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mercy ( overwatch )

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1. You called me at 4am and said you were shot, but when I arrived... you had shots lined up. Do you TRULY wonder why I ignored your calls all week?

2. Who put Hello Kitty bandaids in my medical bag?

3. I can't even remember what song I sang at karaoke last night... Please don't say "Like a Virgin"...

4. Attention: Anyone who is caught "playing doctor" in my medical office after hours will be promptly ignored on the battlefield. :)
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You had better hope Lucio can stay close to you, cowboy. :)
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Even your old friend? Angie you scare the shit outta me sometimes
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Someone has to. You'd get a big head if you were allowed to run around breaking rules.
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that icon holy shit

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Yeah well without you my fat head would have been blown off by now
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That is a fair assumption.

Statistically speaking, of course.



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It was "I Touch Myself"

Reinhardt did back up on the reprise.
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Oh mein Gott... I am never trying a pint of his beer again...

Hm. Well. What did you sing for the evening? I do not believe for you to be the wallflower of the group.
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You also challenged him to arm wrestle but luckily I talked you out of such an endeavor.

Are you kidding? My country invented the noble sport of karaoke.

I sang Juice Newton's Angel of the Morning and a few Tom Jones classics.
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...I think I could take him. :)

Right, of course! That is why I was humming "It's Not Unusual"... I quite remember the roar of the crowd for your encore. You seem to have gathered a fan club!
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Please do not.

They were less than thrilled with my repeat performance of "What's New Pussycat"

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4 I'm sorry

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even if its w/ u ;)
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oh my god

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I'm changing the pass codes to my office. >:(
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he just wanted to love you angela

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aw cmon y u gotta be lyk that. im askin nicely an all
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Asking is not receiving!
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I do not think McCree or 76 appreciated the art when it was all I had... >:/

But... yes, admittedly cute. Next time, leave the originals.
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[ loling in the distance ]

wut? wasnt me !! but whoever did it is a genius ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ
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[ mama mercy mad. ]

Unless you slid Lucio or Tracer your stash... no - hm. You're an accomplice, then. Tsk tsk.
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[ don't ground her pls ]

i have bunny ones 2 if u want them ( ◞・౪・)

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orbislife: screenshot of Zenyatta's peace sign victory pose (Peace be upon you)


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I thought it would help improve the moral of whoever is injured.
Unless they do not like cats.
Should I put in some Pochacco in case they like dogs more?
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I would have never guessed you were up to this... Did Hana or Lucio inspire you?

...They are cute, but do not offer the same protection my normal bandages do.
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[ He is a little inexperience with healing someone without the aid of his Orb of Harmony. Omnics can't be fixed just by sticking a bandage on them. Humans can also heal minor injuries on their own given time.

And the bandages are so colorful like stickers.

They did. Hana nicked her finger and brought out a very cheerful looking bandage to cover it. She seemed quite proud to show it off.
Do they not work for even small cuts?
Should I track down Hana and apply an orb on her?