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It is Pocky Day!


It's that time again!! For supernatural reasons that mere mortals could not comprehend, you and someone else are compelled to play this strange game of chicken, where there can only be one victor. You can be trapped, or just doing it as a friendly yet weird gesture! So don't be shy, this might even be the day you get your first kiss, you loser!
RULES: Post with your character and their name/canon on the subject, mention if the thread is open for all or closed to someone in particular, and if you have any preferences as needed-- but most importantly: have fun!
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dormmate au y/y

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[ It's somewhen in the evening when Taiyou stretches his body on Mikorin's bed, yawning as he's idly reaching for some magazines by the floor. They've just finished yet another game earlier, and for some reason Taiyou's still hanging there instead of going back to his room. ]

I'm bored. [ He says as he opens the magazine, skimming through the pages, until—

Huh. ]
Mikoshiba, you have some pocky?
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y, i feel sorry for anyone that lives in the same dorm as them tbh

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[Thanks for taking over his bed, smh. Mikorin's sitting on the the floor, flipping through one of his game guides, not paying much mind to Taiyou still hanging around his room. (He's actually gotten somewhat used to him.) However, Taiyou's question earns him a raised eyebrow from the red head. ]

Huh? Yeah, I believe I do. [He digs through his satchel that was laying next to him and pulls out the red box filled with those chocolate sticks of goodness, tossing it onto the bed.]

Why do you ask? [Except that since it's Taiyou, he's not sure if he wants to know.]
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smh they didn't ask for this

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[ He grins as he sees what Mikorin's tossed to him, man he never betrays Taiyou's expectation when it comes to sweets. ]

Do you remember what date today is? [ Hint, hint, he's shaking the pocky box a little. ]
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no one deserves this

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[???? He only continues to look confused, gdi Taiyou stop being so vague.]

Today's November 11? Does it even matt—




Come to think of it, the cashier did giggle at him when he purchased the box of pocky this morning. Now it makes sense.]

H-Hold on! You aren't seriously thinking about playing that game, are you?!
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[ Oh, he's realized it, he's realized it. ]

Why not, though? It's just a game, I don't see why you'll be opposed to it.

[ SMIRK. ]

Unless you know you're gonna lose, that is.
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I don't want to have to stare at your face longer than what I already have to! [He swears to god if you stick out your tongue at him...]

[Of course, this guy is like a kid and succumbs to the taunt in five seconds flat.] What?! I'm not scared of losing! Especially not to you [And you know what, he wants to wipe that stupid smirk right off Taiyou's face!!] Bring it on, Mukai!

[He gets off the floor and sits down on the bed next to the little bastard. Mikorin then reaches over to where he threw the box, pulling out a stick and biting down onto the chocolate side, leaving the plain stick for his dormmate. Come at him, bro!]

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[ Ah, would you look at that, he falls hook, line, and sinker. Taiyou grins as he shifts his body to face Mikorin, still smirking. ]

Not giving me the chocolate side? Very well. [ He leans forward to bite off the side Mikorin offers, biting his way very, very slowly, eyes staring straight to the redhead. ]
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[What did you ever do to deserve the chocolate side? (Hint: NOTHING!!)

"Maybe this won't be too bad." Were Mikorin's initial thoughts the moment he bit into the pocky stick... until Taiyou started on the other end. Even then, it would have been okay if it wasn't for the fact that the other male's eyes were directly staring into his.

Now his cheeks were turning all shades of pink and for the first few seconds, he stays frozen, staring right back at him, with a mantra of "Oh god this is embarrassing." going through his mind. He averts his eyes away, trying not to stare at him and takes the tiniest bites out of the pocky ever. At least it was good?]
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[ Okay but what did Mikorin ever do to deserve the chocolate side, huh?! (j/k he deals with Taiyou daily, he deserves it.)

Ooh, would you look at that, he's red~ The edges of Taiyou's lips curve up into a smirk as he tilts his head slightly, moving slowly as if he's locked on to actually kiss Mikorin. His hand reaches to softly touch the redhead's chin, shifting it subtly, teasing for Mikorin's gaze to shift back to his. ]

Hey, where's the fun if you're gonna look away the entire time?

[ Note: they are not going out. I repeat, they are not actually going out. ]
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[RUDE. He's a pure hearted maiden good boy that deserves all the chocolates!! (TRUE, he suffers daily thanks to Taiyou. 8l)

Mikorin continues to look away, or, so he thought. Suddenly, he felt a hand shifting his chin, and his gaze averted right back at Taiyou. The surprise movement from Taiyou's hand, causes Mikorin's head to move forward, and he accidentally takes a slighty more bigger bite of the pocky. Now, he was getting even more closer to his dormmate's face. W h y. Let him at least look away!!]

