right now. This is a territory she has never stepped onto and she doesn't really know what's going on.

Eh? Is this how the game goes? Will the one who lets go first be the loser?

Because if that's the case Yuzuki isn't gonna pull away.

And there you go, she crosses her arms and waits for Mikoshiba to give up. Give it up, ikemen, she's got this battle.

The squeals and 'uooohh' noises in the background don't make her budge at all. She plays games to win them, even if she has to take extreme measures. Well, as long as it's ok in her books, it's ok.

It feels kinda weird though, this ikemen's lips are very... soft. It feels like...


Probably raw tuna.]
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[He keeps asking himself that same question.

Why and how did it even come to this? He still couldn't believe that this was his first kiss... and that first kissed was being shared with the demon in a human body; Seo Yuzuki.

Oh god. Why.

What made it worst was that she wasn't moving??? She was just standing there while he was kissing her. In all honesty, it didn't feel too bad. In fact, her lips are actually kind of soft... even though to him it felt like he was being poisoned at this very moment.

He stays still for a few moments.

Finally, the chanting of the class was too much for him. Not only that, it was BEYOND embarrassing to have people spectate as he was having his first kiss with someone. It doesn't take him five seconds for him to pull away and be on the complete opposite side of the classroom as Seo. To hell with his image!]

I-I give up, you win!!!!

[Most pathetic boy of the year award goes to Mikoshiba Mikoto.]