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These Twists and Turns of Fate

Fluff Meme

R U L E S:
1. Post your character with their name and series in the subject line.
2. Others respond using RNG. Roll 1 - 15 to pick a scenario.
3. Some scenarios have options (A - C). Pick any one from them or roll 1 - 3.
4. If there is no option that fits for you, then feel free to make one up!
5. And there you go, instant fluff~


1. A little help, please?

A) Lost - You got lost somewhere, like a school or office building or even an unfamiliar city street, and it doesn't look like you can figure out the way back by yourself.

B) Bike/Car Trouble - Your mode of transportation has a flat tire and your cellphone battery is dead while you're in a middle of nowhere.

C) You Shrimp! - You’re just a short fry who can’t even reach the top shelf for an item. Or even if you’re tall enough, you STILL can’t reach it without a second hand. Like maybe, a ball that got stuck on a basketball’s ring.

2. Babysitting/Pet sitting

Your neighbor is going out of town for a few days. They ask you to take care of the pet (or the baby) for the time being. But you don't have to worry! Your neighbor hired someone to help you. You can only hope that person is reliable...

3. Playful Fight - The two of you are having such a nice time together, doing whatever it is you’re up to. Suddenly, one of you just can’t help but start teasing a little. Like maybe pick up the nearest object available and throw it to the other person's face.

A) Food Fight - Didn’t your mom always told you not to play with food?

B) Water Gun/Water Balloon Fight - Well, that’s one way to cool down.

C) Pillow Fight - Grab a pillow or two. It’s game time.

D) Tickle Fight - Who cares about objects! Your true weapon is your god hand!!

4. Hand to Hold - Something terrible just happened. It’s terrible enough to make you cry or flip a table. You don’t want to be alone right now with these feelings.

A) Shoulder to cry on - You’re not done crying and it just hurts to cry on your own hands.

B) Woke up from a bad dream - Did you get rickrolled in your sleep? Did you hear the trololo man’s song within your dreams? Sit up and tell that person to hold you right now!

C) Just had a bad day - Everybody’s against you today. Flop down that couch and start sulking.

5. Stuck/Stranded

A) Stuck in an elevator - You had places to go! People to see! But that can’t happen due a technical difficulty while you were riding the elevator. Fortunately or unfortunately you’re not alone.

B) Stuck due to rain - Just your luck, you forgot your umbrella. Do you wait it out or try to make a run for it?

C) Deserted Island - Due to a miracle, you survived the boat crash and even drifted ashore! Yay! Except... where the hell are you now? And, oh god, is that a dead body next to you? Wait, it moved!

6. Sick/Injury

A) Stuck at Home - It’s your fault that you stayed out the rain too long. Or maybe you just overworked yourself too much. Be careful!

B) Infirmary - Looks like you got into a minor accident. Guess it was a good thing that someone was there to help you to the clinic.

C) Hospital - Still waiting on the results for that last medical exam? Maybe you're EXPECTING A BABY. Whatever it is, at least you've got some company to keep your occupied.

7. Confession

A) In Person - Nothing is more sincere than a direct confession!

B) Love Letter - You’re so traditional. Are you going to put heart stickers, too?

C) Phone call/Text/Email/IMs - Ahh, the wonders of technology. You can even say how you feel through emoticons. :D <3

8. Date

A) Dinner - Whether it’s in restaurant or take-out at home, enjoy a meal with that special someone.

B) Movie - Cozy up on the couch watching a DVD or head to the mall to watch latest blockbuster.

C) Picnic - Grab a basket, grab some food, and pray to god that whoever prepared it knows how to cook. Watch out for ants.

9. New Kid On The Block

You’re new to the neighborhood. Maybe you’re a new student or a newly hired worker. Maybe you even just literally moved in. Either way, you miss your old home and your friends. You’re so lonely. Aww. Don’t worry, maybe fate will be kind to you and reward you with a new friend very soon.

10. A little extra help with work or school

A) Study partner - The exams are coming up! You thought of calling up someone to study with, hoping that it will increase your focus and all those other benefits.

B) Homework pain - You have an extremely difficult homework. You’re at the point where you want to throw it out the window.

C) Overtime at work - It’s shit-o-clock. You’ll never finish these on time. You might as well pull off an overnight at the office, unless a kind soul decides to assist you with work.

