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Mid-Fuck for your Thursday

Are you tired of building up to the act? Do you sometimes wish for a chance to skip the conversation and go straight for the scenario you've always wanted to experience?

In that case, rejoice! This meme was made for you.

  1. Post with your character in the middle of having sex.
  2. Any scenario and level of description is allowed!
  3. Other characters reply as your character's partner in that fuck!
  4. Keep going and finish the act.
  5. Go for another round or have fun with cuddling and afterplay.
  6. Have fun!
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[personal profile] spideyguy 2016-10-28 06:37 am (UTC)(link)
[Let me know if this works for you, or if you'd like anything changed!]

If you asked Peter how the hell he ended up grinding with Johnny Storm behind the Denny's on Pennsylvania Avenue at 5 in the morning - look, he doesn't have a good answer. Long patrol, long day, long week, long fucking year. He thinks Johnny showed up somewhere around two in the morning, and to be honest, he's not sure who decided going for breakfast was a good idea.

Peter doesn't have a lot of hero friends. Well, if you can call what he does being a hero. Most preferred vigilante menace. Johnny - now he's a sanctioned, honest-to-god hero. He's the only one willing to associate with Peter; the rest of his contacts are vigilantes themselves, or whatever the hell Deadpool is. Peter's also not (?) a mutant (look, don't quote him on that, he actually isn't sure if he technically qualifies), so he doesn't fit in with that crowd either.

All of that is way beyond the point anyway. Johnny's nice enough, kind of a dick but - well, coincidentally, so is Peter. Okay, maybe not Peter, but Spiderman can keep up, and that's close enough. They flirt, because that's what they do, and for some reason, tonight of all nights, it leads to something more.

So here Peter is, Spiderman suit hidden underneath a pair of ratty jeans and an even rattier hoodie, in the alleyway behind the Denny's, pinning Johnny up against the wall and grinding against him through the layers while they absolutely kiss the living shit out of each other. Seriously, Peter can't remember the last time he made out with someone like this. He's not going to last very long like this at all, so if they go any further than messing around like this, they better do it fast.
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[personal profile] eatmyflames 2016-11-02 04:21 pm (UTC)(link)
[It works just fine, no changes necessary! and sorry for the delay.]

To be perfectly honest, grabbing breakfast at asscrack in the morning was probably-- no, it was most definitely Johnny's idea. He was starving when he met up with Peter because, y'know, long day, long week, etc etc. And Denny's. Hello! Who doesn't like breakfast past midnight? It was the best. Not to mention the flirty banter being thrown back and forth across the table. Gold.

And while his belly might be full of food, Johnny is totally starving for something else as the breath is kissed out of lungs no thanks to Peter. Or all thanks to Peter. He feels lightheaded and silly, occasionally chuckling in between pants and kissing the ever-loving-crap out of his best friend. Hands slipping up underneath those bummy clothes (that he's reminding himself to burn and replace the first chance he gets) to feel up that tight body of his.

"Damn, Petey--" It's a gasp as their hips grind in a particularly delicious way and has him craving for more. Despite the other hero's super strength keeping him pinned, Johnny pulls on the back of Peter's hair to expose that long neck and bites and sucks teasingly against the skin there.

"Talk about deprived...I got just the cure." Johnny's hands were already making short work of Peter's ratty jeans, gripped that spectacular ass and pulled him even closer. He's hot. Not by way of looks because of course, but hot, hot. His powers heating up, though his hands will feel like an intense warmth through that skin tight Spidey suit.
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[personal profile] spideyguy 2016-11-15 07:53 am (UTC)(link)
It's the adrenaline. That's what Peter's going to tell himself, because otherwise he's going to think too hard about this. He's tired, his body aches, but now that they're doing this, the ache is turning into something entirely different (which is more than welcome, really, an all-too-pleasant way to ache that he hasn't, in quite some time).

"Johnny - " Peter bites off the rest of his sentence by groaning against the corner of Johnny's mouth and letting his lips work sloppily over his friend's jaw. Yeah, this not-thinking-too-hard-thing is really working out for them. Then Johnny's got his head tipping back and Peter exhales shakily, letting their hips grind together again. He's got to be careful, though, he doesn't want to accidentally put Johnny through the wall.

It says something that it's taking him effort not to do so.

"Fuck," Peter curses, bucking up against Johnny again. He's almost certainly going to have marks on his neck tomorrow. Lucky for him, he doubts Aunt May will be willing to scar herself enough to ask. "Don't you dare set me on fire - !"