Wait, huh?!

[He can't even finish the sentence because, holy mother of god, Taiyou wasn't actually going to seriously kiss him, right? S-Surely not!! None the less, the moment Mikorin gazes into Taiyou's eyes, his whole face turns as red as his hair. He's never been this close to another person and it was embarrassing, especially being stared at.]

W-W-What's so fun about looking at y-your face the whole time? And stop smirking like that! It's irritating!

[Yup. They are most definitely not dating.]
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Do you know how many people would line up to be this close with a Koshien pitcher?

[ He smirks, the enjoyment shown on his face is nothing but apparent, even more so when Mikorin accidentally took a bigger bite. Well, well, well. ]

Someone's eager~ [ He teases as he tilts his head and moves forward, the redhead's breaths already tickling his nose.

Okay, but in all honesty, he has no idea what'll happen if they do kiss; the only possibility in his mind right now is Mikorin breaking the pocky thus declaring him as the winner of this game. If he doesn't? Well, we'll see. Or not. ]
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Not me, that's for sure. Especially not for you.

[Despite his red face, Mikorin only continues to pout at Taiyou's stupid smirk.] You are the one who seems so eager about this. [Come to think of it, why did Taiyou want to play this game in the first place?

Right now, Mikorin wanted nothing more than to break the pocky stick, get as far away from Taiyou as possible and never speak of this event again. What was stopping him was ironically, Taiyou himself. The last thing he wanted was to admit defeat to him. Because he knows that if he did, he would never hear the end of it. There was no way he wanted to hear him brag in that dumb arrogant voice with that smugass grin of his. No way! But would losing to him be better than ... well kissing him?

God. Just thinking about the possibility made him embarrassed.

He nervously gulps and with half lidded eyes and blushing cheeks, he takes a small nibble of the biscuit. Mikorin could also feel his heart racing as he continued to lock eyes with his dormmate. Not only could he feel the other guy's breath, but also his body heat from being so close.]
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stealthily changes account sssshhhh

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[ Taiyou only grins at that, a grin that pretty much reads, 'Yes, yes, I toootally believe you ♡' The grin only widens by what Mikorin says afterward, of course still having the leeway to say: ]

I wasn't the one who took a big bite there. Do you want to kiss me that much?

[ WHAT IS HE SAYING... Because honestly? Honestly? He's getting a little panicked here. Mikoshiba, you're way, way too close. It's about time you give it up, don't you think? Because Taiyou isn't, that would mean he loses this game. That word just does not exist in his dictionary, especially if it's against this redhead dormmate of his. Never.

He takes another bite, getting incredibly close that he needs to tilt his head so that their lips wouldn't meet. They're so close. This guy's lips are way too freaking close. Taiyou tsks internally, oh how he wants to say something to encourage Mikorin to break the pocky off, but they're so close now that if he opens his mouth even a little, there's a high chance their lips would brush against each other. No. And his heart is definitely only racing because he's excited he's going to win soon, definitely not because he's nervous that he might lose this battle, or because of something else. No. Absolutely not. ]
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NEGL my subconcious was like "is that taiyou..." what are you doing to me

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[Taiyou's grin earns him a glare from the redhead. He really, really wanted to say something back but he was scared that he would end up accidentally locking lips with him if he did.

Not that it mattered, because they were so ridiculously close right now that any little movement could end up with them brushing lips. Shit. His heart would not stop racing, it was a wonder that Taiyou couldn't hear his rapidly pacing heart. Now he was staring right into Taiyou's eyes, almost getting lost in them as he felt the tickle of the other boy's breath against his lips. "He's kinda cute like this. His eyes are kinda nice..."


Okay that's it!! He was done!!!! Time to break this pocky stick and never EVER speak of this event again. God dammit Taiyou. Why did he want to play such a dumb game in the first place? Well you know what, YOU can win. The "Most Annoying Pocky Game King" title is all yours! WEAR IT WITH PRIDE. Mikorin was 100% done.

Just as Mikorin titled his head a little, trying to pull away from the other boy, he somehow lost a bit of his balance in the process. In a complete and total accident, he closes the very little distance between the two of them, crashing his lips against the other male's. His cheeks are completely flushed red and he was frozen in place from the sudden warm sensasion.

THIS WAS NOT SUPPOSSED TO HAPPEN but Mikorin couldn't deny that maybe, it felt kinda nice?]