11. Hanging Out

A) Shopping - Maybe your victim date doesn't mind shopping with you. Maybe they did. Well, they're here now and they're not getting away from you that easily!

B) At a coffee shop - Maybe it's your first date and the two of you are testing the waters, maybe you bumped into each other. Whatever the reason was, there's nothing like two people just talking over a cup of coffee.

C) At a playground - Nothing wrong with reliving your childhood here. Last one to the swings is a rotten egg!

12. Somebody Save Me!

A) Drowning - Wow, you didn’t even bother checking if your life ring had enough air in it?

B) FIRE! - Good job. You burnt your kitchen and now there’s a forest fire in there.

C) Defending your honor - How dare you forget your rape whistle at home! Maybe screaming will send someone to your aid! KYAAA~

13. Couldn't Make It To Bed

A) Drunk passed out - Looks like you had too much to drink. Think you can still make it to bed by yourself?

B) Slept on the Couch - You’re ridiculously tired and that short nap on the couch became longer than you planned.

C) Fell asleep in the car - Not exactly the ideal place to fall asleep in (carbon monoxide poisoning and all). Luckily, someone’s coming to your rescue.

14. Outdoorsy stuff

A) Stargazing - Maybe you two just enjoy the sight of the sea of stars. Maybe either of you believe in the legend of the wishing star. Either way, the evening sky is shining down for the two of you.

B) Camping - Screw the city! Nature is truly the best! Grab your partner or be dragged off by them and explore to your heart’s content. Watch out for snakes or bears.

C) Field Trip - It’s a class field trip or a work’s group outing! What will you do? Explore every nook of the location you’re in? Stay in your room and play board games? Sneak out each other’s rooms to meet up tonight?

15. Wild card - Roll again, pick anything you’d like, or create your own scene.
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[It was finally here, the day that every high school student awaits for— the class field trip! Despite that Hope's Peak Academy was filled with super high school students, they were still teenagers who were looking forward to getting out of school for a few days and have a great time. (well, some of them, anyway.) When Sayaka heard that their class trip would be in Okinawa, she was absolutely ecstatic! What could be better than being near the beach? The sun, sand and of course the beautiful ocean. All of it sounded wonderful and fun.

Granted, this wasn't her first time coming to Okinawa. She's been here before to perform in concerts. However, this would be her first time to actually get to explore the city and take some time to relax.

Of course, they weren't allowed to explore by themselves. The teachers made them pair up with another student for safety reasons. And her partner for the trip ended up being... Ishimaru Kiyotaka of all people! It was a little surprising but, Sayaka didn't mind one bit. This gave her a chance to talk to him more and get to know him better. She respected his righteous values and orderly conduct. He was rather... quirky (which might be the understatement of the century), but in a way, she found him very endearing and sometimes kind of... adorable?

After dropping off her luggage in her room at the hotel they were staying at, Sayaka quickly made her way to the lobby with a pamphlet that was filled with suggestions of places to visit. The beach was a definite must for her, but oh, she also wanted to walk along the beach shops to grab souvenirs for her idol group back home. There was also the Okinawa aquarium that she heard so many good things about. It would also be fun to learn the history of Okinawa as well... this was a tough decision! So many places to go but she didn't know where to begin.]

Hmm... [She ponders to herself] I'm not even sure where to start. Everything looks fun! [A smile forms her lips as she turns to face her partner.] Ishimaru-kun, do you want to do anything in particular?
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[A field trip! Ishimaru might normally be reluctant to divert time away from academic pursuits, but this is not so bad. After all, there is still much to be learned from such an important place. ...And, even aside from education, the friends he's made such as Makoto Naegi have been encouraging him to try to improve his studies of having fun.

And then he was paired up with Sayaka Maizono. Ishimaru took this as a sacred duty, as if he was assigned to be a bodyguard rather than a traveling buddy. He does hold to be a very respectable and nice classmate. He may have feared that his classmates were nothing more than lazy geniuses in the past, but he has since learned enough about Sayaka to know that she knows the value of hard work in her life as an idol. Still, he was somewhat shy and awkward about it, as well; he's not especially used to spending time with girls, especially without other students around.

