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are they all personalized because the whipped cream spiderweb on your back might be confusing to other people on your cell list.
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Honestly, I don't remember that one, but that explains why it was everywhere this morning.

I gotta give it to drunk me, though. Really stepping the game up and with so much class.
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i think it was at least a 7 on the class scale. you got the angles right and im pretty sure you put a filter on it.

and i could tell it was a spiderweb so. points to you.
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I used a filter? I don't even think I use those things sober. Drunk me is a 20-something girl on Instagram, I guess.
Did I caption it with a whole bunch of emojis too?

I'm assuming I didn't wash it off before I fell asleep, and it didn't look like one in the morning.
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you did something to it, unless you actually spent time on lighting. in which case, color me impressed, and maybe slightly flattered. nobody's ever put ~design attention~ into nudes for me

oh all the emojis. like i'm pretty sure every smiley was there at least once, and a few animals.

you looked like you were at home, so i didnt come looking for you. so probably.
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I wouldn't be surprised if I go that extra mile while drunk, I'm apparently all about the aesthetic.

Someone take the emoji keyboard away from me. I'm pretty sure nobody has ever sent successful nudes with the help of emojis

Of course I was at home! Why would I be taking naked pictures of myself anywhere but at home?!
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a true artist. i mean, what would you call that? nude noir?

how many people did you send them to? i mean odds are one had to work, right? that's like, the law of probability at its finest. might also help if you weren't completely smashed.

i don't know, you really think that's the most illogical part of this? you were drunk, you could have been anywhere.
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Man, who knew that with just a little tequila I could unlock my true hidden potential as an artist. Look out for my upcoming gallery show.

Over half of the people in my contact list it looks like, most of them weren't too happy about it and I think a few might have even been wrong numbers. You're right, though, being blackout drunk wasn't doing me any favors.

C'mon, you can't just send nudes from anywhere. It's really creepy, and it's probably illegal. I'm not trying to go to jail over wanting to get laid.
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ladies and gentleman, the next Robert Mapplethorpe walks among us. logic dictates nothing you make will be worth anything while you're alive though. tough break.

Yikes. Well clearly they just don't have the developed palate to appreciate fine art.

It's a noble cause. Besides, you wouldn't be the first, so at least there's a precedent?
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