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These Twists and Turns of Fate

Fluff Meme

R U L E S:
1. Post your character with their name and series in the subject line.
2. Others respond using RNG. Roll 1 - 15 to pick a scenario.
3. Some scenarios have options (A - C). Pick any one from them or roll 1 - 3.
4. If there is no option that fits for you, then feel free to make one up!
5. And there you go, instant fluff~


1. A little help, please?

A) Lost - You got lost somewhere, like a school or office building or even an unfamiliar city street, and it doesn't look like you can figure out the way back by yourself.

B) Bike/Car Trouble - Your mode of transportation has a flat tire and your cellphone battery is dead while you're in a middle of nowhere.

C) You Shrimp! - You’re just a short fry who can’t even reach the top shelf for an item. Or even if you’re tall enough, you STILL can’t reach it without a second hand. Like maybe, a ball that got stuck on a basketball’s ring.

2. Babysitting/Pet sitting

Your neighbor is going out of town for a few days. They ask you to take care of the pet (or the baby) for the time being. But you don't have to worry! Your neighbor hired someone to help you. You can only hope that person is reliable...

3. Playful Fight - The two of you are having such a nice time together, doing whatever it is you’re up to. Suddenly, one of you just can’t help but start teasing a little. Like maybe pick up the nearest object available and throw it to the other person's face.

A) Food Fight - Didn’t your mom always told you not to play with food?

B) Water Gun/Water Balloon Fight - Well, that’s one way to cool down.

C) Pillow Fight - Grab a pillow or two. It’s game time.

D) Tickle Fight - Who cares about objects! Your true weapon is your god hand!!

4. Hand to Hold - Something terrible just happened. It’s terrible enough to make you cry or flip a table. You don’t want to be alone right now with these feelings.

A) Shoulder to cry on - You’re not done crying and it just hurts to cry on your own hands.

B) Woke up from a bad dream - Did you get rickrolled in your sleep? Did you hear the trololo man’s song within your dreams? Sit up and tell that person to hold you right now!

C) Just had a bad day - Everybody’s against you today. Flop down that couch and start sulking.

5. Stuck/Stranded

A) Stuck in an elevator - You had places to go! People to see! But that can’t happen due a technical difficulty while you were riding the elevator. Fortunately or unfortunately you’re not alone.

B) Stuck due to rain - Just your luck, you forgot your umbrella. Do you wait it out or try to make a run for it?

C) Deserted Island - Due to a miracle, you survived the boat crash and even drifted ashore! Yay! Except... where the hell are you now? And, oh god, is that a dead body next to you? Wait, it moved!

6. Sick/Injury

A) Stuck at Home - It’s your fault that you stayed out the rain too long. Or maybe you just overworked yourself too much. Be careful!

B) Infirmary - Looks like you got into a minor accident. Guess it was a good thing that someone was there to help you to the clinic.

C) Hospital - Still waiting on the results for that last medical exam? Maybe you're EXPECTING A BABY. Whatever it is, at least you've got some company to keep your occupied.

7. Confession

A) In Person - Nothing is more sincere than a direct confession!

B) Love Letter - You’re so traditional. Are you going to put heart stickers, too?

C) Phone call/Text/Email/IMs - Ahh, the wonders of technology. You can even say how you feel through emoticons. :D <3

8. Date

A) Dinner - Whether it’s in restaurant or take-out at home, enjoy a meal with that special someone.

B) Movie - Cozy up on the couch watching a DVD or head to the mall to watch latest blockbuster.

C) Picnic - Grab a basket, grab some food, and pray to god that whoever prepared it knows how to cook. Watch out for ants.

9. New Kid On The Block

You’re new to the neighborhood. Maybe you’re a new student or a newly hired worker. Maybe you even just literally moved in. Either way, you miss your old home and your friends. You’re so lonely. Aww. Don’t worry, maybe fate will be kind to you and reward you with a new friend very soon.

10. A little extra help with work or school

A) Study partner - The exams are coming up! You thought of calling up someone to study with, hoping that it will increase your focus and all those other benefits.

B) Homework pain - You have an extremely difficult homework. You’re at the point where you want to throw it out the window.

C) Overtime at work - It’s shit-o-clock. You’ll never finish these on time. You might as well pull off an overnight at the office, unless a kind soul decides to assist you with work.

11. Hanging Out

A) Shopping - Maybe your victim date doesn't mind shopping with you. Maybe they did. Well, they're here now and they're not getting away from you that easily!

B) At a coffee shop - Maybe it's your first date and the two of you are testing the waters, maybe you bumped into each other. Whatever the reason was, there's nothing like two people just talking over a cup of coffee.

C) At a playground - Nothing wrong with reliving your childhood here. Last one to the swings is a rotten egg!

12. Somebody Save Me!

A) Drowning - Wow, you didn’t even bother checking if your life ring had enough air in it?

B) FIRE! - Good job. You burnt your kitchen and now there’s a forest fire in there.

C) Defending your honor - How dare you forget your rape whistle at home! Maybe screaming will send someone to your aid! KYAAA~

13. Couldn't Make It To Bed

A) Drunk passed out - Looks like you had too much to drink. Think you can still make it to bed by yourself?

B) Slept on the Couch - You’re ridiculously tired and that short nap on the couch became longer than you planned.

C) Fell asleep in the car - Not exactly the ideal place to fall asleep in (carbon monoxide poisoning and all). Luckily, someone’s coming to your rescue.