Ishimaru was waiting in the lobby when she joined him, and he intensely studied his own pamphlet. As she asks her question, he glances up quickly from the pamphlet and begins his declaration.]

I am glad that you asked that question of me, Maizono-kun! I am looking through information on every available historical tour. It is important to study the rich history of our surroundings! And it will allow us to carry on our educational crusade even outside of the confines of school!

[But he does stop there, worrying slightly about forcing his ideas on others, and he gives an uncertain look towards his classmate.]

D-do you agree?
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[Thank goodness that she had Ishimaru as her field trip partner. Seeing all of the various sights to visit was a little overwhelming, so it made it hard to make a decision on which places to visit. With him around, he had a firm opinion, so she felt very reassured that she could ask him anything and he'd happily give his thoughts. Plus, she felt that sense of security being around Ishimaru, she knew that they would have a safe time together. She was also determined to make sure that he would have a fun time as well.]

I very much agree with you! [She continues to smile brightly at him, wanting to reassure him that his suggestion was lovely.] I think it's a wonderful idea, it'll be fun to learn the history of Okinawa and we would learn lots of new things this way. [There's also a part of her that's trying to hold in her giggles because how very "Ishimaru" of him to want to continue to learn even when they were on vacation.] Besides, I think it will give us a better understanding and appreciation of the place when we explore the other areas, as well.

Let's see... [Before they left on their expedition, Sayaka made sure to try and pack some essential things that they would probably need. She's shuffling around through her pink tote bag, wanting to make sure she had everything.] I made sure to bring some bottled waters, snacks, my camera and ... Ah! here it is! [She's holding up small bottles of moisturizer and sunscreen. An idol's gotta have a perfect complexion, after all!] Ishimaru-kun do you need any sunscreen to put on your face? I wouldn't want you to get sun burned.
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[He's not really used to getting such instant agreement out of others, and from a smiling face no less, so he gives a slight smile in return.]

That's right! I am glad that you retain your diligence, Maizon-kun! Our field trip experience is guaranteed to be one to remember and to learn from!

[And he glances towards her bag as she rifles through it, curious about what she's brought with it. And as she asks about the sunscreen, he claps his hands against his cheeks in realization.]

I cannot believe it! I thought that I was prepared as I could be, but I overlooked something like that... Why did I overlook the idea of protecting my face from the elements?! ...If it is alright to accept your offer, than I will humbly do so! Thank you for being more prepared with your provisions, Maizono-kun!
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Definitely! And we can even impress everyone with our knowledge when we get back from the trip. [Well, she was sure the likes of Mondo and Leon probably wouldn't care, but hey, it was important to them! Besides, it will be fun to lecture their ears off just in case they weren't on their best behavior. ♥]

Don't worry Ishimaru-kun! It's easy to forget something like this. [If it wasn't for the fact that she was a Super High School Level Idol, she probably wouldn't pay that much caution to her skin.] You could also say that I learned from the best. [At this point, she can no longer hold it in and she starts softly giggles.] Watching the way you would cautiously prepare back at school inspired me! Got to do my best to make sure we have a fun time on our trip, after all. And of course you can~ [She hands him the bottle of sunscreen.] Put on as much as you need and if I forget anything important, you are always welcomed to let me know.

[Once again, Sayaka takes a look at the pamphlet, looking at where the closest historical tour might be.] Let's see... it says that the nearest tour isn't that far from the hotel! It's just a ten minute walk to a museum and tour sight. [How thrilling! Sayaka was already feeling excited just from looking at the pictures.] Whenever you are ready, we can head out.
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[He does like the idea of lecturing others... He's sure that fellow students like Mondo and Leon could benefit from what they have to say!

Sayaka's words quickly assure him, and as she talks about her influence, he feels very flattered and even blushes slightly, as he reaches to take the sunsceen container.]

I - I inspired you...? [But then he blinks, and his usual energy returns.] I am proud to act as a positive role model for my fellow students! I only hope that more of the student body can learn my example!

[And he nods at what she says, having already read about that tour.]

You are right! Education is close at hand, Maizono-kun. Please, just excuse me for a moment so that I can apply this sunscreen. Then I will be fully prepared to move out! [Ishimaru gives a deep bow and then hurries into a nearby bathroom to apply it.]

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You definitely did! [She nods her head at him, reaffirming her words.] I can see you being a wonderful role model for everyone. I'm sure there will be other students looking up to you, as well.

Yes! Take all the time you need to get ready. I'll be right here waiting for you. [He's so polite! Sayaka's always known this but actually talking to him in person has made her really take notice of it. She graciously bows back, while also waving at him as he's heading over to the bathroom.

While she's waiting for Ishimaru, she turns around to face a gigantic mirror that is sitting in the lobby. She starts to pat down her white sundress, wanting to make sure there wasn't any wrinkles in it. Along with that, she also straightens her straw hat. After checking herself out in the mirror a few more times to make sure she looked okay, she lets out a soft exhale. Talking to Ishimaru was already bringing her a lot of joy, and she was eager to get to know him better. Admittedly, she felt a little nervous at first, with the exception of Naegi and Leon, she was more close with the girls in their class. Now after speaking with him, she's realized he's very fun to chat with.

With one last look in the mirror, she smiles to herself and her eyes are filled with determination. "You can do this, Sayaka! It'll be a great trip!" In a way, it felt like she was getting ready for a date. The thought causes her to blush a little bit, along with her letting out a small giggle.]
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[Oh, he's almost ready to tear up at her praise. But he manages to keep himself composed and applies the sunscreen in the bathroom.

It will only be a few minutes until he returns, still a bit nervous. For once, he almost feels out of place wearing his school uniform, especially while Sayaka is wearing something that is so... how should he put it... cute?

Ishimaru nervously stands at attention as he returns.]

Maizono-kun! I hope that I have not kept you waiting for too long. But I bring good news. I now feel completely and entirely prepared to undertake this journey! I am fully prepared!

[Except that in his hurry, he missed a small glob of sunscreen that's sitting right on his nose.]
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You're fine, Ishimaru-kun! I wasn't waiting long at all. That's wonderful news! I'm glad to hear you are prepared, because so am I.

Oh, you have a bit of sunscreen on your nose. [This time she can't help but giggle at him. Was he in a hurry?] If you don't mind me... [Sayaka steps closer towards Ishimaru, lifting up her hand close to his face. She uses her right thumb to gently wipe away the glob of sunscreen that rests on his nose, as she's doing that, she finds herself making direct eye contact with him. Her sparkling blue eyes were staring straight into his sharp crimson ones, feeling as if she were drawn to him. She stays frozen for a few moments, not moving at all.

At the realization she was staring at him, she quickly pulls away, giving him her best ~idol~ smile. She wanted to at least seem calm and composed.]

Sorry about that! I couldn't resist rubbing that off. [Despite the hint of of pink flushing her cheeks, she's lightly chuckling in an attempt to try and hide her embarrasment. Because, what was that Sayaka?!] But now it's all gone! At least you won't be getting any sun burns.
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Ah-! [Ishimaru freezes up to resemble a deer in the headlights at the sudden contact combined with suddenly looking her in the eyes. Her eyes look into his, and he feels like he has never connected with another person like this before. Her beauty is more evident than ever, and his cheeks redden as he finds himself flustered in contemplation of the attention that the hardworking idol is paying to him.

He remains standing still like this for a moment after she steps back, as if frozen into a statue.]

Th-thank you, Maizono-kun! You were a valuable ally in that moment! You made up for my oversight in a very effective manner, so... I cannot thank you enough!

[He pauses before he nervously goes on.]

But you are right. I am now fully safeguarded against the sun. We will not have to worry about its burns throwing off our future studies!

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[Okay, Sayaka did have to admit that her heart did beat quite rapidly for those few seconds they had eye contact with each other. While she's been close with other people before, this sort of intimacy felt... different. It wasn't a bad thing by any means, she just couldn't quite figure out what this tingling feeling was.]

You are welcome, Ishimaru-kun! [Oh thank goodness he has not noticed her initial embarrassment. Sayaka was mentally sighing in relief. The blush on her face only continued to grow at his gratitude. Never before had someone expressed so much genuine gratitude towards her before, and it made her heart feel warm and fuzzy.] You flatter me too much, I think my face is red from your kind words. It makes me happy that I could be of help to you. You can count on me to be your assistant for this whole trip!