14. Outdoorsy stuff

A) Stargazing - Maybe you two just enjoy the sight of the sea of stars. Maybe either of you believe in the legend of the wishing star. Either way, the evening sky is shining down for the two of you.

B) Camping - Screw the city! Nature is truly the best! Grab your partner or be dragged off by them and explore to your heart’s content. Watch out for snakes or bears.

C) Field Trip - It’s a class field trip or a work’s group outing! What will you do? Explore every nook of the location you’re in? Stay in your room and play board games? Sneak out each other’s rooms to meet up tonight?

15. Wild card - Roll again, pick anything you’d like, or create your own scene.
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[personal profile] eibitochuu 2016-11-22 11:32 am (UTC)(link)
[Yuzuki has no idea how this all came about, but she's now sitting with her best friend Chiyo on the grass, watching the stars. Like, who does that? It's super boring and she has no idea what's the deal.]

Oi Chiyo, let's go back already. What's so fun looking at stars?

[They are just stars.]
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[personal profile] polkaribbon 2016-11-23 06:01 am (UTC)(link)
[Chiyo was in bliss. The sky was clear and there was not a single cloud in sight! It was the perfect time to go stargazing. Not only that, what could be better than stargazing with your best friend?

Except that her best friend was Seo Yuzuki. The most oblivious girl in the world.]

Yuzuki!! [There's a hint of a scolding tone in her voice.]

It's beautiful out here tonight. Besides, I heard one of the girls in our class say that there's a chance a shooting star might come out tonight. Wouldn't it be fun to make a wish together? [Typical romantic dreamer Chiyo...]
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[personal profile] eibitochuu 2016-11-27 11:06 am (UTC)(link)
[Making a wish to a shooting star, huh. She's heard of that before, but what can a shooting star do? Don't they disappear and explode or something in the end? Won't your wish be exploding with it then?

But it can't be helped. She has a soft spot when it comes to Chiyo, she doesn't really mind accompanying her sometimes. It still doesn't make sense to her, though.]

You seriously gonna make a wish? What if the aliens come and say 'you have to pay for that wish to be granted'?
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[personal profile] polkaribbon 2016-12-01 03:46 pm (UTC)(link)
Yeah! Why not? I think it's worth a shot to wish for something. Plus, it's lovely out here anyway.

[Chiyo just stares at Yuzuki, with the most shocked and horrified expression on her face.]

Y-Yuzuki, I doubt something like that would happen! [Only her friend could ruin a moment like this. Oh well, Yuzuki was her best friend and she learned to accept all sides of her.] Do you believe in aliens or something?
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[personal profile] eibitochuu 2016-12-03 01:57 pm (UTC)(link)
[Huh? What is this ribbonised friend of hers talking about even.] What, Chiyo, you didn't know? They found that UFO is a real thing recently.

[She fishes out her flip phone from her pocket, showing Chiyo a text she received from an obviously sketchy number. It says: "UFO IS REAL! New sightings of a captured alien have been found in Umedagawa, Miyagi Prefecture. Attached picture is the proof. It has been proved by SCIENCE that this sighting is true! Call now at 090-ALIENS-UFO (090-254367-836) for more information!"

The picture in question, by the way:

Totally legit.]

I didn't call though, Umedagawa is kinda far and all. Never been there before, anyway.
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[personal profile] polkaribbon 2016-12-08 06:53 pm (UTC)(link)
[For a brief moment, Chiyo looks perplexed and shocked by her oblivious friend's new information. She doesn't really pay attention to 'alien activity' so it's not like she was knowledgeable about the subject.] Huh?! They did?! [This was actually pretty exciting! This could be a whole new discovery for humankind!!

That is, until Yuzuki shows her the so called "proof". Chiyo looks at the phone with the most deadpan expression ever.]


[Not even Nozaki's manga is this obviously animated.]

Those are cartoon drawings. B-Besides, why are you getting texts from sketchy numbers?! I would be worried if I was you!
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[personal profile] eibitochuu 2016-12-21 03:18 am (UTC)(link)
[Unaware of the deadpanning expression in Chiyo's face, Yuzuki is still pretty confident about it, until the 'cartoon drawings' are pointed out.]

...Huh?! Seriously? It looks real, though. You can tell, Chiyo? [More like, you can't tell, Yuzuki?!]

Sketchy...? Look, they've got a name there, 'Alien Investigation Organization'. I think that sounds totally legit. Why are you being so suspicious? [More like, why aren't you.]
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[personal profile] polkaribbon 2016-12-25 01:22 am (UTC)(link)
[If Chiyo could look even more deadpan than she already was, she would. Because Yuzuki are you being serious right now?????]

Yuzuki, are you telling me you can't tell the difference between the real background and the obviously drawn guys?!?! [While Chiyo was probably one of the few people that could even stand her but right now, even Chiyo herself couldn't believe what she was hearing!!]

Because just the name sound suspicious! What kind of organization goes around looking for aliens? And how did you even start receiving texts from that number anyway?! [She just continues to become more worried for her best friend...]
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[personal profile] eibitochuu 2017-02-02 10:52 am (UTC)(link)
[Sorry Chiyo, she totally wasn't listening.]

Hey, don't you think... This might be it. It's my calling, Chiyo. It's like, the fate thing you guys always talk about. It so happens their text reached my number!

Maybe I should apply to their company after graduation. Don't you think I can totally capture an alien? They seem pretty normal-sized, anyway!