Of course, we wouldn't want sun burns to ruin any future expeditions of ours. [Another giggle escapes from her lips along with a cute wink sent his direction. She lightly tugs onto the sleeve of his school uniform and gently starts dragging him along side her.] Let's go, Ishimaru-kun. Our future education is just right around the corner. [There was a skip in her step as she was walking. While most people would probably consider it weird they were using their vacation time to learn, Sayaka was actually quite excited! It's been a while since she's been on a tour like this.]

Ishimaru-kun, if you don't mind me asking you. Have you been on any trips like this before?
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[Ishimaru wasn't sure what he felt at all. But whatever it was, it was... nice. And it was centered around Sayaka.

He himself is flustered by her response, and he shyly tries to counter her nice words.]

If there is redness on your face, then it must be caused by your own kind heart! ...E-either way, I am honored by your assistance, Maizono-kun!

[The wink and the tug on his sleeve only make him more flustered. His usual rigid posture is thrown off by being tugged along, but he quickly manages to walk to her.]

I am sorry to admit that I have not! I have dedicated myself as much as I can to constant study of various subjects. Before today, I did not consider the educational value of a trip such as this. I am ashamed to admit it!
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Ishimaru-kun, you have such a way with words! Now I really can't stop blushing thanks to you. [Along with a slightly thumping heart. Sayaka continues to giggle and lightly pokes him in the arm for fun.] Maybe I should start calling you "Super Suave Ishimaru-kun". ♥

Ah, don't worry about it, no need to apologize! [She grins at him.] Because actually, truth be told, this is my first time to do something like this as well. [Sayaka could kinda understand, she had been so busy with her idol career that she didn't have the time to go on trips like this. She had been so focused on trying to be the best idol she could be, and whenever they would go to other places to perform, she didn't have much leisure time to explore.] It's a relief to hear that, actually. So, this will be a new experience for the both of us.

I've always thought it was very impressive to see you study so hard. It's a no wonder you make such good grades.
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[It's a wonder that Ishimaru doesn't freeze entirely at being called something like that and poked in the arm. He takes a moment to speak again, puzzled by this odd warm tingliness that he feels inside.]

It- it must be a coincidence! I have studied nothing about what it means to be suave, Maiono-kun. So I- I am sure that I am not worthy of such a title!

[He clears his throat after she finishes speaking, now too nervous to even maintain eye contact.]

And you flatter me as well. It is true that I have worked hard to excel in the classroom. It is the natural result of hard work! But, anyone should be capable of doing the same. Maizono-kun... [He briefly steals a glance towards her as hes ays her name.] I understand that you work hard as well at your own talent. It is not the same as academical achievement, but any hard work is worthy of commendation, to be sure!
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A coincidence?! [Sayaka lets out a small gasp when she hears that, along with having the most shocked expression on her face ever] That's such a surprise to hear that! I was thinking you must have practiced the art of being suave.

[Except that as she's saying that, Sayaka can't keep a straight face and immediately lets out a giggle.]

Just kidding. Sorry, I couldn't help myself. [She continues to softly giggle and even playfully sticks her tonuge at him.] Well, somewhat. [Sayaka, which was it???] If you haven't studied, I'm even more impressed with you. Maybe you are a natural charmer~? My blushing would definitely agree with that.

It definitely shows in your work ethic and from what I've seen of you at school. Truth be told, I don't know anyone that's worked harder than you. [As she's listening to him speak, she's quickly nodding along with him in complete agreement.] If you put forth the effort, hard work can achieve many great things. [At the mention of her name, she glances back, with a peaceful expression on her face. Once again, her cheeks turn a slight shade of pink from the compliment.] Ishimaru-kun... [There's a twinkle in her eyes as she is speaking to him.] Thank you. It really means a lot to hear that, especially from someone as diligent as you. Together, we can show the world the power of hard work and how our talent bloomed from it!
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[Ishimaru matches her initial shock with his own surprised look, and it remains even after she devolves into a joke.]

A- a natural charmer? I do not wish to doubt you, Maizono-kun, but I do not know how that could be so! Someone like me could not have such a talent... This must all be a grand misunderstanding. [He laughs grandly at this realization.] Yes, that must be it!

And, you truly do understand the value of hard work... [He smiles proudly at that.] I'm honored to know someone so like-minded! Together, I am sure that we could act as a proper example to the rest of our student body! We will teach all of those peers the importance of working hard and obeying school regulations!
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[Sorry Ishimaru, Sayaka can't stop giggling at you and your reactions.] Well... you never know until you try, right? [Finally, she stops her giggling and lightly pats him on the shoulder.] Sorry, Ishimaru-kun! I'll stop teasing you, I can't help it. [She pauses for a few seconds.] But maaaybe there was some truth to my words. ♥ [... Sayaka why. Just stop being so vague.]

[She wasn't going to deny that there were definitely some people in their class that needed to obey the rules better. Well, okay. Maybe some was a bit of an understatement.] We'll be a great team! I'm looking forward to working together with you to inspire people to work hard and to enforce the rules. Hope's Peak will be a much better school with the two of us.

Oh! I think the museum is in sight? [Sayaka squints her eyes, seeing the building in the distance.] How thrilling! [A bright smile forms on her lips and she lightly tugs on Ishimaru's sleeve, gently pulling him along with her.] Are you excited? I can't wait to see what kinds of exhibits they have!
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[Ishimaru gives a nervous chuckle as he tries to keep up with Maizono's initial words which go back and forth about whether or not she is just teasing. Maybe laughing will complete the joke, and he will feel less nervous!

Well, he still feels nervous, but at least the rest of what she has to say helps him to focus on more comfortable subjects.]

You are exhibiting the proper attitude for this task already. Well done, Maizono-kun! We will get started in no time!

[And his mouth opens in a silent gasp as he beholds the museum. He stops in his tracks, staring at it.]

Yes... There is not a single doubt! That is it! The museum which we seek... Even from here it, looks splendid! I am beside myself with excitement! To think of all the new things that I can learn! And, to learn it alongside you! It will all be so splendid! [Part of that came out without Ishimaru even thinking about it. But he glances at her after speaking with a bright smile, before he starts hustling towards the museum.]

[personal profile] idolings 2016-12-03 06:04 am (UTC)(link)
It does, doesn't it? We're just standing outside of the museum and I'm already wowing. It has a majestic feeling about it! [Even if they were just right outside the museum, Sayaka still couldn't help but ooh and awe just from looking at the building. She couldn't imagine how it was going to be like when they were actually inside!

She continues to listen to Ishimaru, with a cheery and bright grin on her lips. What he says about learning alongside her, ends up catching her off guard. Sayaka freezes up, glancing back over at him with a blush forming on her cheeks. Judging by his reaction, he didn't seem to notice what he said. Phew, that might have been for the best. But for some reason, Sayaka could feel her heartstrings being tugged at when he said that, especially with such a darling smile he had on his face.]

You have a nice smile Ishimaru-kun! You look so happy and excited and it's making me even more excited as well. Please educate me as we thread through the museum. [At this point, Sayaka is practically beaming with joy when she enters the building with Ishimaru.]

Wow... [Her eyes were practically glowing the moment they stepped into the building. So many exhibits! And she was pretty certain there were a couple of floors, which means there was even more to look at.] They have so much to look at! This is so neat.
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[He starts to feel flustered again as she compliments his smile. Although his expression will soon settle back into its normal state of intensity, hints of a smile remain tugging at his lips.]

Th-thank you! I am glad and honored to inspire you in such a way, Maizono-kun. I will do my best to share the fruits of my studies with you... That is a promise!

[And as they entered, he similarly entered a state of awe as he looked around at their surroundings.]

Yes... It is incredible! I have not managed to imagine such a grand hall of education in my own dreams...! We must decide where to start...
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I'll be looking forward to being wowed by your knowledge then! It's only going to make the trip even more exciting. [Suddenly, Sayaka holds out her pinky towards Ishimaru, with a gentle expression on her face.] Would you like to make a pinky promise on it? [She knows that it's not a man's promise, like what Mondo would most likely say, but she hopes this works just as well.

Ishimaru... there's no telling how many times that Sayaka has giggled at him and his adorable reactions. One thing is for sure, the smile would definitely not leave her face as long as she was around him. He made her feel warm and fuzzy being around him.]
Hmm, maybe we can explore the first floor together and slowly make our way up through the different levels? Or, we can also see if they have any tours that are going on and we can join them?